How To Create The Weathered Wood Look | Ken Oliver Colorburst Powders

I am always looking for new, cool techniques in my crafting. When the Ken Oliver Colorburst Powders first brust onto the scene, it was honestly one of the coolest products I had seen in a long time. Being able to create a watercolor look with minimal effort makes me so happy. Check out this blog info from Ken Oliver's blog showing how to make a weathered wood look with your Colorburst Powders. 

The technique is "faux weathered wood" with Color Burst.  It's a great watercolor technique that instantly make you look like an accomplished water colorist.   

how to create texture with watercolor


This technique lets you create texture with watercolor.
Texture with watercolor on a card


And, it could not be easier.


texture with watercolor on a card


texture with watercolor on a card

All you need is some watercolor paper, Color Burst ( I used Burnt Umber, Cerulean Blue, and Lamp Black) and a fan brush! 

fan brush

A fan brush will let you create lines and streaky textures with Color Burst.

create streaky textures with fan brush

create streaky textures with fan brush

 If you'd like to see how I did it, watch this video, I give step-by-step instructions and show you how to paint woodgrain with Color Burst and a fan brush.

For a more detailed instruction on this technique, check out Ken Oliver's Video.

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