Imaginisce i-magicut Ribbon Cutter

Winter Design Team member Lisa Spiegel is back with us today for her final, awesome reveal! Lisa got to work with the Imaginisce i-magicut Ribbon Cutter and she shows us just how easy this tool is to use. Super cute projects – you rocked the product again!

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Imaginisce i-Magicut Ribbon Cutter is designed to safely cut and seal ribbon so that it doesn’t fray.  It works very simply by flipping the on switch, then placing your ribbon in the cutter.  There is a thin wire that heats to cut and seal your ribbon…simply lay your ribbon in the cutter, lining it up with the markings for a perfect cut.  Here I have laid the ribbon diagonally for a slanted cut.

Imaginisce Ribbon Cutter with Lisa Spiegel
And here I folded the ribbon in half for a dove tail cut. (I did have to cut through the wire on this ribbon after the ribbon was cut/sealed)
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
And I created this little friendship corsage for a package top (or even to wear- it has a clip on the back) with these ribbons.
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
Just cut your ribbons, layering as you go, gluing inbetween layers.  I topped it with a sequin and gem and stapled some more ribbon to hang from the back..easy peasy.
Just to demonstrate the difference between cutting with scissors, I had to try it, and sure enough.. the cut with my scissors is on the left, and the cut with the Imaginisce i-Magicut Ribbon Cutter is on the right.
Imaginisce i-magicut Ribbon Cutter on ScrapbookSteals.com
Big difference, isn’t there?
I was having so much fun cutting ribbons that I then created this little ribbon wand..
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
and a close up of the perfectly cut ribbon ends…
Imaginisce ribbon cutter with Lisa Spiegel
Simply cut ribbons of varying lengths using your i-Magicut and tie them off in the middle with some twine.  I knotted a button the the bottom of each piece of twine and put a small dowel or skewer through the ribbons, gluing for security.  I added a little mist to my skewer to make it glimmer. :)
Don’t miss out on this great steal..it is such a wonderful little tool, every crafter should have one!
I just want to take a moment to thank Brittany and Kerys and the ladies on the Spring Team with me for a great term!  It’s been so fun working behind the scenes with Scrapbook Steals and hope to again someday!

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Thank you so much Lisa! I can’t believe this is your last Friday project post as Winter Design Team Member. Thank you for sharing with us all of your amazing projects and talent over the last 3 months – I know I’ve had a blast!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and be sure to tune in again on Monday for a new Monday Craft Madness!

How To-sday | Making a bead necklace

Today’s How To-sday comes to you from Winter Design Team member Cristine Redmond. Cristine shows us how to make a super adorable necklace using ribbon and beads! Such a cute gift for her daughters for Valentine’s Day!

• • • • •

I was browsing on Pinterest one day when I saw the cutest “gumball” necklaces ever.  They were made with actual gumballs, which, as a parent, seemed CRAZY to me because if those things get wet they would leave colors all over the place.  I decided to go a different route.  I found some large beads at my local big box store and some pretty ribbon and decided to make a couple necklaces for my daughters.This is all you need:

DIY handmade tutorial on making a bead necklace

I used one of the needles that came with my Sew Easy because the eye was wide enough to thread some of the ribbon through.  I wrapped the ribbon around the needle a bit so it wouldn’t slip going through the hole of the bead.

DIY handmade tutorial on making a bead necklace

Now, once I got started, I realized immediately that a plain, satin ribbon would have worked better because it would have been the same color on the top/bottom.  The ribbon I chose had white on the back, so I had to make sure I threaded it and tied the knot right so that none of the white side showed.  I threaded it so the pattern was facing up.
DIY handmade tutorial on making a bead necklace
Once I got the first bead in the the right place, I tied a knot on the longer side.  I left a bit of length on the other side so I could tie it all off at the end.
DIY handmade tutorial on making a bead necklace
This is what it will look like as you continue on.
DIY handmade tutorial for making a bead necklace
And this is what I will look like when it’s finished.
DIY handmade tutorial on making a bead necklace
I put some fabric glue in the knot of the bow to hopefully keep the whole thing from coming apart. Now, how many beads you add is completely up to you.  If you want to make the beads go all the way around the necklace, that totally works, too.  Here is another necklace I made:
DIY handmade tutorial on making a bead necklace

I can’t wait to see my girlies’ reactions when they get these necklaces!

• • • • •

Cristine, thank you so much for sharing with us today! I’d love to hear your daughter’s reactions to the necklaces! If you have an idea that you would like to share as a How To-sday tutorial, please send your photos and directions to ksharrock@steals.com.

