Here's a new challenge for you. Let's send joy.... MCM #15

So there it was...taped to my bedroom wall waiting for me and my husband, right before we went to bed this past Saturday night. A card from our oldest daughter.

I couldn't help but giggle, smile, shed a tear and be a little in awe of her creating abilities when I read the card.

She would be mortified if she knew I was sharing what she wrote with my husband and myself, but it truly ignited a fire for me. (Not to mention that I'm truly thankful for what an amazing 16 year old I have!)

She made me realize how important it is that we actually share with others, a thought of encouragement, a kind word, or in short....spread joy.

I decided then and there on Saturday night, that my new challenge this year for Monday Card Madness is that we not only make the cards, but send them out. Send them to a family member, your husband or boyfriend, your child, a great friend that you haven't talked to in awhile, someone that has touched your life, an on line friend. Really the options are limitless! Just think of how such a simple action could brighten someones day! (Plus, it's always nice to get some 'happy' mail, rather than bills, right?)

So what that means for now is that we will still hold a monthly drawing for MCM participants, but rather than winning the cards that I create (since I do plan on sending them out!), we will send out some scrappy supplies that can be used on cards. :) That's probably a better deal anyway. :) Just remember to have your card linked to the blog by the 6th of February to be eligible for the monthly drawing.

I was so inspired by the design of the card that my daughter gave us that I based this weeks sketch off of it.

Today's steal, the Doodlebug Valentines Ribbon and Embellishments, were absolutely so much fun to work with. Not only was I able to create a traditional 'Valentines' card (which I will be giving to my hunny), but I was able to make a couple of 'thinking of you' cards which I will be sending out this week! And the ribbon? Well...can one ever have enough? Yeah. I didn't think so.

I would also love to put out a feeler to see what everyone thinks about participating in a card swap. Basically what it means is that each person would complete 10 cards and mail to us at ScrapbookSteals. We would then redistribute them to the participants and they would each receive 10 cards back from other creators. So you'll get back 10 cards from 10 different people for you to have on hand to send out so you can keep spreading joy in 2011! Send me an email to if you're interested, and if there is enough interest I will organize a swap!

Have a lovely day!

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