Upcycle Cereal Box Mini Album | How To’sday

If you think cereal is just for keeping tummies happy then you are in for a truly unique, super cool treat for today’s How To’sday tutorial. Today Amanda George shows us how to upcycle a cereal box into a project that will keep your crafty taste buds tingling with happiness too!

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One of my favorite things about mini albums is that there are so many different ways to make them. There are paper bag minis, toilet roll minis, chipboard albums, and the list goes on! I’d like to share how you can make a mini album by upcycling your cereal boxes! I like this because the pages are thinner than the heavy chipboard but still sturdy. Plus, you get more for your money. I buy the chipboard mini albums when they have them for $1 at my local chain craft store and they come with several pieces of chipboard= lots of minis out of 1 pack!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2-4 Cereal boxes (depending on the box size and number of pages you want to create. I used two regular/small boxes and one “family size” box not pictured and was able to get eight pages)
  • 6×6 solid or patterened cardstock (I used both)
  • Krylon Spray Adhesive (or other strong bonding adhesive, non water-based!)
  • 2 pieces of pre-cut chipboard (optional)
  • 1-3 jump rings (depending on how you prefer to bind your album)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch (or Crop a dile)
  • Ink
  • Xacto knife
  • Newspaper/ plastic- or something to keep your surface clean from the spray

The first thing to do is to take a piece of your chipboard and trace it onto the inside of your cereal box. Remember to trace the holes as well! The two pieces of board you have are for the covers. (You can omit the chipboard all together and use your own cardboard  template from the box if you wish). Don’t forget to save your box tops 😉

Depending on the size of your box and your chipboard you may be able to get 2-4 pages out of your box. You can see here I only had room for two pages as it was a small box. DO NOT FRET! You can use the extra cardboard for sturdy pockets, framing, tags or pull out photo cards! It’s up to you, but you don’t have to feel like it’s a waste. I stop at the creases because I’m afraid it will be bumpy, but you can certainly break the rules if you want!

After you’ve traced, use your scissors to cut out your pages. I recommend using smaller scissors to get a more precise cut than the longer utility scissors.

After you’ve cut, decide how many rings you’d like holding your album. I started with just one and decided I wanted more later. Use your hole punch where you’ve already traced or line up your holes now, or you could use your Crop-a-Dile if you have one and reinforce the holes with eyelets. I would do this after you adhere cardstock.

After you’ve got all your pieces cut and punched its time for adhesive! When you’ve decided which side of the paper you’d like to use turn it good side down. Spray the paper with your spray adhesive and let it set for almost a minute. This will get your surface nice and tacky and make for a stronger bond. You don’t have to worry about it drying on you because as it dries it gets tackier. I just want to say I really love Krylon Spray adhesive because it doesn’t warp your board. I’ve tried other methods in the past and my boards started to fold and separate.

Another side note: Because one side of your board has bold colors/print I would not recommend using less-expensive, thin paper because the colors will most likely show through.

Now carefully line up your piece and place on top of the tacky surface. Be careful not to let your cardstock stick to the newspaper like I almost did. Use your craft knife to cut off excess paper. If you find some edges of your board aren’t completely covered it’s okay. You can use your ink later to fill it in.

Punch out your holes again!

Repeat this process on the opposite sides.

After both sides have cardstock adhered you can ink. It makes it look a little smoother IMO. As you can see I don’t have the best Xacto skills :/

Finally, place your jump rings!

Obviously this isn’t the final final product! You still have embellishments to add! Time to get creating! I like to use twine, buttons, embossing, ribbon/fibers, bling, feathers, pom poms, anything you’d like! Remember you can use that extra cereal box space for flip up pieces, pockets, pullouts, tags, etc! You could also make a frame by cutting out the middle of one page and gluing it onto another, allowing space in the middle for a photo and enough edges to frame it nicely. Those are just some ideas I have. There are tons out there! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

P.S. The I used MME Lime Twist for my papers and coordinating solid cardstock. The ink is Tim Holtz Distress in Seedless preserves and the nifty inking tool is also Tim Holtz/Inkssentials Ink Blending Tool

• • • • •

I love it Amanda! Thanks to your fabulous idea I wont feel so bad that I shamelessly ate two big bowls of Lucky Charms out of the “Family Size” box for breakfast. I need to put that cardboard to use!