Have a great day and be sure to stop by tomorrow for an all new start to the Mid Week Mojo series and sketch Amber #1! Also, tune in to find out who is the winner of the Mid Week Mojo Jade series with $50 to spend in the store!

American Crafts Glitter Ribbon | December Blog Hop

It’s that time again to be inspired by our amazing blog hop designers! They’ve taken today’s steal, American Crafts Glitter Ribbon, to the next level! If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to use these ribbons then sit back, relax and be inspired.

Enter to win a $20 ScrapbookSteals.com gift code:

Visit each of the designers’ blogs and leave a comment at every stop along the way (including this post). Be this month’s random lucky winner by leaving a comment on one of the eight blogs! So without further delay, here’s the line up:

  1. ScrapbookSteals (You are here—leave a comment!)
  2. Playing with Paper – Julie Evers
  3. In the Cat Cave – Cathy Caines
  4. PaperAndI – Stephanie Dang
  5. Cards by Alice Carman – Alice Carman
  6. Scribblin’ & Scrappin’ – Deb Routledge

You have until 11:59 MT on Sunday, December 16, to make your comment. Have a great time hopping!

If you would like to take part as a designer in one of the Scrapbook Steals blog hops, please contact Kerys at Ksharrock@steals.com.

American Crafts Jute and Seasons Ribbon

Fridays are sure exciting around these parts and today Fall Design Team member Amy Coose shows us just how fun it is to wrap up a cute project with today’s steal, the American Crafts Jute and Seasons ribbon.

• • • • •

I was thrilled to get my hands on the fabulous jute ribbon by American Crafts.  I loved the texture and amazing colors, but my favorite thing about it is how perfect the bows you tie with it look.  Here’s a card I created using the jute in bows.

I also added it to a layout I created.

I also used the jute to create a quick home decor project. I created a framed initial C for my last name.  It was super easy, and I love the added color it brings!
It was super easy to do, and instead of wrapping the jute around the letter C, I actually did something easier, which used way less of the jute. Here is a quick tutorial of how I created it.

I can tell you I will definitely be using that jute again.  It’s a great way to add texture and color to a project.

• • • • •

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us Amy! We’re glad to have you as part of our Fall Design Team. Thanks for stopping by and have a great Friday! We’ll see you back here on Monday for some Monday Card Madness.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Ribbon

Sew you want to add a little pizazz to your project but aren’t quite sure what it’s lacking? Today Design Team member Katrina Hunt shows us how easily the We R Memory Keepers Sew Ribbon can add spice to your project and help put a dent in the gorgeous ribbon collections we’re all hoarding.

• • • • •

Hey ScrapbookSteals.com fans, Katrina here with a fun little tool that I got to use for my design team assignment. It’s the Sew Ribbon tool from We R Memory Keepers.

These are nifty little gadgets that come in a variety of styles that you can use. I used two for my project today, the Flower and Scallop. I actually had the Scallop in my stash of tools, so I had a pretty good idea of how these work. I also got the Sew Ribbon Purple and Violet ribbon packs.

On my first project I wanted to use the Flower tool. I used it to “cross-stitch” and this particular punch is just about like that, except you are using ribbon to stitch with.

The ombre trend (or graduation in color) is one of the hot trends right now, The ribbon packs are perfect to try this with. The tool is easy to line up if you just watch carefully and take your time. This is such a simple card to make, but packs a punch with the variation of color. I added a punched border strip with ribbon, a phrase sticker, and some butterflies I hand cut out of Little Yellow Bicycle Elizabeth Park paper I had.

I wanted to show these would also work on a layout. I used the Scallop tool for this one. I pulled out my Studio Calico Heyday collection (which I got on ScrapbookSteals and is available in the archive!) and got to work. I decided on my first couple of layers so I would know where I wanted to place my punch. Then I punched my holes and sewed my ribbon in place as the first step of my layout.

I added a small bow at the bottom because, well, I like bows! This ribbon is from my stash. It was a little wide by a smidge, but it worked.

That’s all from me today and this is one of the last times I will be on the blog. I have had SO MUCH fun working with Kristy, Brittany, Regina, Kerys and the entire ScrapbookSteals.com team.

• • • • •

Gosh Katrina! I’m getting a little bit misty thinking about this term coming to an end. It’s been such a true delight to work with you. As always, it was such a treat to see your creations and I know you will continue to hang out and share with us. :)  Good thing we will have one last hoorah with all three of you girls on the last Friday of the month!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Be safe. Have fun. And get scrappy. :)