How To’sday: Spinner Wheelie by Becci Maines

How To’sday: Spinner Wheelie by Becci Maines

Have you ever wanted a unique, interactive embellishment added to your scrapbook page? Becci Maines has the perfect solution with today’s how to. Here are some fantastic step-by-step instructions so that you can create a spinner wheelie.

Here are the supplies that you will need:

  • Circle cutter/die-cut machine/Cricut or good old scissors
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • 1 brad
  • Ink pad (optional)

1. Shapes to cut:

  • 1 top circle (5”)
  • 1 bottom circle (5”)
  • 1 scalloped circle (4.66”)

2. From the top circle, cut out a triangle (mine is 1.48”x1.81” to be exact). Save the triangle piece that you cut out.
3. Cut out half circle from the side of the top circle piece. You can also use a circle punch for this if you do not
have a machine.
4. With the triangle scrap that you have, trace it around in a circle as shown, using a pencil. Do not trace all the
way to the outer edge.

5. Fill in the spaces with cute sayings.

6. Mark the center of the circle. I recommend measuring each piece separately and marking with a pencil. I
have marked with a pen so that you can see the marking.

8. Layer all three punched pieces like an Oreo cookie.

9. Place large brad through the holes. Tip: if you do not want to see the scalloped edges through the window,
you can make the window smaller.

10. This is optional, you can also ink all the edges, including the window and side notch.

11. Finally, glue around the edges all the way around. Be careful not to catch the scalloped circle in the glue. Lay
flat to dry and allow to dry before spinning.

Thank you so much Becci for sharing your amazing idea with us.  I can totally imagine using this on a layout of my little guy as his mood changes within the minute, so it would be fun to have an interactive embellishment to display all of his moods.  I think this would also be great fun for the front of a card.

If you’d like easy printable instructions click here.

Remember to keep your ideas coming!  If you’d like to see your how to featured on an upcoming How To’sday, you can email directions and photos to

Check in tomorrow for our March guest sketcher!  She did a fantastic job and I can’t wait so show you.

SEI Boxed Albums – AKA Holiday gifts in a SNAP!

SEI Boxed Albums – AKA Holiday gifts in a SNAP!

Can you believe it’s only a mere 23 days until the biggest gift giving day of the year!  I am certain that life is equally as busy for all of you as it is for me at this time of year so I was THRILLED when I found out that we’d be featuring today’s fantastic steal, SEI Boxed Albums.

I always struggle with what to give my parents as they have been around long enough that they pretty much have it all, or go ahead and get it if they want it.  :)  However, they do *not* have a crafty bone in their bodies, and also don’t ever look at my creations on line, so luckily I am safe with sharing my Christmas gift to them…with you!

I have never created a ‘kit’ album before, but am here to say that I loved the ease with which this album came together.  I love how the kit comes with detailed, color photo instructions, as well as clearly marked elements as to which pieces go to which layout.  (On the backside of the pieces!)

I sat at my kitchen table with my son while he was coloring and pieced together my album in no more than an hour and a half, and that included inking the edges of the papers!

When I was done piecing together the pages this is what I ended up with for extras to use in the other albums that come with the kit.

It then came time to add the photos.  I added a few embellishments and other chipboard letters to more or less finish off the album.  I still have a few photos I want to take, but all in all my parents Christmas present is DONE!  D-O-N-E, DONE!  And it’s not even December 23rd!  This brings me much, much happiness!

Now I have a confession to make….you’ll probably have noticed that this kit comes with some digital software.  Digital scrapbooking SCARES me!  It’s true!  I wasn’t going to explore the software as I’m such a tactile and hands on person and LOVE the physical aspect of creating, but the software just sat there…beckoning….winking at me from across the room….just begging for a little attention.  I couldn’t help myself.  I had to play.

WOW.  Now I’m not saying I’d ever go digi, but I sure had fun poking around the software.  SEI and FotoFusion did an incredible job with creating some software that was easy to navigate.  I was also impressed with the visual aspect of everything.

I LOVE that the digital software comes with the ability to RE-CREATE the physical album kit.

This means that you can easily re-produce the same album to give to a loved one.  Yup!  That’s right…while I will be giving my parents the hard copy of what I made, I get to keep a digi copy for myself.  Here is the first page of the album!

The software is also filled with lots of other fun things that you can explore.  Calendars are always a favorite of mine.  There are quite a few different templates to choose from!

