How To’sday | Glitter Embellishments

Today we have a great tutorial by Dilnaz Heckman.  I know we crafters are always looking for a great way to extend our supplies or create some inexpensive embellishments. Dilnaz shows us a great way to create some glitter embellishments without the mess of traditional glitter.

• • • • •

Here’s something I discovered quite by accident. I love glitter embellishments but dislike working with powdered glitter. It is just so messy and gets everywhere. Buying glitter stickers and embellishments can be so expensive.  So here’s an easy way to create fabulous glitter embellishments cheap!

All you need:

  • glitter glue
  • cardstock
  • any kind of shape punch

Step 1: Simply squeeze glitter glue in random squigglies on a piece of cardstock. Mix colors if you like.

Step 2: Fold the cardstock and squish the glue to form random patterns. Let dry.

Step 3: Once completely dry, punch out shapes like flowers, stars, butterflies, even circles and use as you like. Simple!

• • • • •

Thank you Dilnaz for your tutorial! I love finding new ways to use up product that I already have.

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Sassafras Paper Whimsies

It’s that time of the week where I get to nurture my crafting side. Today’s steal, the Paper Whimsies by Sassafras offered me such a fun array of crafting ideas.

I know most mommies are always struggling with finding ways to keep their kiddos motivated for one thing or another be it potty training, doing jobs or my current challenge with my 4-year-old to flush the toilet. Reward charts are a great way to keep the incentive going to accomplish a task or to form a habit.

In  the past I’ve often gone with a basic sticker chart with 25 spots to fill in. This allows enough time for a habit to be formed and then a prize can be awarded. However, seeing a chart with 25 empty spots can seem a little intimidating to any short person I’m sure. That’s why I decided to make a garden incentive chart with five flowers. When the garden is fully planted by accomplishing a task then the “one” card is put into place across the top. Plant the garden again by accomplishing tasks, then the “two” card is put into place. Once the garden is planted five times then it’s reward time! The Paper Whimsies were perfect for creating this simple chart.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Craft foam measuring 18 x 12″
  • Spray adhesive
  • Paper Whimsies
  • Magnets (such as Basic Grey magnet snaps)
  • Scrap paper
  • Ribbons and buttons to embellish

Step 1:

Cut out grass to go across bottom of foam. Use spray adhesive to attach paper to the bottom of the foam.

Step 2:

Cut out flower stems. Attach in the grassy area with spray adhesive.

Step 3:

Cut out a library card style pocket 4×6″ to hold the flowers and numbers when not in use. Adhere to the left side of the foam at the bottom using spray adhesive.

Step 4:

Cut out pieces of paper measuring 2 1/4 x 3 1/4″.  Round the edges and adhere to the top of the foam.

Step 5:

Attach either the positive or negative magnet to the top of the flower stems and attach the opposite to the backside of the Paper Whimsie flowers. Do the same process in the center of the paper rectangles at the top of the chart and the backsides of the Paper Whimsie number cards.

Step 6:

Cut out a sunshine and adhere to the upper right hand corner of chart.

Step 7:

Embellish project as desired.

You can then attach magnets to the backside of the chart and place on the front of your refrigerator or simply place in an area which will maintain interest for your child.

I then decided to create a girls’ room wall hanging using some of the Paper Whimsies rectangle cards and a flower. All I needed for this project was the Paper Whimsies, spray adhesive, a canvas and some buttons. I simply arranged the Whimsies how I liked and glued them down. This project took me no more than 10 min. and would make a fantastic baby shower gift.

I’ve gotta hand it to Sassafras! Well done on another product!

We’ll see you Monday for some Monday Card Madness.

How To’sday | Dimensional Flower Embellishments by Melissa Dehne

Tuesdays have quickly become one of my favorite days of the week. I absolutely love seeing all of the different tips and techniques that you girls incorporate into your crafting. Today’s tutorial by Melissa Dehne is such a simple and fantastic idea which can add some customized flair to any of your paper crafting projects.

• • • • •

Happy How To’sday! Sometimes when I don’t have the exact size or color embellishment that I need, I will make some to meet my needs. I discovered how to make these dimensional flowers last fall and thought I’d share it with you today. It is really easy and quick when you need that little extra something on your layout.

Dimensional Flower Embellishements


  • Circle punch (or any other circle maker)
  • Two sided paper or cardstock
  • Small stapler
  • Coordinating button

Step 1
Punch out four circles any size. The larger the circle, the easier it is to work with. My circles are 1 1/4 inch.  I like to use double-sided, heavier paper/light cardstock.

