How To’sDay – Altered Paint Cans by Julie Koets

How To’sDay – Altered Paint Cans by Julie Koets

I’m so excited about How To’s Day!  I love all of the creative ideas that we can share if we put our heads together collectively.  I’m sure you will love today’s How To just as much as I do!  Thank you Julie Koets for providing us with such an amazing, step by step project!

Who wants to give another gift in a boring old gift bag? One way to guarantee that an exciting (or ordinary, or even a boring) gift is well received is to wow the recipient with a super cute personalized gift can, made with scrapbooking supplies! Here’s a look at the finished product, with step by step details to follow:

Just get a clean, unused gallon paint can and some of your favorite scrapbooking papers, trims, and mod-podge! I’ve found the cans in hardware stores (at the major home improvement chains, and my local neighborhood hardware store for about half the price!) You’ll also need approximately two 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper and a 5-6 inch circle of paper for the lid.

I measured my can and cut my paper to fit. You’ll need two strips approximately 4″ x 10.25″ to go around the bottom of the can, and two strips 3.5″ x 10.25″ for the top of the can. Working around the handle is the tricky part. After lots of trial and error, I found that it’s easiest to use a 1″ circle punch to make a cut out for the handle (approximately 1.5″ from the top of the strip. Before I had a circle punch, I actually traced my half circles using the lid of a water bottle and cut them by hand.

Next cut a circle approximately 5.25″ in diameter to fit the lid. I recommend doing all of the cutting before you start adhering pieces, and do a “dry fit” to make sure they’re right before you bust out the mod-podge. Using a foam brush, coat one section of the can with a thin layer of mod-podge (the kind with matte finish, not glossy) making sure not to goop too much on (or you’ll wind up with bubbles under your paper)

Coat the backside of your paper with a thin layer of mod-podge and stick it on the can, lining up the paper with the bottom of the can, smoothing out air bubbles as you go and using a towel to wipe off any mod-podge that oozes around the edges.

Do the same thing for the top half of the can, fitting your half circle cuts around the handle. Keep smoothing out air bubbles as the papers dry, and wipe away mod-podge that oozes at the seams. Hint: Those sneaky little air bubbles are less noticeable when you use a patterned paper and less likely if you use cardstock than with regular weight paper. (Also, don’t fret if you do have a few bubbles initially, as they tend to deflate as the ModPodge dries.)

Glue the paper to the can lid the same way, smooth away the bubbles, and embellish the lid anyway you like. This is a great place to add personalization, die cuts, etc.

Break out your favorite trims to hide the seams around the middle of the can. You can use just about anything for this step. I’ve used ric-rac, ribbon, or just another strip of patterned paper. If your trim is a heavy one (like my sequined fabric) it’s best to use a hot glue gun or super sticky adhesive.

If your trim doesn’t quite go all the way around your can, you can add another embellishment in the center to hide gaps or seams.

Start tying ribbon onto the handle, using as little or as much as you want. You can skip the ribbon all together if you’re doing a masculine can, or try wrapping the handle with rope, leather, or anything. Some cans have handles that can be removed, making it possible to slide beads on the handle instead.

Don’t forget to ask for a “paint can key” when you purchase your can. I’ve been able to get them for free most of the time. Tie some ribbon to the key and tie it to the handle of the can so it can be used to open the gift.

You can also use leftover paper to make a gift tag to tie to the other side of the can.

Now your project is complete and ready to be stuffed with just about anything and given away (or kept for yourself to organize your crafty space)! By the time the recipient gets done oohing and aaahhhing over the can, they really won’t care what’s even inside. And this is one gift bag that won’t be thrown away or “regifted”.

The possibilities are truly endless with a project like this. The cans can be themed for kids, sports, hobbies (fishing, golf, gardening), baby, teachers, etc. and used for all sorts of things. How fun to fill with homemade baked goods, teacher supplies, scrapbook goodies, kitchen gadgets or mixes! They are even good for a bachlorette party or wedding gifts and can be used later to store keepsakes and momentos from the big day.

