What a perfect time of year.....to sparkle!

And HOW! I have had SO much fun creating with today's steal, the Hampton Arts Glitter Glues and Glitter sets. Wait. Let me rephrase that. My 3 year old, my 6 year old, my 9 year old, her friend and myself have had an absolute blast playing with GLITTER! In fact, I dare say that we will all be sparkling for a few days.

I will apologize in advance for the tons of photos on this posting. It was just so much fun and the versatility of the glitters and glues is so much that I just had to do a little of this and a little of that and loved it all so much that I wanted to share it with you!

As soon as my kids were out the door to school, my 'baby' and I set out to do a little crafting with glitter.

We first decided to cover some raw chipboard shapes to give them a little more flair. We started with a snowflake shape and used the Tsukineko glue pad to adhere glue to the shape.

I then let Matthew choose the color of glitter he wanted to use. I love that the caps to the glitter containers are not only secure, but are kid friendly. They are also designed so that if the bottle is knocked over very little glitter will spill out! Added bonus! :)

I then let him take control and create! He was pretty much in sparkly heaven!

Then we had to create more...

and more....

I LOVE how easy it is to remove the cap of the bottles to return the glitter to the container, yet secure enough to ensure of no accidents!

So many different things could be done with the glittered shapes, but we decided to surprise my 5 year old when he got home with some embellishments to add to his 'winter wonderland'.

(Yeah...I think I passed the crafty gene on to this kid. He comes home from Kindergarten and immediately starts creating. This is what we have in our kitchen.)

He was elated with the new shapes and re-modeled his Wonderland......again. :)

I wanted to try a masking technique with the glitter so decided to finally paint a big magnet board that I have had for years, which I have wanted to put next to Aaron's bed so that he has somewhere special to put his creations.

I started by painting the wooden part of the board.

I then used my Silhouette to cut out Aaron's name. I used glue dots to hold the 'mask' into place on the painted frame.

Next I used spray adhesive to carefully spray the letters, then dumped red glitter on top.

I let the glue dry then carefully removed the mask. I LOVE the results and so does Aaron!

I wanted to be sure that the glitter had a little extra protection from little hands so I sealed the frame with a matte finish protective coating.

Best of all is now Aaron's Winter Wonderland has re-located to the magnet board, and he is quite pleased about it! :) Now to get it hung by his bed!

I then had to try my hand at rubber stamping with the glitter. I used my glue pad again, this time as 'ink' for my stamps and this is what I came up with.

Oh and I have to say I'm elated to have such a variety of colors. Ever since my 16 year old lost her first tooth our 'tooth fairy' always leaves a trail of glitter trailing out from underneath the pillow. My kids always have the best time predicting what color of Fairy will be paying a visit!

Can you believe that that is only HALF of the fun that I had today! Now let me show you what the kids and I did with the amazing glitter glues.

First off let me say how much I love the tubes for the glues. Let's face it....glue is glue and sometimes that makes for clogged applicator tips. Hampton Arts totally thought that through and made their application tips VERY easy to remove which makes it easy to run under hot water and fix any sticky problem!

I used my Silhouette again and cut out a Christmas tree for Aaron and turned him lose with the glitter glue. He was truly in his element!

He created clear into the evening. This is what I found.

I wanted to cover raw chipboard, and here is what I made.

I then added a little sparkle to some card that I already had made.

I truly didn't want to stop glittering things! I looked around my craft room to see what I could sparkle and thought these flowers could use a little pick me up!

Truly. What an AMAZING day making things sparkle. I'm sure you'll be seeing LOTS of bling from me in the future. After all, how can I resist when Hampton Arts makes it oh so easy!

Have a great weekend everyone! Be safe. Be happy. See you Monday!

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