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Okay, I know....kind of a silly name, and my husband thought it was flat out cheesy, but hey....we're scrappers, right? We like those cheesy kinds of things! (Well, I'm going to continue to tell myself that I think it's pretty clever. ;) )

Last week I asked what you wanted, and I'm going to do my best to deliver. Each Tuesday (or most of them anyway), from hereon out will be our 'how to' day. Thus the 'How-To'sday' is born!

Now you may be asking yourself how on earth will I find time to get it all done? Well I'm going to be honest and tell you that by myself, I don't think I can! However, I really want to give you all the best how-to, go-to, inspirational, motivating, creatively filled blog on the planet, and I figure that I'm one measly person and I have such limited knowledge and ideas that I may as call in the backups (YOU) and if we put our heads together, we can make How-To's day fun and informative, fresh and unique! What can be better than that?....a go to place with ideas and reference from some of the craftiest brains on the planet that I know!

Here's what I think we'd all love to see:

* Tips and Tricks; ie: Misty's amazing tip with Versamark ink in stamping on last Friday's blog! <3

* Technique

* Design

* Video

* The most simple of basics to more challenging ideas

* (insert your great idea here!)

Sometime last October, I was browsing through our wonderful Facebook Fan Page which always absolutely amazes me and inspires me, and I came across an awesome layout by Judy Stech.

I was absolutely in love with her layout and the flower embellishments and asked her if she would send directions that I could one day feature on the blog. I'm so happy to have her 'how to' as our introductory 'How To'sday blog post!!

I love adding flowers to layouts, but sometimes flowers from my flower stash don’t quite match the papers I am using in a layout. Luckily, I always have plenty of scraps and can make paper flowers for my layouts.

You need:

1. Gently wet one of the paper circles using the paper towel or a quick spritz from the bottler. The paper should not be soaking wet; otherwise, the paper will tear. (Trust me; I’ve torn quite a few).

2. Crumple the wet paper circle into a small ball.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the other two circles.

4. Carefully, un-crumple each circle.

5. Layer circles smallest to largest, top to bottom.

6. Poke the brad through the three layered circles.

7. Now you can add more texture by tucking the edges under or crumpling the layers more. Give it some character!

8. Let the flower dry. I usually let them dry overnight. These flowers are really stiff once they dry. Perfect for adding chalk or ink to the crevasses or edges.

9. Add to page.

I also like using these flower techniques found in this blog post on Miss Fancy Pants’ blog.

Thank you Judy for sharing your amazing 'How To' with us.

If you would like to see your idea featured on our 'How To'sday' post, don't be shy to send in your ideas! You can submit your step by step with photos if possible to kristy@stealnetwork.com. Please include "How To'sday" in the subject line. We'd love to feature you and your amazing ideas!

Let's put our heads together and share our ideas! I can't wait to learn from you and I hope that I will also be able to help inspire you!

If you have a chance to use Judy's technique, be sure to share with us! We'd love a comment or a link here on the blog letting us know how it turned out.

Hope you have a very happy To'sday!

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