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Whether you’ve been *naughty* or *nice*, we have the PERFECT crafting tool for Santa to put under your tree! The Silhouette SD.

Whether you’ve been *naughty* or *nice*, we have the PERFECT crafting tool for Santa to put under your tree!  The Silhouette SD.

That’s right girls…..if you are scratching your head in creative wonder as to what to ask Santa for, for Christmas…LOOK.  NO.  FURTHER!  Melodee, our ever amazing, ROCKSTAR of a buyer, came up with a little Christmas Miracle for all of you!  The Silhouette SD.  You have asked, and asked……and now you shall receive the opportunity to have one for your very own!  Today, this very day, at 9 AM, you will have your chance!

In short, I am in AWE of the capabilities of this machine.  Honestly I have wanted one for ages.  The fact that it plugs directly into your computer, eliminating the need to buy any costly cartridges totally rocks my world.  For those of you that are wondering exactly what a Silhouette is, here is the definition found on the Silhouette page The Silhouette is a digital cutting tool for personal use. It connects to your computer just like a printer, but instead of printing designs it cuts them with a small blade. With the machine connected to your computer, you’ll get access to all of the fonts on your PC plus the thousands of cuttable designs found on the Silhouette Online Store. In short, this machine is smart, versatile and all sorts of crazy fun!

Let me take you on a little journey of my crafting time with the Silhouette SD.

Let me list in a nutshell some of my favorite features about this machine:

* Small.  VERY lightweight.  Portable.  Perfect for taking to crops!

* No need to buy expensive cartridges.  The Silhouette online store features 1,000’s of images for $.99 each.

* Mac and PC Friendly

* Cutting capabilities of 9 x 40″

* FANTASTIC adhesive qualities to the cutting mats

* Easy to use.  Lots and LOTS of tutorial videos available

* Exclusive design images by Hero Arts, Heidi Swapp and Cosmo Cricket

* Average blade life of 6 months

* Print and cut feature = print an image or photo on your home printer, insert into Silhouette and the machine is smart enough to sense the cutting areas

* The Silhouette staff is VERY courteous and friendly.  Top notch customer service!

* The Silhouette blogTheir designer, Traci, is absolutely friendly, talented and I have to admit packs more creativity in her THUMBNAIL than I do in my entire body!

Now let’s move on to the ‘meat and potatoes’ of my journey.  When I first took the machine out of the box, I actually immediately texted Melodee to tell her how cute and small it is.  After owning another die cutting machine for the past several years, I was delighted with how small, lightweight and easy to open it is.

I pulled out the driver software and installed it onto my computer.  EASY.  I then spent the rest of the evening watching the video tutorial CD that came with the machine.  I wanted to know every last bit of potential that the Silhouette SD had to offer, and boy…I was not disappointed!

I also spent quite a bit of time searching around YouTube looking for tutorial videos.

I really enjoyed this video by a fellow scrapbooking friend Nichol Magourik.  She walks through the basics of creating with the Silhouette.

I also found this video that was informative and easy to follow.

One of the things that has always drawn me to the Silhouette is the fact that not only can you use any font that you have on you computer to cut out titles for scrapbook pages or vinyl lettering, but you can shop at the Silhouette online store and purchase individual designs for $.99 each.  I.  LOVE.  THAT!  The machine comes with a $10 gift card to use in the store so it was absolutely fantastic to spend time browsing the catalog to find those perfect designs to play with.

Now let me back track a minute.  Did you catch the part where I mentioned that you can use ANY font that is on your computer to cut out letters?  That means that any font you download from the internet can also be used.  That’s right!  The possibilities for the perfect font for the perfect title have just become almost limitless!

I downloaded this cute font called Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.  I love how intricate it is and how perfectly the Silhouette cut it it out.

I then found a tutorial video on YouTube featuring a fun gate fold type card.

I decided to purchase the same design from the Silhouette store and create a card of my own.

Next I wanted to explore the world of cutting vinyl.

I read the simple and easy to understand instructions on the Silhouette website then set to work.

I have owned another electronic die cutting machine for several years and have never cut vinyl with it.  I think it had a lot to do with the fact that I was limited to certain designs provided with the cartridges or would have to spend a good amount of money to get ‘that perfect’ saying.  Again I returned to the Silhouette store and found a fun ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ design for $.99.  I cut it out and now have a fun, temporary decoration to celebrate Thanksgiving.

The love of vinyl cutting didn’t stop there……

I have to admit.  I’m a girl that loves her bling.  I was overjoyed when I saw that we would be offering a Rhinestone starter kit.  I was wondering what to create when I thought it would be fun to make myself a t-shirt to wear to my girls’ big regional band competition this weekend.

I first watched a video tutorial….

Then set to work to create….

I’m pretty excited to sport my bling this weekend while supporting my girls!  :)

I was then pretty impressed with the array of 3D designs that I could purchase from the Silhouette store.  I downloaded a couple of pumpkin designs and made some cute little fall decor table centerpieces.

I also downloaded a fun cupcake sleeve.  EASY and what a cute addition this would be to any birthday party!

