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I thought I’d have a little fun today and call upon a scrappy friend, from when I had my very first scrapbooking gig almost eight years ago. Sharyn Tormanen is one crazy-talented, super-crafty girl and does a stellar job at showcasing today’s steal, Dear Santa by My Mind’s Eye.

• • • • •

When I received Dear Santa in the mail, I had several thoughts.  1. I don’t think I can ever have too much Christmas paper and 2. I love Cardinals!

I’ve also been recently addicted to the smaller pads of paper, so I’m loving the 8×8 pad. While I scrapbook in 12×12, I love the challenge of using the smaller paper for my pages.

I also loved using it here to cover my 9×9 album.

Each year I create an album for our Christmas cards. Each year is a different size, and each year is unique. It’s also my goal to get last year’s cards “booked” before this year’s cards start arriving. An admirable goal, I think. *wink*

So for this album I started with some 9″ square chipboard and covered it with Mod Podge and paper from the Dear Santa set.

Since the paper is just 8″ and my book is 9″, I hid the seam along along the bottom edge with the circle embellishment.

And because the chipboard sticker didn’t come with numbers, I lucked out and used the l and the o to create the number ’10 to represent the year.

I used The Cinch to bind my book together.

Still hooked on the paper and the colors, I made a few quick and easy cards of my own.

• • • • •

Thank you Sharyn! It’s never occurred to me to create a mini album using the holiday photo cards that are sent each year. What a great idea and now the Cinch is definitely on my list of must-haves!

Be sure to check out Sharyn’s blog for further creative ideas, amazing photography and, well, some pretty great humor! Thanks Sharyn for being our guest at ScrapbookSteals today.

Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday with some pretty cute cards that you will not want to miss!

How about a little My Mind’s Eye GIVEAWAY!

How about a little My Mind’s Eye GIVEAWAY!

It’s contest time again.  It’s probably no surprise who our guest will be at tonight’s online crop.  If you haven’t seen the hints on our Facebook Fan Page, the official announcement is:  My Mind’s Eye.  Yes, we all love their product now tonight meet KC, the man behind bringing us all of these great deals.  I have known KC for years so I may be a little biased but he is really one of my favorite people in the scrapbook industry.  One of the reasons is that he is always generous with the prizes and giveaways.  Today is no exception.

Here is how it will work.  Go check out My Mind’s Eye’s blog here.  It’s really a great place for fabulous inspiration from the team at My Mind’s Eye.  If you love the inspiration as much as we do, sign up for their newsletter.  Just scroll down on the left a little for the easy to fill out form.  Then come back here and post what your favorite inspiration is from their blog and newsletter.  We will randomly draw from the posts here on the blog and the winner will receive a box of My Mind’s Eye’s newest released products from the Craft and Hobby Association trade show last month.  Contest will end Monday morning at 9 am Mountain Time and winner will be announced on Tuesday’s blog.

Now go enter and then get working on the Crop Challenges.  We will ‘see’ you tonight.  Chat starts at 6 pm and video will start around 8 pm (all times Mountain Time).

Love is in the air. <3

Love is in the air.  <3

Valentines Day.  The day of chocolate and flowers, hearts and kisses.  The day of love.  Do you know what I love?  I love how well My Minds Eye always captures the essence of Valentines Day and pretty much knocks it out of the park with astonishingly cute stuff!  For today’s Steal, you have the choice of one of THREE My Minds Eye Valentine collections.

When I found out that Melodee had performed her Rock Star duties yet again, and managed to get The State of the Heart collection I begged her to put it on a Friday so that I could create a fun Valentines project with it.

I was asking Lisa what she thought would be a fun idea to create and she said she’d seen somewhere, where someone had made a “bouquet” of hearts. I was thinking along the same lines with a heart wreath, but decided I liked the idea of a table topper much better.

….and so the heart boquet was born.

For this project you will need the following items.

* The State of the Heart paper collection, or other Valentines papers

* Wooden Dowels

* Spray Paint

* Poly Fil, or Quilt Batting

* Flower Arrangement Foam

* Ribbon

* Misc. Embellishments

* Vase

First off I cut out 12 hearts using my Silhouette.  I also cut out 12 slightly larger versions of the hearts out of cardstock to back the patterned paper hearts on to.  I then inked the edges of the patterned paper hearts.  Note: If you don’t have access to a die cutting system, tracing a heart cookie cutter would work great!

