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Fantastic Friday | Using Transparencies in Scrapbooking

Fantastic Friday | Using Transparencies in Scrapbooking

After nearly 16 years of scrapbooking, I can’t recall a time that I’ve used a transparency overlay to create a scrapbook page. Luckily today’s steal, the Fancy Pants Transparencies Mega Kit, allowed me the opportunity to put an end to that nonsense! I guess I’ve always been a little intimidated by them, but after using them I can’t believe that I never gave it a try. Let’s just say transparency overlay = super easy scrapbook page.

To start with I chose three of the overlays that I thought would be fun to work with.

For the first layout I wanted to create on a white background so that the boldness of the green transparency could be true. It’s one thing to always be thinking about when working with overlays—what the final product is going to look like.

I built my page on a white piece of cardstock in a matter of seconds. I wanted Sarah’s name to be subtle after the overlay was in place so I used green letter stickers for a monochromatic look.

Next I attached the transparency on top of the white background using mini glue dots. I then added a few embellishments on top of the transparency to give dimension and my layout was complete!

I used the same technique on the next, building the page, adding the transparency, then adding embellishments on top for dimension.

You can see on this layout where I added some paper designs to the base of the layout, beneath the transparency, then added the transparency for the perfect finishing touch.

Now if you’re thinking to yourself “what on earth would I do with thirty overlays,” rest assured there are lots of uses for the transparencies.

I used one of the transparencies to create a simple and stunning card.

I created another card, cutting out a window of flowers on the front. I added a slice of transparency to the inside creating a fun window through to the inside of the card.

Last but not least I made a quick bottle wrap for a bottle of bath salts that I keep by my tub. The beauty of the transparency is that I can keep it by my tub and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and don’t make the same mistake that I made — waiting 16 years to use transparencies!

Welcome Guest Mojo Maker, Staci Jones! | Mid Week Mojo #37

Welcome Guest Mojo Maker, Staci Jones! | Mid Week Mojo #37

I love guest sketcher week for Mid Week Mojo because I it’s fun seeing different ideas. I literally had to de-trance myself when I saw the amazing projects from Staci Jones, our amazing guest sketcher for the month of April. Staci is incredibly gifted and has a thing for Fancy Pants, so we figured that today’s steal, the Fancy Pants Happy Together collection was the perfect fit for her! I think you’ll agree that perfect is an understatement.

Staci , take it away!


When Kristy emailed me in February to let me know I’d be the guest sketcher for April I was ecstatic. I told my husband that being a guest sketcher was like him getting a promotion at work. He just laughed at me. As the weeks went on, I started to get nervous. Kristy has had so many fantastic sketches lately that it’s hard to not be intimidated by it all. I had a couple of sketches floating around my head, but when Kristy told me I would be working with Fancy Pants Happy Together I knew exactly which sketch I was going to use.

Happy Together is a fantastically versatile kit. The colors and patterns are fantastic for adult, boy, and girl pages. I loved the stripes so I chose to use it for a layout for my little boy.

Additional projects by Staci using the Happy Together collection


Thank you so much Staci for sharing your amazing sketch and additional ideas with us! You truly inspire.

I think we were also all inspired by last weeks interpretations of the “graffiti wall.” It was great to see how many different ideas were created and posted to our Facebook wall. We’d like to congratulate Ashley Hickam, our lucky random winner for last weeks sketch.

Ashley, please send your address to service@scrapbooksteals and we will get a prize sent out to you.

Good luck with this week’s sketch. Remember to comment on this blog post with a link to your photo of this week’s Mojo page (a link to a photo from our Facebook fan page or personal blog) no later than Monday, April 11th at 11:59 pm MST in order to be eligible for our weekly drawing.

Winner announced upon notification. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Participation open to U.S. and Canadian residents 18 years or older. One entry per person. Winnings are not for resale.

