Yes!!!! I'm Part of the Emerald Club!

Congrats to any and all of you who have completed our Mid Week Mojo sketches 11 - 20, and a DOUBLE congrats to all of you that are both Diamond Club and Emerald Club members! :)

Here is what you need to do to be eligible for the fantastic Echo Park random giveaway.

If you have completed sketches 11 - 20, leave a comment on THIS blog posting with the titles of all ten layouts.

If you are also a Diamond Club member you have earned a chance for a second entry into the drawing. If you have completed sketches 1 - 10, leave a SEPARATE comment listing the titles of your first 10 layouts on this blog posting. (Please note: you are not qualified to enter the Emerald club drawing UNLESS you have completed layouts 11 - 20 first!)

Remember you have until Monday, December 13th at Midnight MST to have your layouts posted to our Facebook Fan Page, or personal blog. You do not need to post links to your projects on this blog posting, but titles only. Links need to be posted to the appropriate MWM blog posting if possible. If you are catching up and are unable to post a link to a previous MWM blog posting (we close down comments after 3 weeks in order to reduce the insane amount of spam), simply shoot me an email to kristy@stealnetwork with the correct link. After selecting the winner, I will be checking the former blog strings and/or email for the links to verify that the projects have been created. Oh goodness I hope that makes sense! :)

Here is a link to the Diamond Club sketches for anyone wishing to catch up.

Here is a link to the Emerald Club sketches for anyone that needs them!

I hope that makes sense! I wonder about myself sometimes since my kids don't even seem to understand the concept of when I ask them to pick up their towels after shower. ;)

GOOD LUCK! We simply cannot wait to see more of your creations. You ScrapbookStealers are positively THE BEST!


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