American Crafts Dear Lizzy Christmas Cards & Monday Card Madness #7

Well what do you know! It's Monday again! I don't know about you, but those weekends always seem to fly by a little too quickly. I'll admit however, that I do look forward to Monday's now with a little more enthusiasm knowing that my day will be filled with creating!

I was so excited to get to play with today's steal, the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Christmas Card Kit. It honestly stunned me a little when I figured out that Christmas is a mere 40 days away! EEEEK! That means a lot of shopping, wrapping, baking, party going, neighbor gifting, decorating, and let's not forget CARD MAKING is upon us!

I cannot even begin to express how much I love the Dear Lizzy Christmas card kit for the mere fact that it includes enough cards to put a huge dent in my send out list, as well as the fact that they go together in a snap! I love the fact that they still possess the hand made factor without all of the brain power, because the truth is, at this time of year, my brain starts to shrivel up....just a little bit.

I wanted to show how versatile these cards can be.

I always feel like adding a little bit of ink to projects adds a whole lot of character. On this particular card I added a little silver ink around the edges of the center embellishment.

I then added some glue to the snowflake...

And covered it with clear Doodlebug, Sugar Coated Glitter.

I really love how adding the ink and glitter adds a personal touch this card.

I then decided to add a little embossing powder to the edges of center embellishment on this card, and as much as I love the red ribbon that came with the kit, I added silver ribbon to this card to compliment the embossing powder....

For this card, I simply added a row of ribbon behind the embellishment, across the center of the card....

I had so much fun with the embossing powders that I added some snow flakes to the front of this card....

And to this card I added a few buttons...

I love the sentiment stamps that come with the kit. Two fantastic choices to finish off some seriously cute cards!

I let these cards inspire me for this weeks Monday Card Madness. I went with the 'Merry' card as I really loved how the background was made up of 4 squares.

I took the idea, plowed through my stash of stuff and made a card for my hunny for our upcoming 18th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.

Sure it's a little girly, but it's the thought that matters....right?

We have absolutely LOVED seeing what you all create. Our Facebook Fan Photos are positively dripping with inspiraiton.

Don't forget to create your cards, post them to Facebook, or personal blog and share a link with us here on this blog post.

At the end of the month I will do a random drawing from all of the participants in the Monday Card Madness and send out all of the Monday Card Madness cards that I have created this month....with the exception of the card I made for my hunny! I will send out the 5 Holiday cards instead. Hee hee.

Until Wednesday....happy scrappin'!

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