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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy stinkin’ cute candy decorations!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are thy stinkin’ cute candy decorations!

Take one look at this tree and ask yourself…is this not the cutest little holiday project….ever?!?!!  Today’s steal, the Doodlebug Designs Holiday Tree Mega Kit, has got to be one of the funnest creations for the holidays that I have ever made.

I have to tell you a cute story behind this project.  I got the tree about a week ago to photograph for the steal page.  After taking it out of the box I had it sitting on my work table until yesterday, when I finally had the time to sit down and create.  Every day my little 6 year old would pull up a chair to my work table, rest his chin on his folded up hands and stare at the tree.  It truly brought back memories of being a youngster and being so excited for the holidays to roll around, and how my brothers and I would spend hours pouring over the JC Penney catalog looking at the toy section, dreaming of what we may find under our tree on Christmas morning.  After watching my sweet boy with that dreamy look in his eyes for several days, (and almost incessant nagging as to WHEN CAN WE DECORATE THE TREE), I decided to make a crafting date with him and have him help me put together the tree.

He helped me spread out all of the supplies and then we set about creating the cupcake decorations.  Now I have to tell you, I’m definitely a visual learner and pretty much would rather eat my own hair than to read instructions.  Well, guess what…sometimes it pays to take a few moments to gather the tips from the pros, as I was heavily into the glitter coating process before I realized that I should have painted the styrofoam balls first.  Shhhhh!  Never fear!  I just added a LOT of glitter.

Aaron and I decided that we would spray the balls with adhesive and coat the entire surface.   My first thought was to ditch the cupcake idea and dress up the entire surface of the balls, but he was so sad at the thought of straying from the picture that I decided to hang up the idea of branching out and create for the love of my son.  We sprayed the balls in a box and then added glitter.  Aaron had a blast rolling the balls around until they were all sparkly.

Because I had failed to read the part about painting the balls first there were small portions of white showing through.  I sprayed and rolled each ball again.  I must point out that another great tip that the instructions had was to insert a toothpick into the ball before painting and adhering glue.  I’m here to tell you, that would have been a fantastic idea.  Hee hee!

I’m still sparkly!

It’s all good.  In the end we ended up with perfectly pink and very glittery cupcake balls.

At this point I decided that maybe reading the instructions was a good way to go, but actually came up with a few tweaks on my own which I kind of preferred.

The instructions say to press the red beads into the styrofoam.  Well, either I need to eat more Wheaties or it’s just not that easy of a task, so I took a pencil and hammered it into the styrofoam to create the space for the bead.

I also didn’t have any craft wire on hand, and didn’t like the idea of the knot of the string that the ornament hangs from to show, so I came up with a slightly different plan.  I tied the knot and then used a brad the anchor the knot portion of the string inside of the ball.

I then added a drop of glue inside of the hole, threaded string through the hole in the bead and out the top.  I then used my trusty ‘hammer’ (aka meat tenderizer), to gently tap the bead into place.

I wanted to make each of the cupcakes slightly different.  I wanted to bring out a little more contrast in the cupcakes so I decided to use the template provided and cut out the cupcake wrappers in green shimmery paper.  However, Aaron was pretty convinced that we need pink polka dot ones also, so we just did a little of both.

We then decorated the base of the tree.  I wanted it to look more like a gift so we used the striped paper that came with the kit.  I cut the papers so that there was about 1/4″ of the tree base showing on each side.

I used a corner rounder and inked the edges of the papers then used the spray adhesive to stick the papers to the base of the tree.  I went to the store and found some sparkly green ribbon to make a big bow on the front.  I love how this turned out!

Later on we moved on to the gingerbread men.  I have to be honest that I couldn’t resist using my Silhouette for the gingerbread men, rather than hand cutting them out by hand.  I also wanted to add a little more sparkle to the gingerbread men, so I took a portion of the red sparkly paper and inserted it behind the buttons and faces of the gingerbread men.  I then ran the backs and fronts of the gingerbread men through my Xyron, cut a piece of string and enclosed it in a loop between the front and the back of the gingerbread men.

I added a little marker to the arms and legs of the gingerbread men and a bit of ribbon to finish them up.

We then made the gumdrops…and even followed the directions!  :)

Next we moved on to the ribbon candies.  Even my 15 year old got in on the action and helped to glue dot them together.

I decided to go for a little more fru-fru-ness and added ribbon to the ribbon candies rather than the twine.  I love the contrast and the softness!

While my daughter was helping me she was telling me how happy the tree made her because it was so sparkly, so we decided to give our candy canes a little extra sparkle as well.  I decided to use my Silhouette again, and cut out candy canes.  I then used the spray adhesive and stuck them to some of the We R Memory Keepers glitter papers.

I then hand cut around the edges of the candy canes and then stuck the pieces together so that both sides of the candy canes are beautiful!

Last but not least, what would a candy tree be without candy!

This tree is going to make such a darling addition to my home this holiday season!  (I think my girls already have plans to make it disappear to their room!)  It makes me want to get all of our Christmas decorations out and deck the halls!  However, best of all was the time that I was able to spend creating with my kids.  Thank you Doodlebug for creating such a fun kit…..instructions included!  :)

Have a great weekend!

