Silhouette Machine | Monday Card Madness #57

::Deep sigh of fondness:: That’s right. I love my Silhouette. I also love that I just had to create cards today using my beloved machine, as today’s steal is none other than the Silhouette SD machine and accessories. What perfect timing for the machine and accessories to pop up as Christmas is right around the corner. If you don’t have a machine, I can’t even begin to express enough *and SHOUT from the rooftops*, that you will LOVE having one. If you already have one then now is the time to stock up on new blades and cutting pads!

I decided that for this week’s sketch it would be theme-based rather than a particular design. Your challenge this week is to create holiday or winter cards. I couldn’t resist some of the card downloads in the Silhouette store not to mention the fact that the deadline for our holiday cards swap is very near and I still had a few cards I needed to finish up.

For the first card that I made I downloaded the “5×7 Lace Card Base” by Lori Whitlock (5x7_lace_card_base_C01290_20509 ). I adjusted the size to fit into one of the envelopes that I have. I then cut out the “Bespangled Tree” by Hero Arts (bespangled_tree_C00703_23067 ).  I downloaded the “Merry Christmas” title by Jamie Koay (merry_christmas_title_C20091120180538_20387), and used my sketch pens to add it to the middle of the “Beautiful Label” by Lori Whitlock (beautiful_label_C00397_20509) prior to cutting it out. I put everything together, used pop dots to make the label stand out, inked the edges, added some bling to the tree and a brad to the top and my card was complete.

Next I made a simple card by creating a basic base, cutting out a piece of white cardstock to create an inner frame on the card. Then I cut out a simple circle border (which I don’t think is in the store any longer), and placed it across the center of the card. I downloaded and cut out a “Christmas Tag” by Pebbles, Inc., (christmas_tag_C00056_67122 ). I placed that in the center of the card then turned to the print and cut feature of the Silhouette. I downloaded and print out the “Christmas Set Merry Christmas” tags by Samantha Walker (10_christmas_set_merry_christmas_tags_C00964_19210). I then cut out a brown tag and added it to the center of the card with some pop dots and added a button to the top of the tag. Oh and don’t forget the inking of edges!

I had a blast using the “Christmas Card Kit” by Lori Whitlock (hmmm, I’m sensing a fondness of her designs – adorable_christmas_card_kit_C00764_20509). Made for a super easy card that is sure to bring a smile to anyone! I added some bling and a little hand stitching to finish it up.

I was crazy excited to get to play with the Silhouette fabric interfacing again. I picked up some Christmas printed fabric and then downloaded the “5×7 Eyelet Card Base” by Lori Whitlock (5x7_eyelet_card_base_C01286_20509), the “Nested Poinsettia” by Alaa’ K (nested_poinsettia__C00421_21585), and the “Merry Christmas” sentiment by Hero Arts (merry_christmas_C00656_23067 ). I applied the interfacing to my fabric, cut it out and assembled the card. I added some stitching to the inside to finish things up!

For the last card that I made I downloaded the “Christmas Card” by Rivka Wilkins (christmas_card_C00348_2581) and put my sketch pens to use. I often forget about them or overlook them but the fact is, they make some pretty spectacular creations.

I love the shimmer of these particular pens, and having switched out the colors makes for a pretty darn amazing creation. I added a few bling gems to two of the presents and my card was complete!

So there you have it. If I haven’t convinced you that you want and need and must beg your husband or santa or mom or dad for a Silhouette, then I am not sure what to do! Hands down you will love this machine.

Now for the exciting announcement of our October Monday Card Madness winner! Here’s a shout out to Brettany Quinton who is our first time Monday Card Madness, lucky random winner.

Brett, If you will please send our service department your address in an email at, we will be happy to get a prize sent out to you.

Today’s is the deadline for the Holiday card swap. We’ve received some pretty fantastic creations and I will be sorting and shipping them out to you very soon.

I’ll have details up in a couple of weeks regarding the next card swap for any of you that would like to participate in the next round.

Have a great day and be sure to stop by tomorrow for our next How To’sday tutorial!

