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Fancy Pants Designs Chipboard Banner Sets | How To’sday

What party doesn’t need that little extra something? What home doesn’t need that little extra splash of decor? Well,  Fancy Pants Designs Chipboard Banner Sets are a great place to start! What’s not to love about a sturdy, high-quality chipboard banner that can be decorated to stand the test of time? Just think of the options! Birthday parties, baby showers, summer, 4th of July… Sheesh, I think I’d even like to create a fun Halloween themed banner!

Today we are thrilled to have Becci Manies, the banner queen herself, show us how to make a cute summer banner with today’s steal.

• • • • •

First, I gather a variety of products to place on the chipboard banner pieces, both large and small, hard and soft, flat and dimensional. I like to gather most of my products before I start my project, then I choose from the pile to create each banner piece.

I prepare the elements that I am going to use by inking, sanding, tying twine on or assembling die cuts as needed.

I like to layer everything on to the banner piece before adhering any of the layers together.

I like to curl pieces (as shown) to make the parts stand off of the banner piece and add dimension beacuase I don’t like everything to look flat.

I layer and tuck the elements together until the piece looks pretty full.

Here are all of my elements layered together on one banner piece.

I decided to ink the edges of the flower print scallop circle. Then I was happy with the banner piece and I started to glue the items together.

I use a mixture of foam adhesive, Tombo glue, and Zots glue dots to arrange the elements at different levels.

I prepared each letter by sanding the edges and tying a piece of twine around it.

After you arrange and layer each banner panel you string it together with a piece of ribbon and you have a completed banner!

• • • • •

Thank you so much Becci. Your banner is beautiful!

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Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow for a little Mid Week Mojo! :)

Doodlebug Designs Glitter Alphas

Sparkle. Shimmer. Glimmer. Bling. Don’t those simple words put a smile on your face? I personally don’t think this world can have enough bling! But if the thought of glitter doesn’t have your face grinning from ear to ear then just wait until you see what guest blogger Sarah Eclavea has done with today’s steal, the Doodlebug Designs Glitter Alphas. Clever, crafty, innovative, fresh, fun and DARLING if you ask me!

• • • • •

Hi everyone! I was so honored to be asked to guest blog here on Scrapbook Steals. Then to make things even better I found out I was going to be working with these Doodlebug Glitter Alphas. I thought I liked them when I saw them online, but I knew I loved them when I saw them in person! These are just too cute to stuff away in an album somewhere so I decided to put them on display for all to see. I created three pieces of wall art that are now hanging in my daughters’ bedrooms.

This first one is for my daughter Isabel’s room. I trimmed a piece of patterned paper to 8 x 10 inches focusing on the pattern and leaving room for her name. I layered some stickers and chipboard with foam tape and added some jewels and pearls. Super cute and super quick!

For this next one I trimmed four different patterned papers into 2 x 2 inch squares. I trimmed a piece of white cardstock to 8 x 10 inches and then adhered the squares to it. Add the glitter alphas and done!

Now I couldn’t leave my daughter Frances’ walls bare so here is one for her too. I trimmed a piece of patterend paper to 8 x 10 inches, layered and added the Doodlebug glitter alphas.

These three pieces took just one night and I have lots of letters left for all my other projects. Next up will be a N – Z wall hanging to match my A- M one above. And lots of scrapbook pages of course!

Thanks for letting me share these projects with you today!

• • • • •

Sarah, thank you! I’m soooo in love with your projects. I think my scrappy room needs a facelift and your wall art would be something fun to use as inspiration. Also be sure to stop by Sarah’s blog for a lot more inspiring ideas.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for our June Blog Hop here at ScrapbookSteals! You will die when you see what the artists have created. SO CUTE!

Have a perfect day!

Paper Weaving | How To’sday

Today’s How To’sday takes me back to my carefree days of childhood and paper weaving art projects in grade school. Today’ Venetia Holbrook shows us step by step how to integrate paper weaving into a stunning design idea for scrapbook pages.

• • • • •

I am so excited to get to share a How To’sday tutorial on ScrapbookSteals! Let’s weave some fun into a couple of layouts!

