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Merry (insert holiday of your choice here) to YOU!

Merry (insert holiday of your choice here) to YOU!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah , Merry Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus…whatever you celebrate this year, I am celebrating with you!

When the wonderful Jana Francis, founder of The Steal Network, offered me a job here at ScrapbookSteals almost a year and a half ago, I thought I had won the lottery.  Getting to work in the industry I have grown to love over the past 10 years AND getting to do it from home and be with my kids??? I thought it couldn’t get any better than that.  Then I got to bring on the fabulous Kristy…  Then I got to know you wonderful women in our little ScrapbookSteals community.  Watching you all love this creative craziness called Scrapbooking as much as I do warms my heart every day.  Getting to meet some of you at the Expo shows and at the warehouse has been such a bonus for me.

It really brings tears to my eyes to get to share even a small part of your lives each day.  And that you will share back with me in your layouts and family photos, well that just puts me over the edge.  This is really the time of year to be grateful for all of the wonderful things in your lives.  Aside from my family, I am most grateful for working for the best company in the world, side by side every day with the best friend a girl could ever ask for and to get to service such wonderful women.  Nothing really can get much better than this.

Much love to all of you this Holiday Season!

I truly could not echo Melodee’s words more exact.  Merry whatever it is you celebrate!!!!!   What an incredible 54 weeks it has been for me, working as a part of the amazing ScrapbookSteals crew!  What a gift.  One of the best I have ever been given….not only to do something I love so dearly, to get to work with such an amazing friend and woman who has blessed my life in sooooooooooo many ways, to get to still be ‘mommy’ while creating, photographing and writing, all with a small boy wrapped around my leg, but I have been given each of you.  I absolutely work for the best company in the world.  I.  Am.  Blessed.

Did you know when I first started, 52 weeks ago, there wasn’t a single fan photo on our Facebook page?  Look at what you girls have done this year! 2,345 photos today!  I’ll be honest…this year has been such an emotionally challenging one for me on personal levels for so many reasons (no worries!  Doing better now thanks!), and if it weren’t for each of you…and your 2,345 photos, your friendly comments, your sweet friendships and all of the fun,  I don’t know if I would have made it.  The days that were so hard, where I didn’t know if I could make it through another moment, there was a call from dear Melodee, a layout posted by one of you that reminded me of why we are a part of this crazy hobby, touching journaling on a layout (HOORAY for journaling), or a sweet new friendship made.

Thank you….EACH of you for being such a gift to me.  Even if Santa didn’t put a single thing under my tree tonight, it wouldn’t make a difference in the world to me…because I have my family, and I have you.

Wishing you and your family the very best, and VERY much looking forward to what our future together holds.


3 Bugs In A Rug is pretty Groovy and so is the fact that we have TWO sketches this week! (MWM #22)

3 Bugs In A Rug is pretty Groovy and so is the fact that we have TWO sketches this week! (MWM #22)

I know, I know…..  You’re probably all wondering WHY on earth there would be two sketches this week.  Well, I came up with two pretty good reasons for it.  First off, I had so much fun working with today’s steal, the 3 Bugs In A Rug, Groovy Collection, that I couldn’t quite stop at one layout.  The other reason is with the holiday coming up this weekend that I figure you are all going to want to have some extra ideas on what to do with all of the wonderful goodness that will hopefully be heading your way this weekend.  :)

The first sketch that I made was at the request of our Facebook Friend, Melissa Dehne.  She requested a sketch to house 3 – 4×6, horizontal photos.  Here is what I came up with.

I absolutely LOVE how easy the 3 Bugs papers make it to complete a cute layout with such variety in papers.  In fact, I created this layout from start to finish in 40 min!  I told my Facebook friends that is the sure sign of an excellent paper collection, when a layout will come together so smoothly and quickly!

I love how this kit comes with all sorts of punch out die cut embellishments.

It also comes with some pretty cute letter stickers too!

I simply couldn’t stop with one layout and wanted to showcase a variety of the different papers in the collection, so I came up with the 2nd sketch for this week.

You’ll notice that my original sketch didn’t work with the photo that I wanted to use, so I adapted to make it work!

I cut out several different sized rectangles in all different patterns of papers for the base of this sketch.   Again….loved the diecuts and how well everything coordinates…not to mention it’s a pretty compatible color palate that went well with other embellishments that I had in my stash.

(PS, don’t tell my hunny that I used, let alone posted this photo for the world to see!  Hee hee.  He hates it!  Oh and especially don’t point out to him that we’ve really only been married 18 years!  He remembers better than I do!  Must fix the journaling.  ;)  I think my brain is zapped from all of our kids!  ::giggle::)

Now here is the little bit of a surprise that Melodee and I thought would be fun.  You girls have worked so hard on the mojo’s and a HUGE high five to all of you that created #21 and had it posted on time.  This is perhaps the busiest week of the year and 24 of you still found time to scrap.  We thought that was definitely something to shout about and decided to award 2 winners this week.

