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MWM #12 and a little Halloween Party Fun!

Doodlebug is just one of those manufacturers that gets me every time.  Honestly….what is not to love about the bright and bold colors, jewels, and sugar coated goodness!  Today’s Halloween kit is simply PACKED with delicious goodness!

I had so much fun creating this weeks sketch.

I had a request from our Facebook Fan Kristina MacKeen for a little help with a one page landscape style, single photo layout.  I hope that this works for what she has in mind!

I set to work taking photos of my little guy in his Halloween costume and realized that my favorite photos were all taken portrait style, so I decided to merge 3 of them together in Photoshop to create a landscape format photo to work with the sketch.

I was seriously giddy over this Doodlebug collection.  In fact so many of the papers have velvety textures that I sat at my desk just ‘petting’ them!

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE all of the chipboard and of course the sugar coated brads and ribbon that come with this kit.  Honestly I could not have asked for an easier grouping of embellishments to work with to complete my page!

And of course…you know me with my journaling…always have to tell the story.  This sketch allows a decent sized area to preserve the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s!

I admit I don’t usually scrap an overwhelming amount of Halloween photos so I wasn’t quite sure what I would do with another fantastic Halloween kit.  But after creating this weeks Mojo layout, the ideas kept spinning and a party plan came to mind!

Everything in this kit works so well together and is so cute, that I thought it would make the perfect collection to make invites and cupcake toppers for a “Ghoul’s Night Out”.

These cupcake toppers flew together simply by punching out a 2″ circle and adding stickers and a few embellishments.

The invite was very easy to make.  I simply took a sheet of paper and cut it to 4 1/4 x 7″ and scored the paper 1 1/2″ from  the top and folded it down.  I used my zig zag scissors to cut the edge to give it a little variety.  I added some of the chipboard, a button a few embellishments, some ink and badda bing, badda bam!  DONE!

As always we are super excited to see what you all create for Mojo’s.   Our Facebook Fan Page is simply packed with inspiration!  Our random winner from the MWM Sketch #11 is Catherine Povec.

I love the colors that she used on her layout and of course the photos and journaling are priceless!  Thank you for participating Catherine.  Be sure to send us your address at and we will get your scrappy prize sent out to you!

Remember…post this weeks mojo creations to our Facebook Fan Page by next Monday at midnight to be eligible for your chance to win our random drawing.  And as always…share, share, share!  We have yet to reach that magic number of 100 shares for a double drawing, but if we all pitch in…we can do it!

Until next time….Happy Scrappin’.

Welcome to Monday Card Madness!

So what’s that you say?  You’ve got the Monday blues?  Not loving that your routine ‘work’ week has started yet again, and it’s still a few days until Mid Week Mojo?  Well hows this for putting a little brightness in your Monday afternoon.

Welcome to Monday Card Madness!

Now that you’ve got the wee ones all snuggled into bed for a nap (if you’re lucky), or your morning madness at work has hopefully eased up…it’s time to sneak a minute for a little crafty inspiration.

I’ve had a TON of requests to focus on card making, so I figured what better way to start off the week than with an afternoon card blog post.

Sure lots of you have made cards before, but just in case you haven’t, this week we are starting out super basic.

I know that all of you that ever create with paper, are bound to have scraps.  That is my favorite part about card making is that I get to put to use some of those amazing scraps, that I just can’t bare to throw out!

An average sized card is simple to make as it is merely a sheet of 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, cut in half.

Your card base should measure 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″

It’s then helpful to use a scoring blade or bone folder to score your card in the center of the paper.  This makes it easier for folding, although a score mark is not necessary.  You can simply fold the paper in half.

Your finished card size will be 4 1/4″  x 5 1/2″.   You can use this base either vertical or horizontal.

For today’s card I wanted to keep it very simple.  I found a piece of pink paper that I liked with the green base, and laid the paper on top of the front of the card.  I have a quick cheat that I often use in crafting.  I use my fingernail to make a notch in the paper where I’d like to use my trimmer to cut.  You could do the same thing with scissors, but I’m always looking for a way to make things quicker!

I then used my trimmer to cut the paper to the desired ‘fingernail marked’ size.

I decided to add a little flair to the edge of the card by trimming the outside of the pink paper with my scalloped edge scissors.  You could use a punch or even tear the edge of the paper for a little variety.

I wanted to add a border of ribbon across the front of the card with a cute bow.  I selected my ribbon…

..and tied the knot bow in the ends of the ribbon.

I then cut the ‘loop’ of the ribbon to give me two ends.  It’s far easier to create a nice looking knot this way than trying to tie around your paper.  After cutting the ribbon I then taped the ends with scotch tape to the inside of the card.

