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Guest Designer Teresa Collins!

We would like to welcome Teresa Collins to the Scrapbooksteals family!  For those of you who have been around the scrapbook industry for a while, you have probably seen the wonderful products Teresa has designed for other companies.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I was when I found out that she has ventured out on her own to start her own company with her own unique designs.  She is a passionate designer that strives to create and design craft and scrapbook products with timeless style and chic appeal.  She loves to document life in an artistic way.  You can see her love for journaling in her products.  Journaling is such an important part of documenting our lives, I just love that Teresa’s products make it so easy!

We are so lucky to be able to feature some of her new project kits today.  For anyone that wants to document the early days of someone’s life, this is the perfect kit!

Make sure to also check out Teresa’s blog here for TONS of great inspiration!

Happy Scrappin’!

Crafting with Kristy!

Hello my crafty friends! Wow!  I feel like it’s been an age since I’ve had the opportunity to create anything for you!  When Melodee asked me to whip up today’s steal in a blog post I was pretty excited.  Not only because it’s something completely out of my norm, but it’s stinkin’ cute!

I’m so not much of a home décor crafter, as so many others out there.  In fact I pretty much stink at the whole home decorating thing.  So often I feel like I just don’t have the space for little crafty knick knacks and that is precisely why I love the decorative block kits by My Minds Eye.  Not only do you get step by step instructions but a cute decoration that has not only one option to spruce up your home, but SIX!  Get tired of one design…simple…flip the blocks and you’ve got a whole new look to spice up a shelf or dresser or anywhere else you’ve got a smidgen of space that wants to look cute!

Now I know working with decoupage can be a little intimidating so I thought I’d do a little step by step for you, so you can see exactly how easy it is!

You’ll notice that the MME block kits each come with the blocks, papers, sandpaper, a foam brush and decoupage glue.  I guess old habits die hard, because I preferred to use my big bottle of Mod Podge Matte finish glue, as I’m familiar with how it handles and I like the final look.  Plus the ease of being able to dip my brush into the bottle was a big plus for me!

The first step in completing your blocks are to sand down all of the rough edges.  I am perhaps a little anal and actually sanded down the blocks completely.  Just be sure to take extra care when sanding the cut ends of the wood…this helps seal off the porous areas so that the glue is more effective.  Oh and another fun part of sanding is I have to say the smell of whatever wood the MME blocks are made out of is really quite pleasing.

Once you have the blocks all sanded the next step is to organize your blocks 3×3.  You’ll then want to take a pencil and letter and number each block left to right and top to bottom.  So the first block will be 1A, 2A, 3A….

Once you have the top face of each block numbered rotate all of the blocks in the same direction and begin lettering them and numbering them again.  This time it will be 2A, 2B, 2C….  Keep doing this process until each block is numbered A-F.  This is a pretty important step as it will help you make sure that the correct papers are going on the correct blocks in the correct places as well as in the correct direction.

The next step is to cut the paper of choice into 9 squares.  It’s best to choose just one pattern at a time while doing this so that you don’t have so much to keep track of.  An added bonus is that the kit actually comes with a template so if you wanted to choose different papers or even add a photo it would be easy peasy!

Now we start the gluing process.  Simply take the foam brush and either dip it in glue or if you are using the kit glue, squirt a little amount onto the block and use the foam brush to apply it to the surface evenly.

Next take the correct square of paper and firmly press onto the top of the block.  Take care to push out any air bubbles that may be hiding!

The next step that I did certainly isn’t a required step, but I really love adding ink to my projects.  I like the dimension and character that adding a little ink to the edges of things brings to a project.  My very favorite ink pads for this purpose are the Colorbox Fluid Chalk ink pads.  Perhaps I shouldn’t admit the fact that I own every color!  Yes.  That’s how much I love them!  The color that I used on this project is the ‘Chestnut Roan’.  Worked great with the color scheme of everything!

Now the next step isn’t entirely mandatory either, but another that I’d highly suggest.  I like to seal my projects by adding a top coat of glue.  In fact I have to say that I’m VERY glad I did this on this very project!  I wasn’t quite finished completing the blocks and walked into my crafting studio to find that my son had taken a ball point pen to one of the blocks and drawn all over the entire thing.  Luckily for me, the top coat of Mod Podge made quite a fabulous sealant on the block and I was able to more or less wipe away almost all of the ink.  Had the top coat of not been there, I’d have been a pretty grumpy momma with a project that was ruined!

Once you’ve completed the same process for all sides of the cubes, you’ve got yourself a darling project to add a little flair to your home!

I really cannot say enough about how fun this project was to make.  I loved that I could be crafty and didn’t have to put a lot of thinking power into it!

Until next time my crafty friends……

Happy scrappin’ to you all!

Welcome Guest Designer Kristine McKay!

