Alphabet Soup? Please Pass Some To Me!

Oh. My. Goodness. I about flipped when I saw how unbelievably cute Today's Steal, Alphabet Soup by My Minds Eye is. After I got over my moment of shock, cleaned up the drool and took photos of the product, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to make with the 'Playing Cards.' I figured that I may use one or two cards on layouts and then I'd have a ton left so I wanted to put them all to use, because they are SO cute!

I've so often seen these great 'quiet books' made out of file folders that moms have made for their kids to keep them busy during church or while waiting in a doctors office. I wanted to make an Alphabet Match Game using the same concept as I've seen others do.

It was truly worth the effort. This is the face that greeted me when I showed my little guy what I'd made for him. No joke!

Here's how I did it.

1 - I found a couple of old file folders kicking around. I would like to think that I'm organized in my regular life...but using file folders this way is SO much more fun!

2 - Next I covered the front and backsides of the file folders. I used regular tabs for this part, but I would highly recommend using photo tape. There were a few spots on my files, after laminating that came opened...even though I was assured that the laminate I chose was able to be cut right to the edges. Using photo tape will ensure that the papers don't lift up and will help the laminate to stay in place.

3 - Next I laid out the first set of cards across the two file folders. When I found the spacing I liked I adhered them to the paper. Using photo tape to secure isn't as important for this step as the cards are entirely covered by laminating.

4 - I then decorated the front of the first folder.

5 - The next day I hit the office supply store for laminating. Be sure that no precipitation reaches your project! (Mine was snowed on as I entered the store). It can cause the laminating to bubble and separate. Also when trimming, I think it's best to leave a small margin of plastic.

6 - After my file folders were laminated, I used photo tape to stick the first folder to the second folder so that it turned into a 'book' format.

7 - Originally I had planned on using Velcro to stick the 'match' cards to the file folders, but I found these Reusable tabs made by Scotch at the office supply store. I *really* like how these work. Some may find them a little frustrating as the tab either sticks to the card or the folder but not both. At first they are SUPER sticky but with a few 'removals' from the folder they are just about right to the point where my son can work them himself. I also really like that they are see through. It's just a little more visually pleasing. Plus I have seen some of the file folder games made with velcro and over time the velcro tends to peel off of the project. If these tabs lose their stick, a simple run under hot water will return the sticky power!

8 - Of course I can't help but make things just a little more 'scrappy'. This step is absolutely unnecessary. I just figured that it would make it cute (for my benefit! :) ), and it wouldn't hurt to have a way to keep it closed when not in use.

9 - Enjoy the finished project! :)


I can't wait to hear who makes their own Alphabet Match Games and how your kiddos enjoy it!

Have a happy and safe weekend! We've got LOTS of great things in store for next week.

Scrap Happy!

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