If you have an idea that you would like to see featured on a How To’sday, please send photos and directions to No idea is too big or too small! We want to feature them all.

I’ll see you tomorrow for a blissful Mid Wee Mojo! Always the highlight of my week.

Xyron 2.5″ Create a Sticker

Now gather around and pay attention. If you don’t already have one of today’s steal, the 2.5″ Create a Sticker maker by Xyron, then pause what you are doing right now and steal this baby. As a crafter of 15+ years, this tool is a necessity in my work space. The ability to turn pretty much anything flat into a sticker is won-der-ful. There are times when it’s just so much easier to slide your delicate pieces, title letters, ribbons, flowers, die cuts…you name it through the machine providing instant stickage, rather than having to deal with glue pens, adhesive dispensers or glue dots.

Every year my 11 year old hints that she’d really like the Christmas gifts to be wrapped with bows and tags added. Reality is that I feel pretty accomplished slapping on the name of the recipient with a sharpie marker. :) I decided to make a better effort this year and made some gift tags using my Silhouette machine and the glorious 2.5″ sticker maker.

First I cut out all of my gift tag pieces.

Next I ran them through my 2.5″ Create a Sticker maker.

Then I assembled the pieces together, lickety split. Seriously. Fast. Then I ran the entire tag back through the sticker machine and they are ready for when I finally get around to wrapping gifts! Hooray for my 11 year old. Presents with tags on them. I feel so accomplished. :)

While I adore my Xyron “X” sticker maker, the extra space provided with the 2.5 is wonderful. In fact of all of the Xyron machines that I own, the 2.5 is my “go to”.

Because of the extra space to work with, I decided to sparkle a piece of chipboard by running the chipboard through the machine face down.

Next I added glitter to the front on top of the adhesive…

…removed the excess then put it together in a very simple and quick card.

Lastly I remembered that I have yet to make “teacher gifts” and the last day of school is today! Eeek!

I ran some strips of paper through my machine, stuck them to the front and backsides of these clothes pins, added some super strength magnets and ended up with these cute clips.

So there you have it! The 2.5″ Create a Sticker machine by Xyron really is love!

Have a great weekend.

Jillibean Soup | Blossom Soup

What’s that you say? It’s Thursday and we have a blog post for you? That’s right! You’ll be seeing more random blog posts here and there to further spur your creativity. Isn’t that kind of like the best bloggy Christmas gift ever? Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Brenda Smith, who did a fantastic job using today’s steal, Blossom Soup by Jillibean Soup.

• • • • •

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here today and can’t wait to show you what I’ve created with Jillibean Soup’s Blossom Soup. If I can be honest, upon first glance I was a little intimidated by the soft colors of this collection. They are typically outside of my comfort zone. But when I started cutting into the papers and placing them on my layout, I was surprised by how much I loved them. And as I continued to work, I loved the papers more and more and couldn’t get enough of them. I only created three projects today but you can bet that you’ll be seeing these papers on my future layouts.

The first layout I made, “Shine,” was inspired by the pink text paper in this collection. With phrases like “sun in my eyes,” “birds chirping,” and “morning dew,” I knew exactly which photo I wanted to use with it. This picture is of Harper the day before her first birthday. She wanted to play outside all day long that day and as she was playing on her own, I realized she was no longer a little baby. I started by using the printed Kraft paper that is included in this collection. I misted it on the right side using an acrylic template and then built on top of it with all these beautiful papers. I’m in love with how it turned out!

The second layout I made, “Homegrown,” was so fun to make. Do you remember in elementary school when you used to make hearts out of construction paper by folding them in half and drawing a half heart shape and then cutting them out? That’s what I did with the blue and white stars paper. Then I punched 1″ circles and glued them to the outer edge of the heart to make a scalloped look. The stickers that are included in this collection have the cutest little sentiments, and I thought this one that says “Homegrown from the heart” was perfect for this layout.