First Weave Idea–

  • Grab three pieces of cardstock. Two to weave and one to use as a base.

  • Cut the same size strips of your weaving cardstock. I did one inch, but any size works.
  • Gently tack down the very edge of a set of your strips, alternating the end you tack down.

  • Start to weave the other card stock over the tacked down piece and under the loose piece. Then alternate the over under and continue across the page. You need to tighten your weave as you go.

  • Once you’ve finished, tack down your loose ends and trim the edges if needed.

  • Cover the top edge with a border and design your page!

Second weave idea-

Every little kid has done this, but a redo is great for a hidden journaling element on a page.

  • First, cut two rectangles.

  • Next fold them in half and trim the edge to a half circle.

  • Cut even size strips from the bottom fold to just past the width of the paper when laid across at 90 degrees. I cheated an used a pattern paper with lines so I could free hand the cuts. I stacked my papers so the cuts would match.

  • This part is hard to explain. Think of the bands of paper as arms, and they’re giving bear hugs, (you know when someone grabs you around the arms and you can’t move?) alternate the bands around and through each other. As you go, it gets tighter, so be patient.

  • When you’re done, you should have a hear basket that you can punch or cut hearts into for a hidden journal pocket.

I hope you loved my weaving magic!

• • • • •

Venetia! What a brilliant tutorial. Such a fun and fresh idea to incorporate into scrapbooking! Thank you so much for sharing.

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Hexagon Album with Graphic 45 Botanicabella

Today we are not only treated to welcome Graphic 45 with today’s steal the Botanicabella and Staples Bundle but we are honored to have Charity Becker show us just how amazing this new addition to the ScrapbookSteals family is. And when I say amazing, I do mean amazing. Charity’s project is, simply put, to die for.

• • • • •

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved scrapbooking. Her favorite retailer, ScrapbookSteals, had the best deals and the most fabulous customer service. The only thing that could make this company better was product from Graphic 45. Then one day, this girl heard her dream was coming true. Graphic 45, Botanicabella was coming to Scrapbook Steals! Her fairy godmother wanted her to put something together to illustrate the magic and wonder of this amazing paper. The girl felt like she had just been given an invitation to the royal ball! She quickly answered yes and began scheming just what she could make to show off this spectacular product. This is what she came up with…

Don’t worry if you can’t see the details of this wall hanging. Just stop by my blog and your wish will be granted.

If these projects aren’t enough to convince you that buying this product is a fairytale in the making, just keep scrolling. I’ve included the instructions for how to make your very own Hexagon Album!!!

Self-Latching Hexagon Album

This album packs on the wow without stealing your hard earned time. Although this project looks complicated, don’t let it fool you. You can have it put together in short order.

  • Tools: paper trimmer, scissors, paper piercer (or large needle), ruler, ink or chalk for edge distressing.
  • For the album you will need the following supplies from the Graphic 45 Botanicabella Paper Pack: 4 sheets of 12×12 paper. From the Graphic 45 Staples accessories: 40 inches of canvas ribbon.
  • From your own stash you will need 32 small brads. You will also need hexagon templates from this blog post: Hexagon Happiness.

Step 1: Using the above mentioned templates cut 3 large hexagons, 2 medium hexagons, 2 small hexagons, and 2 x-small hexagons. Ink the edges of each hexagon.

Step 2: Divide the hexagons into two piles of x-small to large. Set the third hexagon by itself. Work with one pile of hexagons at a time. For the purpose of this project the top and bottom of the hexagon will be flat and the left and right sides will come to a point.

Step 3: Cut 8 pieces of 2 inch ribbon and 8 pieces of 3 inch ribbon. Melt the edges to stop fraying.

Step 4: Attach the x-small hexagon to the small hexagon using 2 inch ribbons and brads. Set the brads so that the first set of ribbon is closest to the left point of the hexagon. Use the same process to attach the small hexagon to the medium hexagon, again set the brads so that the first set of ribbons is closest to the point.

Step 5: Attach the medium hexagon to the large hexagon using 3 inch ribbons and brads. Set the brads so that the third set of ribbon is further from the point then the second set of ribbon.

