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Love My Tapes Washi

Today’s blog brings me a mix of strong emotions. First, it makes me so happy to see what our amazing design team has done with today’s steal, the Love My Tapes Washi. These girls bring it to the table each and every time they create! Second, it brings me those happy-sad tears as this is the final post from our outstanding Summer Team. These girls have been a true delight to work with and my life has been enriched by their talents, kindness, and friendship!

Without further delay, I present the final creations from the ScrapbookSteals.com Summer Team!

• • • • •

Let’s kick things off with projects from the amazing Katrina Hunt. She always has a way with thinking outside of the box. Katrina took washi to a new level by creating an altered canvas, a card with die cutting washi and coasters! These are some absolutely great gift ideas because the holidays will be here before we know it.

Katrina says the altered canvas is really easy to do, but be make sure to seal it! She used a matte medium gel to cover the entire project.

When using washi with a die cutting machine, simply place the washi on cardstock and then cut! Katrina used her Cameo to help create this card with no trouble at all.

Lastly, Katrina found inspiration on the Design Dreams Japan blog to create  customized coasters.

Next lets take a peek at the amazing projects by Kerys Sharrock. Kerys had Halloween treats on the brain and created this darling altered Prima flower bottle.

She also put the sketch that Regina created for Mid Week Mojo—Pearl 7, to use on this darling Halloween frame.

I secretly love that Kerys was given washi tapes that make great Halloween projects because this witch card and Halloween wreath are truly exceptional! Be sure to stop by Kerys’ blog for extra info on these projects.

Lastly we finish things up with projects from the girl that totally deserves Mom of the Year award. Not only has Regina Mangum already made a positively darling mini album ready for photos of her sons upcoming reptile themed birthday party, but she is arranging for live wiggly, squirmy and creepy-crawly reptiles to be at the birthday party. Yup. Coolest mom and mini album ever.

• • • • •

The past three months have flown by so quickly and I want these three amazing ladies to know how much they will be missed. You are all so very dear to me and I love you as if you were my sisters! (I don’t have any, so I’ll just claim you anyway.) Thank you for putting up with all of my craziness and for helping us work out the kinks in the design team process. Good luck in all that you do and know that there will always have a warm chair waiting for you here at ScrapbookSteals.com!  MWAH!

For those of you wondering when we will be announcing the three amazing fresh faces of the fall term, be sure to check into the blog next Tuesday at 9AM MST for a little meet and greet. You are all definitely in for a continuation of W-O-W!

Kissing Ball | How To’sday

Hello everyone! How To’sday to ya. :)

Today is yet another exceptional tutorial in the line up of How To’sday’s here at ScrapbookSteals. This time we have a gorgeous piece of  home decor brought to us by the ever so talented Venetia Holbrook.

• • • • •

I’m so excited to be able to share my kissing ball how to on Scrapbooksteals.com.  It is an honor to be featured, and it feels like cheating because this project is super simple, but time consuming.  Before you get started, check your supply list, and gather your patience.  This one takes a while, but is worth it!


  • Styrofoam Ball
  • Floral Pins (100-300 depending on your ball)
  • Double Sided Paper
  • Flower Punch(es)
  • Ribbon

Once you have your supplies, decide which paper is going to be your base, and if you are doing a double flower, which will be your top.  Punch out a bunch of flowers.  This ball was 5 1/2 inches, and it took over 300 flowers.

I punched all my flowers and placed them in a container to hold them.

Place your styrofoam ball on top of a glass, so it does not roll around.

Pin down your ribbon.  The amount of pins may be overkill, but that ribbon isn’t going anywhere.

Expect your little helpers to stop by during the process.  I suggest markers as a distraction.

Once you have your flower supply, place your smaller flower on top of your larger flower. Then, pin it to your styrofoam ball.

Circle the flowers around your first flower, and continue around the ball. Try to cover all the foam.  Repeat until your ball is covered, and remember to cover the pins that are holding in the ribbon and the ribbon edges.