Lastly, I made this card from leftover scraps. The patterned papers in Blossom Soup complement each other so well that putting together cards like this is an almost brainless process. You can bet that I’ll be making many more cards like this with my scraps.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. If you are on the fence about today’s steal, don’t hesitate. You will not regret owning these papers! Thank you to Lisa and Kristy for having me here today and thanks to all of you for stopping by.

• • • • •

Thanks Brenda! We always love seeing your amazing creations, and right now I can think of nothing better than curling up in my crafty room with some soup―Jillibean style!

Have a great day everyone and remember we absolutely love seeing your creations. Feel free to share them on our Facebook fan page so that we can all oooh and ahhh over what you create.

Imaginisce Happy Harvest | Monday Card Madness #55

I don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but finally Utah is having a lovely fall season! Today’s steal, the Happy Harvest collection by Imaginisce, couldn’t compliment my love of fall, changing leaves, crisp air and beloved pecan pie any better! I had a blissful time creating cards for today’s Monday Card Madness using the papers from this collection.

I had fun scraplifting myself and based this week’s sketch off of one of the Halloween cards that I created for last Friday’s blog post. Simple and boasts a bounty of different colors and patterns. Plus, this is an excellent card sketch to use to use up those tiny scraps left over from a layout, which you may not want to throw away.

• • • • •

I then put a twist on the sketch and created basically the same thing in a vertical format.

I couldn’t resist just creating two more cards on the whim!

Don’t forget in order to be eligible to be the random winner of our October Monday Card Madness drawing all you need to do is have your card creation posted somewhere on line and linked to one of the Monday Card Madness blog posts by November 4th at 11:59PM MS

Here is this week’s reminder on our current card swap.

  • This particular swap is a holiday-themed swap.
  • Create 10 cards following a Christmas, holiday or winter theme. (*Please leave me a note if you have a preference of Christmas or holiday cards and I will do my best to sort accordingly).
  • All cards must include envelopes.
  • Cards must be received at the Scrapbook Steals warehouse by November 7, 2011. (Scrapbook Steals, Attn: Card Swap, 2181 California Ave., #400, SLC, UT  84045)
  • Once your cards have gone postal, be sure to send an email to letting me know they are on their way.
  • Lastly wait patiently for 10 amazing creations by different artists to find their way back to your door!

Have a great day and be sure to check in tomorrow for our next How To’sday tutorial!  :)

How To’sday | (Scrap) Book Card by Elizabeth Martinez

We all have them — scraps! I love learning of new ways to use them up. Elizabeth Martinez has a great tutorial today to show how to put some of those scraps to great use.

• • • • •

First off, I would like to say that becoming part of the ScrapbookSteal’s family is one the best things that has happened to me. I’m very blessed to have made many new friendships because of ScrapbookSteals.  The friendships I have made are very supportive, encouraging and kind and I love them all. I will treasure these friendships always.

Here is a fun project which I recently made during National Scrapbooking Weekend.

(Scrap) Book Card

Designer Paper Cardstock

2 1/4  x  5                 spine                   5 x 8
3 3/4  x  2 1/4        page 1                 4  x  2 1/2
4  x  3 1/4                 page 2                 4 1/4  x  3 1/2
4 3/4  x  3 1/2        page 3                 5  x  3 3/4
5 3/4  x  4 3/4        page 4                 6  x 5
– with cardstock “spine” paper fold the 8″ length in 1/2 and 1/2 and 1/2 making it into an accordion.
– score spine designer paper at 1″ and 1 1/4″
– glue designer paper on outside of accordion spine and glue each cardstock page onto each accordion fold.
– embellish as desired
– great for quick gifts and a great way to use up your scrap paper


• • • • •
Thank you Elizabeth for your How To’sday tutorial! What a fun way to use scraps and a great idea for a simple gift.
If you have an idea that you would like to see featured as a How To’sday tutorial, be sure to send them our way! You can send your email with directions and photos to
Be sure to check in tomorrow for Mid Week Mojo. :)