Fantastic Friday | Fancy Pants Artist Edition Crafting Kit

Fantastic Friday | Fancy Pants Artist Edition Crafting Kit

If there is one word for today’s steal, the Fancy Pants Artist Edition Crafting Kit, it would be inspiring.  If you truly think about the essence of scrapbooking, it’s the importance of telling the story, and today’s steal is the perfect collection to enable your inner writer to shine with page after page of journaling-inspired designs.

The options to create with the Artist Edition papers are pretty outstanding. You could do anything from turning the bound book of papers into an inspiration journal or make a mini album into the perfect journaling block for whatever layout you are working on.

I chose to feature the papers in a way that supports the very core and basics of why we create, telling the story.

I knew I wanted to create some sort of a “journaling jar” to hold ideas to spark inspiration for when your ideas have gone astray (let’s face it, it happens to the best of us). I wandered around the store until I found something that I thought would be fun to alter and found the perfect piece in the sporting goods section, a tackle box.

A couple of hours later this is what I transformed my “manly” organizational piece into, a journaling jumpstarts box.

A journaling jar is typically a mason jar filled with random topics to ignite ideas. The thing I loved about the box though is the dividers. I like the thought of being able to print out ideas on paper and add additional strips where I can jot down ideas when they come to me. It’s a great place to keep those fantastic potential layout ideas organized and in one location.

You have to admit it, these amazing Fancy Pants papers have probably got you itching to get journaling and creating something.  Right?

Give that journaling inspiration a jump start by leaving a thought on this blog post about what your favorite journaling topics are.  Leave your comment by Monday, March 14th at midnight and you will be entered into a random drawing to win this journaling jumpstarts box I created. I will announce the winner of the box along with our lucky April guest sketch desginer on St. Patrick’s day.

Have a fantastic weekend!  Scrap happy!

Winner announced upon notification. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Participation open to U.S. and Canadian residents 18 years or older. One entry per person. Winnings are not for resale.

Fancy Pants Multi-Media album is a FANTASTIC album for Multi-Friends! :)

Fancy Pants Multi-Media album is a FANTASTIC album for Multi-Friends!  :)

I.  Love.  Today’s.  Steal.  In fact, LOVE may be a wee bit of an understatement as to how I feel about the Fancy Pants Multi Media Mini Album. I remember the first time I saw it was when Dan, the Fancy Pants Man was hanging out with us at a local crop.  I begged Melodee to try and arrange for us to have it as a steal.  I had to squeal just a little bit when I realized I would get to work one up for a Friday blog post.  As I sat thinking about what I wanted to create, it dawned on me how fun it would be to introduce you to or remind you all of how much fun a circle journal is to create, and honestly the Fancy Pants Multi Media Mini Album could not be a cuter album to work with!  The variety of textures and mediums definitely makes for a creative canvas!

So what is a circle journal you ask.  More or less it’s a traveling mini-album which is collectively created between a certain number of friends.  Here’s the jist of how it works….

Each person in a ‘circle’ creates the cover, sign in page, and theme page of what their mini album is about.  Usually these albums are somewhat ‘All About Me’ based, after all it’s a great chance for long distance friends to get to know each other a little better!  After creating the cover, sign in page and theme page, the album is packaged up and sent in the mail to the next person in the circle.  That person then creates the next page in the album, interpreting the theme how they wish and then they send it along to the next person in the circle.  The process is repeated until the album ends up returning to the original owner completed!

I decided to do a ‘thankful’ theme for my circle journal and talked a little bit about one of my not so obvious blessings, which is the blessing of having ‘scrappy sisters’ in my life.  Not having been blessed with a sister of my own it’s so nice to know that I have many ‘sisters’, although not biological, which fill that hole!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the cover of this album.  I love working with see through media, and love that I was able to use my Silhouette and cut out vinyl to put on the front and backsides of the cover and have it show on both sides.  :)

The felt pages were my favorite so I created my theme page on one of them.

I made my *sign in tags* out of little hearts that I attached to the jump ring.  As each participant in the circle journal receives the album, they can sign one of the hearts and decorate it if they desire!

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the pages in my album turn out, and how the different forms of media are interpreted!