How To’sday | Silhouette Trace Tool

For you Silhouette owners that haven’t had the chance to explore your options much beyond basic cutting then today you are in for a treat!  Stephanie Umpleby shows how to use the Trace Tool feature opening up an entire new way to use your beloved Silhouette machine.

• • • • •

So, you have a Silhouette.  And you have an image in your head that you want to cut.  But, you can’t find it in the Silhouette store.  What do you do?  Well, it turns out you can trace almost anything and then have the Silhouette cut it!  You can open any image into the Silhouette, and then use the trace feature to make it something the Silhouette will cut (or cut and draw).  Here is how!

First you have to find and save the image onto your computer.  I normally save things as .jpg as it is opened by almost any program.  Then you have to open that file in the Silhouette.  The “default” is only to open Silhouette files, but you can select “All Files” from the drop down menu.

Once you have opened the file, you need to open the trace menu.  Trace is one of the buttons on the top right of the screen – to the right of offset.

Once you have the menu open, you need to click on the “Select Trace Area” button.  This will allow you to “grab” the image you want to trace.

When you select the area to be traced, the trace lines will show up in yellow.  If everything looks good, then select “Trace.”  In this case, I don’t want “trace outside edge” because it would only trace the rounded square and not the swimmer or wave.  You can do the “detach” option, but normally it isn’t any more work to just do Trace.

Since I just did trace, the next thing I had to do was slide the original image over and check to make sure I liked the result.  Once I confirmed I was done with the initial image, I deleted it.

In this case, I wanted to edit what was traced.  There were extra pieces I didn’t want to cut, so I need to “Release Compound Path.”  Once I did this, I was able to select the extra pieces and delete them.

Then I used the Silhouette to sketch out my page.  I like to do this because it helps ensure that I have the right size for everything.  Here is the finished sketch and finished page.

• • • • •

Stephanie, thank you for sharing your tutorial with us on this lovely How To’sday.

Don’t forget if you have an idea that you’d like to share, whether it be easy or hard, big or small, we’d love to feature you on a How To’sday. Please send your idea with photos and images to, and we will add you to the line up!

Have a great day and be sure to check in tomorrow for our November guest sketcher. Hmmmm. Who will it be? :)

How To’sday | Custom Glass Etching

Hello! Can you believe it How To’sday once again. I’m pretty thrilled at how long we’ve been treated each week to a new technique or crafting idea from one of you. Today our tutorial on glass etching comes to us from Melanie Carey.

• • • • •

How to etch glass.

Materials Needed:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Etching Crème
  • Squeegee
  • Hook to remove cut pieces from the vinyl in order to create your stencil
  • Glass piece to be etched (such as picture frame, wine glass, glass plate, candle holder, etc). I’d recommend buying a second piece as a backup
  • Glass cleanser
  • Adhesive backed vinyl
  • Transfer paper
  • Cutting machine to create the stencil


Step 1: Create your design in your preferred die cutting system software. This tutorial demonstrates the Silhouette SD.

Helpful Hint: Perform a test run to ensure that your design is the right size for your glass piece by using the sketch feature or cutting your design onto a test paper. If you are going to sketch a wine glass and/or something round this step is very helpful. You’ll want to make sure that you can lay the paper flat against the glass without any creasing. The more intricate the design the more chance you will have problems adhering the stencil to the glass. Any bubbles and/or creases in the vinyl immediately around the cutout pieces will cause the etching crème to bleed.

Here are the images and their measurements that I used:

  • Flourish: Silhouette image name – Flourish, Height: 0.505in Width: 2.060in
  • Name: Font: Monotype Cursive, size: 60 pt
  • Grapes: Silhouette image name: Grapes by Sarah Bailey, Height: 1.865in
  • Width: 1.1in

Step 2: Load the adhesive-backed vinyl into your machine. Your machine may or may not require a carrier sheet, but I would recommend using one because I have found it holds the vinyl in place and makes a cleaner cut.