Thanks to, our winners are

Colleen Posey

and Michelle Blagg

Girls…we LOVE your layouts (along with every one created by all of you!)  Colleen and Michelle, please send us your address to and we will be happy to send you out a little scrappy fun!

Good luck on getting your MWM#22 done by next Monday at midnight in order to be eligible for the weekly drawing.  Remember to post them to our Facebook fan page (or personal blog), with a link provided here in the comments.

Also be sure to share!  It bring us so much joy to see new participants to our weekly fun!

MCM #12

MCM #12

Here we are again!  I don’t know about you but life is pretty darn crazy right now (thus the slightly later blog posting today), so I decided to settle upon a pretty simple design for this weeks sketch, which still delivers a pretty cute punch!

I had fun using today’s steal, the Imaginisce Christmas Cottage collection.

You can see in this card how I morphed the squares into one solid piece of patterned paper and added some brads to the corners for a little pizazz!

This sketch works so simply and easily for any type of card needed.  I threw together this quick card, once again modifying the original sketch, to create a quick ‘thinking of you’ card.  I also added some ‘half’ punches using the template punch for my itop!  Kind of a fun little addition of flair.

Gasp!  Can you believe what a short and sweet posting this is.  LOL!  So unlike my chatty, writing self.  Hee hee.

Remember to be qualified to win all of the cards based off of sketches that I make this month, all you have to do is create a card, post it to our Facebook Fan Page, or other online source such as a personal blog, and leave a comment on the coordinating blog post with a link to your project and you will be entered into a random drawing to win all that I create in the month of December.

Hope your day is great and that you find time to get everything done before this weekend!

What a perfect time of year… sparkle!

What a perfect time of year… sparkle!

And HOW!  I have had SO much fun creating with today’s steal, the Hampton Arts Glitter Glues and Glitter sets.  Wait.  Let me rephrase that.  My 3 year old, my 6 year old, my 9 year old, her friend and myself have had an absolute blast playing with GLITTER!  In fact, I dare say that we will all be sparkling for a few days.

I will apologize in advance for the tons of photos on this posting.  It was just so much fun and the versatility of the glitters and glues is so much that I just had to do a little of this and a little of that and loved it all so much that I wanted to share it with you!

As soon as my kids were out the door to school, my ‘baby’ and I set out to do a little crafting with glitter.

We first decided to cover some raw chipboard shapes to give them a little more flair. We started with a snowflake shape and used the Tsukineko glue pad to adhere glue to the shape.

I then let Matthew choose the color of glitter he wanted to use.  I love that the caps to the glitter containers are not only secure, but are kid friendly.  They are also designed so that if the bottle is knocked over very little glitter will spill out!  Added bonus!  :)

I then let him take control and create!  He was pretty much in sparkly heaven!

Then we had to create more…

and more….

I LOVE how easy it is to remove the cap of the bottles to return the glitter to the container, yet secure enough to ensure of no accidents!

So many different things could be done with the glittered shapes, but we decided to surprise my 5 year old when he got home with some embellishments to add to his ‘winter wonderland’.

(Yeah…I think I passed the crafty gene on to this kid.  He comes home from Kindergarten and immediately starts creating.  This is what we have in our kitchen.)

He was elated with the new shapes and re-modeled his Wonderland……again.  :)

I wanted to try a masking technique with the glitter so decided to finally paint a big magnet board that I have had for years, which I have wanted to put next to Aaron’s bed so that he has somewhere special to put his creations.

I started by painting the wooden part of the board.

I then used my Silhouette to cut out Aaron’s name.  I used glue dots to hold the ‘mask’ into place on the painted frame.

Next I used spray adhesive to carefully spray the letters, then dumped red glitter on top.

I let the glue dry then carefully removed the mask.  I LOVE the results and so does Aaron!

I wanted to be sure that the glitter had a little extra protection from little hands so I sealed the frame with a matte finish protective coating.

Best of all is now Aaron’s Winter Wonderland has re-located to the magnet board, and he is quite pleased about it!  :)  Now to get it hung by his bed!

I then had to try my hand at rubber stamping with the glitter.  I used my glue pad again, this time as ‘ink’ for my stamps and this is what I came up with.

Oh and I have to say I’m elated to have such a variety of colors.  Ever since my 16 year old lost her first tooth our ‘tooth fairy’ always leaves a trail of glitter trailing out from underneath the pillow.  My kids always have the best time predicting what color of Fairy will be paying a visit!