Hello everyone!!I am so excited to bring you today’s guest designer!  I just had to be the one to introduce her. I have had the pleasure of working with her on and off for the past 3 or so years in the Scrapbooking Industry. I must say that whenever I need to do a project, I totally steal ideas from her!

Let me introduce you to -  Kristine McKay! She is one talented Chick! She has the uncanny ability to make something beautiful out of nothing! Check her website our here and you will be convinced!

A little about Kristine, in her own words:

My passion for paper crafting began when I was a little girl growing up in Blackfoot, Idaho. I remember designing stationary sets and trying to sell them to the other neighborhood children, as well as making mini albums (before I knew what a mini-album was) out of my mom’s old gum wrappers. My love of paper and design drew me into the scrapbooking industry. I’ve worked with companies such as DCWV, All My Memories, Lasting Impressions, Three Bugs in a Rug, and We are Memory Keepers. I’ve had the opportunity to develop  products for both QVC and the Home Shopping Network. I’ve also had my work featured in various publications and idea books. I believe that scrapbooking is about more than simply placing a sticker on your child’s soccer photo. It is a form of artist expression, using paper as the medium and memories as the inspiration. I strive to bring practical products and ideas to the industry that save both time and money. Currently I am a contributor on KSL studio Five and you can catch my segments several times a month. I currently reside in Spanish Fork, Utah with my husband of Dan and our three children Tanner, Kelsey, and Cameron.

Now if you ask me, Kristine is very humble about her talents. She has been at the FOREFRONT of design and product development in this industry for years and years. Now she is the “crafty contributor” to the local magazine news show. You can see all of her projects on her website. She also offers free instructions and downloads through her website.  Truth be told, I do personally LOVE her, so this may sound a bit biased, but I really think she has done more to inspire craftiness in everyone than almost anyone else in the industry! You will never be short of inspiration if you follow her!

Check out the project images of the items she made using today’s steal and be sure to check out her website for more details. THANKS KRISTINE for joining us here on!

Tell us what you think of Kristine’s work with today’s steal!

Welcome Guest Designer Wendy Price!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be bringing you another fabulous guest designer! I have to be honest that I am in complete awe of the talents of our guest today.

Let me introduce to you Wendy Price! Wendy has more stamping talent in one of her little toes than I possess in my entire body!  It has been so much fun to see her use of today’s steal, the Fancy Pants 6×6 stamp sets.

I asked Wendy to share a little bit about herself and she first told me that she really was tempted to write,  “I’m just your boring-old mom who sneaks into her room to stamp in between stirring dinner on the stove.” LOL!  Well at least we know that she has priorities, and as far as boring goes…I’m not buying that.  Wendy lives in (snow covered, LOL!!!) New Jersey with her husband and kids. She has been stamping and scrapping for over six years now. She’s  tried a number of crafts over the years; woodburning, stained glass, embroidery, and drawing!  She finds that nothing has filled her creative soul quite like papercrafting has. She loves being able to bring all those hobbies into her cards and layouts.
She currently designs for Paper Craft Planet, CreativeXpress and Lizzie Anne Design Stamps. Through the years she has had work published in publications such as PaperCraft Mag, CARDS, Simply Handmade and Scrapbook Trends.

Now lets dive into her projects!  Like I said, I truly am enamored with people that possess such a talent with stamping!  SO exciting to see what she’s done!

I <3 this card.  Seriously, what is not to love about it.  I love the wing stamps from the Fun & Free set.  The little splash of ribbon ties everything in so  perfectly.

What about this card?  Again….simply amazing!  Here Wendy has used stamps from the Brushed Designs set.  I love the color combo on this card and the little flowers are absolutely precious.  I bet you are asking yourself “how did she do that”, cause I know I certainly did…if you want to know the answer, check out Wendy’s blog where she will give a little more info on the how to’s!

Here are two more cards that she made featuring stamps from the Brushed Designs set as well as the Little Star set.

Now if that weren’t amazing enough look how Wendy has incorporated stamping onto layouts.  True genius I tell ya…true genius!

I think this layout, ‘Pine Barrens’, has got to be one of the most stunning layouts I have ever seen which incorporates stamping as a main part of the design.  I love her use of the Little Star set to create the leaves, birdy and flowers.  It just goes to show that if you’ve got a good set of stamps all you need is a little paper and you can create a masterpiece!  No other embellishments involved!  AMAZING!

Finally, Wendy has incorporated stamps from the Fun & Free set as well as from the Little Star set to create this layout.  Again, not much more to the layout than paper and stamps, yet this layout is so striking.

I just *knew* that Wendy was the perfect one to ask to play with stamps….wouldn’t you agree?

Thank you again Wendy!  Oh and if you think about it, could you please pass a little stamping know how my way.  :)

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