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How To’sday | Kid Interview Mini Album

If you’ve got the itch to make a mini album, today Jen McDermott shows us one of the cutest ideas I’ve seen in a long time! With time slipping away, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will be here before we know it! This how to on creating a “kid interview” mini-album may be just what you need.

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If you’re looking for a great gift idea that not only preserves sweet memories, but is relatively quick and is sure to be a hit with parents, grandparents, and more, then I have an idea for you! For the kid interview mini album, you ask your child(ren) fun questions about their family member or other important grown up in their life, then record their answers in their own words. Not only will it look cute displayed, but the recipient will love to read what your little one has to say about them. It’s pretty simple and can be dressed up or down however you choose.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • A couple of 12×12 sheets of chipboard
  • A 6×6 paper pad
  • 3 jump rings (I only used two in my example, but three would be sturdier)
  • Cropadile or heavy duty hole punch
  • Ribbon
  • Alphas/Tiny Type/Embellishments of your choosing
  • Paper trimmer
  • Optional photos of your child with the subject of the album
  • Basic scrapping necessities (ink, adhesive, markers)

Before you get started, sit down with your child and ask them a few questions about the subject of the album.  I asked my son fun questions about his dad like “If Dad had a super power, what would it be?”, “What does Dad do at work all day?”  “How does Dad show you that he loves you?” “What’s your favorite activity to do with Dad?” Then, I jotted down the answers in his own words. Once you’ve interviewed your child, you are ready to create the album.

First, using your paper trimmer, cut your chipboard into 6×6 squares. You will need one square for each question and answer. Then, start adhering your 6×6 paper to the chipboard squares. Once your paper is covered, you are ready to start writing in the interview questions and answers.

I put each question and answer on the right side of the page, then used the left side for matching embellishments and photos.

After you’ve recorded the questions and answers and decorated the pages with matching embellies, ink the edges of your pages, preferably with a dark ink, to help hide the edges of the chipboard and paper.  Then, use a Cropadile or other heavy duty hole punch to punch three holes into the side of each page. Make sure each page is facing the correct way in the book before punching the holes. Then, assemble the pages, and bind together with jump rings and decorate rings with ribbon. Create a title and a decked out cover, and you’re all done! Be sure to include the date it was created, too.

• • • • •

Jen, I love it! Little kids are especially fun to document and I think this is such a fabulous idea! I see some interview mini-albums in my future for sure!

Thank you so much for sharing your talents and ideas with us.

If you have an idea that you would see featured on the How To’sday here at ScrapbookSteals, please send your directions and photos in an email to

I’ll see you tomorrow for our next Mid Week Mojo. :)

Mini Albums—Half Pint Style

Mini Albums—Half Pint Style

Mini albums—that spectacular creation for either a heartfelt gift or a low time commitment project. I love them! I particularly love today’s steal, the Half Pint Albums by We R Memory Keepers, because they are just like working with a full scale album—but smaller. And let’s face it, small =’s cute! I love the freedom of creating my own pages then slipping them in a page protector. It truly results in unlimited creative freedom.

If you’ve never created a mini album the ideas are endless. Here are a few to get your creative ideas flowing.

  • Baby shower or bridal shower gift
  • Wedding gift
  • Wedding reception registry book
  • 12 month overview of your child
  • 1st day of school overview (create a spread for grades K – 12)
  • A “happy thoughts” book
  • Recipe holder
  • Vacation album
  • Teacher gift (have all of the kids in the class draw a picture then drop them in the page protectors)

For today’s blog post I decided to create two different albums.

First off I decided to make a recipe book for “My Sugar Girls.” My two sweet teenage daughters have started their own baking business in an effort to raise all of their fees for marching band. I’m continually finding the recipes spread around the kitchen and slopped with baking ingredients. I thought it would be nice and helpful for them (as well as a sanity saver for me), to have all of their favorite recipes in one convenient album. It will be nice for them for quick reference and will also make a great keepsake down the road when they have families of their own to bake for.

For my second album I couldn’t resist creating an album to document all of the wonderful ScrapbookSteals sisters that I have had the pleasure of meeting since being a part of the ScrapbookSteals family. So many of you have touched my life so greatly and I can’t wait to add more to my album (including photos with those of you that I have met but don’t have photos of). I’m so excited that I will actually have the opportunity for a little girly time this Sunday when I will get to meet up with six more of these wonderful women after my 1/2 marathon! Just wish you could all be there.

