Adesso - Now

Italian. What a magical language. One that my husband is fluent in, yet can I get him to speak it for me? Nope! So what does Adesso mean? It means - Now. I'm sooooooooooo excited to share with you what I created to remember the NOW with the amazing Adesso albums which are today's steal.

The original idea of these albums are to present at weddings or receptions for guests to sign. Back in *my* day the guests would sign a pretty lame book with nothing more than a line to sign a name. Then times progressed to the fun photo frames where guests could sign the matt board. While I do like that idea I figure the odds of a wedding photo being hung in a home *forever* is pretty slim. That's why I *love* the idea of the Adesso albums. There is room for LOTS of photos and the guests have plenty of room to leave a thought. Plus the book is beautifully bound and simple to keep on a coffee table or book shelf to look at, at any point!

When Melodee first showed me the albums my mind was swirling with ideas. Aside from the obvious, weddings, showers, etc., here are a few that I thought of.

* A one year overview. Begin in January, use 1 page spread to remember each month of the year. There are also several extra pages where you could highlight birthdays or special events. Begin in January and by December you have an amazing Christmas gift already done for the grandparents! :)

* School Overview (One or Two page spreads for each year of education)

* Recipe book. Take a photo of your favorite dishes, add a recipe card! Simple. Perfect gift as well for a new bride!

* Are you the room mom of your childs class? Make a teacher gift including a photo of each child in the class and let the kids draw a picture or write a letter to add to the blank space on the page.

* Create a pre-made 'first year' album to give a new mommy at a baby shower. One side of the page can be have a pre-printed spot for stats, and the other side of the page can have a journaling block for the mom to quickly record highlights of the month.

While these are all fun ideas, what I really wanted to do was to create a gift....from you, our wonderful Scrapbook Steals fans and more importantly friends, for three amazing people who are the heart and soul of ScrapbookSteals. Without these 3 key people, you would not have all of the goodness brought to you each day that you do.

So without further delay, ....Melodee, Aleta, Scott.....if you ever questioned before how much you are loved by our friends, question no longer.

And it sort of goes without saying that I love you all too! (That goes for the 3 amigos as well as all of you wonderful women!)

A huge thank you to each of you that replied to my plea for help on Facebook. You will definitely touch lives today.

In no particular order......

PS - I know my husband always gets after me for apologizing, but PLEASE forgive me if I messed anything up, missed anyone that wanted to participate *and* for the crummy photos! 2AM isn't really conducive to photography. Maybe I should tell him that he can get after me in Italian and then maybe I will start listening. Hee hee!

PPS - Pepper, I just realized I added the incorrect journaling block on your page! It's missing the first line. I'll fix it. :)

PPPS - If there is anyone that didn't have a chance to participate I'd LOVE to add you to another book. I can't believe this one is all full up! :) Just let me know if you want to play. :)


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