Adesso – Now

Adesso – Now

Italian.  What a magical language.  One that my husband is fluent in, yet can I get him to speak it for me?  Nope!  So what does Adesso mean?  It means – Now.  I’m sooooooooooo excited to share with you what I created to remember the NOW with the amazing Adesso albums which are today’s steal.

The original idea of these albums are to present at weddings or receptions for guests to sign.  Back in *my* day the guests would sign a pretty lame book with nothing more than a line to sign a name.  Then times progressed to the fun photo frames where guests could sign the matt board.  While I do like that idea I figure the odds of a wedding photo being hung in a home *forever* is pretty slim.  That’s why I *love* the idea of the Adesso albums.  There is room for LOTS of photos and the guests have plenty of room to leave a thought.  Plus the book is beautifully bound and simple to keep on a coffee table or book shelf to look at, at any point!

When Melodee first showed me the albums my mind was swirling with ideas.  Aside from the obvious, weddings, showers, etc., here are a few that I thought of.

* A one year overview.  Begin in January, use 1 page spread to remember each month of the year.  There are also several extra pages where you could highlight birthdays or special events.   Begin in January and by December you have an amazing Christmas gift already done for the grandparents!  :)

* School Overview (One or Two page spreads for each year of education)

* Recipe book.  Take a photo of your favorite dishes, add a recipe card!  Simple.  Perfect gift as well for a new bride!

* Are you the room mom of your childs class?  Make a teacher gift including a photo of each child in the class and let the kids draw a picture or write a letter to add to the blank space on the page.

* Create a pre-made ‘first year’ album to give a new mommy at a baby shower.  One side of the page can be have a pre-printed spot for stats, and the other side of the page can have a journaling block for the mom to quickly record highlights of the month.

While these are all fun ideas, what I really wanted to do was to create a gift….from you, our wonderful Scrapbook Steals fans and more importantly friends, for three amazing people who are the heart and soul of ScrapbookSteals.  Without these 3 key people, you would not have all of the goodness brought to you each day that you do.

So without further delay, ….Melodee, Aleta, Scott…..if you ever questioned before how much you are loved by our friends, question no longer.

And it sort of goes without saying that I love you all too!  (That goes for the 3 amigos as well as all of you wonderful women!)

A huge thank you to each of you that replied to my plea for help on Facebook.  You will definitely touch lives today.

In no particular order……

PS – I know my husband always gets after me for apologizing, but PLEASE forgive me if I messed anything up, missed anyone that wanted to participate *and* for the crummy photos!  2AM isn’t really conducive to photography.   Maybe I should tell him that he can get after me in Italian and then maybe I will start listening.   Hee hee!

PPS – Pepper, I just realized I added the incorrect journaling block on your page!  It’s missing the first line.  I’ll fix it.  :)

PPPS – If there is anyone that didn’t have a chance to participate I’d LOVE to add you to another book.  I can’t believe this one is all full up!  :)  Just let me know if you want to play.  :)


Stealing…There’s An App For That!

Any scrapbooker that has been around Steal Network for long knows just how addicting it is. If you’re a scrapper on-the-go, that means you need to be able to steal wherever you are whether you’re at a doctor’s appointment, your kid’s soccer game or even the birth of your child (yes, we have heard about this). Well we have a solution for you–the Today’s Steal iPhone and iPad app! Watch this quick video to show just how simple stealing really is!

You can download and view the app here or it’s always available in the app store when you search “ScrapbookSteals.”

* Please note, there is a known bug with Google Checkout that can change the shipping method for mobile device users. If you order from a mobile device and select a shipping option other than the first option listed, Google Checkout will change to the top option, regardless of what you choose. Please check your order confirmation email and confirm the shipping method is correct. If it’s not, email us at orders@scrapbooksteals.comimmediately so we can correct your shipping method.

New Year, New Sketch, New Guest Designer! Welcome Jana Paddington! (MWM #24)

New Year, New Sketch, New Guest Designer!  Welcome Jana Paddington! (MWM #24)

Oh my goodness, I am sooooooooo over the moon excited about today’s guest sketch designer, Jana Paddington.

It seems like an eternity ago that I approached her to see if she would like to be our first guest designer of 2011.  I always have a wee bit of anxiety asking, in fear that someone will say no, but thankfully Jana said yes!  You’ll be thankful too when you see the amazing projects that she has created using today’s steal, the American Crafts, Letterbox collection.

Of course I wasn’t going to let Jana off the hook without sharing some insight on her experience with us:  :)

Somebody pinch me!  Am I dreaming?