Can you believe that that is only HALF of the fun that I had today!  Now let me show you what the kids and I did with the amazing glitter glues.

First off let me say how much I love the tubes for the glues.  Let’s face it….glue is glue and sometimes that makes for clogged applicator tips.  Hampton Arts totally thought that through and made their application tips VERY easy to remove which makes it easy to run under hot water and fix any sticky problem!

I used my Silhouette again and cut out a Christmas tree for Aaron and turned him lose with the glitter glue.  He was truly in his element!

He created clear into the evening.  This is what I found.

I wanted to cover raw chipboard, and here is what I made.

I then added a little sparkle to some card that I already had made.

I truly didn’t want to stop glittering things!  I looked around my craft room to see what I could sparkle and thought these flowers could use a little pick me up!

Truly.  What an AMAZING day making things sparkle.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing LOTS of bling from me in the future.  After all, how can I resist when Hampton Arts makes it oh so easy!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Be safe.  Be happy.  See you Monday!

And our big winner is………… (MWM #21)

And our big winner is…………   (MWM #21)

Wow.  Do you all feel like it’s a smidgin like Christmas around here with all of the excitement over who the winner of our amazing Echo Park collections will be?  Do you have those butterflies just like you did on your first date?  (Well, if it was a *good* date anyway).  :)

Before announcing our lucky winner (although I’m sure you have all scanned forward to see if that lucky girl is you), I just want to take a minute to personally thank each and every one of you for being such an amazing part of our ScrapbookSteals family.  Each Wednesday it’s a true joy to me to bring to you a new sketch to help offer that springboard of inspiration.  Never in 21 weeks of my wildest imagination would I have dreamed that Mid Week Mojo would be such a huge and amazing success.  There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t gasp out loud in amazement at your creations, literally laugh out loud at a humorous moment captured and so successfully document for history sake, shed a tear at touching journaling, or call up Melodee because I have to make sure that she doesn’t miss a particular layout!  We.  Love.  You. Thank you, thank you and thank you again for continuing to be such an amazing part of our every day lives.  I talk about you all to my husband as if you were my sisters (because sadly I wasn’t blessed with any…only older very non-scrappy brothers, so thanks for being my girls!)  You should all be incredibly pleased with yourselves at the amazing work that you have done.  Well done.  All of you.  You are ALL winners in our book!

So without further delay, the lucky Random.Org winner of the Echo Park collections is commenter #42…

….and that would be none other than Jen Collins!

Jen has done such an amazing job with all of her creations.  Jen sent me an email with a link to all of her layouts on Shutterfly but I didn’t want to possibly ruin the surprise for her by downloading the images just in case Shutterfly were to send her a notification, so if you want to see all of her amazing creations, be sure to check out our Facebook Fan page.

I did however manage to rummage up her most recent layout posted on Facebook.

I love that Jen manipulated the sketch to work for her needs, ad I LOVE those photos!

So how do you all feel…..ready to begin our next round of Mojo’s?  I know I am!  I do believe that our next 10 weeks of mojo’s will entitle us to be Ruby Club members!  I know you are probably all on scrapbook burnout (well those of you that were really cranking them out this past week), and I know the Holiday’s are upon us, but be sure to keep up the great work, because as with our Emerald club….if you have completed all layouts 1- 30, you will be entered three times for our next big drawing for the Ruby club.  It seems to be the fairest way to try and reward everyone that makes the effort to get them all done!

I am so in love with My Minds Eye, that the hardest part about this weeks sketch for me was selecting which of Today’s Amazing Steals to use!  I wanted to keep this weeks sketch moderately simple as time is truly at a premium right now so I settled on a 1 page, 5×7 design.

I have had this photo of my Tessa floating around my work room for MONTHS, and it worked so perfectly with the My Minds Eye, Little Miss Muffet, that I had to finally put it to paper.

I love this kit for so many reasons.  The rich colors, the die cuts and also the stickers!

Now take a deep breath (and a day or two off if you need to), and show us what you make for MWM #21.  Remember to post your projects to our Facebook Fan Page or other online source such as your personal blog and leave a link on this blog post by next Monday at midnight MST to be eligible for our weekly prize drawing.

Now I will leave you with the lucky weekly winner of MWM #20, Melissa Dehne!

I have to give Melissa huge props for scrapping Easter in December!  Not an easy task!  I love the cheerful, springy colors on her layout.  She always does such a great job.
Congrats again girls!  Jen and Melissa, if you can send Melodee an email to she will send out your prizes.

Thanks again so much girls!

As always….happy scrappin’!