SEI Boxed Albums - AKA Holiday gifts in a SNAP!

Can you believe it's only a mere 23 days until the biggest gift giving day of the year! I am certain that life is equally as busy for all of you as it is for me at this time of year so I was THRILLED when I found out that we'd be featuring today's fantastic steal, SEI Boxed Albums.

I always struggle with what to give my parents as they have been around long enough that they pretty much have it all, or go ahead and get it if they want it. :) However, they do *not* have a crafty bone in their bodies, and also don't ever look at my creations on line, so luckily I am safe with sharing my Christmas gift to them...with you!

I have never created a 'kit' album before, but am here to say that I loved the ease with which this album came together. I love how the kit comes with detailed, color photo instructions, as well as clearly marked elements as to which pieces go to which layout. (On the backside of the pieces!)

I sat at my kitchen table with my son while he was coloring and pieced together my album in no more than an hour and a half, and that included inking the edges of the papers!

When I was done piecing together the pages this is what I ended up with for extras to use in the other albums that come with the kit.

It then came time to add the photos. I added a few embellishments and other chipboard letters to more or less finish off the album. I still have a few photos I want to take, but all in all my parents Christmas present is DONE! D-O-N-E, DONE! And it's not even December 23rd! This brings me much, much happiness!

Now I have a confession to'll probably have noticed that this kit comes with some digital software. Digital scrapbooking SCARES me! It's true! I wasn't going to explore the software as I'm such a tactile and hands on person and LOVE the physical aspect of creating, but the software just sat there...beckoning....winking at me from across the room....just begging for a little attention. I couldn't help myself. I had to play.

WOW. Now I'm not saying I'd ever go digi, but I sure had fun poking around the software. SEI and FotoFusion did an incredible job with creating some software that was easy to navigate. I was also impressed with the visual aspect of everything.

I LOVE that the digital software comes with the ability to RE-CREATE the physical album kit.

This means that you can easily re-produce the same album to give to a loved one. Yup! That's right...while I will be giving my parents the hard copy of what I made, I get to keep a digi copy for myself. Here is the first page of the album!

The software is also filled with lots of other fun things that you can explore. Calendars are always a favorite of mine. There are quite a few different templates to choose from!

Then of course there is the ability to create from scratch! I didn't read any instructions at all and was actually able to figure my way through a simple 8x8 page. The hardest part for me was trying to decide which of the literally 100's of free papers and embellishments to use!!! I can only imagine the potential that the software has for when I actually learn it!

I sent my digi layout to my printer to print....

Cut it to size, and inserted it into one of the albums in the kit!

Amazing...amazing...amazing. That's all I have to say about today's steal, and at the steal of a price it's being offered at, you should definitely set yourself up with some snappy holiday gift giving.

Have a wonderful weekend! We'll see you on Monday!

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