When Kristy asked me to be a guest designer…I was BEYOND excited!  I’m not worthy!  Let’s face it, I’m pretty new to these scraptastic adventures (relatively speaking)!  I’m coming up on my two-year anniversary of scrapping…I just needed a “subject” to get me started (enter my 21 month old little girly)!  While I’ve loved every minute, thank goodness for Scrapbook Steals (Kristy, Melodee and all the amazing fans) to help guide me along the way!

After I asked Kristy if she was sure…(I mean, really, you’re serious?), I didn’t think scrappy life could get any better!  AND THEN Kristy let me in on which kit they might be sending me…I nearly passed out!

While I flipped through the awesome-ness of this kit, I was pretty sure that I was going to do a couple of layouts for Joely…I mean, it’s got a pretty girly vibe.  After a second look, nuh-uh, no way…I was totally going to use my sketch to do a layout for each of my little monkeys!  There is some serious boy potential in this kit!

For Joely’s layout, I wish, wish, wish I had put her in a pink shirt this day, but instead she’s wearing her ridiculously cute Andee Lew bright RED shirt from (super cute shirt, not a great match for my layout)!  I could have chosen another photo (I mean, let’s be serious…every little girl has a billion photos featuring pink clothing), but I’m madly in love with this photo, so black and white was my solution!  I think it turned out great.  The only add-ons that I used that aren’t included in the kit were the two pieces of ribbon (also American Crafts), Martha Stewart inks, and the Sew Easy floss (ahem, all three were previous steals)!

Little Owen’s layout…this little dude gets cuter and cuter every day (I’m not even biased…)!  We were so lucky to get his coy little smile on camera…this was one photo that wasn’t going to sit in my scrappy space unscrapped for long!  I can’t believe how well the colours all worked for this layout!  For those of you looking for some neutral, un-girly pages…rejoice!  It just goes to show the versatility that this collection has!  The add-ons again include the AC ribbon, MS ink, Sew Easy floss and Basic Grey buttons (which I can NEVER get enough of)!

(Jana’s amazing photo frame)

I have had soooooooooo much fun with this kit…a huge thanks to Kristy and Melodee for giving me this fantastic opportunity!  I can’t WAIT to see what all you awesome ladies come up with!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this kit once you get it!  It’s so stinkin’ cute!  I might have to steal a second one! <3

Seriously Jana, thank YOU for being such a fantastic guest sketcher!  I too cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with when creating.  The Facebook page is going to be amazing this week!

Now for our first weekly winner of 2011.

Congratulations goes out to Charissa Miller.

What a fantastic layout that Charissa made!   First off, I LOVE the fact that she actually scrapbooked Christmas…a feat I rarely accomplish, and I also love that she documented such a sweet memory for her kiddos.   Charissa, please send us your address to and we will get something sent out to you!

Well, there ya go girls!  First MWM of the year.  I know I can’t wait to see your interpretations of Jana’s amazing sketch, and I’m sure that she is equally as excited.

Don’t forget that you have until next Monday at midnight to post your creations to our Facebook fan page with a link to this blog posting in order to be eligible for our weekly drawing.  Also don’t forget our challenge this year to reach 7,000 fan photos….and what better way to accomplish that than to share, share, share!  I KNOW you can do it.  :)  The offer still stands, if we reach 100 shares in a week then we will have two weekly drawings.

Thanks again Jana!  I always look forward to our guest sketchers….speaking of….you will not want to miss a fun little twist that we will be announcing along with our amazing guest that we have lined up for next month!

See you all on Friday!  I know I already need my tissue box handy to wipe my tears.  It’s going to be an amazing project, thanks to all of YOU!  :)

Scrap happy!

Hello 2011 – Inspire Me, Inspire You! (MCM #14)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I always love a new start to a new year.  It give us a time for a fresh start and a time to set new goals.  Personally I don’t often set ‘resolutions’ for myself, as truth be told, I’m good at keeping them for all of 2.4 seconds and then I settle back into my routine.  I do, however, love setting goals.  I know it’s basically the same thing, but the fact that it seems so much more lasting to set a goal and strive to accomplish it seems so much more tangible to me.

So what may you ask, are my goals for this New Year?  Not too many….

#1 – Love my husband as if it were our last day together….every day.

#2 – Be the best mother I can be.

#3 – Run 1,000 miles.

#4 – Continue to inspire you. <3

I’ll be honest, my brain is EXPLODING with ideas to share with you!  There are soooooooooooooo many things I want to do and soooooooooooooooo many ideas I want to try.  Here’s hoping that 2011 will provide me with the chances to realize these ideas!

