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Mid Week Mojo #8…..with a twist of lime! (Or maybe it’s lemon? Sheesh…might even be orange!)

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday again.  This brings such warm fuzzies to my heart, cause it means that it’s time to get our scrappy on and we get to see all of your amazing creations!  This week some of you know that Melodee, my better half at Scrapbook Steals, is on vacay!  I didn’t know how busy this week would be so I thought I’d turn to some back up help to provide this weeks sketch.  When I saw that today’s steal was the My Mind Eye Li’l Robots, I knew exactly who to call….our very own fantastic fan, Lisa Mack.

I have been dying to get my hands on Lil Robots since it was first released!  And what better way to use it than for a Mid-Week Mojo here at Scrapbook Steals?  Even more special, this is the first official page I have scrapbooked for my new little baby.  Are these little robots not the most darling little things you ever saw? Well, according to me, so is my little baby boy, so those two went together quite nicely!

For the sketch, I wanted to keep it simple with the one photo, and add in a few creative elements to allow you to show your own style as well! In my sketch outline, I used stars as the little embellishments, but on my layout I used a variety of the darling chipboard elements and brads that came with todays kit. However, wouldn’t it be darling to use butterflies, flowers, airplanes, or buzzy bees there as well?  I just might use this sketch again and participate in Mid Week Mojo myself (um, is that allowed?? lol).
I’m so glad I got to pitch in this week, and want to publicly thank Kristy and Melodee for allowing me the opportunity!  Now go create, ladies! I’m desperately excited to see what you come up with! :)

Thank you Lisa for doing such an amazing job with this weeks sketch!  I can’t wait to sit down and create for myself!

Now then…on to the other exciting Mid Week Mojo business….our random winner for Sketch #8 is Glenda Benson!

I positively love everything about this page, right down to the photos, the title and the cute little froggies!
Remember you have until next Monday, at midnight to post your creation to our Facebook Fan Page using Lisa’s awesome sketch.  Also lets use that share button!  If we can hit 100 shares by next week we will select TWO random winners!

As always, happy scrappin’!

7 Gypsies Mini Album Creation Kit?……..More like 7 gajillion options for creating!

Oh!  My!  Wow!  Yup girls.  That’s precisely how I feel about TODAY’S STEAL, the 7 Gypsies Mini Album Creation Kit.  You know, I have the *best* job ever.  Truly.  I do!  :-)  When Melodee brought me the 7G’s kit to photograph, I begged her to save it for a Friday so I could make a blog post showing only an ounce of the potential that this kit has.  I’m just wishing for more time in a day, cause I certainly have loads of other ideas to put to creation!

I have to tell you, I have *never* made an acrylic album before.  Quite frankly I was a little scared, but wanted to make one so that I could ease the worries of anyone that hasn’t made one before.  And do you know what?  It really wasn’t that hard to do!  Just a little envisioning what you want the final product to look like and you’re well on your way.

The beauty of an acrylic album is that you can see through the pages, which makes it so much fun for a display.  I decided that I would make a little mini-album for baby Owen, one of our wonderful Facebook Fans newest addition!  ( I hope Jana likes it!)  I printed out the photos to the appropriate size then worked from the back page to the front page, layering the photos and elements so that I would be happy with what I would see from the front when the album was all put together.

One thing to keep in mind while creating an acrylic album is that adhesive will show if you are sticking something down on one side of the page, and don’t have plans for anything on the other side.  So it ends up being a great idea to mirror photos or papers from one side of the page to the other.

Another delish addition to acrylic pages are RUBONS!  No adhesive mess to cover up and shows through to the other side!

I haven’t made a chipboard album in positively years.  In fact, I have never made an accordion style one so this was super fun for me.  I was inspired by the example on the back of the packaging and thought it would be fun to put a letter on each page, spelling out a word.  I am the photographer for my girls’ marching band (hooray band geeks!!!), and have soooooooooooooo many photos.  I thought it would be fun to work with some of my favorite photos from this season so far and try as I might, I couldn’t come up with a 6 letter word, so thankfully I found a flourish to finish off the final page!

I thought it would make a fun little keepsake to have the bandlets sign the back of the album to turn it into sort of an autograph book.

This would make such a great idea for a baby shower gift as well.  You could pre-make the album, leave spots for photos taken at the shower, then invite all of the guests to write pieces of advice on the back of the pages!

Now you may have noticed that today’s kit comes with a TON of jump rings.

Not only are they great for binding together albums, but I *love* them for organizing my scrapbooking supplies.  I went to IKEA and bought some truly inexpensive towel racks in the kitchen section, along with the hanging hooks.  I like to organize my supplies by ‘category’, so I put everything similar on a ring, then hang them from the hook!   I often crop away from home, and like the ease of grabbing the full ring of supplies, rather than having to unclip and re-clip something individually.

