Mini's, Matchbook Making Mania & Monday Card Madness! Wow that's a lot of mmmmmmmmmm's.....

.....and I'm tellin' ya straight up that Today's Steal, the DCWV Matchmaker and Textured Card Kits are FANTASTIC! I know it's that time of year where you start to question 'do I need this, or my Starbucks (or for me my Diet Dr. Pepper!), or stocking stuffers for my kids. Guess what. You NEED this. I haven't had this much fun card creating in positively AGES! My kids would keep coming into my work room and there I sat with this perma-cheesy grin on my face. Yeah. They thought perhaps I was enjoying myself just a little *too* much, but you'll see why.

When I saw the adorable little cards I immediately though 'GIFT TAGS'. Seriously. How perfect to have a pre-made...itty bitty 3x3 card WITH an itty bitty envelope! (Why oh why does itty bitty = cuteness?) Hee hee! Let me show you the first round of gift tag cards that I made. Of course I can't seem to break away from the Holiday mode right now, especially since I was singing along to my new Glee Christmas album at the top of my lungs while creating these!

Do you want to know the thing I LOVE about these little cards? It's how little product it takes to actually make something stunning. Not to mention you get the chance to use up odds and ends that otherwise would have been collecting dust! Take for instance the green card with the red snowflake. I bought that snowflake set to finish off a layout 14 months ago. I only used one on the page, so it's been nice to have little projects to use up the rest of my stash!

I realize that it's not always going to be the Holiday season (which I'm sure my kids are grateful for as I'm not entirely sure how much singing from their mother they can take), so I decided to make a couple of birthday tag cards...

...a thank you card...

...and a congrats card! All using up bits and pieces of my stash.

Now that particular card kit isn't only filled with darling mini's but matchbook style cards. We had so much fun making gatefold cards, that I decided that would be the format of this weeks card sketch.

(To create your own matchbook card, if you just can't stand it and want to make your MCM TODAY, cut a piece of paper measuring 11.5 x 4.25". This will allow you a small margin for cutting scallops. Make one fold 4.25" from left hand side of card, and the smaller fold 1.5" from right hand side of card).

For some reason these cards kind of screamed girly to me with the scalloped edges, so I went with it. I made some frilly, ribbony, flowery cards for this weeks sketch, which will work so great for so many different occasions. Thank you, thinking of you, wedding, birthday, name it! You just may want to think once or twice before giving your hunny a flowery, ribbony card, because odds are, he may not appreciate the thought quite as much as a manly card! :)

Well, now that it's December it's time to pick a random winner of all of the MCM cards that I made during the month of November. Our lucky winner is Linda Hernandez! Here is her lucky card that was the Random.Org winner!

I absolutely adore the color scheme on this card. LOVE me some pink and brown and the little pops of green in the flowers are perfect!

Now get creating girls! It's always such a joy to see what you create. I know I've told you before, but you all inspire me so very much. If ever I'm feeling like creating is the last thing on earth I'd like to do all it takes is 5 min. of pouring over your wonderful creations on our Facebook Fan Page, to want to toss my short boy a box of Cheerios and a case of Capri Sun to keep him entertained for a bit. ;)

Remember you have ALL MONTH LONG to get the December card sketches created and posted to our Facebook Fan page, or your own personal blog, with a link provided on the appropriate blog posting to be eligible to win all of the cards that I make for sketches during the previous month. One note to keep in mind however, is that comments automatically close 3 weeks after the posting date, in order to help control our insane amount of spam. If for whatever reason comments are closed, I give you permission to post the link on one of the open MCM's with an explanation that it's really for a different sketch number.

Hope you weekend was great! Now to start thinking about MWM, although I have to admit.....I'm a little intimidated after Chloe's amazing sketches last week. ;)

Happy scrappin'.

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