I wanted to add a little more ‘flair’ to the front of the card and figured it would be fun to use the Xyron Design Runner that we are featuring today as our ScrapbookSteal.  I ended up using the cute heart border.  SO easy and simple to use!

I cut out the heart strip, inked the edges and adhered it to the front of my card.

I then punched out a 2″ circle of white paper, inked the edges and applied a rubon sentiment.

All in all a cute, super easy, and fun card to give to someone that you care about!  I know I always love receiving a cute little pick me up in the mail!

We’d love to see what cards you create!  Share them with us on our Facebook Fan Page, and you could be the lucky winner at the end of the month to receive all 4 of my Monday Card Madness creations!  Just be sure to leave a comment on any one of the Monday Card Madness blog posts stating that you made and shared a card and I will pick a random winner at the beginning of November!

Now get digging through those scraps and put them to use!

How about a little Itop fun?

Oh.  My.  Word.  The Itop, by Imaginisce has got to be one of the most fun tools that I have used for scrapbooking in a long time.  If you don’t know what an itop can do, let me show you!

I have to admit.  I was a little challenged at first as to how to use the tool.  I’m pretty much a visual learner, so to read the instructions…even though they had photos, still was a tad on the challenging side for me.  Yeah.  I’m slow.  I’ll admit it.

I found this great tutorial on the Imaginisce web site, which really helped me to understand how to use the tool, and what I was doing wrong.  (psssssssssst….if you use a large brad, you need to change out the head!  I learned that the slow way!)

Once I figured the basics of the tool out, my mind started spinning on the possibilities that I could create with it.

I really wanted to make something absolutely custom for a scrapbook page.   Something a little out of the ordinary.  I was contemplating this thought over a piece of gum and it smacked me up the side of the head how fun it would be to do a layout about my gum obsession, and use the cute wrappers as embellishments.

I will walk you through the step by step on how to use the tool.

1. Select the desired brad size that you’d like to create.  Remember, if you are using a large brad, you will need to switch out the head.

2. Use the punch to cut out the ‘topper’ from a medium of your choosing.  If you are using something other than paper, you will have to cut it out by hand.

2.  Place the top of the brad on the top of the itop piece that is round and silver.  Without the rubber portion.  Place it so that the is face up.

3.  Place the desired ‘topper’ on top of the silver brad.  In my case, the punched out portion of my gum wrapper.

4.  Give the handle a squeeze, so that the top of the brad pushes up into the pink rubber top.  Release the handle and use your fingers to gently push the edges of the paper into the center of the brad top.

5.  Next insert the bottom of the brad into the hole in the silver portion of the tool.  The same part where you just placed the brad top.  (The heads of the tool pull out and swivel for ease.)

6.  Align the tool head pieces and squeze.  This pushes the bottom of the brad into the top of the brad, securing the paper.

7.  Release and you have a custom covered brad!  You will need to be gentle in removing the brad from the pink rubber end of the tool.

I am so pleased with how the brads turned out for my layout!

There are so many other fun things you can do with the Itop.  I decided to have a little fun and make some hair accessories for my girls.  Because I wanted to cover the brad with fabric, I just cut a circle in the approximate size that I needed.

I then layered the flowers.

The added the fabric covered brad to the center.

You can add a clip to the back, or create a headband to attach it to.

I had little fun making a Halloween headband for my daughter to wear to school.  She was super excited.  One trick I found when wanting an exact placement for the ‘skull’ in the fabric was to use some glue dots to adhere the fabric into place exactly where I wanted it.  You will notice that I used the ‘pin’ back for this one as it was easier to pin it to the tuelle.

I also had some fun making my little band geek some magnets for her locker.  She happens to share lockers with the Drum Major of the band so I made them some that they could share.  I just had to be sure when punching out the images to center them as closely as possible for cutting.

So there you have it!  The Itop is so much fun!  The possibilities are truly endless.

Better late than never!

Thanks to an incredibly busy day filled with lunch and lots of fun planning with Melodee, straight after that to carpool, then off to flute lessons for my daughter, followed by dinner with a great friend….I am FINALLY at home and FINALLY found our week #10 mojo winner!

Congrats to JESSICA LAURENO and this fantastic layout of sweet family at the Florida State Fair.  I love how she adapted the sketch to work for her photos and love the elements that she used.

Jessica, send us your address to, and we will have Super Shipper Scott send you out a little scrappy goodness!

Until next week….keep those mojo’s coming!  :0)

FIVE HUNDRED and TWENTY LAYOUTS….and then some I’m sure!

