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Next to trimmers and adhesive, pens are probably the most important supply to have on hand as a scrapbooker! Lets face it, computers are not always available for printing journaling, and well, we all know how important journaling is. (Right? ;) ) After all, our scrapbooks are preserving our heritage for future generations, so it's important that we document the who's, what's, when's, where's, and why's. Today's steal, the American Crafts Marker sets, are the PERFECT solution to amazing, permanent, archival safe and fun pens!

As much as I do *not* love my handwriting, I had a friend when I first started scarpbooking, help me to realize the importance of taking time now and again to journal by hand. Her mother had passed away not too long before our meeting and she told me how special a particular scrapbook page was to her, where her mother hand wrote the journaling. It was then and there that I decided that as much as I detest my penmanship, that I would make it a goal to periodically hand write my thoughts.

On this page I used the dual point pens. I love adding a splash of color to the journaling block. It *almost* makes me feel like my handwriting is okay. Hee hee!

I also love having a good set of pens to take with me on the go. I'm kind of an anal person when it comes to finishing pages, and if I'm at a crop I love having a set of pens to whip out to finish up the journaling as I think I like my handwriting more than having an unfinished page! :)

There are so many uses for the basic pens. I had fun making a quick change to some raw chipboard, by coloring the letters to make them stand apart from the circles on this card.

Now the metallic pens that are offered today are SO. MUCH. FUN! You can see in the card above how great they work on dark cardstock. I also 'inked' the very edges of the card. No need to wait as you would if you were using a pigment ink pad for it to dry. LOVE some instant gratification! :)

I also got a little crafty by adding color to some acrylic ghost flowers. Even though I did have to wait for a few minutes for the ink to dry on the plastic, I truly LOVE how the flowers turned out.

Oh and another use for the metallic pens??? How about some nail polish! :) My 13 year old was super excited about that one!

As far as the Slickwriters go, I love that they will work on any surface. You can even write on glass and it will stay permanently. The Slickwriters are the perfect answer for those surfaces that you may come across working with that are slick, because like the title implies, they will write on those slick surfaces, and not even smear!

If you're looking for that one last purchase of the year, you will NOT be disappointed with the American Crafts pens.

One more thing! I have to tell you, I have absolutely loved bringing you some crafty inspiration this year. I very much look forward to new ideas for 2011. Happy New Year to all! Be safe! I'll see you on Monday.

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