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Amethyst – Layout 1

Can you believe it?! We have finished up another 10 week series of amazing scrapbook layout sketches in our Mid Week Mojo Series! The layouts that each of you have created over the past two and a half months have been absolutely amazing and I’m so excited to be starting out fresh again with our Amethyst Mid Week Mojo Series.

For those of you that have ever thought about jumping in on the fun, now is the time to get started. With a simple sketch provided each week by myself or another guest sketcher, how much easier can it be to fill your family albums with precious memories?

Well  it can be made a wee bit easier with today’s steal, the Xyron Mini X and the Ultimate Adhesive Tool Kit. What paper crafter doesn’t love a great adhesive? I know I’ve been frustrated from time to time with adhesives that just don’t make the cut, or rather make the stick. Xyron adhesives are amazing. When you want the sticky stuck Xyron is a definite thumbs up!

I’ve been truly loving the mini photo layouts lately so I decided to challenge myself and see just what I could come up with for today’s sketch.

Mid Week Mojo

I recently joined an amusing little Facebook group and each day we post photos of our findings when we sweep our floors. Not only has this group made me feel “normal” about the mysterious amounts of rubbish that I am continually finding on my floor several times a day, but it’s been highly entertaining to see what everyone else comes up with! I thought it would be fun to create a layout featuring the floors of several of our group members.

Mid Week Mojo

For those of you that purchased the My Mind’s Eye, Miss Caroline Dilly Dally collection, today’s layout is an example of what you can create with that collection. I was pretty excited that I could hand choose the papers that I wanted to create this layout. The combination of woodgrains, and the red and white checkers along with the grey grid mimicked to me to perfection the feeling of kitchen floors.

Scrapbook Sketch Scrapbook Sketch Scrapbook Sketch

Even though it’s a bit of a crazy layout, having 14 photos on one page, I love how it turned out and I have to shout out an extra special thank you to all of the girls who let me air their dirty floors. Oh and if you’re wondering, my floor is the photo with the white heart, and cheerio, and who knows what else!

And now it’s time to shout out to our Garnet #1o winner and the lucky winner of the Garnet series.

Congrats are in order for Jessica Arrant, who is the lucky winner of our regular weekly series.

Jessica you page is absolutely lovely and I love how you added the extra photos to fill the white space. It turned out to perfection! If you will please send an email to customerservice@stealnetwork.com we will be happy to send a prize out to you to keep the Mid Week Mojos coming!

And now for the winner of the Garnet series Mid Week Mojos and the We R Memory Keepers Cinch. Cyndee Kawa, you are our lucky girl!

I have to take a super quick moment to thank Cyndee personally for the amazing contribution that she is to our happy ScrapbookSteals family. I had the pleasure of meeting her at our ScrpabookSteals crop last November and she is amazing. Not only do I admire her handwriting, and her darling creations, but I love that she has a true gift for capturing the real, every day memories of life. Congrats Cyndee! We have already taken care of arrangements on shipping your Cinch!

Good luck to everyone starting out fresh on our Amethyst series.

If you would like to be eligible for this week’s random drawing, be sure to have your layout created and posted somewhere online, as well as linked to this blog posting by Monday, February 27th at 11:59 MST.

If you have any other questions regarding our Mid Week Mojo series, you can find all of the fantastic details here. Also, as we continue week to week, bookmark this page for your quick reference to Mid Week Mojo links.

Oh and we also have one more exciting piece of news for you! Be sure to save the date for our next online crop happening THIS Friday, Feburary 24, 2012 from 6-10 PM MST. We will be up to our usual fun, games, challenges, giveaways and video chats! For those of you that are local, we would love to have you participate in person.

Xyron 2.5″ Create a Sticker

Now gather around and pay attention. If you don’t already have one of today’s steal, the 2.5″ Create a Sticker maker by Xyron, then pause what you are doing right now and steal this baby. As a crafter of 15+ years, this tool is a necessity in my work space. The ability to turn pretty much anything flat into a sticker is won-der-ful. There are times when it’s just so much easier to slide your delicate pieces, title letters, ribbons, flowers, die cuts…you name it through the machine providing instant stickage, rather than having to deal with glue pens, adhesive dispensers or glue dots.

Every year my 11 year old hints that she’d really like the Christmas gifts to be wrapped with bows and tags added. Reality is that I feel pretty accomplished slapping on the name of the recipient with a sharpie marker. :) I decided to make a better effort this year and made some gift tags using my Silhouette machine and the glorious 2.5″ sticker maker.

First I cut out all of my gift tag pieces.

Next I ran them through my 2.5″ Create a Sticker maker.

Then I assembled the pieces together, lickety split. Seriously. Fast. Then I ran the entire tag back through the sticker machine and they are ready for when I finally get around to wrapping gifts! Hooray for my 11 year old. Presents with tags on them. I feel so accomplished. :)

While I adore my Xyron “X” sticker maker, the extra space provided with the 2.5 is wonderful. In fact of all of the Xyron machines that I own, the 2.5 is my “go to”.

Because of the extra space to work with, I decided to sparkle a piece of chipboard by running the chipboard through the machine face down.

Next I added glitter to the front on top of the adhesive…

…removed the excess then put it together in a very simple and quick card.

Lastly I remembered that I have yet to make “teacher gifts” and the last day of school is today! Eeek!

I ran some strips of paper through my machine, stuck them to the front and backsides of these clothes pins, added some super strength magnets and ended up with these cute clips.

So there you have it! The 2.5″ Create a Sticker machine by Xyron really is love!

Have a great weekend.

Xyron Design Runner | Monday Card Madness #38

Xyron Design Runner | Monday Card Madness #38

Every once in awhile there is a tool that comes out on the market which is the next best thing since sliced bread. I have to say that the accessory kit which comes with today’s steal the Xyron Design Runner makes using the handy printing machine an absolute breeze! I had so much fun making pretty, straight lines of the different designs which come with the Design Runner.

The only hard part about using today’s steal was trying to decide which design to use on my card for this week!

I decided that I would truly take to heart all of the wonderful cards that were given to me for my birthday and use them as inspiration pieces for the upcoming Monday Card Madness sketches. I love that I will be able to share not only a little piece of me, but a little piece of some of you as well.

This week I based my card sketch off of this card made by Melanie Carey.

I changed things up ever so slightly and came up with this sketch.

I love the whimsical design and how the inside of the card is exposed. I thought that would be the perfect location to add a row of flowers using the Xyron Design Runner.

Now don’t forget to send out these lovely cards you make each week. Brighten someone’s day with joy!

In case you’ve missed it and are in the U.S., you may have just enough time to get in on our current card swap.  Here are the details.

Card Swap Details

  • Create 10 cards of any variety, signed on the back (we all want to know who made what).
  • Cards must include envelopes.
  • Mail the cards to our warehouse, to be received no later than June 3oth. (ScrapbookSteals, ATTN: Card Swap, 2181 California Ave., #400, Salt Lake City, UT  84104).
  • Email me at kristy@stealnetwork.com once your cards have shipped so that I know whose cards to be on the lookout for.
  • I will then swap the cards and return cards from ten different artists to you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

As far as this weeks card challenge goes, be sure to have your cards posted to the Facebook fan page or your own personal blog by Friday, July 1st, 11:59PM MST in order to be eligible for this month’s random prize drawing.

Have a wonderful Monday and we will see you tomorrow for How To’sday!