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Surprise! The Silhouette is BACK!

Can you believe it?  I don’t want to ruin any surprises for tomorrow morning, but I just can’t hold it in any longer.  The Silhouette is BACK.  And get this….Melodee rocked her amazing buying powers and guess what WE have for you?  Not only the amazing Silhouette bundle that we offered last time, but we’ve got a huge vinyl kit, an awesome “tool” kit, a heat transfer kit with glitter and flocked transfer material………..and………..the brand NEW heat transfer fabric interfacing that was just released TWO weeks ago!  Can you believe that?  I know!  I’m still trying to wrap my head around it as well.  :)  Melodee, you deserve a big chocolate cake for that one.

Well you know me, I had to play with the new products that we will be offering tomorrow.  I mean, what’s a girl to do, when this fun new stuff is just begging to be used?  Let me show you what I’ve had fun making this week.

To begin, I told my 13 year old that had just bought some *boy* sweats on clearance for $3.00 that she needed to let me make them pretty for her.  I turned her loose and had her choose a font and a design from my Silhouette library that she’d like to have on the leg of her pants.

She chose a basic font which I welded together using the Silhouette software.  Don’t forget if you are transferring letters to your project to flip them horizontally prior to cutting so that they are correct for applying.

The key to making the heat transfer work without a hitch is to really apply some pressure when ironing the image.  The backing should peel off without any trouble.

We cut out a layered flower using  smooth glitter, smooth purple and the flocked white heat transfer.

We started with the purple layer and then added the glitter layer on top.

We then added the center of the flower which was cut from the same flocked white as we used on the letters.

She was a hit at school and had a lot of compliments.  :)

Another daughter was feeling a little left out of the heat transferring fun so we added her name to her back pack.

I wanted to make something for myself as well, since I truly love the look of the glitter heat transfer material.  I decided to make a new running shirt for myself, to hopefully inspire me to actually get running.  (Why is it that new clothes seem to make life a little more exciting all around?)

I even added some wings on the back of my shirt.  I may need a little help to fly since tomorrow I’m signing up for a half marathon which is next month!  Eeek!

After having an absolute blast making some “custom designed” clothing I had to play with the fabric interfacing.  Oh.  My.  Word.  WHAT A DREAM!  I cannot say enough good about this product and the unlimited options that it has brought to the Silhouette.  I’ve never been a quilter, but I can only imagine the fun it would be to cut out shapes and make a quilt.  But I get ahead of myself…..

I had so many ideas, and let’s face it….not enough interfacing.  :)

My original thought was to make a St. Patty’s Day wreath for my front door.  I ended up running out of fabric mid-project, but I still want to show you the photos of how the process works.

First you iron the appropriate size of interfacing on to the back of your fabric.

Next you cut the fabric back to the edge of the interfacing.  Cut the fabric to the appropriate size of your design and then remove the paper backing.  Apply the fabric to the Silhouette cutting mat, and send to cut.  I did a double cut on all of my fabric designs and it worked like a charm.

I cut a layered design out of another fabric then ironed the two pieces together.  The adhesive on the back of the interfacing gives the fabric a temporary hold to allow you to either hand or machine stitch the pieces into place, thus my incredible urge to learn how to quilt!

Now I just need to get some more fabric so I can finish my project.  ;)

When I was thinking of innovative ways to combine some of the products I thought of how much fun it would be to cut flowers out of fabric and adhere them to my wall in combination with some vinyl.

I cut out three flowers, each with three layers.

I love this design because when sewn together they are 3 dimensional, rather than flat.

I alternated the patterns of fabric on each of the layers so that the three flowers are all a tad different.

I must say….it’s LOVE!

I had to create one more thing, combining the fabric interfacing and the heat transfer kits.  I wanted to make a little something special for a special little girl.

A blingy cuppy cake purse for none other than the face of KidSteals….Miss Jane!

If you’re curious of some other projects and ideas that are made with the Silhouette, be sure to check out the blog post that I made last time we featured the Silhouette.  You can find it here!