I also downloaded a couple of cute 3D snowflake designs that will be so fun to make to put on our Christmas tree this year.

Another amazing project that you can do with the Silhouette is Heat Transfer.  Being as we are offering a Heat Transfer bundle I had to give that a shot as well.   I turned to the Silhouette website for a little extra ‘how to’ and set to work adding a flower to a plain dinner napkin.

Now you would *think* that the capabilities of the Silhouette SD ends there, but nope!  Check out this card I made using inks.  Instead of inserting a blade into the machine, I inserted an ink cartridge instead, so anywhere that a design would be cut, it actually draws.

Another amazing feature of the Silhouette SD is to ‘Print & Cut’.  Sadly my printer was out of ink, so I was unable to try the print and cut feature.  I did however, find a tutorial video which goes into depth about this amazing feature which the Silhouette can do!

I also noticed on the Silhouette website that you can do glass etching.  You better believe that I couldn’t resist trying that one too!

All I can say is….EASY!

In short (or actually quite long, because there is just too much good to be said about this machine!), if you are looking for a fantastic way to shoot your creative abilities and powers through the roof…the Silhouette SD is your answer!

Welcome Guest Sketch Designer, Jessica Fancher! (Mid Week Mojo #16!)

Welcome Guest Sketch Designer, Jessica Fancher!  (Mid Week Mojo #16!)

Wow.  Can you belive that we are already on Mid Week Mojo #16?  Just a few short weeks and we will be celebrating our Emerald Club with another fantastic blog giveaway!

However, what we get to celebrate today is Christmas with our fantastic Facebook Fan, friend and guest designer, Jessica Fancher!

Several weeks ago I approached Jessica with asking her to be one of our guest designers for Mid Week Mojo.  When I asked her what she’d like to work with as far as product goes, she suggested something Christmas-y.  Luckily for her Melodee had the perfect steal already in the works, the Doodlebug Christmas Kit.

I asked Jessica to share a little bit about herself with us.  She writes:

First off I have to thank Kristy for asking me to be the Guest Sketcher this month.  I was very nervous because I am always the one doing the copying…..never the one being copied.  And thanks to Melodee for sending me the coolest kit ever!  It was so much fun to work with.

A little about me:  I have only been scrapbooking for a few years.  Before I started doing this, I never ever did anything like it.  My mom was always the crafty one, making my homecoming mums, school posters and etc.  Well, she asked me to go to a once a month scrapbooking get together at our church.  I had nothing and I just watched the first night.  Well, the next month I went again this time with a pre-made book, and I just added in my pictures.  Then I started acquiring more stuff, and started copying Lay-Outs, and eventually ended up here on my own doing them.  It was progression to say the least.

A little about my lay-out…..We always have Christmas with my Nana on Christmas Eve, and let me just tell you she goes all out on gifts, and gets the best of the best for EVERYONE!  I mean her Christmas tree looks like it threw up Christmas presents – literally!  We have always referred to her a “Nana-Claus” hence the title of my page.  It’s always as a great memory we will never forget!

Now about this amazing kit….The colors were simply brilliant and the embellishments were heavenly!  I loved the ribbon and the big buttons.  My circle embellishment with the jewel, I cut from one of the pages and used a puffy sticker to give it dimension.  I had a blast doing this layout and have actually done a couple more already with this paper.  I hope you like it and I can not see what y’all come with.

I love how Jessica used multiple, smaller photos for her layout.  I rarely scrapbook pages using standard sized photos, so this sketch design totally speaks to me!

I love how the tall rectangle photo could also be used for a perfect journaling spot.  I truly hope that I can find the time to get a layout done myself!

I just wanted to say thank you again to Jessica for taking on the challenge of being our guest sketcher for Mid Week Mojo this week.  I truly can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Remember to post your layouts to our Faceobok Fan Page or personal blog and leave a comment with a link to your page here on this blog post, by next Monday night at Midnight to be eligible for our weekly random drawing.

Also be sure to check back tomorrow night for a sneak peek of what we have coming up on Friday.  Something we are truly excited to bring to you!

As always….happy scrapping!

Online Crop….SO. MUCH. FUN. Check out here to see if you’ve won!

Oh my word.  Did you see that?  I made a little poem for the blog title.  Okay, I know I’m lame, but I did kind of giggle over that.  Maybe I need some more entertainment in my life?  Wait.  Don’t answer that.  ;)

Actually I have been provided with LOTS of entertainment over the past few days with all of the amazing projects posted on our Facebook Fan Page, as a result of the challenges to our online crop.

So without further delay, I will announce the winners of our 4 challenges along with the winner of the Monday Card Madness Cards.

Challenge #1 / MWM #15: Natalie Henry

I will be the first to admit, that I wasn’t overly thrilled with how the sketch for MWM #15 turned out, but the more I saw the layouts popping up, the more I loved the sketch.  Natalies page is of no exception!  I love the Monkey room and that she created the perfect space for her little guy.  I love that she took photos and preserved the memories of what a darling room he has!  It actually kind of makes me sad that I didn’t take photos of my 4th childs bedroom while we were in a small apartment, saving for our home.  His ‘bedroom’ was a corner of the storage room.  I TRULY wish I would have taken photos to show him how great he has it now.  ;)

Challenge #2: Nancy Roth

This challenge was all about numbers.  Each layout needed to include:

1  sheet of shaped paper

2  photos (no more, no less)

3  words in your title

4  chipboard embellishments and / or flowers

5 sentences in your journaling.

