Who needs diamonds when you can have the iRock? (MWM #28)

That's right jewelry stores and Valentines Day, move on over. We've got something equally as spectacular and at only a fraction of the cost of those mother nature made rocks, not to mention just as blingy! :) Today's Steal is the iRock by Imaginisce, and I'm just going to come right out and say it....you *need* this. I'm sure that most of our significant others agree that *need* is a relative term when it comes to our scrapbooking supplies, but much like one of their expensive power tools which apparently are often "necessary", this is a tool that is equally as must have to a crafter!

I was leafing through my sketch book looking for something to inspire me on how to show off the bliss of the bling potential that the iRock gives to a project, and came across this sketch that I designed several weeks ago.

I switched things up a little bit to work with three, 4x6 horizontal photos and created this layout about my all time favorite band...Cake.

I had SO. MUCH. FUN. adding the Hot Rocks to my page. I have to hand it to the brain behind this super cute tool. Works like a dream!

Let me walk you through the process of how you can add some bling to your project.

First we have the super cute tool, the iRock...

I love that it's pink! Granted pink is my favorite color. :)

You simply insert 3 AA batteries, push the power switch to ON and hold the button down for about 15 seconds to warm up the heating element.

Next you decide where you want to add some Hot Rocks, (they are the blingy ones). The circle border on this layout was the perfect size to add some of the larger Hot Rocks to the centers of the holes. With the button held down you hold the tip of the tool on top of the Hot Rock for 15 to 20 seconds or until the adhesive on the backside of the Hot Rock melts and bonds it to your project. It takes a little longer for the larger sized Hot Rocks than the itty bitty ones. (Oh and you may also wish to acknowledge in the instruction guide that "the tip may become hot". Trust me. It does.)

I love that Imaginisce also offers templates for placement of the Rocks. I totally wanted to use the flourishes, but it just didn't seem to go with the flow of my layout, and since my sketch that I had created weeks ago had mini circles around the big circles, I think that it was just meant to be this way. :)

One tip is that you may wish to tape down the template to stop it from sliding around. Just don't forget that it's taped down and move your layout, like I did. Oops!

After heating up the Hot Rocks, you are left with a stunning and unique embellishment.

As much as I positively love sparkle, I dare say that I love even more the Glam Rocks. With these you get the look of mini brads without having to punch through your paper and separate a gajillion little prongs for something like I made on this cupcake card.

The Glam Rocks heat up and bond in no time at all. In fact my 13 year old had fun heating up the Glam Rocks for this card while I was finishing up the layout, (while we were listening to Cake...of course).

Also in case you are wondering, I'm not that clever. I didn't come up with this cupcake design on my own. I used my Silhouette to cut out a cupcake template using one of the rhinestone designs which I downloaded from their store.

So yeah. You need it. Tell your hunny that he can get you Rocks to celebrate the day of love and it wont even break the bank! (Or just go ahead and do get it yourself. We wont tell. ;) )

Wow. I totally have to hand it to you. You girls did AWESOME sharing last week. I'm SO excited that we were able to reach 105 total shares! I love that each week we pick up a few new Mojo posters. For all of you lurkers, don't be shy. We would LOVE to see what you create. There is plenty of room for all of you at our big scrap happy table, plus we'd love the opportunity to tell you what we love about your creations.

I'll tell you what I love about our TWO Random.Org winners for this week.

First off we have Erin Schultz. I love this layout and what a genuine moment of real life was captured. I love that she changed the circles to stars to carry out the theme of sleep/night.

I love on Jessica Fanchers layout how perfectly the Zinnia embellishments work with the sketch and I love the little splash of stitching that she added to her layout.

Congrats girls! If you will send me your addresses to orders@scrapbooksteals.com, we will get something scrappylicious sent out to you.

I can't wait to see what you create this week. I have to tell you however, I'm nervous about it. Last week seemed to be everyone's favorite, so hopefully this week will still be able to provide some sort of inspiration.

Be sure to post your pages to our Facebook Fan Page or personal blog by next Monday at midnight, with a link posted here on this blog posting for your chance to win our weekly drawing.

Also, I'll be taking next week off, and we all know what that means....Guest Sketcher!

Hope your day is absolutely filled with happiness, and remember to share, share, share.

Scrap happy. :)

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