10 weeks, 10 sketchs, 520 layouts!  That’s FIVE – HUNDRED and TWENTY amazing creations that you talented scrapbookers have collectively created to become members of the Diamond Mojo Club.  I cannot even begin to express how much fun this week was for me, watching your creations positively POUR in.  As I sat here reading through the comments left on the blog to determine the winner of the incredible Lost & Found prize, I was actually moved to tears and how inspiring each and every one of you are to me!  I love my job!  I love being able to offer you some simple sharpy marker lines to create by each week….but the true paycheck is seeing you create a treasure for your own family.  Pat yourselves on the back!  10 weeks!  You are awesome!

I double, triple and quadripple checked again, the amount of entries that we had posted on the blog.  52 was the magic number.  I turned to my trusty friend Random.Org to give me our winner and #25 was the lucky pick.

25 official Diamond Mojo Club entries down I found our winner…..Helen Cuckler.

Although I wasn’t able to comment on everyone’s fantastic layouts, I do remember the fun layouts from Helen.  I think my favorite was her Pea Soup layout.

I love the monochromatics of this layout as well as the fact that she did her layout about going to a German restaurant.  I lived with my family in Germany for 3.5 years, so as soon as I saw her list and saw the name Pea Soup, I knew exactly which layout it was.

Helen…a HUGE congrats to you for being our random winner!  Will you please email your address to and we will get that delicious package of brand spankin’ new My Minds Eye product out the door to you!

I can’t express again, how excited I am for each and every one of you Diamond Mojo Club girls that you were able to complete so many fantastic layouts.  Big high fives and group hugs to each of you!

So now it’s time to start up with week #11.    Are you ready?  I hope so, because I don’t want to stop seeing what you girls create!

This week, I was asked by one of our fans Jennifer Collins, for help on a sketch.  She had 2 photos, a 5×7 and a 4×6 that were stumping her.  I set to work and sketched away!

I asked Jennifer to  see the photos, and actually giggled out loud when I saw them, because just the very day before I had taken some incredibly similar photos.  Her photos are of her sweet little man, in front of a brick wall.  Mine?  My sweet girl and her cousin in front of a brick wall. I couldn’t resist using the photos I took to see how similar our layouts might end up looking.

I positively love how well today’s steal, My Minds Eye’s Life Stories collection worked with my photos.  The rustic red of the bricks were screaming to be paired up with a kraft colored scheme, not to mention the weathered feel of the Life Stories papers.

Today’s kit is absolutely packed with little goodies that make the perfect addition to a layout.  I love the simplicity of popping out a few die cuts and badda bing, badda bam….you have the perfect accent for a page!  I also love how a portion of one of the papers worked out perfectly for my journaling block, and even inspired me to use my hand writing.  Gasp!

Granted I’m sure my layout is a little more fru fru than Jennifer will be on the lookout for, for her little guy, but hopefully the springboard is now in place!

After creating my layout, I  couldn’t stop creating since the crafty with the kraft papers was full on!  I decided to use up a few of my scraps and create some simple cards.

I love how easily these cards came together, by simply adding one of the die cut embellishments, or a portion of one of the papers.

I have to say there is an additional full on beauty of this collection.  If  you aren’t particularly in love with the prints, which I will admit, there are a select few of them that I am not, the beauty is the BACKSIDE of the papers.  Plain krafty goodness.  Squeee!  This collection is worth every cent….just for the backsides of the papers! (The rest that you love is added bonus!  :) )

I love how universal this color is and makes such a lovely base for truly just about any color combination.  I had some scraps from last weeks mojo still sitting around on my desk (shhhhhhhhhh….I didn’t clean up!), and threw together in literally minutes, this card which has an entirely different feeling from the typical “Life Stories” look.

So there you have it!  It’s time to get crafting once again.

Remember the rules:

#1….share, share, share!  If we reach 100 shares by next Monday at midnight, we will have 2 drawings for our regular weekly prize.

#2…..share your creations with us!  Post your layout by next Monday at midnight on our Facebook Fan Page and you will be entered into our random drawing for our weekly giveaway.

#3…..for our next drawing for 10 sketches completed, you won’t need to have all 1 – 20 sketches complete, but if you do…….you will be entered twice into the drawing for the crazy goodness that Melodee will work her magic on getting!  So if you haven’t caught up yet….take a deep breath….you’ve got time!

One more thing…..I’d love some creative input of what our next club achievement should be called, for those that complete sketches 11 – 20.  Sometimes I feel like my creative juices are gone!  :0)

Again…a huge congrats to you Diamond Mojo Club members and a HUGE thank you to My Minds Eye for providing our Diamond Mojo Club giveaway.

Well, that’s it for this Wednesday!  It’s midnight right now and I’m spent!  I think I’ll get some rest.  It’s going to be exciting come 9AM, to enjoy the MWM buzz as always!