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BOO! Did I scare you? :-) It’s time for MID – WEEK MOJO!!!!

Can you believe it’s Wednesday again already?  I am here to tell you…this week has been quite the workout for me!  I’m also here to tell you how happy I am that I had Mid Week Mojo to put a little bit of consistency in my life and allow me a little time to do something that I love!  I hope you girls all look forward to finding a little time for yourselves as much as I do, cause as we are such busy women and mommies, it’s so important to take some time to fill your own personal well!

I simply cannot believe how incredible the layouts from last weeks sketch are.  If you haven’t had a chance to see them, be sure to check out our Fan Photos on Facebook.  I love so much how each of you are able to take the sketch and make it work for you!  I have absolutely LOVED reading the stories behind the layouts as well.

This week our random winner for the Mid-Week Mojo drawing is Lisa Zubritsky.

Did you know that this is Lisa’s first Mid-Week Mojo?  I was so excited when I read that!  I love how Lisa pretty much stuck to the sketch and included photos of not only her hunny and their peanut, but a photo of herself as well.  I think it’s so important that our children know what we looked like throughout our phases in life!  Lisa, be sure to send us an email to and we will get a little something sent out to you for participating!

This weeks sketch is a pretty simple one photo page, with a tiny spot for journaling and a little room for some embellies.  (Note, please overlook the incredibly dried out sharpie marker.  Another piece of evidence at the week it’s been!  But hey…makes me a little more ‘real’, right?)

I have to be honest, I’m a sucker for Halloween.  I mean after all, it *is* the day that I met my husband, nearly 21 years ago now.  (Oh my word, that makes me officially OLD!)  When I saw that today’s steal was Halloween themed, I had to use it!  I love, love, love the My Minds Eye kits as it’s so easy to complete an entire layout using the product.

I love how adding a little bit of ink to the edges of the papers made for the perfect touch to this Halloween layout!

So there you have it!  Hopefully you can find some time to create!  I know I’m needing some more therapy, so I’m glad that I have an absolutely fantastic kit to work with for Friday!

Be sure to add your layouts to our Facebook Fan Page, or post them on your own blog, and leave a comment here telling us where we can find them!  Make sure they are posted by next Monday at midnight in order to be considered in our random drawing!  We loooooooooooooove to see your comments and to hear what you think about everything!

Until next time, happy scrappin’!

An SoS Slumber Party!

Would you say you’re ADDICTED to ScrapbookSteals? It’s okay because we have your therapy.

? you are invited ?

to a Steal Network SoS party!

What is SoS? Society of Stealers (SoS) is 12-step (once a month) program with a group of women banded together by one commonality…stealing. Check out more info on the group here. Step 1: admit you have a problem. Many of you did that last month. Step 2: find a support group! Time to find local Steals addicts who will call you when you slept through your alarm; steal for you when you can’t; even steal with you so you can share shipping! Ladies, it’s time to form your local SoS chapters! Go to the Facebook fan page discussion board and set up your own local chapters for our next meeting or join some already created on BabySteals. The chapter with the most members will get a special treat! You don’t want to miss out!

Who ? Society of Stealers

What ? Steal Network *slumber party* ! Okay, all the girly activities, minus the slumber. We aren’t actually going to spend the night. ;) Locals, join the Steal Network crew in your jamies for some slumber party-themed fun! Did I mention there will be chocolate? Everyone else join us for a live chat! Create your own local meet-ups and video in or send photos.

When ? Thursday, August 26, 2010, 7 pm MST

Where ? Salt Lake City, Utah or cyberspace

Why ? Because you need your Steals fix!

You can never have too many bags – or friends!

Today’s Steal is really one of my favorites.  It took us a while to get them back but I am so excited to have them again!  The Camera Bags from All My Memories have been a favorite of mine for years.  I so love all the little pockets and how you can keep a photo right on the bag.  I have actually been using one for my cell phone for about 4 years now.  I can hook it to any purse or diaper bag I am using and it gives me a little splash of color and somewhere to grab that phone easily.  Luckily I have several cameras as well so my husband thinks I needed them (although I really just use most of them as purses).  So while Today’s Steal isn’t quite as crafty as some of our steals, you need that camera to take the photos before you make the layouts right?  Now you can keep your cameras safe and sound!

The other thing we all need is friends, right?  What would our lives be with out them?  I can say for sure I would be stuck in the funny farm!  So let’s get some more friends.  I know we talked about some super-sized hints for more Facebook Fans, but I think it is time to up the ante.  Incentives are what we all need, right?  So how about some prizes?  If we can get our Facebook Fans up to 10,000 we will have a give away for a My Mind’s Eye Breaking Free Mega KitIf we get our fans up to 12,000 we will give away THREE My Mind’s Eye Breaking Free Mega KitsIf we get up to 14,000 we will give away SIX kits and so on and so on…

Here are the details:  This contest will run one week from today.  In order to be entered into the giveaways you will need to post a comment here on the blog that you had friends that joined our fun Facebook community.  We will have a random drawing from all of the blog posts next Friday, Aug 13th (cuz that’s my birthday too).  So your posts need to be received by midnight Aug 12th.