Good luck Stealing tomorrow!  May all of your Silhouette dreams come true.  <3

Welcome Guest Sketcher, Brenda Smith! (MWM #29)

Welcome Guest Sketcher, Brenda Smith! (MWM #29)

I LOVE guest sketcher week.  Not only do my brain cells get a much needed rest, but we all get treated to a fresh set of ideas.  I was beyond thrilled when Brenda Smith agreed to be the guest Mojo sketcher for February.  I think you will love seeing how Brenda put the perfect twist on today’s Steal, the Out and About collection by We R Memory Keepers. I know we are all treated each week by seeing Brenda’s girly girl layouts so what an added bonus it is to see her step out of her “norm” and use a more boy-ish collection.

Brenda….take it away.  :)

To say that I was thrilled to be asked by Kristy to be a guest sketcher would be a vast understatement. I was ecstatic, downright giddy. I marked the very beginning of my scrapbooking journey with Scrapbook Steals and MWM #1 and 28 weeks later, I have done a total of 48 layouts, 7 cards, 1 mini book, and 3 altered projects (a printer’s tray, a notebook, and an embroidery hoop)! How lucky I am that I get to guest design for the blog that has meant so much to me and my development as a scrapbooker!

I must admit, when I was given the choice to work with either Out and About or another kit, I was a little intimidated by the idea of using a travel-themed/boyish line on layouts about my daughter. In the end, I decided the challenge would be good for me, and so Out and About it was. Once I saw the papers in person, I realized this line is so much more than just travel-themed. A lot of the patterns have sort of a 60s/70s retro feel, which I completely love.

The layout I chose as my sketch was inspired by the fabulous layered and flocked stickers included in today’s kit. When I saw the “Let’s Go” sticker, I knew it would be perfect for the pictures I have of my daughter standing up.

I cut out the car portion of the sticker to make it more appropriate for the subject matter. I also felt inspired to use the two different kinds of die cuts. The first one is the bracket-shaped one at the top, and the second one, I cut the scalloped edges off to use as borders on the top and bottom. Behind the picture on the right, there is an envelope which contains a hidden letter to my daughter.

I simply glued the underside of the envelope to my photo, and then glued the photo to the layout.

Another thing I love about WRMK? Their tiny brads, and in this case, glitter brads! They add the perfect, subtle touch to any layout.

I did a couple additional projects with Out and About because it was just so fun to work with. This layout, “We Laugh in the Face of M.S.R.P.” is about how I hope to teach my daughter to never full price for anything, prompted by the clearance stickers on the scrapbook supplies in the background of the photo. I am an expert bargain-hunter, and with any luck, my daughter will be too! I stitched a pocket into the cardstock and have hidden journaling on a tag.

I also did an altered embroidery hoop.

I cut the orange dotted paper into a circle and glued it to the inner hoop. Then I inked the outer hoop with Martha Stewart pigment ink and attached Fancy Pants pom pom trim. I put the hoops together, put my picture, papers, and other embellishments on, and tied a ribbon to the top to make a wall hanging. Done in 20 minutes, very easy!

Lastly, I made a card for my 9 year old nephew.

I really love how versatile this line is. It really works with all sorts of themes and projects

I am so excited to see what you girls make this week!

Brenda, I can’t thank you enough for being our Guest Sketcher for this month.  You are truly gifted and amaze all of us with everything you create!

I’m also amazed with this weeks Random.Org winner.

Melanie Carey

Not only am I amazed at how lovely of a job she did with this page, but I cannot get over how FANTASTIC she looks for being on the way home from just having had a baby!

Congrats Melanie.  :)  Please send your address to and we will get something scrappy sent out to you.

We want to thank We R Memory Keepers for their generosity in providing us with an amazing Cinch package for a giveaway.  The contest is now closed, but be sure to check in Monday morning to see who the lucky winner is!

Do you think you can handle one more *amazing* thing?  How about a little twist on our monthly Guest Designer?  Would *you* like to be featured?  Well if you’re feeling the urge to create a sketch for us, and you’re feeling lucky, simply add a comment to the blog post following this one.  I will select a random winner using my favorite, Random.Org, and we will announce the winner of the random guest spot on St. Patrick’s Day!   Our random designer will be featured on the first Wednesday in April, since our guest for March is already busy designing away.  Hurry though!  You only have until tomorrow morning to let me know that you’re interested.

