Monday Card Madness #13 - Let's use SCRAPS!

Hello everyone! Surprise! A little later than normal today, but here it is....Monday Card Madness!

I can't believe that we've been going for 3 months strong now with the cards! It's wonderful to see all of the different interpretations of each sketch, and what is also equally as wonderful is to see you putting your scraps to use!

Scraps! What a wonderful thing to have. We all have them after creating a layout, so why not save a few bucks on buying a commercial card and put a little heartfelt love into our greetings!

For this weeks sketch I kept it very simple.

I turned to my scraps drawer and decided to try my hand at putting together a few prints from different manufacturers.

The first card I made I ended up mixing papers from 2 different manufacturers and actually used a piece of paper that I've had in my scraps stash for well over FOUR years! I love it when I can finally justify having kept something 'just in case'. I also love how easy it is to mix up different embellishments that may not otherwise be used when it comes to making cards. I don't know about you, but I will often use a product line once, maybe twice, but then want something new to use in my creations, so I love having cards as an outlet to use up some of those products that would otherwise be unloved!

I then made a 'hello' card and used some white rubon letters that I have had in my stash for literally years, to rub on to the tops of the brads.

Last but not least I made a thank you card, again, using papers that have been in my scraps stash for years.

I love making use of the old so there is room for the new!

Remember to post your card creations to our Facebook fan page no later than next Sunday at midnight, then leave a comment with the link on the applicable blog posting so that it's easy for all of us to see what you've created. I will then draw a random winner to receive all of the cards that I've made this month.....who knows....I may even send along a nice stack of usable scraps so that you can keep the card making flowing.

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