Well, you know me…sometimes I can’t seem to help myself and want to show lots of great examples of how to do something, so I asked around and found some willing participants to show their interpretations of a circle journal.  In fact, I even got Melodee to FINALLY create something for us.  There was no blackmail involved in the creation of this album.

Melodee took a great approach to a theme in ‘journey’.

I was even able to convince some of our Facebook Friends to create an album to show you how many different varieties a circle journal can take on.

Heather Conklin

Melissa Dehne

Jana Paddington

Brenda Smith

Chloe Salerno

Aren’t they positively fabulous?!?!

I don’t know about these girls but I’m excited to think about the adventures that my album will take on, wherever it may end up going, and what a thrill it will be to see it return completed!

Thank you girls for being willing to share your talents with us to give us ideas!

So now you’re thinking this sounds fun and that you’d like to participate in a circle journal?  Check out our Circle Journal Discussion on Facebook and add your input to creating a group!  And while you’re at it….pick up one of today’s steals to use to create your circle journal!  :)  You wont be disappointed!

MWM #23 – 4x4x4 with Fancy Pants!

MWM #23 – 4x4x4 with Fancy Pants!

Hello everyone!  How was your Holiday?  Hopefully Santa put some amazing scrapbooking supplies under your tree, or at the very least some cash to buy some with!  If you *are* looking for something pretty amazing to purchase, then today’s steal, the Fancy Pants Like Father, Like Son & Wishful Thinking collections may be just the answer for you!  A little boy, a little girl, a little bit of everything!

I have to admit, I think that Christmas zapped my creative mojo.  It’s gone completely missing and I’d love if someone found it, if they would return it!  THANKFULLY, I had a stash of photos sitting in my email from some of our wonderful Facebook Friends and Fans, and luckily the photos that  Jessica Laureno sent me some time ago were just begging to be used with the Like Father, Like Son collection.  If it weren’t for Jessica, I could very likely be sitting at my scrapbook desk, still staring…..willing my mojo to make an appearance!

This weeks sketch was at the request of one of our Facebook fans….a layout that would work for either an 8×8 photo or a block of 4, 4×4 photos.  I couldn’t resist going with the 4 photos as little Andrew is positively adorable (as is his mommy equally gorgeous!) and I had to use just as many photos as I could!

Now you’ll notice that the result of my missing mojo, caused my layout to be morphed slightly from the sketch that I created.  The final layout is a  little out of my ordinary range as it doesn’t really allow for a title and **gasp**, doesn’t really allow for much journaling!  If you find yourself wishing for more room to have a title and ample journaling, this layout could easily be converted into a 2 pager with a simple 5×7 on the opposing page and plenty of room for a title and journaling.

I had fun mixing up the patterns of paper that come with today’s steal.  I added a little bit of dimension to the layout using pop dots to elevate some of the embellishments.

I also added a few buttons and brads to spice up the corners of the layout.

You’ll see that I also included a teeny tiny journaling block where Jessica can add her thoughts about the day or even a simple quote to finish off the page.

THANK YOU Jessica, for letting me create a layout with photos of you and your handsome little fellah!

Melodee and I were so impressed with all of the creations that came in this past week for the two sketches that were offered last week.  High five to all of you that found the time during the most hectic week of the year to actually scrap!  Way to go!

We are so happy about it that we decided again to give away two prizes this week.

Our two lucky winners are……

Julie Koets with her amazing beach layout that makes me long to live back in California

And Shana Charpentier with her incredibly fun layout featuring her hunny making balloon animals!  What a great memory to preserve!

Julie and Shana, send us your address to and we will get a prize sent out to you!

Well, you know the drill!  Have your layouts posted to our Facebook Fan page or personal blog by next Monday at Midnight MST, and you’ll be eligible for our weekly drawing.  Remember to make a comment here on this blog posting with a link to your page!

Good luck!  Oh, and if you see my mojo, will you please tell it to get it’s hiney home!  Thanks so much!

Have a great day!