To begin this new year I want to touch briefly on what inspires me.  Inspiration is EVER-Y-WHERE.  It’s in an advertisement, your clothing, words, textures, photos, magazines, and each of YOU!  I have taken to carrying a sketch book with me wherever I go, because you never know when inspiration will hit, and it’s nice to have somewhere to jot it all down.

So here is my challenge for you this week.  Rather than having a typical Monday Card Madness sketch to start off the year, I want to offer you an inspiration piece.

Paint and printing companies are often the leaders in color trends.  According to Pantone, this is what we will be seeing more of this year, and I would expect that these color palates will be surfacing not only in your kiddo’s clothing, but at the upcoming CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show happening at the end of this month which means we should be seeing these colors fill the scrapbooking world!

After a little more surfing, I found this swatch as anticipated colors for weddings this year, and this is what I want you to challenge you to use as your inspiration piece for this weeks card creations.

The sky is your limit for creativity…..simply use this color palate to inspire you!  You know the drill…create your cards sometime before the beginning of February and post your creations to the blog with a link and you will be eligible to win all of the cards that I create in the month of January.

Now how about one more challenge for you…Did you know at the beginning of 2010, we had maybe 15 layouts posted to our Facebook Fan Page? Here is my challenge for you…  Let’s see if we can all bring someone new into the world of scrapbooking and welcome them to our wonderful ScrapbookSteals family.  Lets see if by the end of 2011 we can have 7,000 photos posted!  After all there is nothing more inspiring to me than simply taking a stroll through our fan page to see what you have all created.  If we can hit that 7,000 mark I will see to it that we come up with a fantastic giveaway!

And now for the winner of the December cards, and a big stack of my 6×6 scraps to use for making cards…….

Heather Gray!

Congrats Heather!  Please send us your address to and we will get your cards and paper sent out!

Happy creating!  Be sure to check in on Wednesday for our first Mid Week Mojo of the year brought to you by an amazing guest sketcher!

Get Crafty with American Crafts Marker Sets!

Get Crafty with American Crafts Marker Sets!

Next to trimmers and adhesive, pens are probably the most important supply to have on hand as a scrapbooker!  Lets face it, computers are not always available for printing journaling, and well, we all know how important journaling is.  (Right?  😉 ) After all, our scrapbooks are preserving our heritage for future generations, so it’s important that we document the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s, and why’s.   Today’s steal, the American Crafts Marker sets, are the PERFECT solution to amazing, permanent, archival safe and fun pens!

As much as I do *not* love my handwriting, I had a friend when I first started scarpbooking, help me to realize the importance of taking time now and again to journal by hand.  Her mother had passed away not too long before our meeting and she told me how special a particular scrapbook page was to her, where her mother hand wrote the journaling.  It was then and there that I decided that as much as I detest my penmanship, that I would make it a goal to periodically hand write my thoughts.

On this page I used the dual point pens.  I love adding a splash of color to the journaling block.  It *almost* makes me feel like my handwriting is okay.  Hee hee!

I also love having a good set of pens to take with me on the go.  I’m kind of an anal person when it comes to finishing pages, and if I’m at a crop I love having a set of pens to whip out to finish up the journaling as I think I like my handwriting more than having an unfinished page!  :)

There are so many uses for the basic pens.   I had fun making a quick change to some raw chipboard, by coloring the letters to make them stand apart from the circles on this card.

Now the metallic pens that are offered today are SO.  MUCH.  FUN!  You can see in the card above how great they work on dark cardstock.  I also ‘inked’ the very edges of the card.  No need to wait as you would if you were using a pigment ink pad for it to dry.  LOVE some instant gratification!  :)

I also got a little crafty by adding color to some acrylic ghost flowers.  Even though I did have to wait for a few minutes for the ink to dry on the plastic, I truly LOVE how the flowers turned out.

Oh and another use for the metallic pens???  How about some nail polish!  :)  My 13 year old was super excited about that one!

As far as the Slickwriters go, I love that they will work on any surface.  You can even write on glass and it will stay permanently.  The Slickwriters are the perfect answer for those surfaces that you may come across working with that are slick, because like the title implies, they will write on those slick surfaces, and not even smear!

If you’re looking for that one last purchase of the year, you will NOT be disappointed with the American Crafts pens.

One more thing!  I have to tell you, I have absolutely loved bringing you some crafty inspiration this year.  I very much look forward to new ideas for 2011.  Happy New Year to all!  Be safe!  I’ll see you on Monday.