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Happy Birthday to us! Scrapbook Steals is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

Wow.  Can you believe it?  Today we are ONE!  Yup!  It’s been 365 days now of bringing you delicious daily scrapbook deals at 9AM, and today is no exception.  In fact beginning today we are finally providing you, our valued customers, with something that you have been wanting for a very long time!  The ability to shop the archives!  I think I’m almost hyperventelating with excitement!!!!!!  Pass me a paper bag please!   So now if you are having regrets over missing that cute kit that was featured 3 weeks ago, that you really, really wanted but you just couldn’t steal it because your dog ate Aunt Betty’s wig and you needed to replace it instead….well now you have your chance to see if it’s still up for grabs!  SO. EXCITING!!!!

To celebrate the excitement, today’s topic of conversation is this….Tell us what you love about Scrapbook Steals.

Now get this…..another super exciting little tid bit!  The prize we are offering today is one mightily sought after product, and it can be yours for free simply by answering the question!  What might that product be?  Ohhhhhhh….I know you’re going to just LOVE it!  I guess I can’t really hide it for too long since I’m sure your eyeballs went directly to the photos.  We will be randomly giving away one of each of the We R Memory Keepers Corner Chompers!  I’m not a huge tool girl, but the Corner Chomper is definitely one tool that I will never live without!

Remember to post your answer to todays conversation on this post by 5PM MST on Friday, July 9th, for your chance to win!  We will be announcing all of the random winners from this week, live during our video chat on Friday night, so be sure not to miss!

Now let’s talk a little bit of scrapping fun. I have been having so much fun with the sketch challenges this week, that I couldn’t resist whipping up another one for you to use as a springboard to create with!  Here is your scrapbooking sketch challenge for today!

Be sure to post your layout to our Faceobook Fan page or on your blog with a link posted here,  by Monday, July 12 at Midnight for your chance to win a little scrappy goodness!

Now go eat some cake!  It’s time to celebrate!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Day Number THREE!

We are so loving this week long celebration!  Today we are very excited about our give away.  Echo Park Paper is a new Scrapbooking company that just burst onto the scene a few months ago.  Their fun and happy designs just make me squeal with delight.  Just for full disclosure’s sake, this new company was started by one of my favorite people, Madison Parker.  I have known him for years and have worked with him at more than one company.  He has done such a great job making sure Echo Park Paper’s designs are top notch.  So go check them out here on their facebook fan page, like them, then come back here and answer our question of the day:  How often do you get to scrapbook? You can win one of three kits of their new collection “Walk in the Park”

If I was to answer the question I would have to say NOT ENOUGH!  Most of my scrapbooking comes because I do it for work, which I love.  Or I end up just making mini albums for vacations or whatever.  I am so far behind in actually scrapbooking for my kids’ albums.  Remember you have until Friday at 5PM MST  to enter all of our “daily question” contests!  We will announce the winners of these during our online crop.

Check out today’s challenge sketch also.  Remember you have until Monday July 12th, at Midnight MST to post your creations to be entered into the challenge contests.

Still have your party hats on? Still have room for cake? We hope so!

Wow!  What an amazing response we had to our topic of conversation yesterday.  I must admit, my brain was a little fuzzy yesterday morning, and I forgot to mention that our ‘conversation’ random winners will be announced during our on-line crop on Friday night.  So you have until 5PM, MST on Friday to add your 2 cents to all of the daily questions for your chance to win one of the daily fabulous prizes!  Really.  Does it get any better than that?  A week long of giveaways?  Yeah.  I didn’t think so either!

Well, let’s not delay any further then!

How about a little question to get your minds whirling.  This is sort of a sticky subject, but we are going to ask it anyway!

What is your favorite adhesive and why?

