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2 Toned Embossing with Mask | How To’sday

So you have a nice stash of masks because they’re all the rage, super cute, and you just couldn’t pass up buying them. Problem is you aren’t exactly sure what to do with them. Well, fear no longer! Today scrappy wonder Kristy MacKeen shows us a fun and unique way to put those masks to use.

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As I’m sure we’re all aware, using masks is all the rage. I have misted with them, but I wondered how they would look as an embossed background.  I thought it would be fun to make the embossing two-toned to give my card a lot of impact without a lot of “gee-gah” (as my sister-in-law calls it). So I grabbed my mask, Versamark pad, embossing powders, blue painter’s tape, and set about to giving this technique a try.

I taped the mask to my mat so it wouldn’t move as I inked the paper.

I inked the Versamark (or embossing ink) pad directly on the paper. My pad is a little stickier than I expected, and the paper started to move as I was inking the paper so be careful!

To make a two-toned look, I sprinkled a little of the green powder on one half, knocked off the extra, and then sprinkled the blue on, making sure I overlapped with the green a little bit. Be careful when lifting and holding the paper so that you don’t smear the ink or knock some of the powder from where you really want it.

This is what it looked like when I got done with the powders, before I applied some heat.

And this is after I added a little heat. You can’t tell too well in this picture, but it came out better than I could have hoped – the blue is a smooth finish while the green has a rough finish, making the contrasting look better than I could have hoped for.

And this is the final product. I added a few mini-brads, some Sassafras Lass numbers, and a distressed cut from my Cricut machine with a scrap of green paper I had sitting on my table. The numbers/cut are popped up for a little extra dimension.

Thank you, Kristy, for the chance to share this technique.  I hope I have inspired someone to try a new technique with their masks.

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Thank *you* Kristy! I love that not only we get to put our mysterious masks to use but also the embossing powders which are all too often overlooked!  I love it!

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Multi-Color Embossing | How To’sday

Today crafty diva Charity Becker shows us some pretty snazzy tips on how to take your heat embossing to the next level with multi-color embossing.

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Multi-Color Embossing

Embossing powder comes in so many colors it’s hard to choose just one. But who says you have to choose just one anyway? Follow the steps in this tutorial and you’ll be multi-color embossing in no time.

You’ll need an acrylic stamp and block, black and clear embossing ink, printer paper, cardstock , scissors, embossing powder, and a heat gun.

Step 1: Stamp the image on the printer paper multiple times.

Step 2: Choose the color you want for each portion of the image. Cut each stamped image so only the area that corresponds with each color is removed. This step will create a mask for the areas of the stamp you do not want to use.

Step 3: Stamp the image onto cardstock in a visible color. I used black so it was easier to line up my image.

Step 4: Clean the stamp and re-ink with clear embossing ink. Place one of the masks you created on to the cardstock and stamp, lining up the images carefully. Sprinkle with embossing powder, shake off the excess and heat, then let cool.

Repeat step four for each color of embossing powder.

Finally, post your delightful project on the ScrapbookSteals Facebook page and rake in the compliments. It’s that simple!

Can’t wait to see what you create!

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Charity, you are positively amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us once again!

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Scratch and Sniff Scented Embossing Powder by Kara Anderson | How To’sday

Scratch and Sniff Scented Embossing Powder by Kara Anderson | How To’sday

I have to say that today’s tutorial by Kara Anderson is one of the most unique ideas that I’ve seen in a long time! Stamping is such a beautiful art, but combining a it with a little scratch and sniff fun and you’ve got yourself an uncommonly unique end result.


Scratch and Sniff Scented Embossing Powder

This is such a fun technique that I came across online a few years ago. It’s a great way to make your cards pop and it’s also fun on cards for kids. There are scented embossing powders on the market today, but why buy them when you can make your own (unless, of course they are featured on ScrapbookSteals!)


  • Heat Tool
  • Clear embossing powder
  • Versa Mark ink
  • Clear or rubber stamps – solid images work best
  • Cardstock
  • A scrap sheet of paper
  • Sugar free drink mix (or other sugar free powder like cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, etc.)
  • Small container or bowl
  • Measuring spoons


1.  Select your desired scent and mix the drink mix powder with clear embossing powder at a ratio of 2 ½ to 3 parts embossing powder to 1 part sugar free drink mix. You want more embossing powder than drink mix otherwise the powder will not melt. As well, make sure that you use a sugar free powder or the sugar will start to caramelize when heated (think crème brulee…delicious, but not so much on your card).

