Scratch and Sniff Scented Embossing Powder by Kara Anderson | How To’sday

Scratch and Sniff Scented Embossing Powder by Kara Anderson | How To’sday

I have to say that today’s tutorial by Kara Anderson is one of the most unique ideas that I’ve seen in a long time! Stamping is such a beautiful art, but combining a it with a little scratch and sniff fun and you’ve got yourself an uncommonly unique end result.


Scratch and Sniff Scented Embossing Powder

This is such a fun technique that I came across online a few years ago. It’s a great way to make your cards pop and it’s also fun on cards for kids. There are scented embossing powders on the market today, but why buy them when you can make your own (unless, of course they are featured on ScrapbookSteals!)


  • Heat Tool
  • Clear embossing powder
  • Versa Mark ink
  • Clear or rubber stamps – solid images work best
  • Cardstock
  • A scrap sheet of paper
  • Sugar free drink mix (or other sugar free powder like cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, etc.)
  • Small container or bowl
  • Measuring spoons


1.  Select your desired scent and mix the drink mix powder with clear embossing powder at a ratio of 2 ½ to 3 parts embossing powder to 1 part sugar free drink mix. You want more embossing powder than drink mix otherwise the powder will not melt. As well, make sure that you use a sugar free powder or the sugar will start to caramelize when heated (think crème brulee…delicious, but not so much on your card).

2.   Ink up your stamp with lots of Versa Mark so that lots of powder sticks. Stamp your image on your cardstock.

3.   Generously pour your scented embossing powder all over the stamped image.

4.   Tap off excess powder. I like to flick the back of my cardstock a couple times to get rid of any stray powder bits. If you find that you have powder sticking to places on the cardstock other than your stamped image, you can brush them off with a soft paintbrush, or try rubbing an embossing buddy or a used unscented dryer sheet over your cardstock before you stamp your image to help remove any static.

5.   Heat your image with a heat tool. A great technique to help prevent your powder blowing away when using your heat tool, is to heat the image from the back. Once it has all melted, flip it around and give it one quick shot of heat from the front to make sure the image is set.

6.      Attach your image to your card.

7.      All that’s left to do now is scratch and sniff!


Thank you Kara for such a fun idea!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for the final installment in our “Gold Club” series of Mid Week Mojo sketches!

Have a great ScrapbookSteals birthday week and a fantastic How To’sday.

Stamped Backgrounds | Monday Card Madness #31

Stamped Backgrounds | Monday Card Madness #31

I had fun using stamps for today’s Monday Card Madness. In fact I enjoyed it so much that this week I’ve decided to ditch the sketch and issue a challenge to use stamps as a background for this weeks Monday Card Madness. If you don’t have any stamps or are always on the lookout for new ones, then today’s steal—the KI Memories Icon Stamp Kit would make a lovely addition for your crafty collection.

For this week’s cards, I turned to my stamp stash and had fun custom making the backgrounds of these two cards.

I used a simple flower stamp and stamped randomly on a white piece of cardstock in different colors of ink. It turned out completely happy, don’t you think?

For the next card I took a slightly more elegant approach. I decided to use a darker color scheme, but repeated the same process of randomly stamping the image onto white cardstock, using three different colors of ink.

This week I want to give a shout out to Sarah Mattern. I love her card and the purple and green color combo.

After creating your cards, post them to our Facebook fan page or personal blog then leave a link with your creation here on the blog in order to be eligible for our monthly drawing for a little scrappy goodness. You have until May 6th at 11:59 pm MST to have your creations for April posted in order to be eligible for our monthly drawing.

Be sure to check in tomorrow at 9am for another fantastic How To’sday, this time brought to you by Melissa Dehne.

Have a wonderful Monday!

How To’sday | Emerging Color by Misty Buck

How To’sday | Emerging Color by Misty Buck

Stamping is most definitely not my forte. Thankfully for us we have an incredibly gifted stamper in our midst. Misty Buck has provided us with an amazing how to on emerging color with stamps.


Hello there all my scrappy sistahs. I’ll do my best to turn you into stampy sistahs as well ;).

I put together a quick tutorial on a technique called  “emerging color.” It is super easy and anyone can do it. I promise. The results are fantastic! Here we go.

Step 1

Choose a few stamps and create a background on a piece of white cardstock. You can make it random or orderly, it’s up to you. The stamps you choose should have detail and be small to medium. Let these dry for a few minutes or help them dry with a heat tool. I found this to be important when embossing later.

Step 2

Get your Versamark ink, clear embossing powder and a stamp that is more “solid” (meaning that it has a lot of flat surfaces without much detail). Cover the stamp in the Versamark ink and stamp it over your background stamps however you’d like.

Step 3

Cover your Versamark stamped images with the clear embossing powder, tap it all around and then shake it off back into the container. If your background stamps weren’t totally dry, they may hold on to a bit of the embossing powder, like they did in my sample, but you can use a small paintbrush and easily knock it off of the areas you don’t want it on.

This is how your image should look with the dry embossing powder stuck to it.

Step 4

Using a heat tool, melt your embossing powder just until it becomes shiny, being careful not to overheat.

Step 5

Gather your brayer and a complimentary ink color and begin inking over your paper until you reach a color saturation you’re happy with. I don’t think you can over ink. :)

Step 6

Using a very high-tech scrapping tool called “tissue paper,” rub it over your embossed images to remove any lingering ink.

And now you have a finished product that you can use for anything your heart desires.


Misty, thank you for this amazing technique. This actually makes me want to try my hand at emerging color.

If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, please send it to We want to keep your ideas coming. Next week we have a great tutorial by Stephanie Umpleby on creating a photo collage.

Be sure to check in tomorrow morning for Mid Week Mojo.