Be sure to share your amazing takes on Brenda’s sketch.  Remember to post your creations to our Facebook Fan Page or personal blog with a link provided here in the comments in order to be eligible for our weekly drawing.  Also next week will be the last sketch in the “Ruby Club” series.  I’m so positively in love with the prize that Melodee wrangled up for this milestone.  Just a referesher that if you have completed layouts 21 – 30 you are eligible for the Ruby Club drawing.  If you are also a member of the the Diamond Club (sketches 1 – 10) and Emerald Club (sketches 11 – 20) you are eligible for one additional entry in the Ruby Club drawing for each “club” you are a member of.   So in short, if you’ve done all 30 sketches, you will have 3 entries into the drawing.  Just be sure to start gathering either names of your previous layouts or links to them to provide as a part of your entry.

Well, that’s probably an information overload so that’s enough from me today.  :)

Now it’s time to be happy and get scrappy.

I’m Feeling Lucky! I Want to be a Guest Sketcher. :)

Thank you to those who have shown interest in being a Guest Sketcher for us!   The winner has been chosen and the mystery designer will be announced on St. Patricks Day.

How To’sday: Organization Tips 101

How To’sday: Organization Tips 101

I have been SO excited about today’s blog posting ever since the idea was born.  I’ve been much like a kid in a candy store, reading about all of your wonderful ideas for organizing your supplies.  I’m sure that you will feel that your cravings for organization will be satisfied after the the series of  organization How To’sdays are complete.

I have to admit, that I love the organizing of supplies *almost* as much as using them. I’m always looking for ways to make things more effective and easier to use.  It seems to be a constant work in progress and after reading through all of your ideas, I’m pretty sure I’ll be making a few changes to my ways.

Let’s start off by a little tour through my scrapbook area.  I’m fortunate enough that I have a room to call my own.  However, I’m sure given the chance, my kids would take it over in a heartbeat.  They *get* to learn loving by sharing rooms.  One for girls.  One for boys.  ;)

One of my very favorite parts of my scrapbook room is my magnet strips from IKEA.  While they don’t really do anything to “organize”, I love hanging up my current favorite layouts for decoration and inspiration.

I have a magnet board on my wall as well which I use to keep notes on as well as any magnetic embellishments.  I also tend to have a love note or two from my kids stuck on the board.

I LOVE my Clip It Up!  I cannot say enough good about this organization tool.  I really didn’t think I’d need or even want one, but decided to try it out.  I’m so glad that I did.  It’s so nice having all of my embellishments at my fingertips rather than stashed away to be forgotten.   I think that is a key factor of useful scrapbook organization, is to have things visible.

On my desk (which is one day going to be replaced!), I have an assortment of embellishments as well as a wire tiered basket where I keep my adhesives.  You can also see my Ott Lite.  This is probably the most important investment I have ever made.  It provides me with natural light, even at 3am!

I have a bookshelf from IKEA where I keep idea books, papers that I don’t often use and various other odds and ends.

There is a shelf on my hand me down desk where I keep some of my “go-to” embellishments.  I have a container holding my Pebbles Chips as well as my ribbon and flowers.  I have them all organized in bags Roy-G-Biv style.  They are within arms reach which I find very helpful.

On the ground, right next to my feet I have a container holding all of my paper kits.  I have them organized alphabetically by manufacturer.  It’s taken me years to realize that I either need to “use it” or “get rid of it” and make room for product that inspires.

I organize my buttons in an embroidery floss container by color.  I used to keep them in a baggie, but this is so much more effective to immediately find a button in the color I’m looking for.

On the wall next to my Clip It Up! I have a towel rack from IKEA.  I have a kitchen spice rack hanging on it where I keep my Doodlebug Glitters as well as some jars of flowers and eyelets.