Step 6: Follow steps 4 and 5 for the other pile of hexagons. Attach both large hexagons to the third large hexagon with 3 inch ribbons. Set the brads so that the fourth set of ribbons is further from the point then the third set of ribbons.

Step 7: To close the album arrange the hexagons from the left side in consecutive order, on top of the central hexagon.

Step 8: Repeat the process for the right side.

For the self-latching mechanism you will need the following supplies from the Graphic 45 Staples pack for each side of the album:

2 large buttons, 1 small button, 1 large flower, 1 medium flower, and 2 small flowers. For the leaves I traced the edge of a cat eye shaped Color Box chalk on to green paper. After cutting it out I inked the edges and cut it in half. I also used  6 small circle embellishments from the diecut page and 6 tiny circles punched with my hole punch.

Step 1: Begin with the hexagons on the left side of the album. Place one large button on either side of the far right point of the large hexagon, about 2.5 inches from the point. Place adhesive only at the edge of the large hexagon so that a pocket is created for the medium hexagon.

Step 2: Place one large flower at the tip of the point on the large hexagon, applying adhesive only to the edge. Adhere two leaves to the underside of the flower rather than to the hexagon itself. Top the flower with a small button. Add a small embellishment (the example is from the diecut page) to the center of the button.

Step 3: Adhere two small flowers on either side of the far right point of the small hexagon, about 1 inch from the point. Place the adhesive under the LEFT edge of the flowers so that a pocket is created for the large buttons. Place one medium flower at the tip of the point on the small hexagon, applying adhesive only to the LEFT edge of the flower.

Step 4: Adhere three leaves to the underside of the flowers rather than to the hexagon itself. Top the flowers with a tiny embellishment (the example is a circle from a hole punch)

Step 5: Adhere a 1/2 inch circle embellishment (the example is from the diecut page) 1.5 inches from the far left point. Apply adhesive only to the edge of the embellishment furthest from the point so that a pocket is created for the x-small hexagon.

Step 6: Slip the medium hexagon under the large buttons. Slip the edge of the small hexagon under the large buttons. Slide the x-small hexagon between the small circle embellishments.

This album goes together so quickly that it makes a fabulous hostess gift. Whip up several of these beauties and keep them on hand for last minute gifts. If you use a classic paper pack like Graphic 45’s Botanicabella you’ll never have to worry about matching someones style or color preferences.

• • • • •

And as if this amazing album was not enough WOW, check out these other projects that Charity made.

Charity, guess what girl — you are kind of like a fairy tale dream come true yourself! Your talents are stunning and you are sooooo truly gifted. Thanks for absolutely wowing us with this project! I can’t wait to try one out for myself.

I hope you have a lovely day everyone!

My Mind’s Eye Journaling Tags | May Blog Hop

That’s right everyone! It’s time to feed the crafty soul with another amazing Blog Hop! Pull up a chair and take a virtual journey to seven talented designers as they show some very unique and down right clever ways to use today’s steal, the My Mind’s Eye Journal Card Kit. Leave a comment at each blog and you increase your chances of winning a $20.00 gift code to nourish your crafty soul even further!

Here’s the skinny on how to play. Stop by each of the designers’ blogs making sure to leave a comment at each stop along the way. One lucky person leaving a comment on one of the 8 blogs (this includes this ScrapbookSteals blog posting), will receive a $20 gift code to use in the store! Not a bad reward for filling up the creative well.

So without further delay here’s the line up:

  1. ScrapbookSteals
  2. Becci Manies (GO HERE NEXT)
  3. Katrina Hunt
  4. Brett Quinton
  5. Chloe Salerno
  6. Erin Colby
  7. Deborah Johnson
  8. Michelle King

And now for some sneak peeks to whet the appetite as to what is in store!

Have fun hopping, and remember you have until Sunday at 11:59 PM MST to drool over the creations and to leave your comment. A winner will be selected and announced on Tuesday in our How To’sday blog posting.

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Happy hopping and good luck!

P.S. If you have interest in participating as a designer in an upcoming ScrapbookSteals Blog Hop, please send me an email to, with Blog Hop in the subject line. Have a lovely weekend. :)