For Silhouette machine users, if you decide to load the vinyl without the carrier sheet, make sure that “load media” is displayed in the window on the machine.  To do this, turn on the Silhouette and select the arrow pointing to the right till you see “load media.” Then load the adhesive-backed vinyl into the Silhouette without the carrier sheet.

Step 3: In the Silhouette Studio, select the cut settings, then “Silhouette vinyl” as your media type. Depending on the condition of your blade you may need to increase the cut thickness. I’ve had to increase mine to 10 or 11 depending on the sharpness of my blade. You may want to do a test cut first with a small piece of vinyl just to ensure you have the right thickness. Also, if you have a really intricate designs you may want to reduce the speed as well.

Step 4: Using the blue cap cut your design.

Step 5: Next, you need to remove the pieces that will be etched (you are creating a stencil from the negative space).

Helpful Hint: Do this step slowly especially around little pieces of vinyl that need to remain (i.e. the little triangle part of the A and the oval part of the letter e). If you go too fast you will lift those pieces off and then you’ll have to reposition them yourself. Also, if you are using a tool that has a point, be careful not to prick the vinyl that is remaining as you may get an etched dot there. A hook tool is also helpful to hold down the little pieces of vinyl which are needed to remain.

Step 6: Next you need to apply the transfer paper to the top of the Vinyl stencil which will hold all the little pieces of Vinyl (i.e. the triangle piece in the A and the oval piece of the e) in place while you apply the vinyl to your glass.

Step 7: Wash your glass piece with soap and water then use a glass cleaner to ensure that there are no finger prints, water marks, pieces of lint, etc.

Step 8: Cut your vinyl stencil so it will fit onto your glass piece. Make sure that you have enough vinyl around the negative space to ensure that you don’t have any etching crème touch the glass where you don’t want it.  In my case, I had 4 stencils that I was creating (Anne, Grapes x2, Keith). So I cut my large stencil into four pieces. Turn your Vinyl Stencil over and peel off the adhesive.

Step 9: Apply your vinyl stencil to your glass piece. Use a squeegee to remove any bubbles or wrinkles in the stencil. Make sure that absolutely no bubbles or wrinkles are anywhere near the cutouts.

Helpful Hint: If you are using a rounded piece of glass, begin by adhering the center of the stencil to the flattest part of the glass. Next drag the squeeguee to the top of the stencil.  Repeat in a concentric pattern. Make sure that there are NO air bubbles or tiny folds in the stencil around the cut out pieces, as the etching creme will etch undesired areas that are exposed.  If you are etching a flat piece of glass you can lay the stencil on the table with the adhesive side up then place the glass piece directly on top of it.

Because I was working with a round glass I placed the glass on an old folded towel to prevent it from rolling.

Step 10: Next peel off the transfer paper.

Step 11: WEARING GLOVES and Goggles pour a generous amount of the etching crème onto the glass. Make sure it’s evenly distributed.

Step 12: Wait 15 minutes (these instructions should be on the etching crème container).

Step 13: Using a plastic squeegee, gently scrape off most of the etching crème. Take care not to lift up the stencil during this process. Most etching crèmes are reusable so you can scrape the crème back into the container.

Step 14: Using a folded paper towel wipe off the remaining crème and throw the paper towel away. Do not moisten or wet the paper towel prior to wiping the crème off.  If you use a wet paper towel the stencil will lose its adhesion and the crème will bleed under the stencil.

Step 15: Next rinse the glass piece under running water.

Step 16: After you have rinsed the glass, fill the sink with water so that you can peel the stencil off while your glass remains totally submersed.

Viola! You are now done!!

Other projects:

Heart Silhouette Shape: Heart Nesting with Swirls by Samantha Walker, Height:2.135in Width:1.685in

• • • • •

Melanie, thank you so much for your tutorial. It’s perfect timing with the holidays right around the corner. Just think of the darling neighbor gifts that you could make with glass etching.

If you have an idea that you would like to share for a How To’sday tutorial we would love to see! You can send your idea with photos and directions to

Be sure to check in tomorrow for our next Opal club series, Mid Week Mojo.

Have a fantastical day!