Last but not least, the storage for my Thickers has also got to be a favorite of mine.  I have another kitchen towel rack from IKEA with hooks.  From the hooks I have my Thickers organized by colors on jump rings.  I love the ease of being able to grab a particular ring of colors and flip through them to find what I want to use.  This method also really makes it easy to “grab and go” when I’m going to a crop.

Even though my room is always a work in progress it continually becomes more functional, and it will become even more functional after implementing some of the ideas that were sent to me.

I was thrilled by all of the responses that I received.  In fact I was sent so many that we will be splitting all of the tips into three weeks.  To make things easy I decided to present them to you in alphabetical order.

Brettany Quinton

Here are a few photos from my craft room. I don’t scrapbook, but I make cards & home decor items, and I sew a lot. Basically I will try to make just about anything!

I love having my bins & containers labeled and having a place for everything. (This is the only room in my house that is this organized!! Haha) I got all the little clear plastic shoebox size containers from Costco and they are all over my house. In closets, cupboards, organizing kids toys, everywhere! I love that they are clear and I can see whats in them without digging.

I also love the magnet board that I made. It is great to hold little knick-knacks in the magnetic spice containers at the top, and to hold instructions as I sew etc. (That way I’m not burying the instructions in a pile and always looking for them!)

I find that the things that are on the desk and close by are the things I use the most. The big shelf is across the room so I don’t use stuff on it as much.
Please try to ignore the ugly wood paneling on the walls! I would love to paint it someday, but we have bigger priorities for now! :)

Brittany Perry

I prefer to organize by item & color, and my paper kits by theme (Christmas together, Halloween together, etc) or by manufacturer.  My guest room is also my craft room, so I use an armoire and dresser to hold many of my supplies.

Chloe Salerno

My tips:

Utilize wall space! Cheap towel rails from Ikea for about $2 are perfect for holding punches, or the little cups made to clip on are great for pens/markers and things. Shoe organizers are also great storage! And of course peg boards are great for tools.

A simple shelf will not only hold stuff on top of it, but use the space underneath to Velcro jars, or in my case, stickles! If you’re not a fan of Velcro, you could try magnets on a cookie sheet tied underneath or attached to the wall.

Manila folders are a cheap way to store paper collections! (the Cropper Hoppers are nice to have, but not necessity)

Blank CD holders are the perfect way to store rubber stamps. I found this little CD storage cupboard for about $10, which fits almost all of my stamp collection.

“Parts Organizers” from the hardware store are a great way to store buttons, brads, eyelets, and other small items. These were about $3 each.

I know I already mentioned wall space, but anywhere I had extra space, like the sides of my bookshelf, I stuck up some command hooks. They’re the little removable hooks by 3M that come in all different sizes.

Cristine Redmond

After using my dining room table as a scrap room for a couple years, my Mother’s Day present last year was my very own scrap space!  We converted a closet in the kids’ toy room into my scrap area.  I’m bursting at the seams in this little closet, but it will have to do until we move into a bigger house.  I have three drawers on my work space.  The top drawer holds embellishments, small brad cases, thread, needles, etc.  The middle drawer holds stamps and inks, some 8×8 cardstock and pictures to be scrapped.  The bottom drawer is for adhesives.  I have a filing bin under my work space that has file dividers in it.  They hold my small and large alpha stickers, Thickers and various stickers for almost every occasion.  This bin also holds some of my ribbon.  The rest of it is hanging in the closet, but can’t be seen in the photo.  On top of the bin are my paper pads.  Standing up next to my sewing machine box are my paper paker-like cases which hold all of the paper I’m hoarding.  :)  I have baskets hanging above my head that hold buttons, ink pads and chalks.  I love my hubby for putting up particle board for all of my scissors, Sew Easy supplies and other random things to hang out.

Heather Conklin

I finally got some photos of my scrap “space”… It’s actually the back room/laundry area/foldout couch space.

I store my supplies on a bookshelf ;)  I go “shopping” through my things and then take them to the kitchen table or coffee table when no one is around.  Sometimes I just work in the back room.

This is my storage for Thickers, stickers, embellishments that I don’t use often, extra glue and ribbon, cardstock. All in drawers so that if I want to take the whole drawer with me, I can.

