Make Your Own Princess Party!

Make Your Own Princess Party!

The long awaited return of the Imaginisce Enchanted collection has finally come! If you missed out last time, don’t delay as today’s steal is sure to fly. Not only is it fabulous for those scrapbook pages for your little princess, but it’s perfect the makings of a princess party.

As soon as I knew I’d be working with the Enchanted collection, I knew I wanted to piece together a little how to for easy birthday party ideas. First off we need an invite.

To make this invitation:

  • Make a card base from white cardstock  measuring 5.5  x 11″ and fold in half. Scallop the bottom of the card if desired and ink the edges.
  • Cut a piece of patterned paper measuring 5.25 x 4.5.” Ink edges and adhere to front of card toward the top, leaving a white border at the bottom.
  • Print out “It’s a Princess Party” onto white cardstock. Ink edges and adhere to front of card toward bottom of patterned paper.
  • Cut out a scalloped circle measuring 3″ in diameter. For Silhouette users, I used the Scallop Grid design. Ink edges and adhere to front of card.
  • Use a crown embellishment from Enchanted collection or other crown die cut. Ink edges and adhere with 3-D foam mounting squares on top of scalloped circle. For Silhouette users I used the crown from the Princess set. Add gem embellishments if desired.

Next we need to add a little decoration to the top of our cupcakes.

To make cupcakes toppers:

  • Cut out a scalloped circle out of white cardstock measuring 3″ in diameter. For Silhouette users I used the “circle scallop med” design. Ink edges.
  • Cut out a thin circle measuring 2″ in diameter.  Adhere to top of scalloped circle.
  • Use embellishments from Enchanted collection or other die cut crown.  Ink edges and adhere to front of circles using 3D mounting squares.
  • Embellish with sticker glass from Enchanted collection.
  • Affix to a toothpick and insert into top of cupcake.

Of course a party isn’t complete without a thank you goodie bag.

To make gift bags:

  • Find small paper bags in party section of the store.
  • Cut a piece of white cardstock  measuring just smaller than the front of the gift bag. Ink edges and adhere to front.
  • Cut a piece of patterned paper measuring just smaller than the piece of white cardstock, so that a thin white border will show.  Ink edges and adhere to front of white cardstock.
  • Cut a piece of different patterned paper in a strip measuring 1.5″ tall and the width of the patterned paper for the front of the bag. Scallop edges if desired, ink and adhere to front of bag toward bottom of bag.
  • Fold a silk flower in half and adhere to the front of bag on top of scalloped patterned paper strip.
  • Use the carriage stamp from the Enchanted collection and stamp onto white cardstock. Scallop edges if desired. Ink and adhere on top of patterned paper.
  • Trim patterned paper leaving a 1/8″ around the edge of stamped image block. Ink edges and adhere to top of silk flower using 3D foam squares.
  • Add additional accents if desired.
  • Print out name tags, ink and attach to handle of bag with ribbon from Enchanted collection.

One more addition to make the princess party complete—a photo frame to preserve the memory of the day.

To make frame:

  • Paint back and sides of wooden photo frame with acrylic paint that coordinates with patterned papers.
  • Cut a piece of patterned paper to cover the front surface of the frame. I find this easiest to do by laying the frame face down on the back side of patterned paper and tracing the edges with a pencil. Ink edges and adhere to front of frame.
  • Cut another piece of patterned paper measuring about 1/4″ smaller from the outside edge than the base layer of paper. Round and ink edges. Adhere to front of frame on top of the other patterned paper.
  • Cut out a scalloped circle from white cardstock measuring 3″ in diameter. Ink edges and adhere to lower right hand corner of frame.
  • Cut out a scalloped circle from patterned paper measuring 3″ in diameter. Ink edges and adhere to top of white circle using 3D foam squares.
  • Add castle from sticker glass to center of circle.
  • Tie bow out of ribbon and adhere to top of frame.

Now most importantly, may your princess birthday party live happily ever after!

How To’sday | Ribbon Flowers by Heather Conklin

Now that you are all stocked up with homemade glue spots using last week’s tip by Heather Conklin, I want to show you an amazing way to use those jumbo-sized glue spots.  Heather shows us how to make a darling ribbon flower embellishment.