Nancy’s page is GORGEOUS!  I’m so inlove with her little boys and their brown eyes.  I love the way that she used her shaped paper and I love that she created on white.  A girl after my own heart!  ;)

Challenge #3: Kristy MacKeen

Challenge #3 was to create a layout about something that you are thankful for.  I truly have to agree with Kristy that I am so truly thankful for family.

I love the simplicity of her layout and that without a doubt it’s clear that she is truly thankful for the blessing of family in her life.

Challenge #4: Leah Schwartz

This challenge was issued by our Rockstar Melodee.  The challenge was based around the number 4.  Each layout needed to include:

4 – Patterned Papers

4 – Brads

4 – Stickers or Rubons

4 – Ribbons

I’m actually pretty speechless with how in love I am with this layout.  At heart I am such a simple scrapper yet I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to see layouts that pack a punch.  I don’t think I have ever seen anything cuter than the little clothes pins, and those blue eyes…wow!  Watch.  Out.  Girls!

I decided since we are in the midst of announcing lots of winners that it would be the perfect time to announce the winner of the Monday Card Madness drawing.  Thanks to my trusty friend, Random.Org, I found our last winner for this week…Kyla Norris!

I have absolutely loved seeing the passion of card making sweep over our fans.  While I’m not much of a card maker (they challenge me), I have loved being able to offer a spring board for inspiration.

I love Kyla’s birthday card that she made.  I especially love the banner over the top of the cake.  So cute and something I never would have thought to do!

So there you have it!  If you are one of our lucky winners from this week please send us your address to and we will get your prizes sent out to you.

Until tomorrow….when we will unveil our next fantastic guest sketch designer….enjoy your day!  <3

Scavenger Hunts are FUN! (Esepcially when accompanied by a Fancy Pants prize package worth nearly $100 retail!)

Scavenger Hunts are FUN! (Esepcially when accompanied by a Fancy Pants prize package worth nearly $100 retail!)

Let’s face it…we know how to have fun with an online crop.  The video portion is of no exception.  I mean how can it not be fun when we are being entertained by none other than Dan the Fancy Pants Man!

Dan was SO sweet to hang out with us and to provide us with amazing prizes for our crop.  He brought with him one pretty fantastic prize, which I wish I had photos of.  In short the kit retails for nearly $100.00, so we thought of a fun way to give it away.  For those girls that took the time to hang out with us on the chat we issued a ‘secret scavenger hunt’.  What they needed to find was:

10 buttons, 8 flowers, 7 brads, 3 chipboard shapes, 1 piece ricrac, 1 piece pink ribbon, 1 piece blue patterned paper, 1 piece Christmas paper, adhesive, trimmer & ink pad.

I had a blast seeing all of the entries come pouring in.  SO much fun to see the different varieties of trimmers and embellishments, however, I have to say that I’m completely jealous of the adhesive dispenser of our winner!

Congrats to our random winner HEATHER GRAY!  I know she will put to use the Fancy Pants kit to the max!

Heather, send us your address to orders@scrapbooksteals and we will get that delightful kit packed of Fancy Pants goodness sent out to you!

Be sure to check in tomorrow for the winners of the rest of the online crop challenges as well as the winners of the MCM cards!

Monday Card Madness #5

Monday Card Madness #5

I LOVE today’s steal, the Fancy Pants Rusted Sun and My Family card kits.

I’m sure that you are all like me and have days where I want to create but don’t necessarily want to have to *think* about creating.  Simply put, I want someone to give me the goods, the directions and an example of the finished project.  :)

That is where the beauty of the Fancy Pants card kits lies….it’s all at your fingertips, from the papers and embellishments, precise measurements, to a photo of the final look.

I didn’t time myself to see how long it took me to create all of the cards from the Rusted Sun kit, but it didn’t take me long.

After I had finished the cards I chose my favorite of the group to use as inspiration for this weeks card sketch.  I really liked the design of this happy birthday card.  I love the layers of different papers and the addition of the star stickers.

I decided to take the basic design of this card for this weeks sketch, adding a little embellishment to the top, right hand side of the page to complete the visual triangle of embellishments.

I then went to my stash of stuff and used the Bo Bunny pet papers to make this birthday card.

So there you have it!  MCM #5!

We have all been truly spoiled with the cards from last week.  Every week you girls just keep getting better and better and your creativity blossoms by leaps and bounds!

Don’t forget to post your card on our Facebook Fan Page, and leave a comment and a link on this blog post to be eligible to win a random drawing for all of the cards that I make this month…and perhaps a little something extra as well!

Stay tuned the the blog tomorrow afternoon for the announcement of the winners from our on line crop as well as the winner of the cards from MCM 1 – 4!

As always…happy scrappin’!