Silhouette SD | Holiday Advent Calendar and Tattoo Paper

So you missed it the first time. You cried because you couldn’t get it the second or third times. Hopefully this time is the charm and today you will be on your way to becoming the proud new owner of today’s steal, the Silhouette SD and accessories.

Any of you that follow the blog, know how much fun I have with my Silhouette. If you recall the first time I I explored the basic functions and went a little vinyl cutting crazy .

The second time around I explored the fun of heat transfer and fabric interfacing.

The third time, I dove into the world of sketch pen fun.

Honestly, can you believe what an incredible little machine it is? Well, I’m about to tell you that I think with some of the add-ons that we are offering this time I’ve had my most. fun. yet!  :)

Welcome to the world of magnet and tattoo paper!

For at least a couple of years I’ve wanted to make a muffin tin advent calendar. The holidays are always such a fun time of year and it’s just that much more fun when you can add a little extra something for the wee ones to help count down the days until the big man delivers some holiday cheer.

To make my advent calendar, I simply found some print and cut designs in the Silhouette store which I liked and re-sized them so that they would cover the opening of my mini muffin cups. Then I printed the designs onto the magnet paper and sent it to my Silhouette machine to cut them out. Now the hard part will be waiting for December to actually use it!

I must admit that I had a fantastic time working with the tattoo paper. My kids definitely had a bit of fun too! Again super easy to do. A quick trip through the Silhouette image store for some print and cut designs, print, cut out and voila! Muscle bling for my boys.

A butterfly for my beauty.

And a little mustache mayhem for me and my little guy.

When I was talking with my friend about alternate uses for the tattoo paper, she suggest trying it out on some candles. What a great idea!

I bet if you didn’t want a Silhouette machine before, you do now!  :)

Oh, and one more thing. Do you remember the giveaway for the Doodlebug Butterfly Lacing Cards a few weeks ago? Jennifer Blomquist is the lucky winner! Jennifer if you can send us your address to we will get those shipped out to you.

Have a great weekend!

Fantastic Friday | Baby Shower Giveaway with My Mind’s Eye

Fantastic Friday | Baby Shower Giveaway with My Mind’s Eye

I love Fridays because I get to think outside of the scrapbooking zone and inside of the project zone. This week I created a baby shower kit using the Lost and Found Collections by My Mind’s Eye and one lucky winner will get it for her very own! I decided to go with Portobello Road and create a baby shower kit for a baby boy.

I love the vintage feel of the Lost and Found collections. I adore the softness of it all and couldn’t wait to get started.

I first made a list of the items that I wanted to create for a basic baby shower kit. Then I put my Silhouette to use for a good share of these projects to make things come together quickly.

The first and foremost important aspect of a baby shower is the invite. Without the invite there wouldn’t be a party!

Next comes decorations. I’ve never made a banner decoration before but thought how fun it would be not only for decoration for the baby shower but for the new mommy to hang in baby’s room as decoration.

Another fun decoration idea is confetti. I made the most of my scraps and saved the stars from the banners to use as confetti.

I thought a fun and simple activity for the shower would be an advice album for the new mom, where guests can jot down their most useful hints on conquering the grand step into motherhood.

Now who doesn’t love a cupcake? I made some coordinating cupcake wrappers to fancy up the treats.

Of course a perfect shower wouldn’t be complete without little favor boxes for the guests. I made these fun cone shaped boxes which kept with the feel of the pennants. These simple boxes could be filled with blue and white jelly beans.

Don’t you agree that the My Mind’s Eye Lost and Found collections are perfect for this purpose?

You could be the happy owner of this baby shower kit, complete with:

  • ? 12 baby shower invites
  • ? 1 banner
  • ? confetti
  • ? 1 mom-to-be advice album
  • ? 12 cupcake wrappers
  • ? 12 baby shower favor boxes

To enter answer the following questions.

Contest ends Tuesday, June 7 at 11:59 PM MST. Winner announced upon notification and will be chosen with The contact information you provide will not be shared and will only be used to notify winners. Click here to read our full privacy notice. Winnings are not for resale. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Participation open to U.S. and Canadian residents 18 years or older.