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We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile and Eyelet Collections

Home improvement projects always leave me feeling a little left out. Why should the guys just get to play with tools? The good news is that you can add a little umph to your tool collection with today’s steal, the We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile and Eyelets. This tool is so amazing that if you’re not careful you may find it working it’s way into your husband’s tool stash. Good thing it has a pink handle so that it may help thwart any missing appearances!

If you love eyelets and have not had the pleasure of owning a Crop A Dile then you are in for an absolute treat! No more hammers and waking the kiddos at 3am because that’s when creativity strikes and an eyelet must. be. set. The Crop A Dile is as quiet as a whisper and works lickety split with the gentle squeeze of the handle.

If you haven’t had the chance to use one yet, here’s the jist of how it works. Note: You aren’t seeing things. My Crop A Dile happens to be green!

Step 1: Select which size hole you’d like to punch. You can set an eyelet that is either 1/8″ or 3/16″ in size. Gently squeeze handle and the cutting mechanism will pop out of the head. Pretty neat!

Step 2: Insert project into correct side of tool to allow for a large or small eyelet. Punch hole where desired. Note that there is a moveable measuring guide, that you can lock into place. This comes in handy when setting multiple eyelets in a row a specific distance from the edge of your paper. Perfect placement every time!

Step 3: Squeeze handle and punch a hole. Easy peasy!

Step 4: Insert your eyelet into the perfectly punched hole.

Step 5: Twist the head of the Crop A Dile until the coordinating sides match up. An easy rule to remember is that 1 goes with A (3/16″ eyelets) and 3 goes with C (1/8″ eyelets). The other cube combinations allow for the perfect setting of snaps, grommets and other decorative eyelets.

Once you have the correct setting, insert the eyelet and paper into the setting part of the tool and give it a squeeze!

Step 6: With very little effort and best of all no noise your eyelet is set!

If you’d like to see further direction on how to use the We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile and some cute project ideas, you can check out this video found on the We R Memory Keepers website.

I love that with almost no effort at all the Crop A Dile can chomp through paper, chipboard, acrylic, leather and metal! My husband is the incredible shrinking man, so he’s found a use for it a time or two to create new holes on his belt.

I even had some fun decorating this bucket. I think this will be headed to my mommy who is simply the best. I think I’ll fill it up with some chocolate and give it to her as a thank you for altering the “perfect” dress for my daughter’s Junior Prom this weekend. Because you really can’t go wrong with chocolate, can you?

Believe me when I say, YOU. NEED. A. CROPADILE. Oh and the rainbow of eyelets aren’t too shabby either.

Have a great day and check in tomorrow for some fantastic Friday fun!

My Mind’s Eye Follow Your Heart

I literally gasped when I saw today’s steal, the brand new CHA Release, Follow Your Heart, by My Mind’s Eye. Whether you need to scrapbook a page for a boy or a girl the Be Happy or Be Amazing collections are sure to meet your needs.

In fact I was so thrilled with this collection that I immediately thought of an incredibly talented crafty genius, Shaunte Wadley, and asked her if she would mind taking over today and showing each one of you how incredible the Follow Your Heart collections are.

Shaunte has got to have some of the cutest kids on the planet. Five of them to be exact. Like myself, she is lucky and has quite the bounty of subject opportunity. I love that she settled on photos of her beautiful 12-year-old daughter to create a layout using the Be Happy collection. This layout is so fantastic. Almost like looking at an I Spy book, since every time you look there are new amazing details to be found.

Shaunte Wadley

Shaunte is such a well-rounded crafter. Not only does she make amazing layouts with layers and layers of details but check out her mad crafty card skills!

Shaunte Wadley

And as if card making and awesome layouts weren’t enough―look at this wreath! 1×3″ strips of paper, folded, stapled and hot glued to a foam wreath.

Shaunte Wadley Shaunte Wadley Shaunte Wadley Be Happy

Seriously, stunning. :)

Shaunte, wanted me to be sure to let you know one more thing. In her words:

“I also wanted to tell all your peeps over there, that I used the whole kit, and felt like it was worth every penny. Great value for the amount of projects you can squeeze out of it, and I am pretty cheap. You can quote me on that. Thanks for having me! It was fun.”