Julie, THANK YOU for sharing your amazing paint can with us.  You definitely got my mind spinning and I thought how fun it would be to make them and fill them with Valentine sugar cookies and go doorbell ditching the neighbors and leave them not only a wonderful treat, but a fun decoration for the home!

If you’d like to check out more of Julie’s amazing creations, be sure to check out her blog, where you can find all sorts of fun and crafty projects.

Also if you have a fun ‘how to’ which can truly be anything your heart desires, don’t be shy to email it to me at  We would truly LOVE to give you a day in the spotlight and also help share those great ideas with others.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Mid Week Mojo!

Scrap happy!  :)

Send Joy Cosmo Cricket Style – MCM #17

Send Joy Cosmo Cricket Style – MCM #17

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your weekend was well and filled with craftiness!  I have been absolutely blown away by our Facebook Fan page and all of the wonderful creations that you all are sharing!  In fact, I sat down on Saturday night to take a little stroll through the gallery of photos and couldn’t help but want to create myself.  I was delighted to find out that I’d be working with Today’s Steal, the Cosmo Cricket Mini Deck Creative Kits.

I LOVE these collections by Cosmo Cricket.   I don’t know if it’s the fact that the 6×6 pads are all mini print or if it’s the great colors or fun chipboard, but I do know that they are brilliantly fun to work with….especially for creating cards.

Generally I will make a card…or two, but I was having so much fun making cards with the Cosmo Cricket collections that I had to make two for EACH collection!

I wandered through my Silhouette card designs and settled on a basic sketch for this weeks MCM, with a pocket on the front and a pull out tag, which should be easy to duplicate even without a die cutting machine.

I love how versatile a card like this can be.  In fact this type of card you could leave blank or you could add a sentiment to the pocket or tag as the need arises.

If there is any one of these Cosmo Cricket collections that screams spring to me it’s the DeLovely papers.  It gives me hope that the world *will* warm up!

The chipboard that comes with the DeLovely collection are beyond cute.  Look at what a fun and simple card I made using some of the chipboard pieces.

The Material Girl Mini Deck and Chipboard pieces were equally delightful to create with.  The mix of patterns and prints are truly inspiring!

The last collection offered today is the ‘Wanted’ Mini Deck and Chipboard pieces.  I didn’t do a card using the sketch for this week as I didn’t see that it really fit the papers and theme of this kit.  Good news is that these papers, just like the other collections made for some incredibly simple and fun cards!

My little guys were never into the whole ‘Cowboy’ theme, but using these papers sure makes me wish that they had been!  At least I will be able to send along these cards to some little Cowboy to brighten his day!

So how has the challenge of sending out cards gone for you!  Leave a comment to let us know how it’s going!  Just think of the joy that you can bring to someones day!

Also, don’t forget to post your creations to our Facebook Fan Page!  It’s got to be one of the best sources of creative inspiration on the Facebook planet….all thanks to YOU!  Post a link to your project here and you will be eligible for our monthly drawing.

Oh and make sure you check in tomorrow for our How To’sDay, brought to you by Julie Koets!

As for today!  Enjoy your Monday and scrap happy!

Fancy Pants Multi-Media album is a FANTASTIC album for Multi-Friends! :)

Fancy Pants Multi-Media album is a FANTASTIC album for Multi-Friends!  :)

I.  Love.  Today’s.  Steal.  In fact, LOVE may be a wee bit of an understatement as to how I feel about the Fancy Pants Multi Media Mini Album. I remember the first time I saw it was when Dan, the Fancy Pants Man was hanging out with us at a local crop.  I begged Melodee to try and arrange for us to have it as a steal.  I had to squeal just a little bit when I realized I would get to work one up for a Friday blog post.  As I sat thinking about what I wanted to create, it dawned on me how fun it would be to introduce you to or remind you all of how much fun a circle journal is to create, and honestly the Fancy Pants Multi Media Mini Album could not be a cuter album to work with!  The variety of textures and mediums definitely makes for a creative canvas!