This method makes it super easy to flip through similar items and then hang them back up for easy reach!

Today’s kit also comes with a bunch of envelope pockets.  I truly wish I would have had more time to use them as I had ideas for, but I was able to make a card which you could easily include a gift card in the pocket.

Other great ideas to use envelope pockets are:

* Pocket Mini Album

* Journaling pocket on layout (I even have one sketched out!)

* Pocket to hold extra photos on a layout (Would be great for Christmas photos, for those so-so shots that you don’t want to scrap!)

* Create a ‘memory’ game for kids

Truly, the ideas are endless!

Thank you 7 Gypsies for such a fun kit to work with!

Enjoy, and happy scrappin’!

Mid-Week Mojo #7

Are you ready for this weeks sketch?  I know I’ve said it like a gazillion times before (yeah….I know…that’s a lot), but I LOOOOOOOOOOVE how much fun you girls are having with the sketches each week!  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE looking on the Facebook Fan Page and seeing all of your inspiring creations.  More than once I’ve let out a gasp, (in a good way), or a giggle, or an ooooooh and ahhhhhhh, and my kids tell me that I must be looking at layouts again.  Yeah.  They know me.  They know me well.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do for this weeks sketch and as I was perusing through my photos, I came across these photos of my Sarah, that I haven’t scrapped, and then I knew immediately that these photos would be perfect for this weeks sketch.

I built the sketch based around the photos, because I had a hard time choosing just one of them.  Her facial expressions are priceless, and totally her.

I also wanted to be sure that I had a good amount of space to tell the incredible story behind these photos.  Even though I thought I had left quite enough space, I actually had to shrink the font, cause there was so much to be said.  I just wanted to make sure that this moment was documented so that when Sarah has teenagers of her own, they can see what an inspiration their mother was at their age.

Now I have to tell you that I was more than delighted when I found out that today’s steal was going to be Prima Flower Kits.  In fact I dare say that my heart skipped a beat when I saw all of the glorious blossoms to choose from.  I suppose on this layout I got a tad carried away with the pretty flowers and included pieces from 3 of the different kits offered.

I have to tell you though, the white kit?  It’s the BOMB!  I really, *really* wanted some purple flowers to sort of tie in the whole color scheme of the layout and it was as if I was struck by a lightning bolt from the heavens above when I realized I could take the white flowers and….drum roll….INK THEM!  YESSSSSSS!  Custom flowers….perfect for whatever you’re creating!

In fact the flower customizing fun didn’t end there.  I couldn’t resist and had to make a card for my hunny and had to customize 2 of the white flowers to match the papers that I was working with.  Sure it’s a little fru-fru- with the flowers, but hey, at least he was thought of, right?

I know that you are also waiting on pins and needles for the winner of mojo #6 .  Thanks to Random.Org, this weeks winner of a little scrappy goodness is Maria-Anne Murray!  **hooray Maria-Anne!**

Her layout is one of the ones that elicited a giggle from me and I actually made my girls come and look.

I positively love how she is so theme oriented on the layout right down to the journaling in a swirl!

Maria-Anne, be sure to send us your address to and we will get a little something sent out to you!

For the rest of you, I hope you have fun with this weeks sketch.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Remember, you have until next Monday at midnight to get your lovely creations posted on our Facebook Fan Page to be eligible for our drawing, and to make it even more exciting, if we can spread the word enough about the mojo’s and get our share buttons at the top of the post to 100 by next Tuesday night, we will pick a bonus winner for some scrappy goods! Spread the word and as always………….happy scrappin’!

Baby Shower Fun!

Our designer Emily M. who makes our websites look so darling just had her little girl, Ruby. To welcome little Ruby into the Steal Network family, we threw her a surprise shower complete with decorations, cupcakes, favors, games and a room full of adoring fans. We have some fun ideas for some incredibly cute cupcake and favor bag toppers, tissue paper flowers for the baby shower decor, and a fun BabySteals word search game.

{Cupcake Toppers}

baby shower cupcakes

These cupcake toppers are too cute and add so much personality to these sugary treats. The best part is they serve as both dessert and decor, especially if they are displayed on a pretty tiered platter or cupcake stand.

cupcake toppers
To make these simply use die cut circles and decorate to your ? heart’s content with stamps, buttons, stickers, cut-outs, rhinestones, glitter letters or any other embellishments you can think up! Feel free to make these as simple or complicated you want. Of course with Kristy Lee, being the rock star she is, made a dozen of these, each with a different design including toppers spelling Ruby’s name in glitter letters. She never ceases to amaze me with her creativity! Once the toppers are all decorated, attach the backs to extra long toothpicks using clear tape and insert into the cupcakes.

{Baby Shower Favors}

Baby shower favors

Favor bag toppers are super easy and make your treats look even more special. Choose whatever treats you want and get ready to dress them up fancy!