It’s Mid Week! How ’bout some MOJO!

WOO HOO!  Can you believe it’s Wednesday again?  I am so glad that you all seem to be loving the Mid-Week Mojo sketch.  Every time I have a minute to swing by the Facebook Fan Page to see what you girls have created it’s truly a treat!  I have had the opportunity several times this week to tell people about how wonderful you all are, and how inspiring you are to me with what you create!

This week our sketch is honestly nothing like I had originally planned!  That’s the beauty of the sketches is that it’s merely a spring board for ideas!  In fact, what transpired is so different from what I had sketched out, I do believe that my sketch for next week is already in place!  Let’s see if I can follow it a little closer next time!

I was excited to be able to incorporate one of the Abbey Road kit’s from today’s steal into my layout.  The pink and blue worked perfectly with the refreshing feel of my layout.

On Monday I went up the canyon to play in the refreshingly cool water with my hunny and our 3 little ones.  I love the photos that my husband took so much that I wanted to incorporate more of a timeline into this sketch.  I also allowed a decent journaling block so that I could really share the story of the day!

I am so horrible with keeping a regular journal that every now and again, I truly try to incorporate  enough journaling to tell a little more of our history than just a few lines.

I like how this sketch allows for a little embellie craziness along the left side of the page!  Nothing like a load of buttons to spice things up!

Now don’t forget that we want to give a little something back to you for participating.  Each week we have a random winner from the Mojo challenge and this week our winner is LISA STANLEY.  I love what she did with the sketch from last week.  I love that she worked it to work for her photos.  Lisa, send us your address to, and we will send you out a little something!

Every time we go swimming at my aunts house I take a bajillion photos of the kids going off of the diving board, and what she did with this layout truly inspires me to scrap them!  Finally!

All right girls.  Now to find a little time for some scrappin’!  Remember to post your layouts by next Monday at midnight for your chance to be our next weeks winner!

CHA oh CHA, why are you so good and so bad?

So I made it through the trip!  Barely anyway.  I sort of feel like I was hit by a truck but that is what it’s like when you travel I guess.  I must be getting old because it has taken me a few days to recover and have a chance to tell you all about my trip.  I had such a great time at CHA and I saw some awesome new products!  I was also able to secure some fantastic things for you all at ScrapbookSteals!  Some great items from our favorites and some new products from new vendors.  I will not however give away too much info on that since you know how we love to make you crazy with curiosity.

My Mind’s Eye is one of all of our favorites and their new product line from this show…YUMMM!  I can’t even explain how much I love this one.  With all the wonder of what we have come to expect from My Mind’s Eye – this one even tops their previous products.  We all love glitter paper, but now we have DOUBLE SIDED Glitter paper and Die Cut Glitter paper.  Nothing better than that!

All over the summer CHA Show we see Halloween and Christmas collections to get ready for the upcoming Holiday.  This year in the Christmas products we have seen a little bit of purple show up.  I never knew how much I would LOVE that!  I hadn’t ever thought of it but I am seriously in love.

I know I will sound biased here about my favorite Halloween line from the show, but my good friend Madison at Echo Park Paper has knocked it out of the park!  I have known him for years but I may actually go out and buy this product!  I just love how most of the papers are Halloween themed, but a lot of the patterns aren’t and I can use them for anything.

I have to say I am in love with the new Sew Easy tools from We R Memory Keepers.  I had visions of cards and layouts in my mind every night after looking at this one.  With interchangeable tops for the Stitch Piercer, you can make so many different patterns.  So so cool.

I know you love hearing about new products but you are all thinking in the back of your mind, what about us?  What did you get for us at ScrapbookSteals?  I will say we have great new products lined up for storage, home decor projects and of course our regular scrapbooking and card making.  Bad hints, huh?  Well we all know I am not all that good at giving hints, but let’s do a trade.  Hints for Facebook Fans.  We need a contest anyway right?  Go suggest all of your friends become fans on our Facebook Fan Page.  Then come back to the blog and comment how many people you suggested become fans.  We will do a random drawing of all of the posts for a prize AND for every 250 new fans, you will get a supersized hint of something to come.  You have until Thursday night at Midnight so go get cracking!

We are going to have a blast around here the next few months!  Now I need a nap!  Will I ever recover from my whirlwind trip?