1. After creating the perfect-sized glue spot and letting it dry, tie a knot in a ribbon. I just left the ribbon on the spool, and cut when I knew the flower was almost done.

How to make a ribbon flower

2. Start folding and sticking the ribbon, while wrapping it around and around the glue circle. Whenever you need to, smash the ribbon into the glue.

ribbon flowers

3. Slowly peel off the glue flower, stick the edge of the ribbon onto the back of the glue spot.

ribbon flower how to make a fabric flower


This glue is über-sticky, so make sure that you put it exactly where you want it. :)


Thank you once again Heather for this amazing, money-saving technique! I know I for one can’t wait to get making some of these adorable ribbon flowers. Be sure to check back next How To’sday for another great flower technique, this time brought to you by our friend Jessica Laureano.

If you have an idea that you’d like to see featured on How To’sday then don’t be shy!  Send along your photos and directions to and maybe one day you will be the star of How To’sday.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow for Mid Week Mojo!

How To’sday: Homemade Glue Spots by Heather Conklin

It’s that time of week again where one of our wonderful friends brings to you an awesome idea for crafty needs.  This week we are treated to an amazing, money-saving idea by Heather Conklin. Heather is one crafty girl that has figured out how to make homemade glue spots.


Supplies needed:

  • Aleene’s Tack-It Over and Over glue
  • Parchment Paper

1. On a piece of parchment paper, add dabs of glue  in any size from very small to very large.   For larger dots simply draw a circle on cardstock, then cover with parchment paper and fill in the entire area with glue. You can tape the parchment to the back of the cardstock to stabilize it.

2. Let the glue dry until it is completely transparent. This may take a day or two before they are ready to use.

3. To store your glue spots simply pre-cut your parchment papers to fit into whatever container you wish to store them in.  They are easy to roll or stack on top of each other too!  Just be sure you do NOT stick your glue spots onto actual plastic, such as the protector sheet of a Cricut or Silhouette cutting mat, as the glue dots are incredibly sticky and will not come off.


Be sure to check in next week to see how Heather used the large glue spots to create some ribbon flowers that are the perfect addition for a number of crafty projects like cards, layouts and even a headband.

We will see you tomorrow at 9am sharp for our next Mid Week Mojo sketch.

Happy How To’sday!

How To’sday: Spinner Wheelie by Becci Maines

How To’sday: Spinner Wheelie by Becci Maines

Have you ever wanted a unique, interactive embellishment added to your scrapbook page? Becci Maines has the perfect solution with today’s how to. Here are some fantastic step-by-step instructions so that you can create a spinner wheelie.

Here are the supplies that you will need:

  • Circle cutter/die-cut machine/Cricut or good old scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • 1 brad
  • Ink pad (optional)

1. Shapes to cut:

  • 1 top circle (5”)
  • 1 bottom circle (5”)
  • 1 scalloped circle (4.66”)

2. From the top circle, cut out a triangle (mine is 1.48”x1.81” to be exact). Save the triangle piece that you cut out.
3. Cut out half circle from the side of the top circle piece. You can also use a circle punch for this if you do not
have a machine.
4. With the triangle scrap that you have, trace it around in a circle as shown, using a pencil. Do not trace all the
way to the outer edge.

5. Fill in the spaces with cute sayings.

6. Mark the center of the circle. I recommend measuring each piece separately and marking with a pencil. I
have marked with a pen so that you can see the marking.

8. Layer all three punched pieces like an Oreo cookie.

9. Place large brad through the holes. Tip: if you do not want to see the scalloped edges through the window,
you can make the window smaller.

10. This is optional, you can also ink all the edges, including the window and side notch.

11. Finally, glue around the edges all the way around. Be careful not to catch the scalloped circle in the glue. Lay
flat to dry and allow to dry before spinning.

Thank you so much Becci for sharing your amazing idea with us.  I can totally imagine using this on a layout of my little guy as his mood changes within the minute, so it would be fun to have an interactive embellishment to display all of his moods.  I think this would also be great fun for the front of a card.

If you’d like easy printable instructions click here.

Remember to keep your ideas coming!  If you’d like to see your how to featured on an upcoming How To’sday, you can email directions and photos to

Check in tomorrow for our March guest sketcher!  She did a fantastic job and I can’t wait so show you.