Then of course there is the ability to create from scratch!    I didn’t read any instructions at all and was actually able to figure my way through a simple 8×8 page.  The hardest part for me was trying to decide which of the literally 100’s of free papers and embellishments to use!!!   I can only imagine the potential that the software has for when I actually learn it!

I sent my digi layout to my printer to print….

Cut it to size, and inserted it into one of the albums in the kit!

Amazing…amazing…amazing.  That’s all I have to say about today’s steal, and at the steal of a price it’s being offered at, you should definitely set yourself up with some snappy holiday gift giving.

Have a wonderful weekend!  We’ll see you on Monday!

Mid Week Mojo #15 with a shiny new look! (Also Online Crop Challenge #1)

Mid Week Mojo #15 with a shiny new look! (Also Online Crop Challenge #1)

Wow.  Do you like the new look of our blog, or what?  Our Creative Genius Emily has been busy, making our blog a little more organized.  Take some time, and click around.  Hopefully you will find yourself right at home, because I have your seat waiting and a nice warm cup of hot cocoa waiting for you!  (Yes.  Can you believe it is snowing in Utah.  Ick!  Oh and stay tuned for a VERY exciting feature to our blog that should be popping up soon!)

I am SO excited about Today’s Steal, the Echo Park Halloween Collection.  That’s right.  ECHO PARK!  Can you believe that Miss Melodee worked her charm and brought to us the ever amazing and oh so sought after, Echo Park.  Yup.  She gets a high five, a star on her forehead and a 44 oz. Diet Mt. Dew for that one!

I know we have seen our fair share of Halloween goodness around the halls of ScrapbookSteals, but MMMMMMMMM….. I am totally in awe of today’s kit.  I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to scrapbook for this weeks Mojo, and was going to do a one pager.  However, these papers were screaming so much fun to me that my one pager turned into a 2 page, 6 – 4×6 photo layout.

I LOVE the patterns of the Echo Park Halloween Collection.  I admit, I’m deathly afraid of scrapping with nothing but patterned prints, yet the small prints on this collection didn’t seem to overwhelm my simple style.  Of course I am so in love with the dots, stars, webs, stripes, skulls and witchy boots that it was really hard to decide what to use.  I finally settled on a mix of 6 different sheets of paper.  (Did you catch that…*I* used SIX different sheets of patterned papers!)

The stickers that come with this kit are so much fun.  I think that Echo Park is BRILLIANT for combining small letter stickers and large letter stickers on the same sheet.  I mean how often are you looking for a small letter sticker to coordinate with a larger letter sticker.  No more need to search!  It’s all at your finger tips!

The other stickers in this collection are so much fun and the perfect addition to spice up a spooky layout.

Do you know what another absolutely FUN use would be for this kit is to create a ‘milk box’ haunted house.  I’ve never seen one of these done before, but while I was taking a stroll through our Facebook Fan Page one night I came across this DARLING Halloween House made by our talented friend Tara Gross.

Can you not imagine how cute one of these houses would be using the darling skull paper in the Echo Park kit?  Tara was kind enough to share more detailed images on her blog. Click here to see other amazing Halloween Craft decorating ideas from Tara.

Now for the exciting part of the MWM blog post.  Our winner from last week!

Brittany Perry was the lucky winner chosen by Random.Org.  It’s a good thing she remembered to comment!

I love how Brittany turned her MWM #14 into a 2 pager and made the wavy lines a sidewalk.  Seriously too cute!

Now don’t forget that this upcoming Friday is our on-line crop from 6 – 10 MST.   We will be having lots of fun, challenges and of course prizes.  In fact, MWM #15 is your first official challenge for the online crop.  Tomorrow I will post the additional 3 challenges so that you can get your scrappy caps on!

The rules for being eligible for the drawing remain the same.

* Layouts must be posted on our Facebook Fan Page, or personal blog by Monday, November 1st at Midnight.  (The midnight that comes at the end of the day.)

* You must return to THIS blog posting and leave a comment with a link to where your layout is posted.  I will be selecting a random winner from the comments posted on THIS blog post.

* Share, Share, Share!  If we hit 100 shares then we will have 2 random winners next week.  I know we tried hard last week, and sadly our share counter was having some problems, so this week is your chance to hit that 100!

Have fun scrapping!  Can’t wait to ‘see’ you all on Friday night during our video chat.  Well.  You can see us crazies in the warehouse.  Wish we could all be together!