“Fluff” your ball by squeezing the flowers around the pin to give more dimension. Pull some of the flowers above the others and adjust the placement.  If there is foam showing, add a fluffed flower to cover the area.

Add a bow to the riboon, and amaze your recipient.

• • • • •

Venetia, this is absolutely fantastic. And what is even more fantastic is how much I love that it’s hanging in my home. :) Thank you SO much for sharing your talents with us! The entrance to my home is finally perfect thanks to you.

If you have an idea that you would like to share for a How To’sday tutorial please send photos and text to kristy@stealnetwork.com.

Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for the final installment in our Garnet Mid Week Mojo series.

How To’sday | Paper Flower Wreath by Kara Anderson

How To’sday | Paper Flower Wreath by Kara Anderson

Inspiration is such an amazing thing. I love when someone posts a project on our Facebook fan page, which creates a buzz and has multiple requests for a “How To’sday” tutorial. Today’s wreath project by Kara Anderson is one of those requests!


Paper Flower Wreath

I can’t take credit for the creative genius of this gorgeous paper flower wreath—it’s originally from the Fancy Pants Designs blog and was created by Ronda Palazzari. It is gorgeous. For Christmas last year I decided to make one for mom and one for myself using the Fancy Pants Christmas Magic paper. I absolutely love it — so much so that it’s still hanging in my house. I thought it would be nice to reserve that one for fall/winter and make another one for spring/summer, so I found some bright, springy paper and made another one. Here are the instructions so you can brighten up your home with one too!

Materials Needed:

  • Patterned paper (I used WRMK Hippity Hoppity for this one and Fancy Pants Christmas Magic for my fall/winter one)
  • Tape runner
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Foam floral ring
  • T-pins
  • Buttons and beads


It is best to do this like an assembly line. I started by cutting all of my strips of paper, then folded them all, then cut, etc. Some of the steps can be done while watching TV!

1.      Cut your paper into strips. You need three strips per flower and you’ll need 2 different sizes of flowers.

  • For the larger flower cut your paper into 1.5 inch x 4 inch strips.
  • For the smaller flower cut your paper into 1 inch x 3 inch strips.

2.      Fold your strip in half from top to bottom. Then fold it in half length wise.

3.      Using your scissors, cut in an arc from the outside to the fold part. This makes the point of the flower.

4.      Unfold the pattern paper and you’ll have a squished oval shape.

5.      Now fold this oval in half top down, you will see the backside of the patterned paper.

6.      Fold part of one side back up.  Then flip it over and do the same thing on the other side other side.

7.      Fold in half again.

8.      Holding the center, run your finger underneath each petal to pop it out.

9.      You will need 3 petals for every flower.

10. Once you have the petals all popped out, take your tape runner and put a little dab of tape/adhesive in the fold and pinch the petals together.

11. Now you are ready to assemble your flowers. Cut small circles out of the scrap paper for the base.

12. Take your glue gun and add a good sized drop of hot glue on the center of the base.  Put all three petals of the flower side by side on the hot glue.  While the glue is still soft, pick up your flower while holding it in the center and fluff the petals so it looks nice and full.  Then let the glue harden and voila!  A beautiful paper flower! Repeat until you have enough flowers to fill up your wreath.  I used approximately 15 large flowers and 25 small flowers.

13. To build your wreath, take your flowers and place them randomly around the floral ring using T-pins to secure them in. Keep building around until your wreath looks full. I started with the larger flowers and then filled in the spaces with the smaller ones.

14. Then add buttons or beads to the center of each flower using your glue gun.


Kara, can I say how much I love your project! Your step by step instructions have made it look so easy. I’m thinking a cute 4th of July wreath will be in my near future.

If you have a great idea for a How To’sday tutorial and would like to be featured on our blog then please send your idea with images and instructions to kristy@stealnetwork.com.

Have a fantastic day and we will see you tomorrow for Mid Week Mojo!