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Turquoise – Layout 3

The first time I laid eyes on today’s steal, the Fancy Pants Summer’s End collection, it was pretty much love at first sight. The gorgeous combination of muted oranges, blues and greens, really spoke to my crafty soul. While the name of the collection connotes the wrapping up of lazy days with a hint of crispness to the air, I found this collection to work delightfully with a recent outing with my three favorite boys on one of the warmest days we’ve recently had. Sheesh, I love a good versatile collection!

The embellishments in this collection were a dream to work with. Even though some may shun the flowers on a “boy” layout, after having three girls first, I just can’t break the habit and I love how the filter paper embellishments could be crumpled up a little bit to create a flower.

And of course, banners, my current addiction along with using Instagram prints. :)

I was so in love with this collection that I whipped together this layout of my “Tuba Friend” in about 20 min. Not sure if I love or hate it, but still fun to have a quick layout done about my oldest who is currently learning how to play the tuba/sousaphone.

As far as Fancy Pants Designs go, I think they have settled on perfection. :)

And now that happy time of day I get to announce the lucky random winner of last week’s Mid Week Mojo. This week Staci Jones is our winner with this adorable Halloween layout.

Staci if you can please send an email to, we will be happy to send a prize out to you! Congrats girl!

For those of you just joining us now is a great time to jump in on the fun. Each Wednesday we provide a new sketch and you have until the following Monday at 11:59 MST to have your creations posted to the internet and linked to this blog posting.

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Have a great day everyone!

Basic Grey Bloomers

I love flowers. I do. I love sweet chubby fists full of dandelions from the yard and I love when my husband surprises me with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers from the corner florist. Okay, let’s be real, he gets me flowers from the grocery store because it’s always an afterthought or apology, but it is the thought that counts. If you want to give an extra special thoughtful touch to your scrapbook pages and cards then today’s steal, the Basic Grey Bloomers, will make your projects blossom with perfection!

Today we are pleased to be sharing with you some incredible scrapbook layouts using the Basic Grey Bloomers that were created by  in house Basic Grey designer Kelly Goree

I love my Bloomers. They truly make the perfect addition to a project. Remember these cards from a previous Monday Card Madness?

And check out this darling layout from Basic Grey Designer, Megan Klauer. I tell ya, perfection! She has crazy awesome handwriting that I just may trade my entire stash of bloomers, my entire yard of dandelions and some grocery store flowers for!

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our online crop this Friday night from 6-10PM MST and also check in tomorrow for our first installment to the Turquoise Mid Week Mojo series.

How To’sday | Felt Flowers

I don’t know about all of you but I. Love. Flowers. If I’m ever looking at a layout, thinking that it needs just a lil’ something, my go-to is flowers. I love this technique which Julie Koets has been so kind to share with us for this week’s How To’sday. Not only would paper versions of these flowers be spectacular on a layout or card, but they are certainly the highlight of Julie’s beautiful head bands.

• • • • •

I love the texture and simplicity of felt flowers and decided to try my hand at making my own.  I am making a headband for my beautiful niece and decided to create a few simple flowers to adorn it.  All you need is some felt (I purchased mine at my local craft store for 25 cents a sheet), scissors, and a glue gun.

To make a “loopy” flower,  I cut a strip of purple felt approximately 9 inches by 1.5 inches and ran a line of hot glue along one edge.

If you don’t have a glue gun, you could use fabric glue, but I don’t have the patience to wait for things to dry.  After running your strip of glue, fold the felt in half, sealing the edges together.

Using a good pair of sharp scissors, make snips from the folded end every quarter of a inch, stopping a quarter inch from the bottom so as not to cut into the glued area.

Then start rolling the felt strip tightly, adding a drop of hot glue every couple inches to keep the felt wound tight. Secure the end using more hot glue.

Fluff out the loops of your finished flower, which is now perfect to add to a layout, a hairband, or whatever strikes your fancy.  You can make the flower larger or smaller by adjusting the width and length of your felt strip.  This finished flower turned out to be about 2 inches in diameter.

You can also make a similar fringed flower, using just a single layer strip of felt and making snips every quarter of an inch or less to make a “fringe”.  I used a strip of pink felt which measured approximately 9 inches by 1 inch.

Once fringes are cut along the entire length of felt, roll the felt into itself, securing with a drop of glue every so often as you go.

Fluff out your fringes and snip off the ends of any fringes that are sticking out too far.

Lastly, I made a rolled felt flower by cutting out a circle of felt 3 inches in diameter and cutting a loose spiral pattern into the felt.