Shaunte, thank you SO much for creating for us today. Be sure to check out Shaunte’s blog for some pretty great humor (really. She’s hilarious and can make you feel like your life is completely normal!), along with an abundance of crafty inspiration, including her thoughts and some additional layouts created with today’s steal by My Mind’s Eye.

Check in tomorrow as our rockstar blog week keeps on a comin’! Tomorrow is our March guest Mid Week Mojo sketcher here at ScrapbookSteals, and once again, W-O-W!

We R Memory Keepers Metal Hardware

If you are looking for the perfect little finishing touch to your crafty projects, then today’s steal, the We R Memory Keepers Metal Hardware, could be just what you are looking for! I imagine it’s pretty much the equivalent of what a handyman may feel walking in to a tool store when opening a tin of hardware made just for crafty fun!

To make the fact of such a fun steal even a little more exciting, today we have the ever-so-talented guest blogger Emily Lanham with us to show us just how the hardware can be used. I knew right after seeing her toilet paper roll mini album featured a few weeks back that she’d be the perfect one to ask to design for today. I think you’ll agree with me that the wow factor is through the roof!

• • • • •

Hey everyone! My name is Emily Lanham and I am very excited to be a guest designer today for this ScrapbookSteals! When I was first asked to make something with this hardware, I was a little hesitant. Hardware is something that I don’t normally use on my paper crafts. I am sure glad I didn’t turn this one down! I had so much fun playing with this hardware and I really love that extra look that it added to my pieces.

I made a paper bag mini album as well as a matching recipe box. I used various pieces of the hardware on each project. I especially loved the little nameplates. I added glossy accents to them to make them look more dimensional. I wanted to achieve an overall rustic look for these pieces to go with the hardware.

• • • • •

Is this not the most incredible mini album? WOW! My jaw is seriously hanging on my keyboard. Thanks again Emily for taking the time to share your talents with us.

Be sure to check out Emily’s blog for lots of further inspiration including a little more detail about today’s steal.

Hope you have a super craft-tastical sort of day!. That’s got to be a good one, right? :)

My Mind’s Eye Mini Album Project Kits

If you’re a reader of the ScrapbookSteals blog then you know how much I love mini. Everything mini is just too cute! Today’s Mini Album Project Kits by My Mind’s Eye takes mini to a whole new level! Not only do you get a heavy duty, chipboard mini album, but pre-cut papers to fit the pages, and a whole array of coordinating embellishments to make your mini album come together in a snap!

The hardest part of creating this project for today was deciding on which album to make. Pink or blue, blue or pink. Decisions, decisions! I finally settled on the Enlightened project kit since I’m crazy in love with shades of blues, browns and greens right now.

The My Mind’s Eye peeps have definitely got it together. While I have always loved the cute chipboard shaped albums, I have not always loved having to trim papers accordingly. The smart creators behind this gorgeous album have taken that burden away.  They’ve made it a breeze to customize an album to your desire by providing enough pre-cut papers to cover the fronts and backs of each chipboard page as well as some extras to use for mixing and matching it up! Add a bounty of coordinating chipboard embellishments with stickers that are cut to size, and flowers and trims and in just a few hours you can have your very own cherished keepsake to display on a shelf or even give to a friend or relative.

Now if you haven’t heard about what’s going on tonight, be sure to join us for the first ScrapbookSteals online crop of 2012! We always have the best of times with challenges and games and of course, lots of giveaways!

If you want to get a head start on the challenges, you can check them out here!

We will be starting the fun at 6PM with a chat hosted via U-Stream. You can refer to our Facebook page just after 6PM for a link to the fun! We will even be hosting a video chat tonight so you can meet some of the faces behind the fun at! Yikes! Guess I’d better get my hair looking decent. 😉

Have a great day and we hope to see you tonight!

Imaginisce Cupcake and Fashion Flowers | How To’sday

::sigh::  Flowers. I absolutely adore them. I love bouquets, wild flowers, flowers in my garden — I even have sort of a ridiculous obsession to mix flowers with my paper crafting. In fact I’ve even been known to add flowers to my boy scrapbook pages!

Today’s steal the Imaginisce Cupcake and Fashion Flowers make me swoon. Not only are their textures and patterns amazing, but the colors are vibrant and can really be the perfect finishing touch for so many things.

