How To’sday | Sketch Titles with the Silhouette Machine by Melanie Carey

How To’sday | Sketch Titles with the Silhouette Machine by Melanie Carey

For those of you that have the amazing Silhouette machine, and haven’t explored a lot of the incredible capabilities, today’s tutorial by Melanie Carey will get you excited to try some new things out. And for those of you that are still on the fence about the Silhouette, this tutorial will help you realize what a fantastic tool the Silhouette machine truly is.


This tutorial will show you how to use sketch pens to create a title or outline an image to be cut out.

After creating your image in the Silhouette Studio you’ll want follow these instructions.

Note: If you want to add an outline to sketch around an image that you will cut out later you can use the offset feature.

Step 1: Select Objects to be Outlined

  • Click on the object you want to outline.
  • Go to the menu bar and select “object” then “offset.” On the right hand of your screen you will see the offset menu displayed.
  • Click on “offset” then change your offset distance to what you are happy with.

If you do not wish to add an outline to sketch around an image begin with this step:

  • Click on the “open the cut style window” icon.

Step 2: Deselect Items Not Included In Sketch

  • To outline your text with the pens, select all the items to be cut and make sure they are not included in the first pass through the Silhouette as the sketch pen instead of the blade will be installed.
  • Select the item(s) not included in the sketching. In my case I’m starting with the two rectangles on the outside. Note: to select multiple lines press the shift key at the same time you click on the lines.
  • Select “no cut.”

You will notice those lines are now a faint red color. In order to have the outline (which was automatically included as part of this font) separated from the text, you need to first release the compound path. This will allow the ability to create the outline with the sketch pen and then later cut the text with the blade.

To do this:

  • Select the text then right click and select “release compound path.”

  • Select the part  to be cut (i.e. the text).
  • Choose “no cut” from the Cut Style menu. Notice how just the parts to be sketched are in bold red.

Step 3: Select Media Type

Next in the Silhouette Cut Settings select “Silhouette Sketch Pen” as the media type.  If you want to make sure that you have a dark sketch line then select the double cut option.

  • Switch out the Silhouette blade for the sketch pen.
  • Select “send to Silhouette.”
  • Select “cut page.” Even though you are selecting cut page, it will use the sketch pens.

You may need to run it through more than once depending on the color of ink and paper you are using.

Step 4: Cut Out Your Shape

  • Switch out the pen for the blade
  • Go back to the Cut Style window, select all the lines just sketched and choose “no cut.”
  • Select the lines to be cut with the blade and selected “cut.”

  • Go to the “Silhouette cut settings.”
  • Select media type then “send to Silhouette.”
  • Select “cut page.” This time it will actually cut since you have the blade installed.

Step 5: Create a Background

  • Move all the other shapes off the page, select “background rectangle” and select “cut.”
  • Select “send to Silhouette.”
  • Select “cut page.”

Here is the final product. Enjoy! :)


Thank you Melanie for a great tutorial on expanding our abilities with the Silhouette.

If you have an idea that you’d like to see featured on our How To’sday, please don’t hesitate to share. You can send your idea along with separate image attachments in an email to

Have a great Tuesday and we will see you tomorrow for some mojo!

Silhouette Machine—Simply Put, Amazing!

Silhouette Machine—Simply Put, Amazing!

I quite literally breathe a little sigh that’s a mixture of love, adoration, satisfaction and amazement each time I power up my Silhouette. In my humble opinion, today’s steal, the Silhouette SD Machine has got to be my favorite and most-valued scrapbooking tool—ever! If you don’t have this machine, I promise, you will not be disappointed in making the investment, and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, you’ve got leverage! :)

I’ve had the amazing opportunity of exploring the functions of the Silhouette SD machine in greater depth the past two times that we’ve featured them as a steal on ScrapbookSteals.

The first time I focused on the overall functions of the amazing machine. Check out a few photos of the projects that I did.

The second time around I had a blast working with the fabric interfacing and with some flocked and smooth heat transfer material.  Here are some photos.

Because we are so excited to be offering a huge variety of the Silhouette sketch pens this time around, I decided I’d focus mainly on these, and boy am I glad! I think my machine has just gained a whole new level of appreciation from me!

Because I was a little unsure of what to do with the sketch pens, I turned to the amazing Silhouette blog.

I love how easy the blog is to navigate and how inspiration-filled it is.

I decided to put a twist on the May 2nd. Mother’s Day card tutorial and make a card for my own mama.

I truly cannot believe that I have had my machine for six months and have not explored the glorious option of sketching!

I couldn’t resist making another card for my mother-in-law.

I love that I now know another use for all of those gorgeous, intricate designs which are available to download at the Silhouette store.

I wish all of you the ability to have a Silhouette of your own. I could not live happily, scrappily ever after without mine.

Have a great weekend and an amazing National Scrapbook Day!