Next up was having  a little fun with the spray paint.  For just one teeny tiny moment today, I was grateful for snow.  It sure made an easy stand for holding my dowels to spray paint and when Mother Nature decides to warm up my mess will melt away!  For the time being, my boys think it’s ultra groovy that we have gold snow.  :)

I used glue dots to secure into place the patterned paper heart on top of the cardstock heart.  I did the same process for all 12 hearts.  I wanted to give my hearts a little dimension so I decided that I would try filling them with stuffing.  Cotton balls would likely work for this as well as a thin layer of quilt batting.  For my hearts, this is about how much filling I used in each of them.

Next I brushed off about an inch of dust from my sewing machine and set to work sewing the two hearts together with the fluff in the middle.  (I’m also going to admit something here.  I don’t know how to sew.  I bought my machine for…you guessed it…scrapbooking).  :)

Note!  Be sure to leave a small opening in the bottom of the heart to insert the wooden dowel.

To hold the heart into place, I added two mini glue dots to the top of the dowel.  I then gave the dowel a twist so that the glue dots could adhere to the paper allowing the heart to be secured to the dowel.

I then inked the edges of the cardstock and trimmed the areas where the paper didn’t quite match up.  Then came the fun part!  Decorating.

Now for you floral arrangers out there, don’t laugh too much at the foam that I purchased.  I didn’t realize what I bought was for keeping flowers hydrated.  I just liked the way it squished!  I cut off a chunk and shoved it down into the bottom of my vase.

I then arranged the dowels in the foam.

I decorated both sides of the hearts so that from any angle something fun is sure to be seen.  Here are a few closeups of the odds and ends of embellishments that I used.

Lastly I turned to my button stash to create a border around the rim of the vase.  I thought this was a fun way to add a little uniqueness to my project.

I’m so in LOVE with how this Friday’s project turned out.  It wouldn’t have been the same without The State of the Heart, that’s for sure.  :)

Have a LOVE-LY weekend everyone!  Be safe.  Have fun.

Scrap happy!

Alphabet Soup? Please Pass Some To Me!

Alphabet Soup?  Please Pass Some To Me!

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I about flipped when I saw how unbelievably cute Today’s Steal, Alphabet Soup by My Minds Eye is.  After I got over my moment of shock, cleaned up the drool and took photos of the product, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to make with the ‘Playing Cards.’  I figured that I may use one or two cards on layouts and then I’d have a ton left so I wanted to put them all to use, because they are SO cute!

I’ve so often seen these great ‘quiet books’ made out of file folders that moms have made for their kids to keep them busy during church or while waiting in a doctors office.  I wanted to make an Alphabet Match Game using the same concept as I’ve seen others do.

It was truly worth the effort.  This is the face that greeted me when I showed my little guy what I’d made for him.  No joke!

Here’s how I did it.

1 – I found a couple of old file folders kicking around.  I would like to think that I’m organized in my regular life…but using file folders this way is SO much more fun!

2 – Next I covered the front and backsides of the file folders.  I used regular tabs for this part, but I would highly recommend using photo tape.  There were a few spots on my files, after laminating that came opened…even though I was assured that the laminate I chose was able to be cut right to the edges.  Using photo tape will ensure that the papers don’t lift up and will help the laminate to stay in place.

3 – Next I laid out the first set of cards across the two file folders.  When I found the spacing I liked I adhered them to the paper.  Using photo tape to secure isn’t as important for this step as the cards are entirely covered by laminating.

4 – I then decorated the front of the first folder.

5 – The next day I hit the office supply store for laminating.  Be sure that no precipitation reaches your project!  (Mine was snowed on as I entered the store).  It can cause the laminating to bubble and separate.  Also when trimming, I think it’s best to leave a small margin of plastic.

6 – After my file folders were laminated, I used photo tape to stick the first folder to the second folder so that it turned into a ‘book’ format.

7 – Originally I had planned on using Velcro to stick the ‘match’ cards to the file folders, but I found these Reusable tabs made by Scotch at the office supply store.  I *really* like how these work.  Some may find them a little frustrating as the tab either sticks to the card or the folder but not both.  At first they are SUPER sticky but with a few ‘removals’ from the folder they are just about right to the point where my son can work them himself.   I also really like that they are see through.  It’s just a little more visually pleasing.  Plus I have seen some of the file folder games made with velcro and over time the velcro tends to peel off of the project.  If these tabs lose their stick, a simple run under hot water will return the sticky power!

8 – Of course I can’t help but make things just a little more ‘scrappy’.  This step is absolutely unnecessary.  I just figured that it would make it cute (for my benefit! :) ), and it wouldn’t hurt to have a way to keep it closed when not in use.

9 – Enjoy the finished project!  :)


I can’t wait to hear who makes their own Alphabet Match Games and how your kiddos enjoy it!

Have a happy and safe weekend!  We’ve got LOTS of great things in store for next week.

Scrap Happy!