Now if you are not a frilly scrapper or haven’t had the guts to add a flower to a boy page, then today Charity Becker shows us just how much fun the Imaginisce flowers can be in her amazing tutorial.

• • • • •

Flowers and Prisms

I‘ve had this delightful antique mirror sitting around waiting to be altered for MUCH too long. It has lost enough of it’s silvering to reflect a cloudy image, but will still lend interest to a dark space. Flowers from Imaginisce sparked a sweet plan and the results were delightful.

The mirror I used was 22.5 inches by 14.5 inches. I added 5 nails to the frame, 1 at the center and the others at 4.5 inch segments from the center.

Flower Garlands

For the flower garlands you’ll need three packs of Imaginisce Cupcake Flowers; pink, neutral, and bright. Three colors of twine, +/- 53 inches long, and 20 or so acrylic prisms, assorted sizes.

First, remove the netting and “disco” blossoms from all three packs of Cupcake flowers. Sort them into colors and arrange into garlands. I used the following patterns:
Netting blossom: *
Disco Blossom: B
Prism: ^
Blue and yellow (net): ^B*^B*^*B*^*B^*B^   Tie one prism every 10 inches.
Pink and green (net): ^*^B*^*B^B*^*B^*^   Tie one prism every 9 inches.
White and pink (net): *B^*^*^B^*^B^*^*^B*  Tie the prisms at the following inch marks: 3-3-6-10-6-3-3

Using a contrasting color of twine, string the flowers and prisms in the patterns described, tying the prisms along the way. After the last prism is tied on, slide the blossoms along the twine till they hang evenly between the prisms.

Assume that the nails are numbered 1-5 from left to right. Loop the pink and green garland over nails 1, 2, 4, and 5. Loop the White and pink garland over nails 1, 3, and 5 in tight loops. Loop the Blue and yellow garland over nails 1,3, and 5 in large loose loops.

Title and Quote
You will need gems, 1 inch black alpha, ½ inch rub-on black letters, a transparency, and leopard print vellum or washi tape.
Cut the transparency to 6 ¼ inches wide by 7 ¾ inches long. Lay it on a cutting mat or other lined surface.

Place the first letter of the first line 1 ½ inches from the top edge. Place the first letter of the third line 3 ½ inches from the top edge. Place the first letter of the fifth line 5 ½ inches from the top edge. Complete the quote, one line at a time. Space lines 2 and 4 between the existing guide letters. Wrap the sides with washi tape or frame with ½ inch vellum. Adhere the title letters to the lower edge of the transparency. Embellish with gems. Adhere to the mirror.

Throw Pillow
My sweet little girl took one look at all my packs of flowers and in a flash she had one of her throw pillows in my lap and an assortment of flowers chosen for the center. This project is super simple, but now I have an absolutely delighted little girl!

Choose two large polka-dot flowers, two small polka-dot flowers, and one sheer. Grab a shiny button and length of twine from your stash and your ready to create smiles.

Stack the polka-dot flowers so that the petals off set each other. Stack the small polka-dot flowers onto the shear flower, and the shear onto the large polka-dot flowers. Stitch the button to the stacked flowers with one loop of twine and then take a second loop through the button and stitch the flowers to the center of the throw pillow. Tie the twine in a sweet bow and you’re finished.


Moms know they have our heart, but sometimes they need a reminder. The Imaginisce Bitty blossoms and Itty bitty blossoms combine to make a classy reminder.
For this project I altered a 7 inch square shadow box I picked up at my local dollar store. First I spray painted it white, then started stacking flowers. The arrangements are pictured below.

I joined them with a brass brad and adhered them to the shadow box with dimensional adhesive. For the title I attached three brown flowers to a 7inch piece of ribbon with brads. I placed 1 inch letters at their centers to spell out my title. At either end of the ribbon I placed the green and white flowers, then adhered the title to the center of the shadow box. For the sentiment I used tiny type, but centered the words on a strip of transparency before adding it to my project. Using the transparency made it easier to see exactly where I wanted my title before making it permanent.

• • • • •

W-O-W! Charity you are amazing! Thank you so much for being willing to create such an amazing tutorial for our How To’sday.

If you have an idea that you’d like to share or would be interested in being a guest blogger for, please send an email with your idea to

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow for the announcement of the winner of the We R Memory Keepers Cinch, and the first layout in our next Mid Week Mojo series.