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Wowee! Another winner!

Holy smokes!  I love the amount of giveaways that we have been having recently!  It just makes it so exciting to keep coming back to the blog to see what’s up!

I do have to apologize a bit for the delay in announcing our most recent winner from our last blog post.  Believe it or not, I was having myself a fabulous time in Vegas with my hubby spending time napping and reading and hanging out at the pool and napping a little more, while the poor man was working at a conference.  :)

Anyhow, I just want to thank Jenny again for sharing such amazing ideas with us.  Thank you!

So without further delay, thanks to, the winner of a My Minds Eye kit is “Beth“, comment #2733.  She wrote:  I recently came across individual pieces of this line and love it all. Your designs are so neat – I think I may have to “lift” them and incorporate them into my albums.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Beth, send me your address to, and we will be happy to get a kit sent out to you!

Be on the lookout on Friday for another incredible guest designer, using a manufacturer that is making their ScrapbookSteals debut!  Also Melodee and I are cooking up an incredible summer long challenge that will be complete with a crazy, cool prize that I’m just tellin’ ya now, you’re going to want!

Until Friday….happy scrappin’!

Welcome Guest Designer….Jenny Cierley!

You know, there is one thing that I positively love about scrapbooking…and it’s the fact that it brings so many people together in so many ways, and paths cross where they never would have before.

I’m here to tell you right now that crossing paths with Jenny has changed my life, for the better.

Let me introduce you to Jenny Cierley.  This girl is AMAZING!  Let’s just say it’s been a rough few weeks for her (you can check out her blog for all of the details), yet she has kept a smiling face, has managed to create some amazing projects and has truly outdone herself as our featured guest designer.  After you read her bio, you will be even further impressed!  The girl has a lot on her plate and she nails it!  Way to go Jenny!  You truly inspire me as I am sure you will inspire all of our readers!

I asked Jenny to share a little insight with us about herself and here is what she wrote:

I am a 35 year old (36 in 2 months eek) full time Accountant, Mom to one amazing head strong little girl and engaged to the most amazing man in the world. We will be getting married later this year. We live in sunny, hot Southern California with our 2 little balls of fur, Prince and Indiana (Pomeranians).  I’ve been scrapbooking for about 11 years and most recently in the last few years started to love papercrafting and altered art. Its my passion and my therapy. My favorite supply to collect is Stamps, I have TONS and TONS of them and I also have an obsession with Buttons. I love bright, cheery colors and you can see that allot in my work including lots of clouds (love em). Thanks to my understanding and wonderful man I get to play in my woman ‘cave’, as I call it lol, as much as I want. I discovered awhile back thanks to a friend and I love it, they have really helped me stock my craft room ;) and who could pass up such great deals? Not I … :) I was so honored to get to be guest designer for Scrapbook Steals and get to play with this amazing kit, I hope you like what I created with it.

I don’t know about you but the mere fact that she works full time, is mom full time and is planning a wedding, all whilst having additional challenges right now… Wow.  Makes me tired!
We asked Jenny to work with the My Minds Eye Breaking Free collection and I don’t think that we could have been spoiled with anything cuter!  I love this layout that Jenny created.  I absolutely adore the bright blue photos in combination with the papers that she chose to use from the collection.  The triple row of photos across the middle of the page bring such fantastic balance to the elements at the top and the bottom.
Now feast your eyes on  this layout…
I seriously can’t get over all of the texture in this layout.  I love the layering, and of course Jenny’s daughter is just as cute as can be!
Now here is one for all of you card makers out there.  This card just screams summer fun!  I especially love the dimension that Jenny gives to the card by using some pop dots to raise up the stars and the clouds on the front of the card.  Seriously.  Who would not love getting a card like this.  We’ve had such a chilly spring here in Utah, but just looking at this card makes me warm!
Be sure to check out Jenny’s blog, as it is completely filled with eye candy!  I know you will love it!  I also know that you also love a GIVEAWAY!  (I mean let’s be honest…who doesn’t!)  This time there is not only one chance to win a drawing…but TWO!  Not only can you be entered to win by leaving a comment on OUR blog, but leave a comment on Jenny’s blog and that will give you one more chance to receive something scrappy-fan-tastic!  Be sure to leave your comment no later than Wednesday, June 9th, MST.
Thank you so much Jenny for sharing your talents with us!
Happy Scrappin’!

Cris W. ….you are our winner!

I’m here to tell ya….THANK THE SKIES ABOVE FOR RANDOM.ORG  I’m tellin’ ya, the entries that we had for our Memorial Day challenge were absolutely A-MAZ-ING.  Each and every one of them brought a smile or a tear to my eye.  I love being able to see how each of you preserve the memories of family, service members and even those that have passed on.

Thank you girls, and thanks to Random.Org who chose Cris W. as the winner of our drawing!  This layout is absolutely precious in every way.  Cris, send us your address to, and we will get something shipped out to you!  Also be sure to check out our Facebook Fan Page to see all of the other amazing pages created!

Thanks to all of you that participated!  Oh and be on the lookout tomorrow for some true eyecandy by an amazing guest designer.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

So there it was, late last night and I was chatting on line with Melodee, our Soopah Stah buyer for ScrapbookSteals.  We were both chatting about how much we love our job and how we feel blessed to have all of you in our lives.  We both have to mutually agree what a satisfying experience it is seeing you newbie scrappers share your amazing work on our Facebook Fan Page as well as seeing what you seasoned scrappers bring to the table.  SO much to learn from each other.  So much eye candy, but more satisfying and meaningful than that is the friendships that we have been touched with through communications on line.  (Dang it!  I’m going to get all misty eyed here thinking about each and every one of you!  ?)