Step 2
Fold each circle in half.  You can choose which way to fold them.  I like to keep mine with the same print on the top.

Step 3
Begin to overlap the folded circles (as shown).

Step 4
The last folded circle should fit in the slit right at the top (as shown).

Step 5
Carefully slide the paper circles into the stapler and staple right in the center. It doesn’t have to be perfectly centered since you will be covering the staple with a button. Just be sure that your staple holds all four circles together. Sometimes I will make an “x” in the center with the staples to secure all of the circles.

Step 6
Stapled circles should look like this.

Step 7
Use a glue dot to adhere a button to the center of the embellishment.

Step 8
Using a pen, scrapbook tool or other pointy object, gently lift the edges to provide dimension to your embellishment.

Step 9
The final product should look something like this.

Step 10
The side of the embellishment should look like this with the layers all separated.

I hope that this gives you an easy alternative when you can’t quite find the perfect embellishment. Here are a few examples of projects that I have used these flowers on.

Maybe I will see some of these on your layout in the future ; )  Thank you for letting me share today!

• • • • •

Thank you so much Melissa for your tutorial! I can’t wait to give these flowers a try.

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Have a great To’sday!

How To’sday | Door Hangers by Carrie Labani

How To’sday | Door Hangers by Carrie Labani

It’s that favorite time of week again when we are treated with another fantastic tutorial brought to us by one of you! This week our tutorial is brought to us by Carrie Labani. I love altered door hangers and summer is the perfect time to make them. With babies and summer and kiddos playing a cute door hanger on the front door announcing that baby is sleeping, or it’s quiet time and friends can’t play is such a great idea! Or you could make a darling hanger like Carrie did simply to spice up your child’s bedroom door.


This is a great project for your kids or grandkids. I first made on for my new baby but then my 4-year-old saw it and needed to have one. I purchased the door hanger from my local craft store for under a dollar so it was also a great bargain project too!


  • Cover the door hanger on one side with paper. I used a liquid glue. Let dry and cut out with a craft knife.

  • Cover the other side and cut out again. Now both sides should be covered with the hole in the middle all cut out. Then use a small ink pad to ink all the edges. I like how this gives it a nice finished look.

  • Add strips of paper on the bottom of both sides. I chose different patterns for each sides.

  • Add different titles to both sides. I went with Big Sis and Girls only but Naptime, Big Bro, their name or anything you like will work. Mix up your fonts or use premade stickers like I did for my Girls only side.

  • Embellish with flowers, chipboard, Stickles, whatever you like and you’re done!


Thank you Carrie for the tutorial on such a darling project!

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How To’sday | Paper Flowers by Julie Koets

How To’sday | Paper Flowers by Julie Koets

Happy How To’sday to you! I love this day every week when we are treated to a variety of different ideas and techniques brought to us by one of you. Today’s amazing creation is a tutorial on a unique type of flower making from our friend Julie Koets.


I don’t have a lot of embellishments so I was excited to find a way to make my own dimensional flowers out of scrap paper. After all, who doesn’t have tons of scraps? It’s the perfect way to use up some of those little pieces of pretty paper that you can’t bear to throw away. I made this flower for my recent Mid-Week Mojo:

Start by cutting 12 strips of paper. I used strips from the same piece of striped patterned paper, but there’s no reason you couldn’t mix things up a bit and use lots of different patterns. I don’t have exact measurements, but my strips were roughly three inches by 1/4 inch.

Next, take two strips and form an “x” and then place a third strip right down the center. Pinch the three strips together and use a staple to secure them together.

Repeat this process three more times until you have four groups of stapled strips.

Next, layer your stapled groups over one another, in an alternating pattern so the strips aren’t all going the same direction. Use a glue dot or super sticky adhesive between each group of strips.The staples between the layers will give your layers some dimension.

To finish things off, add a button or a sticker or cut out a circle of paper to hide the center staple. You can also ink the edges of the strips before you staple them, and use your fingers to curl the edges up slightly for more dimension.  For another look try cutting your strips of paper using pinking sheers or other decorative edge scissors. The possibilities are really endless.


Thank you Julie for your unique and amazing tip! I love figuring out ways to use up scraps because you’re right—it’s such a shame to see beautiful scraps go to waste.

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Have an amazing How To’sday!