A Prima-licious steal and Mid Week Mojo #18

A Prima-licious steal and Mid Week Mojo #18

I’m telling ya…I’m still in awe over what we are offering today on ScrapbookSteals.  Today you have the tough choice of FOUR amazing PRIMA KITS.  When I sat down to create this weeks Mid Week Mojo, I simply had to stare, and stare and stare at all of the wonderful choices at my fingertips!

I started with my photos to help guide me in the seemingly endless possibilities.  One of our wonderful Facebook friends, Nancy Roth, asked for a little help on a sketch for some photos she was having a hard time scrapping.  She needed help with a 2 photo layout…one vertical and one horizontal.  I asked her if I could see the photos since sometimes that helps me when figuring out a sketch.  Here is what I came up with.

I sat contemplating what to create and decided it would be even more fun for me if I created a layout for Nancy.  I sifted through all of my paper choices and decided to go with the Rue 88 Collection.  I asked her if she minded and she gave me the thumbs up, so here is the layout that I made with photos of her and her sweet little man.

I know I’m a little non-traditional when it comes to boy pages and adding flowers, but after having 3 girls before my 2 boys, I couldn’t break the habit.  I really like how the flowers in this Prima kit are non-evasive for a baby boy layout.  I also added to the centers of the flowers some gems and finished off the page with some ribbon from the Beautiful Gazebo.

I thought that the Rue 88 Collection was particularly versatile and would work great for Christmas cards, so I took my scraps and made a vintage-y card.

I’ll be honest…I had so much fun making the layout for Nancy that I decided to make another layout for myself with the sketch.  For this layout I decided to use the Beautiful Gaezbo.

I finished off my layout with some ribbon and flowers from the collection as well as some buttons and a flourish from the Pebbles Chips.

I honestly can’t believe that we are almost wrapping up another 10 sketches!  Remember if you are a Diamond Club member you will be entered twice into our drawing for the big Emerald Club prize.  (For the big drawing sketches 11 – 20 must be completed, but if you have all 20 completed you will be entered twice!  :)

For this week our Random.Org winner is Becci Maines.

I positively LOVE how Becci flipped the right hand side of the sketch.  I love the colors that she used and most of all I love how she included her husbands handwriting on the tag to complete the page!  Becci, will you please send us your address to so that our Super Shipper Scott can get a little scrappy goodness sent out to you!

So there you go!  Can’t wait to see what pops up with this weeks sketch.  Remember you have until next Monday at Midnight to have your layout posted to our Facebook Fan Page, or your own personal blog, with a link posted here in the comments to be eligible for next weeks drawing.

As always…..happy scrappin’!

Oh how I love me some chips, that don’t add mass to my thighs!

Oh how I love me some chips, that don’t add mass to my thighs!

Okay, so I know it’s not a regular blog posting day, but I am SO in love with today’s steal, The Pebbles Chips, that I couldn’t resist popping in here and making a quick post to show you how I have used them on some of my layouts.  (Okay, truth be told, I use them on well over half!.  LOOOOOOOOOOOVE them!)

So here you go!  A little repeat eye candy, to show you how they can be used.  If you want them, don’t delay.  They usually sell out in a heartbeat! Go ahead!  Enjoy….this is one treat that is truly guilt free!

American Crafts Dear Lizzy Christmas Cards & Monday Card Madness #7

American Crafts Dear Lizzy Christmas Cards & Monday Card Madness #7

Well what do you know!  It’s Monday again!  I don’t know about you, but those weekends always seem to fly by a little too quickly.  I’ll admit however, that I do look forward to Monday’s now with a little more enthusiasm knowing that my day will be filled with creating!

I was so excited to get to play with today’s steal, the American Crafts Dear Lizzy Christmas Card Kit.   It honestly stunned me a little when I figured out that Christmas is a mere 40 days away!  EEEEK!  That means a lot of shopping, wrapping, baking, party going, neighbor gifting, decorating, and let’s not forget CARD MAKING is upon us!

I cannot even begin to express how much I love the Dear Lizzy Christmas card kit for the mere fact that it includes enough cards to put a huge dent in my send out list, as well as the fact that they go together in a snap!  I love the fact that they still possess the hand made factor without all of the brain power, because the truth is, at this time of year, my brain starts to shrivel up….just a little bit.

I wanted to show how versatile these cards can be.

I always feel like adding a little bit of ink to projects adds a whole lot of character.  On this particular card I added a little silver ink around the edges of the center embellishment.

I then added some glue to the snowflake…

And covered it with clear Doodlebug, Sugar Coated Glitter.

I really love how adding the ink and glitter adds a personal touch this card.

I then decided to add a little embossing powder to the edges of center embellishment on this card, and as much as I love the red ribbon that came with the kit, I added silver ribbon to this card to compliment the embossing powder….

For this card, I simply added a row of ribbon behind the embellishment, across the center of the card….

I had so much fun with the embossing powders that I added some snow flakes to the front of this card….

And to this card I added a few buttons…

I love the sentiment stamps that come with the kit.  Two fantastic choices to finish off some seriously cute cards!