This is the bookshelf in my crafting area. The top shelf includes completed cards, works in progress, embellishments, 2nd shelf: left-scrapbooks, paper pads, box of scraps; right-drawers, interest books, 3rd shelf: left-schools supplies with paper cutters on top, right: scrapbooks, decorative scissors, drawers with photos, printer paper and ephemera from our life to scrapbook, bottom shelf: left-more school stuff, right-paper storage, sewing kit, unfinished Christmas cards.

My favorite embellishments!! I take the basket no matter what.

Scrap paper storage (it was a gift box that has an attached lid. No pieces smaller than $1 bill)

Cricut, Gypsy and cutting mats

Paper storage (and this was after I purged some and took it to my classroom…) It’s divided by company (BG, AC, CC, MME) if there are whole kits or a ton of paper that “matches”. Otherwise, it’s divided by season from January-December.

How I go “shopping”. I just fill a 13×13 box (from a former scrapbook purchase) and grab all of the items that I think I want… Take it to wherever I am going to craft and VOILA! I also keep all of my 12×12″ bags from SS for the same purpose when I go somewhere else.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with ideas so we will take the next two weeks to feature the rest of the organization ideas beginning with Heather Gray.  If you haven’t had a chance to send your ideas and would like to see them included in the next two weeks of How To’sday blog posts, feel free to send me your photos and tips to

I want to thank each and every one of you that have offered your fantastic tips and thoughts on organization.

Make sure you check in tomorrow for our Mid Week Mojo.  We have a guest designer lined up.  One you will not want to miss.

Have a great day!

Scrap happy. :)

Pack a Little Punch in your Project! (MCM #19)

Pack a Little Punch in your Project! (MCM #19)

Today’s Steal is a little tool that delivers a huge punch!  The 7 Gypsies Border Punch has got to be one of the most innovative border punches that I have ever had the pleasure of using. Why is this punch so great? Because you get 5 interchangeable punches in what takes up the space of one punch.

I’ve had my border punch for close to a year now and it’s one of my favorite tools.  I especially love the hole and square punches so that I can make my own personalized “notebook” paper for cards or journaling.

7 Gypsies totally thought through the whole punching process and each punch includes interchangeable templates so that you are guaranteed the perfect alignment every time.

For this weeks card sketch I wanted to use the square border punch to create an embellishment that looks as if it were ripped out of a notebook.

On the first card that I made I left the holes intact.

On the second card I made I took a pencil and ripped out the holes to make it look as if I’d ripped the paper right out of a notebook.  It’s also one of my favorite techniques to use for a handwritten journaling block.

Next I made a card featuring the same “notebook” idea but used patterned paper instead.  I really love how this gives a little texture and dimension to the card.

Last I made a card with a circle border down the edge of the card.  It worked great for stringing through some ribbon to tie a bow.

We have genuinely loved seeing all of your creations posted to our Facebook Fan Page.  Keep it up!  Also don’t forget the challenge to send out the cards that you create to bring someone a little joy to their day.

Since it’s the first Monday in February we have our January winner for Monday Card Madness.  Our lucky Random.Org winner is……..

Staci Jones!

I truly love seeing Staci’s cards each week.  Staci, send us an email to and we will get a scrappylicious prize set aside for you for the next time you come into the warehouse.  :)

Just a few random reminders for you before I bid farewell for the day.

1 – Make sure you check in to How To’sday tomorrow for the first of a 2 or possibly 3 week series on craft space organization.

2 – If you’d like to participate in our first ScrapbookSteals card swap there is still time.  Please email me at for all of the details.

3 – Don’t forget our first on-line crop of the year on Friday the 18th from 6 to 10 PM.  If you are local, we’d love to have you join us for food and fun.  Please send us an email at if you need any info.   We have an amazing manufacturer lined up and will be live on video with our guest around 8PM MST.  (Melodee is such a Rock Star!)  There will be challenges posted on the blog on the 17th so that everyone has more time to complete them.  We also have a major announcement to make that night.  One you will certainly not want to miss.  :)

I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Scrap happy!