Have a great day and scrap happy!

Make Your Own Princess Party!

Make Your Own Princess Party!

The long awaited return of the Imaginisce Enchanted collection has finally come! If you missed out last time, don’t delay as today’s steal is sure to fly. Not only is it fabulous for those scrapbook pages for your little princess, but it’s perfect the makings of a princess party.

As soon as I knew I’d be working with the Enchanted collection, I knew I wanted to piece together a little how to for easy birthday party ideas. First off we need an invite.

To make this invitation:

  • Make a card base from white cardstock  measuring 5.5  x 11″ and fold in half. Scallop the bottom of the card if desired and ink the edges.
  • Cut a piece of patterned paper measuring 5.25 x 4.5.” Ink edges and adhere to front of card toward the top, leaving a white border at the bottom.
  • Print out “It’s a Princess Party” onto white cardstock. Ink edges and adhere to front of card toward bottom of patterned paper.
  • Cut out a scalloped circle measuring 3″ in diameter. For Silhouette users, I used the Scallop Grid design. Ink edges and adhere to front of card.
  • Use a crown embellishment from Enchanted collection or other crown die cut. Ink edges and adhere with 3-D foam mounting squares on top of scalloped circle. For Silhouette users I used the crown from the Princess set. Add gem embellishments if desired.

Next we need to add a little decoration to the top of our cupcakes.

To make cupcakes toppers:

  • Cut out a scalloped circle out of white cardstock measuring 3″ in diameter. For Silhouette users I used the “circle scallop med” design. Ink edges.
  • Cut out a thin circle measuring 2″ in diameter.  Adhere to top of scalloped circle.
  • Use embellishments from Enchanted collection or other die cut crown.  Ink edges and adhere to front of circles using 3D mounting squares.
  • Embellish with sticker glass from Enchanted collection.
  • Affix to a toothpick and insert into top of cupcake.

Of course a party isn’t complete without a thank you goodie bag.

To make gift bags:

  • Find small paper bags in party section of the store.
  • Cut a piece of white cardstock  measuring just smaller than the front of the gift bag. Ink edges and adhere to front.
  • Cut a piece of patterned paper measuring just smaller than the piece of white cardstock, so that a thin white border will show.  Ink edges and adhere to front of white cardstock.
  • Cut a piece of different patterned paper in a strip measuring 1.5″ tall and the width of the patterned paper for the front of the bag. Scallop edges if desired, ink and adhere to front of bag toward bottom of bag.
  • Fold a silk flower in half and adhere to the front of bag on top of scalloped patterned paper strip.
  • Use the carriage stamp from the Enchanted collection and stamp onto white cardstock. Scallop edges if desired. Ink and adhere on top of patterned paper.
  • Trim patterned paper leaving a 1/8″ around the edge of stamped image block. Ink edges and adhere to top of silk flower using 3D foam squares.
  • Add additional accents if desired.
  • Print out name tags, ink and attach to handle of bag with ribbon from Enchanted collection.

One more addition to make the princess party complete—a photo frame to preserve the memory of the day.

To make frame:

  • Paint back and sides of wooden photo frame with acrylic paint that coordinates with patterned papers.
  • Cut a piece of patterned paper to cover the front surface of the frame. I find this easiest to do by laying the frame face down on the back side of patterned paper and tracing the edges with a pencil. Ink edges and adhere to front of frame.
  • Cut another piece of patterned paper measuring about 1/4″ smaller from the outside edge than the base layer of paper. Round and ink edges. Adhere to front of frame on top of the other patterned paper.
  • Cut out a scalloped circle from white cardstock measuring 3″ in diameter. Ink edges and adhere to lower right hand corner of frame.
  • Cut out a scalloped circle from patterned paper measuring 3″ in diameter. Ink edges and adhere to top of white circle using 3D foam squares.
  • Add castle from sticker glass to center of circle.
  • Tie bow out of ribbon and adhere to top of frame.

Now most importantly, may your princess birthday party live happily ever after!

Want to Trade? Come Check Out Some ATCs

Want to Trade? Come Check Out Some ATCs

What’s an ATC you ask?  It’s an Artist Trading Card and today’s steal, the 7 Gypsies Artist Trading Card Carousel Kit is the perfect steal to get you started with creating and trading in one of the hottest trends  in the scrapbooking world. An ATC is a small index card that is altered and then traded amongst creative friends!  Think of it as the woman’s world of baseball card trading.

Traditionally ATCs are very eclectic, vintage and full of stamping.  My amazing stamping friend Megan Nelson has the perfect example of a traditional ATC on her blog.

I also asked our favorite stamping friend Misty Buck to share a few examples of a traditional ATC.

Heather Conklin was also kind enough to share an art teachers take on an ATC.

Any of you that know me, know I am not a stamper or artist per se, however I had a great time mixing up embellishments to create that eclectic layered look of an ATC.  I decided that I want to fill my carousel with little cards about things that I love, right down to my Diet Dr. Pepper and Cake (the band, not the dessert, although I’ll take that too!)

The thing I positively love about creating an ATC is that it is such a small time commitment, yet fulfills that desire to create, not to mention it’s an excellent use of scraps and leftover embellishments.

Now comes the best part of an ATC—the part that the “T” stands for—trading! Think of it as your own personal showcase of a little bit of lots of different friends artwork.

If you’d like to be part of a Scrapbook Steals ATC swap, send me an email to and I will send you out details!  Think of how great it would be to have a display of artwork from some of your favorite scrappy sisters.  Also, a quick reminder for those of you participating in our first Scrapbook Steals card swap, cards are due to the warehouse by March 31st.

I hope your weekend is amazing and filled with creativity.

Happy scrappin’!