I let these cards inspire me for this weeks Monday Card Madness.  I went with the ‘Merry’ card as I really loved how the background was made up of 4 squares.

I took the idea, plowed through my stash of stuff and made a card for my hunny for our upcoming 18th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.

Sure it’s a little girly, but it’s the thought that matters….right?

We have absolutely LOVED seeing what you all create.  Our Facebook Fan Photos are positively dripping with inspiraiton.

Don’t forget to create your cards, post them to Facebook, or personal blog and share a link with us here on this blog post.

At the end of the month I will do a random drawing from all of the participants in the Monday Card Madness and send out all of the Monday Card Madness cards that I have created this month….with the exception of the card I made for my hunny!  I will send out the 5 Holiday cards instead.  Hee hee.

Until Wednesday….happy scrappin’!

What Can *You* Do With An Envelope?

What Can *You* Do With An Envelope?

I have to tell you, I’m crazy excited about my projects for this week.  In fact I secretly want to set the blog to post RIGHT NOW so that you can have a sneak peek of what we will be featuring next!  However, I will be good and set it for 9AM sharp!  So what does today’s steal mean for you?  It means that you too can have fun crafting with envelopes, and Today’s Steal…the DCWV Cards and Envelope kits are the PERFECT option for having a little ‘out of the box’ fun.

I don’t know about you, but the closer we get to the Holidays, the more and more I think that I may brave it this year and make cards to send out.  The 5.5 x 5.5 sized cards included in today’s steals are a wonderful palate for creating.  I love that these kits include the envelopes and there is no need to go cutting in to a delicious (and let’s face it….EXPENSIVE) piece of cardstock to make the base of a card.  Why not take the expense and time out of creating Holiday cards by using the pre-made bases!

I fished around for some scraps and this is the card that I came up with!

Now you may be asking yourself if  you purchased today’s steals, what on Earth you would do with some long letter sized envelopes.  Here is where the fun, fun, FUN part comes in.  :)  Let me show you!

I had such a blast with these glorious stacks of colored delight trying to think outside the box as to what they can be used for.  I mean the obvious is a given…you can send your bills in them.  Seriously.  What person wouldn’t want a little happy colored mail to open and hey…if we have to send our money away, we  may as well allow it to travel in style.  ;)

I then thought to the next most obvious use for envelopes and that would be Holiday cards.  It’s that time of year where so many of us take the time to write an annual update to send along to our friends and family.  Why not add some stamping to the outside of the envelopes so that they are filled with just a little extra holiday cheer!

You can even create a coordinating card to go with an envelope.

I even got a little creative with my Silhouette and cut out a shape on the front of the envelope and inserted a scrap of patterned paper to the inside of the card to show through the window!

My next thought was of how fun it would be to create a ’12 Days of Christmas’ gift book for my husband.  I’m so beyond excited to give this to him that I can hardly stand it!  The colors of the envelopes, mixed with the ability to seal shut the daily ‘gifts’ is SO fun!

I first chose 12 envelopes (3 different colors) and added eyelets to each one for reinforcement.  I bound them together using jump rings.

I decorated each page in an identical fashion, simply to make the process super easy and fast!

I created little ‘coupons’ to insert into each envelope.  (Granted, I’m a little afraid of what I may be getting myself into!  Hee hee!)

I added ribbon to the rings to finish it off!

I then sat staring at the other divine colors of envelopes and my creative wheels started churning again.  I’ve seen cute envelope books before, perfect for storing receipts or coupons or even for budgeting money!

I however, thought it would be fun to make a little ‘annual’ pocket album for a baby.  Somewhere to keep memorabilia, growth charts from checkups, ticket stubs from special events, hand prints, foot prints, you name it…..

I know I didn’t put the book together in the traditional fashion, but wanted to have a working area to put a photo from each  month.  Here is how I put it together, sticking the flap of one envelope to the lower backside half of another one.  I put together enough envelopes to have a different pocket for each month of the year.

I then decorated the front…

….and the backsides of each envelope, using a circle punch to punch out a new opening tab for the pocket. (Just remember not to put adhesive across the top of the paper, but only where the envelope makes contact with the patterned paper, or you will seal off your pocket!)

I also included an additional pocket by adding a rectangle of patterned paper to the lower half of the left hand side of each ‘page’.  I  didn’t use adhesive at the top, and simple enough…another pocket.

I also included a photo matt on the right hand side of each page for a monthly photo….

I finished it up by adding a little ribbon to keep it closed.  Seriously.  So.  Much.  Fun!

What is also fun is being able to announce the winner of our 12,000 fans blog post!  All of us at ScrapbookSteals are so touched by your kind comments and words.  Melodee and I discuss daily how lucky we are to have each of you in our lives.  You are simply the best!

Our lucky random winner of the Prima kit is commenter number 202, Kelly Marks.

Kelly says:

I love the MWM’s! They have inspired me to start my scrapbooking again. And looking through the photos is also great inspiration! I love how everyone is so encouraging! And you can’t beat the prices on the amazing products!

Congrats Kelly!  Send us your address to and we will get this lovely Prima collection sent out to you!