Me?  Want to know the truth?  It’s whatever I can reach!  LOL!  If I have to go out and purchase adhesive however, I find myself time and time again reaching for the ‘Scrapbook Adhesives, Click ‘n Stick’ mounting squares by 3L  in the disposable dispenser box.  I prefer the clear ones because then if there is a little edge poking out from beneath my project you can’t tell.  However, for ‘stick’ purposes, the We R Memory Keepers Tab Dispensers are my favorite.  I guess I tend to be a bit of a lazy gal though, and don’t always want to be bothered with having to refill a dispenser.  Cause let’s face it…when you gotta stick, you gotta stick!

Share your thoughts with us by 5PM MST on Friday the 9th of July, and you will be entered into a drawing to win this fantastic tool tote!

Okay, so you didn’t have enough scrapping with yesterday’s challenge?  Well then…..SKETCH THIS!  I admit it.  I HAVE to sketch.  I can’t just sit down with paper and my trimmer and create.  I have to have a plan in place, or let’s face it….one layout will easily take me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, 4 hours.  Yeah.  I’m not kidding either.  Sad isn’t it?

I don’t know if you ever need that plan put in place, but I have done the hard work for you and here is the blueprint!  Use this sketch to create a layout about whatever strikes your fancy!

I admit I’m a bit of a flower addict, so if you don’t want a flower where it’s shown, simply adapt it to another embellishment of your choice!

Share your layout on our Facebook Fan page, and leave a comment here on today’s post, or share your layout on your blog with a link here on today’s post, and we will put you in a drawing for some scrappy goodness!  Remember the layouts need to be posted by Midnight, July 12th to be eligible for the drawing!

Now go get yourself a dish of ice cream and get scrapping!

Grab your party hat’s girls! It’s gonna be a week long birthday bash!

Can you believe it?  It’s Scrapbook Steals BIRTHDAY…this week, and to celebrate we are throwing a week long birthday bash!  Every day we will be holding a simple discussion here on or blog.  All you need to do is comment to be eligible for a fantastic prize!  Feel like scrapping?  Well, we have a challenge for you!  All layouts posted for each challenge, by Monday, July 12th, somewhere on line….be it on our Facebook Fan page, or on your own personal blog, with a link or comment provided on each daily challenge, will also be entered into a random drawing for a little scrappy blog candy!

So what do you say?  Should we get this party started?  :) All right then….PASS ME SOME CAKE

Today we will be giving away one of THREE fantastic My Minds Eye project kits to a random winner that answers this question….

Where do you craft?

I’m a spoiled girl.  I have a room dedicated solely to my scrapping addiction, but somehow it’s been taken over by loads of steals and also my kids.  I really need to get in there and give it a good purge so that I can enjoy my little piece of heaven in my home.  How about you?   Where do you craft?

Scrapbook challenge:

We Americans and Canadians alike have both recently celebrated a holiday for our Nation.  (In fact, we are celebrating today!).  Create a layout using photos that you took during this years events and create a layout.  Share your layout on our Facebook Fan page, and leave a comment here on today’s post, or share your layout on your blog with a link here on today’s post, and we will put you in a drawing for some scrappy goodness!  Remember the layouts need to be posted by Midnight, July 12th to be eligible for the drawing!

So there you have it!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Oh, Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all thy sons command.

Ok, you really don’t want me singing!  We so love our friends and fans from up North.  It has been awesome to see all of your photos of celebrating Canada Day!  Makes me realize I am a bit lazy in celebrating the 4th of July here!  I did, however celebrate Canada Day by eating some of my favorite Chocolate (sent by wonderful fans! – not that this is a hint or anything) I did have a tough time hiding them from my kids so I had to share.

We couldn’t choose favorite pictures, we loved them all!  So we randomly chose a few.

Geraldine Banh
and her awesome Manicure!

Victoria Kane
and what looks like your little one’s first Canada Day

Erin Sholdice-Payne
with the mittens photo.  How cool you got to go to the Olympics!

Congrats to our random winners!  Send us a quick email to with your address and we will send you a little scrapbook love!

Now off to celebrate the 4th of July here, I need to get some gear for the kiddos to try to compete with all the fun you have up in the Artic Tundra!  LOL