Starting with the outer edge, start rolling the felt and secure it every so often with hot glue.

Finish it off by gluing the end (the center of the original spiral) to the base of the flower.

I glued all three of my flowers onto a fabric headband that I picked up at my craft store.  I’ve also used these flowers on a shadowbox layout that I made for a friend and I think they’d look darling as a brooch by gluing  or stitching a simple pin to the back.

I can’t wait to see how pretty this looks on my beautiful niece! I tried to get one of my boys to model it for me, but seeing my camera in hand, they wisely refused. Instead, I had to use our favorite stuffed puppy to model my handiwork.

• • • • •

Thank you so much Julie! I know my girls, as well as myself, will be eager to put this new technique to use.

If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us for a How To’sday tutorial, don’t be shy! Send your photos and text to, and you may be the star of our Tuesday tutorial.

Have a great day!

Sassafras Stitch Blossoms | Monday Card Madness #40

Sassafras Stitch Blossoms | Monday Card Madness #40

Okay girls, bear with me while I shout from the rooftops exactly how much I love today’s steal! Not only are they beautiful, cute, simple, stunning and colorful, but today’s steal the Sassafras Stitch Blossoms are the perfect addition to so many different projects. I had such a great time using them on today’s card sketch that I couldn’t stop at making one card but had to make five!

The first card I made, became the inspiration for the remaning cards. I loved the flow of the design of the paper and recreated it with my remaining cards.

Now here’s a little fun tidbit — when I was creating cards I quite literally reached blindly into my paper kit collections and pulled out random paper kits to work with. The Stitch Blossoms are so amazing — in the fact that they come in such a variety of colors that I found flowers to match with every collection that I randomly picked to work with.

If that isn’t the sign of a perfect embellishment to add to your collection then I certainly don’t know what is.  :)

Don’t forget to have this week’s card sketch posted to our Facebook fan page or your own personal blog by
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For those of you that participated in the second card swap, I can’t even begin to tell you how fantastic they are. They will be heading out to each of you in the next week so be on the lookout for some happy mail.

If you missed out on the most recent card swap, don’t fear! I can’t help myself and want to organize another swap right away! Here are the details.

  • Create 10 cards. They can all be the same or each can be different.
  • All cards must include an envelope.
  • Cards must be received to the ScrapbookSteals warehouse by August 31st. (ScrapbookSteals, Attn: Card Swap, 2181 California, #400, SLC, UT  84104
  • Once your cards have been sent in the mail, please send me an email to, to let me know that I need to be on the lookout for your amazing creations. I will then randomly re-distribute the cards and mail back 10 different cards to each participant.

Don’t forget the ongoing challenge to send out joy! I know I need to get busy and get writing some cards myself. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Who’s ready to ditch winter? I know I am! (MCM #16)

Who’s ready to ditch winter?  I know I am!  (MCM #16)

January.  I’ll be honest.  It fills me with the blahs.  The holidays are over, the world is covered in snow, I can’t run outside because I’m a whimp the air quality is so yucky, and spring seems SO far away!  That’s exactly why I LOVE escaping the winter blahs with paper crafting, and what’s even better is adding a little ‘spring’ to my creating.  That’s why I decided for this week’s Monday Card Madness that I wouldn’t do a sketch, but rather create a challenge to use flowers.  Today’s steal, The Prima Marketing Flower Power and Awesome Blossoms kit’s are perfect for adding a little spring into the dreary winter months!

Here are 3 cards that I created using various flowers from the Prima collections.

The first I made, I used the ‘cork board’ flowers.  I love how they are earthy, slightly less feminine yet add such character to a project!

I next made a card that is packed with spring!

And lastly, I made a card showing that you can still make a masculine card and add flowers.  :)

So how did last weeks challenge of sending out joy go for you?  I have to admit, I immediately sat down and wrote out my cards, addressed them and took them out to the car to hit the post office, but I still haven’t made it *in* to the post office yet.  :)  No worries….I now have 3 more to add to the list to send out and that will give me even more reason to make it happen!

Hopefully some of you were able to send out your cards and touch the lives of someone else.

Remember we will hold a drawing at the beginning of February for anyone that has taken part in the MCM challenge!  Be sure to show us what you’ve created by either posting your projects to our Facebook Fan Page or your personal blog, with a link here on the Monday Card Madness blog for your chance to be eligible for the drawing.

Also, we’ve had a great response for the first ever Scrapbook Steals card swap.  If you missed out on the info and would like to participate, please send me an email to

One more thing!  Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the 1st new addition to our weekly blog line up.  :)

Have a great day!