I then told Melodee how much I’ve loved seeing what you all come up with when we issue a challenge and then thoughts went to the holiday weekend and the meaning of it.

So here is your challenge.  I want to see a layout of what Memorial Day means to your family.  I’m so filled with so many feelings when I think of this holiday.  I think of school ending.  I think of picnics and barbeques.  In fact just yesterday my hunny and I were able to run a 10K race with a great friend then spend a fantastic afternoon in the company of his whole family!  (And yes!  I did get photos!  :) )

Memorial Day also makes me think so much of those that have passed on that are missed and loved every day of  our lives.

It also undoubtedly brings to mind the time that my family spent in the US Army, while my hubby was in the service.  There truly isn’t a day that goes by, where I’m not beyond thankful and awed of  our service men and women that put their lives on the line.  I’m sure you all know someone serving your country….wherever it may be.  So thank you.  Thank you military!  And thank you to you wives who run the fort on the home front.  You are true heroes in my eyes.  (Oh and you can’t snicker at the layout that I created sometime ago about our Veteran heroes…the one up there! ? )

So there you have it!  Take some time and scrapbook a page for your family about what Memorial Day means to you, wherever you may live in the world!

Be sure to post your layouts on our Facebook Fan Page, or on your own personal blog with a link here in the comments.  And to make things a little more ‘spicy’ we are going to do a drawing on Thursday morning for all challenges that are posted on line with a comment LEFT ON THIS POST telling us where its found and what you chose to scrap.  All layouts need to be uploaded and comment left by Wednesday, June 2nd at Midnight!

Thank you everyone!  From the bottom of our hearts at Scrapbook Steals.  Thank you, for touching our lives!

Happy Memorial Day!

We have our 3rd Online Crop Winners and W.O.W…..they are fantastic!

I don’t know about you, but Melodee and I had a record insanely crazy, fun day last Friday with our all day Steal-A-Thon followed in the evening by our 3rd on line crop.  Honestly.  I’m still grinning from the good times.  For those of you that were able to join us, I think that you will have to agree that spending time chatting with friends and pretending that we were all being massively productive scrapping during the crop was time well spent!

I have been treated to absolute eye candy, being able to take the time to look at all of the layouts posted on our Facebook Fan Page, as well as the layouts linked to other blogs.  I love being able to issue challenges and to see how our fans interpret the task and make it their own.

My first challenge for this crop was to create a layout or card that was birthday themed.  My little missy turned 9 yesterday so I’ve totally had birthday on the brain.  The sad part is, as much as I adore scrapping, I do not adore creating birthday projects so I was thrilled to see what everyone created.

I especially love the card that the winner of our birthday challenge created.  I found this card on the blog of Tanya S., and boy is this not prefection?  I tell you what!  I love how she incorporated everything into such a fantastic card for a 9 year old boy!

My second challenge was issued to create a layout about something summery.  Here in Utah the mere idea of spring alone has been teasing us (we built a snow man yesterday…I kid you not!).  I love the sun.  I love warmth and I was hoping that seeing layouts of summer would help warm me up!  Sure enough, our winner Heather G., created a fantastic layout about her cruise with her hunny.  Yeah.  Not only jealous about being somewhere warm….but VACATION?  I’m green!

I’m seriously into pink and orange right now.  Every time I go to the store, I’m so drawn to those colors.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m still freezing?  I don’t know.  Orange and pink are just such happy, bright, inviting colors so I issued a challenge to create something using either/or pink and orange.

I adore how Kendra K. used the colors on her layout.  The design is amazing and the splash of lime green.  BE STILL MY HEART!  (My other favorite color!)

My final challenge was to create a layout using the title of a song or lyrics from a song as part of the title or journaling on a layout.  Summer V. could not have done a more amazing job.  Such a sweet tribute to her little man.

I also couldn’t resist awarding one more prize to one of our fans that created her very FIRST scrapbook page for our crop challenges.  Jennifer A, I’m telling you…you have an incredibly bright future!  I’m seriously in awe of this first scrapbook layout, and what a darling idea to do a page about….CLOTHES!  I <3 it!

We also had some pre-crop challenges, where the winners were announced during our live video chat.  (Video chat = you get to watch me be a dork for an hour, fun!  You really should join us next time if you weren’t able to this time!)

One challenge was to do a scraplift of one of my layouts that I posted on a former blog entry. Cyndee K’s was our winner and I love her layout ‘Love 2 Cheese’ that she made using a lift of my ‘Love 2 Run’ layout.  What a cutie!  I also love that she was there for the announcement during our video chat.  Just as cute as her daughter!  :)

Our final pre-crop challenge was to somehow use ribbon on a layout.  I think you will agree with me that Staci J., came up with a very unique concept, using ribbon as photo corners.

I just wanted to thank you all for participating in our crop.  I know I have expressed to many of you before, that I’m certain that I have the best job in the world.  I love sharing  ideas with you and I love that you get to share with me too!

So there you have it!  There are our winners.  Please send me an email to with your address and we will get a crop prize sent out to you.  Well….except you Cyndee, since we squared you away during the crop!

Until next time….happy scrappin’!