2.   Ink up your stamp with lots of Versa Mark so that lots of powder sticks. Stamp your image on your cardstock.

3.   Generously pour your scented embossing powder all over the stamped image.

4.   Tap off excess powder. I like to flick the back of my cardstock a couple times to get rid of any stray powder bits. If you find that you have powder sticking to places on the cardstock other than your stamped image, you can brush them off with a soft paintbrush, or try rubbing an embossing buddy or a used unscented dryer sheet over your cardstock before you stamp your image to help remove any static.

5.   Heat your image with a heat tool. A great technique to help prevent your powder blowing away when using your heat tool, is to heat the image from the back. Once it has all melted, flip it around and give it one quick shot of heat from the front to make sure the image is set.

6.      Attach your image to your card.

7.      All that’s left to do now is scratch and sniff!


Thank you Kara for such a fun idea!

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Have a great ScrapbookSteals birthday week and a fantastic How To’sday.

Emboss it! (MCM #11)

Emboss it!  (MCM #11)

Hello everyone!  I hope your weekend was fantastic and filled with lots of scrapping.  I know that I can’t seem to keep up with all of the wonderful creations being posted on our Facebook Fan Page as everyone is making the effort to be a part of our Emerald Club and in turn have a shot at the fantastic Echo Park giveaway!

Well here it is Monday again, which means it’s time for Monday Card Madness.  Before we get talking about this weeks sketch, let’s talk a little bit about today’s amazing steal, American Crafts Zing Embossing Powder.  I’m not going to sugar coat the fact that I’m just not a stamper.  I looooooooove the look of it and truly admire people with the gift of stamping ability, however I will say there is something amazingly fun and magical about heat embossing.  Even though I’m not great at it, I certainly LOVE doing it!  Maybe with a little practice I’ll even get better!

I was looking through my limited stamps (yeah…because I just don’t stamp!) and thought it would be fun to make a snowflake card using the wonderfully bright colors featured in today’s steal.  I was going to do multi-colors, but one hot pink snowflake later I was hooked!

Even my 16 year old was pretty much beside herself with happiness and has decided that she will make the same card for her friends for Christmas.

So you may be asking, what exactly do you need to do heat embossing?  Mandatory is heat embossing powders (like today’s steal), stamps, versamark ink (or pigment ink) and absolutely helpful although not entirely necessary is a heating tool.  (You can use a stove top or toaster, but do yourself a favor and get a heating tool.  You’ll thank yourself within minutes!)

Heat embossing is really quite simple.

1. stamp image on to project using Versamark ink. (Or any pigment ink should work just fine, as long as it stays wet.  Just remember to coordinate the ink color with your embossing powder!)

2. Dump embossing powder into the inked image.  Dump off excess and carefully brush away and particles that want to cling outside of the stamped image.  A small paint brush works great for this.  Remember anywhere there is embossing powder sticking, it will remain on the finished project.

3. Hold heating tool 6 – 7″ away from project and gently heat until embossing powders begin to bubble and melt.  Once the magical change takes place be sure to move the heat source to a different area to avoid scorching and warping of your paper.

4. Sit back and admire the beauty of heat embossing.

I have to tell you that I absolutely love the neon colors offered in today’s Steal.  I love the pop that they give on black cardstock especially.

After creating the snowflake card I made a ‘Congratulations’ card and this weeks sketch was born!

I had so much fun using 2 different stamps nested into each other using two different colors of embossing powders.

I had to get my fill once again of using the neon colors on black and made a fun birthday card using some whimsical circle stamps and also nested two stamps again so that I could get a spash of blue here and there.

I was going to stop there with the cards but honestly laid in bed on Friday night dreaming up other cards that would work well with the sketch.  I thought it would be fun to use buttons to complete the circular portion of the card, so I made a fun girly card that would be great to send to a friend simply to say ‘hi!’.

I then thought that it would be a little more ‘boyish’ to make a card eliminating the ribbon but adding some photo corners instead as well as replacing the circles for stars.

So there you have it!  If you’re looking for a great treat for Santa to put under your tree, today’s steal would be a fantastic option!  We can’t wait to see your take on this weeks card sketch.  Remember to be qualified to win all of the cards based off of sketches that I make this month, all you have to do is create a card, post it to our Facebook Fan Page, or other online source such as a personal blog, and leave a comment on the coordinating blog post with a link to your project and you will be entered into a random drawing to win all that I create in the month of December.  Maybe not the most exciting of prizes, but hey….it will give you a stash of cards to have on hand for various occasions!

Have a GREAT Monday!