Fantastic Friday | An Eggscellent Easter Project

Fantastic Friday | An Eggscellent Easter Project

I came across this amazing post from the Le Papier Studio with an idea for decorating Easter eggs with silhouette shapes. The thought of adding these designs to an egg immediately made me turn to my Silhouette for shapes.

I came up with fun images for my kids to decorate their eggs with, organized them on a page, and then cut them out on to regular contact paper.

There are a few ways that you can create the silhouettes on your eggs.

  • Color the egg then add a sticker for a stark, crisp, white decoration.

  • Add the sticker to the egg then add to dye.

  • Add the stickers in layers, alternating lighter to darker colors of egg dye, and adding designs as you go.

You can see in this egg where my daughter used the third technique (which we found to be the most fun).  She started with a dyed yellow egg, then added a chick silhouette.

She then submerged the egg into pink dye for a final result of a yellow chick on a pink egg.

Here is another example with the same technique.

We found intricate designs best for wrapping around the egg, as they had a little more flexibility. You can see in this egg, where I removed part of the design and what was left was the silhouette of the design. So pretty!

One more tip is that the contact paper holds better to room temperature or warm eggs.

We also found today’s steal, the Prima Patterned Ribbon Spools, to be a perfect companion for spicing up a regular egg. After dying the eggs, a simple band of ribbon hot glued around the center of the egg truly added a unique and decorative touch!

Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, So Sophie Style

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, So Sophie Style

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so today and next Friday we’re highlighting some fun do it yourself gift ideas for that special mother in your life.

Today’s steal, the My Minds Eye So Sophie, Clever and Charming collections, were perfect to create two of my gift ideas with a heartfelt touch.

My mother-in-law is truly into all things that smell good. This year I decided to put a twist on the ordinary and alter the bottles of smell good stuff and add a wrap around a candle.

These turned out so cute and are so easy to add a personal touch to. I used photo tape to adhere the papers to the bottles since regular adhesive wasn’t quite strong enough.

Now my mother is quite the opposite. She does not like scented things, unless they are the flowers in her yard. For her I thought it would be fun to pretty up a little gardening set. While this gift is a little more frilly and not quite as functional as she is, I’m sure that she will appreciate the thought of having something cute for Mother’s Day.

I hit the dollar section at one of my favorite stores and found the perfect items to alter along with a big bag of wild flower mix.

I think she will love it!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Scrap happy and be sure to check in next Friday for a great Mother’s Day and Father’s Day idea.

Fantastic Friday | Baby Boy Nursery Decor

Fantastic Friday | Baby Boy Nursery Decor

If you’re looking for a fantastic collection to create some darling baby boy nursery decor, then today’s steal the Piggy Tales, Steadfast Tin Soldier collection is the one for you!

After creating girly-girl last week I was excited to shift gears and create something totally boy. I hit my new large chain craft store looking for items to alter. Knowing that I wanted to create bedroom decor, I hit the jackpot and for $5.26, I found a paper mache letter, a wooden train and a door hanger.

I started with the door hanger and covered it with a solid paper since I wanted to keep it a little less busy. To cover the hanger, I simply traced the hanger onto the paper and adhered it to the front using photo tape. Another great alternative for adhering paper to wood is ModPodge, and it also seals the paper making it a little more durable.

After covering the front of the plaque, I added a small wave of patterned paper, some ribbon and one of the super cute window embellishments that come with the Piggy Tales collection. I added a photo of the the baby in the window. Some inking, a few buttons and little bling later, my door hanger was complete.

Next, I altered a paper mache letter for sitting on top of a dresser or shelf.

First I spray painted the sides and back of the letter then turned the letter upside down onto paper to trace. After cutting out the paper for the top of the letter, I ran it through my Xyron machine and adhered it to the front of the letter. I inked the edges of the paper and then cut out some circles on my Silhouette. I inked them and adhered them to the front of my letter using 3D foam squares to give a little dimension, then I added some of the ribbon from the Piggy Tales collection.

I finished things up with a little Wooden train which will look fantastic sitting on the shelf next to the altered letter.

I really wanted to cover the train in patterned papers so I carefully broke off the moving wheels and then painted the sides and back of the train with spray paint.

I traced the train onto patterned paper and solid paper and cut it out using some precision scissors. I ran the train cutouts through my Xyron and adhered it to the front of the wooden train putting the patterned papers on the bottom and the solid on the top. I added a thin border of blue across the middle and added some buttons and ribbon for decoration.

I used my Silhouette to cut out some rims for the train wheels. I then secured the wheels to the train using 3D foam dots to add a little dimension.

I think it turned out quite cute!

This idea of nursery decor would be so fantastic to give a new mommy as a baby shower gift. Definitely something unique and from the heart!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Be sure to check in next week for all sorts of fabulous ideas.