Start by measuring the width of zip top plastic bags and cut your cardstock accordingly. Fold these in half and embellish with your personalized flair. These are fun and easy to personalize by using message printed on your home computer (like “Welcome Ruby”). Fill plastic bags with something like mints, candy, homemade treats or cookies, seal the bag and attach on both sides with a piece of double-sided tape.

{Baby Shower Decor}

tissue paper flowers

You may have made these in grade school, but they really are so beautiful and whimsical as a decoration. Hang from the ceiling or attach to banisters or a chandelier for a pretty baby shower decoration. To make these take 8 sheets of tissue paper stacked on top of each other and cut in half. With all 16 sheets stacked, fold accordion style in 1-inch sections. To make the petals cut each end with a rounded edge with one or two bumps depending on the look you want. Tie the center together with wire or string, then carefully open the pieces of tissue paper opening the right and left sides toward the center to look like a flower.

{Baby Shower Word Search}

Baby shower game

Any new mom that is not already obsessed with soon will be after they see all the stuff we offer from this game. This is the official word search! Just download, print and play! Give everyone a time limit and whoever gets the most words wins!

To see more on the baby shower for little miss Ruby visit the BabySteals blog or check out the pictures on the Babysteals Facebook page.

It’s SCARY how tired I am!

Three words for ya…… OH.  MY.  WORD!  Wait.  Let’s make it three more…..I.  AM.  TIRED!  Do you know why?  Because TODAY’S FANCY PANTS HALLOWEEN steal is frighteningly fun to work with.  Let me tell ya a little about my night last night.  I had a GREAT time going to the new warehouse, which was a first for me, since I’m a work from home employee….pretty fancy digs the StealNetwork has!  It was so much fun to participate in the SOS video chat but by the time I got home, got the kidlets into bed, cleaned up the kitchen because the 2 older kidlets failed to clean up before heading out to marching band practice (grrr), and got settled into my crafty room it was almost 11:00.  Now here is where the trouble lies.  Today’s kit is SO much fun to work with that I was honestly up this morning until 2AM!  Then of course short peep #5 has to wake his handsome little head at 6 AM, so it was really more of a nap last night.  Hee hee.  But I’m tellin’ ya.  It was alllllllllllllllll worth it!

First I started out creating a layout for our wonderful Facebook Fan and friend, Melissa Dehne.

Now I really shouldn’t apologize, because I always do that, ya know….like when you have guests over for dinner and you pre-apologize for something that went wrong?  My husband is always telling me not to, cause likely no one will notice, but here it is…..the photos printed wonky.  Well, at least the sweet little witch.  Oops!  I went to re-print and you guessed it!  Out of ink!  So Melissa isn’t really a poor composer of photos, it’s my printing mistake!  Hee hee!

I really adore how this layout turned out and I hope she does too!  And for those of you steal addicts, I used pieces of 6 different steals, plus pieces from one that is in the works!  I think so often we forget what we have in our stashes, so it’s fun to get organized and work things together!  On this layout I have, of course, the delicious Fancy Pants paper kit, plus buttons from today, the Fancy Pants bulk ribbons, ribbon and black shiny paper from the American Crafts Teen Kit, Thickers from who knows what steal, the delightful Pebbles Chips Flourish, Doodlebug Buttons (LOOOOOOOOOVE them!) and a few other odds and ends!  Today’s kit just is so fantastic because the colors just jive so perfectly with so many things.  (Did I just say jive?  Egads…time for a nap!)

Now you know that I’m a journaling junkie.  I failed to ask Melissa for a journaling blurb, so that is where the journaling notebook die cuts came in super handy!  I simply added a journaling die cut, and when Melissa gets her layout, she will be able to add the journaling that she wants!  :-)

After making the layout I had to get busy with my original idea for this kit, which was to make bag toppers for candy!  I was a little delighted for my crafty purpose, yet kind of disturbed that I actually found Halloween candy in the store.  Yeah.  It’s only August people!  LOL! These little goody bags came together so quickly and were SO much fun to make.  Such a fantastic way to use up scraps as well as make something that will be really fun for my big girls, that don’t clean kitchens, to give their special friends….since sadly they have reached that age where they are just too old to be out trick or treating!

After that, even though I was in danger of turning into a pumpkin, as it was welllllllllllllllllll past midnight, I wanted to make some cards.  Again, such a perfect way to use up scraps along with some of the super fun stickers and embellishments from the kit!

Thank you Fancy Pants, for such a delightful crafting binge.  Now if Ican get Fancy Pants Dan to babysit my kids so I can nap today?  ::Nice::  Well, nice thought anyway.

Oh and one more thing!  Did you notice our new Facebook / Twitter share buttons?  If we can get the share button totals to reach 100 by next Wednesday, we will give out a little bonus ‘something’ on our Mid Week Mojo post!

Have a great weekend!  Happy Scrappin!