I hope you have a great weekend. I know I will! :)

See you Monday!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with Artsylicious Mini Albums

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with Artsylicious Mini Albums

Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day? If you’re still contemplating what to get the mom in your life then today’s steal, the Chatterbox Artsylicious albums and embellishments may be just what you are looking for!

Now you may remember that my mother is more along the practical side of things, yet I really wanted to do a mother’s day album, so I decided to put a very special twist on it. I decided to create an album for my oldest daughter for Mother’s Day, expressing to her the joys and hardships of motherhood. Even though she is only a mother-in-training at this point, I think it’s important for our children to know the feelings of motherhood and this album is sort of a journey of my feelings from the point of her birth to now. It’s something I can add pages to over the years and will finish up with a page of her as a new mother.

The papers and embellishments of the Artsylicious collections truly made this album.

While I was in mini album mode, I decided to get a jump start on another mini album for my father-in-law’s Father’s Day gift. (Eeek! I hope this doesn’t ruin the surprise, since he actually does peek at the blog!)

I decided to make an album featuring a photo and small sentiment from each of the kids, their spouses and grandkids. It’s a good thing I still have time to get this completed!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! May the crafty vibes be with you. See you Monday!

Fancy Pants Multi-Media album is a FANTASTIC album for Multi-Friends! :)

Fancy Pants Multi-Media album is a FANTASTIC album for Multi-Friends!  :)

I.  Love.  Today’s.  Steal.  In fact, LOVE may be a wee bit of an understatement as to how I feel about the Fancy Pants Multi Media Mini Album. I remember the first time I saw it was when Dan, the Fancy Pants Man was hanging out with us at a local crop.  I begged Melodee to try and arrange for us to have it as a steal.  I had to squeal just a little bit when I realized I would get to work one up for a Friday blog post.  As I sat thinking about what I wanted to create, it dawned on me how fun it would be to introduce you to or remind you all of how much fun a circle journal is to create, and honestly the Fancy Pants Multi Media Mini Album could not be a cuter album to work with!  The variety of textures and mediums definitely makes for a creative canvas!

So what is a circle journal you ask.  More or less it’s a traveling mini-album which is collectively created between a certain number of friends.  Here’s the jist of how it works….

Each person in a ‘circle’ creates the cover, sign in page, and theme page of what their mini album is about.  Usually these albums are somewhat ‘All About Me’ based, after all it’s a great chance for long distance friends to get to know each other a little better!  After creating the cover, sign in page and theme page, the album is packaged up and sent in the mail to the next person in the circle.  That person then creates the next page in the album, interpreting the theme how they wish and then they send it along to the next person in the circle.  The process is repeated until the album ends up returning to the original owner completed!

I decided to do a ‘thankful’ theme for my circle journal and talked a little bit about one of my not so obvious blessings, which is the blessing of having ‘scrappy sisters’ in my life.  Not having been blessed with a sister of my own it’s so nice to know that I have many ‘sisters’, although not biological, which fill that hole!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the cover of this album.  I love working with see through media, and love that I was able to use my Silhouette and cut out vinyl to put on the front and backsides of the cover and have it show on both sides.  :)

The felt pages were my favorite so I created my theme page on one of them.

I made my *sign in tags* out of little hearts that I attached to the jump ring.  As each participant in the circle journal receives the album, they can sign one of the hearts and decorate it if they desire!

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the pages in my album turn out, and how the different forms of media are interpreted!

Well, you know me…sometimes I can’t seem to help myself and want to show lots of great examples of how to do something, so I asked around and found some willing participants to show their interpretations of a circle journal.  In fact, I even got Melodee to FINALLY create something for us.  There was no blackmail involved in the creation of this album.

Melodee took a great approach to a theme in ‘journey’.

I was even able to convince some of our Facebook Friends to create an album to show you how many different varieties a circle journal can take on.

Heather Conklin

Melissa Dehne

Jana Paddington

Brenda Smith

Chloe Salerno

Aren’t they positively fabulous?!?!

I don’t know about these girls but I’m excited to think about the adventures that my album will take on, wherever it may end up going, and what a thrill it will be to see it return completed!

Thank you girls for being willing to share your talents with us to give us ideas!

So now you’re thinking this sounds fun and that you’d like to participate in a circle journal?  Check out our Circle Journal Discussion on Facebook and add your input to creating a group!  And while you’re at it….pick up one of today’s steals to use to create your circle journal!  :)  You wont be disappointed!