So what is a circle journal you ask.  More or less it’s a traveling mini-album which is collectively created between a certain number of friends.  Here’s the jist of how it works….

Each person in a ‘circle’ creates the cover, sign in page, and theme page of what their mini album is about.  Usually these albums are somewhat ‘All About Me’ based, after all it’s a great chance for long distance friends to get to know each other a little better!  After creating the cover, sign in page and theme page, the album is packaged up and sent in the mail to the next person in the circle.  That person then creates the next page in the album, interpreting the theme how they wish and then they send it along to the next person in the circle.  The process is repeated until the album ends up returning to the original owner completed!

I decided to do a ‘thankful’ theme for my circle journal and talked a little bit about one of my not so obvious blessings, which is the blessing of having ‘scrappy sisters’ in my life.  Not having been blessed with a sister of my own it’s so nice to know that I have many ‘sisters’, although not biological, which fill that hole!

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love the cover of this album.  I love working with see through media, and love that I was able to use my Silhouette and cut out vinyl to put on the front and backsides of the cover and have it show on both sides.  :)

The felt pages were my favorite so I created my theme page on one of them.

I made my *sign in tags* out of little hearts that I attached to the jump ring.  As each participant in the circle journal receives the album, they can sign one of the hearts and decorate it if they desire!

I can’t wait to see how the rest of the pages in my album turn out, and how the different forms of media are interpreted!

Well, you know me…sometimes I can’t seem to help myself and want to show lots of great examples of how to do something, so I asked around and found some willing participants to show their interpretations of a circle journal.  In fact, I even got Melodee to FINALLY create something for us.  There was no blackmail involved in the creation of this album.

Melodee took a great approach to a theme in ‘journey’.

I was even able to convince some of our Facebook Friends to create an album to show you how many different varieties a circle journal can take on.

Heather Conklin

Melissa Dehne

Jana Paddington

Brenda Smith

Chloe Salerno

Aren’t they positively fabulous?!?!

I don’t know about these girls but I’m excited to think about the adventures that my album will take on, wherever it may end up going, and what a thrill it will be to see it return completed!

Thank you girls for being willing to share your talents with us to give us ideas!

So now you’re thinking this sounds fun and that you’d like to participate in a circle journal?  Check out our Circle Journal Discussion on Facebook and add your input to creating a group!  And while you’re at it….pick up one of today’s steals to use to create your circle journal!  :)  You wont be disappointed!

Doodlebug Baby – MWM #26

Doodlebug Baby – MWM #26

Oh my word!  Can you believe it?  Week #26?  We are officially half way through one year of Mid Week Mojos!  What a great ride it has been.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve loved every minute of it!  I also loved working with today’s steal, the Doodlebug Designs, Baby Extravaganza. I think Melodee must have some sort of 6th sense about what would be perfect for me to create a Mid Week Mojo with, as just last week I was able to do a newborn photo shoot for a dear friend, and thought it would be great to use her photos and surprise her with a layout!

Honestly if there is one product on the planet that says baby to me, it’s Doodlebug Designs.  I love how their prints are subtle,  and compliment the newness of a baby so perfectly!  I also have to give a huge shout out for the kits that are being sold today as they come with step by step instructions to complete three layouts AND various cards and tags!  It just doesn’t get better than that!

However, I did stray from the sketches provided as I wanted to showcase the sweet little baby parts of little Mr. Connor. I needed a sketch that included a full sized photo of him as well as 3 smaller accent photos.

I love how the layout turned out.

My favorite ribbon on the planet has to be Doodlebug.  I love how it coordinates so nicely with their papers and is so easy to work with.

Of course the ‘Oh My Words’ are too stinkin’ cute, so I couldn’t pass up using them either.

I hope you like your layout Brooke!  Thanks again for letting me love on little Mr. Connor and take his photos.  Mwah!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with, for sketch #25.  I absolutely LOVED looking at last weeks sketches that were posted on our Facebook Fan Page.  Random.Org loved them too, and selected this layout by Karisse Laellau as our weekly winner!  I love Karisse’s layout and how she managed to add a bunch of little photos to the right hand page.  Way to work the sketch!!!

Congrats Karisse.  Be sure to send your address to us at and we will get a little scrappy goodness sent your way.  <3

Hope you all have incredible crafty vibes flowing this week.  Be sure to post your pages to our Facebook Fan Page or blog by next Monday at midnight in order to be eligible for our weekly drawing.  Also be sure to spread the word!  There’s nothing better than inviting new scrappy friends to join our happy family.  The more inspiration, the better!

Have a great day and I will see you on Friday with a fun idea for a fun product!

Welcome to ‘How-To’sday’

Okay, I know….kind of a silly name, and my husband thought it was flat out cheesy, but hey….we’re scrappers, right?  We like those cheesy kinds of things!  (Well, I’m going to continue to tell myself that I think it’s pretty clever.  😉 )

Last week I asked what you wanted, and I’m going to do my best to deliver.  Each Tuesday (or most of them anyway), from hereon out will be our ‘how to’ day.  Thus the ‘How-To’sday’ is born!

Now you may be asking yourself how on earth will I find time to get it all done?  Well I’m going to be honest and tell you that by myself, I don’t think I can!  However, I really want to give you all the best how-to, go-to, inspirational, motivating, creatively filled blog on the planet, and I figure that I’m one measly person and I have such limited knowledge and ideas that I may as call in the backups (YOU) and if we put our heads together, we can make How-To’s day fun and informative, fresh and unique!  What can be better than that?….a go to place with ideas and reference from some of the craftiest brains on the planet that I know!

Here’s what I think we’d all love to see:

* Tips and Tricks; ie: Misty’s amazing tip with Versamark ink in stamping on last Friday’s blog! <3

* Technique

* Design

* Video

* The most simple of basics to more challenging ideas

* (insert your great idea here!)

Sometime last October, I was browsing through our wonderful Facebook Fan Page which always absolutely amazes me and inspires me, and I came across an awesome layout by Judy Stech.

I was absolutely in love with her layout and the flower embellishments and asked her if she would send directions that I could one day feature on the blog.  I’m so happy to have her ‘how to’ as our introductory ‘How To’sday blog post!!

I love adding flowers to layouts, but sometimes flowers from my flower stash don’t quite match the papers I am using in a layout.  Luckily, I always have plenty of scraps and can make paper flowers for my layouts.

You need:

  • 3 paper circles – varying in size (2 inch, 1.5 inch, 1 inch)  I usually hand cut with no guide.
  • A brad
  • A wet paper towel or a spray bottle with water

1.        Gently wet one of the paper circles using the paper towel or a quick spritz from the bottler.  The paper should not be soaking wet; otherwise, the paper will tear.  (Trust me; I’ve torn quite a few).

2.       Crumple the wet paper circle into a small ball.

3.       Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the other two circles.

4.       Carefully, un-crumple each circle.

5.       Layer circles smallest to largest, top to bottom.

6.       Poke the brad through the three layered circles.

7.       Now you can add more texture by tucking the edges under or crumpling the layers more.  Give it some character!

8.       Let the flower dry.  I usually let them dry overnight.  These flowers are really stiff once they dry.  Perfect for adding chalk or ink to the crevasses or edges.

9.       Add to page.

I also like using these flower techniques found in this blog post on Miss Fancy Pants’ blog.

Thank you Judy for sharing your amazing ‘How To’ with us.

If you would like to see your idea featured on our ‘How To’sday’ post, don’t be shy to send in your ideas!  You can submit your step by step with photos if possible to  Please include “How To’sday” in the subject line.  We’d love to feature you and your amazing ideas!

Let’s put our heads together and share our ideas!  I can’t wait to learn from you and I hope that I will also be able to help inspire you!

If you have a chance to use Judy’s technique, be sure to share with us!  We’d love a comment or a link here on the blog letting us know how it turned out.

Hope you have a very happy To’sday!