How To’sday | Washer Pendant Necklace by Brittany Perry

How To’sday | Washer Pendant Necklace by Brittany Perry

We all have them — that staggering supply of paper scraps. Let Brittany Perry show you a fun way to not only dress up some of those overwhelming scraps, but dress up yourself!


We all love our scrapbooking paper and we are certain to have scraps left over after doing a layout. One thing I like do with some of my favorite scraps is turn them into a necklace.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Patterned paper
  • Large metal washer
  • Mod podge
  • sponge/brush
  • Pourable acrylic resin with a high gloss finish (found at most big craft stores)

Step 1: Trace the washer onto the back side of your paper, then cut the circle and it’s center out using small scissors.

Step 2: Apply mod podge to the washer and the back side of your cut out circle and adhere it to the washer. Then apply mod podge to the front of the paper. This helps seal the paper so that the next step doesn’t turn the paper transparent. Let the mod podge dry completely before moving on (15-20 minutes).

Step 3: Prepare the acrylic resin according to the manufacturer’s directions. Mine says to mix equal parts of the resin and hardener. You also want to make sure it is mixed well, otherwise it won’t set up correctly, and it will always remain sticky/tacky. To prepare it, mix it in a plastic cup and use a plastic spoon so that your can just throw them away when you’re done. This stuff doesn’t come off most surfaces easily, and it’s a pain to try to clean. Also, don’t mix it until right when you are going to use it, or else it could begin to harden before you are ready for it!

Step 4: After your acrylic resin is mixed well (it will probably be a little bubbly), use the plastic spoon and drizzle it over the paper/washer. I use the spoon to sort of nudge and guide it to the edges of my surface. If you put too much, it will spill over the edges, but once it dries and hardens, you should be able to remove it by sanding it down. You’ll want to do this step on an old pie tin or a cookie sheet. I cover mine with tin foil, again, so that I can just throw it away when I’m finished & I don’t have to worry about ruining any table tops or anything.

Step 5: Let the washer dry completely. It can take up to 12 hours. If it is still sticky after this amount of time, it probably means that it wasn’t well mixed enough, and in this case, it won’t ever set up! Once it is dried, it gives a hard, glass-looking, shiny finish!

Attach the pendant to a necklace/chain! You can find lots of options at most craft stores.


Amazing tutorial Brittany! Thank you so much. I for one can’t wait to hit the craft store to pick up some supplies so I can get started on making some pendant necklaces for me and my girls. Be sure to check in next How To’sday for another amazing tutorial, this time from Melissa Dehne.

If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, please send it to We want to keep your ideas coming.

Be sure to check in tomorrow morning for Mid Week Mojo.

Border Punches | Monday Card Madness #30

Border Punches | Monday Card Madness #30

Wow! Can you believe that we have completed 30 weeks of card making? If you haven’t joined us with our weekly sketches, then today’s steal, the EK Success Basics Sale, is all you need to get you pointed in the right direction for card making.

For this week’s card sketch I wanted to focus on the beauty of the EK Success border punches. The card is a standard A2 size card with about 1″ of the bottom of the top flap cut off, allowing the inside of the card to show through.

I adore the border punches and how they make such a classy finishing touch to a pretty quick card.

I thought this particular border punch was so fun for a homey card. You could even use the punched out chicken, heart, pumpkin and flower shapes as “confetti” to include inside an invitation to a barbeque.

If you haven’t had a chance to use chalks yet, then the chalk set in today’s steal is the perfect answer for trying them out! Chalks lend such a fun addition to any of your paper crafting projects. They are fantastic for adding color to embossed images or simply adding dimension to edges of paper like I did by adding yellow chalk to the flower on this card.

The cards being posted to our Facebook fan page and blogs are spectacular as ever. I particularly enjoyed this card from last week by Amy Williams with how she created a flower out of buttons.

I was able to send out a little joy this week by distributing the cards of the first Scrapbook Steals card swap. Everyone’s creations were positively amazing and we had such an amazing response to the swap that we are going to have another one soon!

After creating your cards, post them to our Facebook fan page or personal blog then leave a link with your creation here on the blog in order to be eligible for our monthly drawing for a little scrappy goodness. You have until May 6th at 11:59 pm MST to have your creations posted in order to be eligible for our monthly drawing.

Be sure to check in tomorrow at 9am for another fantastic How To’sday, this time brought to you by Brittany Perry.

And in case you haven’t heard all the ruckus going on a couple doors over, our sister site, is turning three on Thursday and we’re partying all week! Don’t miss out on all the fun — head over to the BabySteals blog or Facebook page or follow us on Twitter and join the sweet celebration.

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Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with Artsylicious Mini Albums

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with Artsylicious Mini Albums

Can you believe it’s almost Mother’s Day? If you’re still contemplating what to get the mom in your life then today’s steal, the Chatterbox Artsylicious albums and embellishments may be just what you are looking for!

Now you may remember that my mother is more along the practical side of things, yet I really wanted to do a mother’s day album, so I decided to put a very special twist on it. I decided to create an album for my oldest daughter for Mother’s Day, expressing to her the joys and hardships of motherhood. Even though she is only a mother-in-training at this point, I think it’s important for our children to know the feelings of motherhood and this album is sort of a journey of my feelings from the point of her birth to now. It’s something I can add pages to over the years and will finish up with a page of her as a new mother.

The papers and embellishments of the Artsylicious collections truly made this album.

While I was in mini album mode, I decided to get a jump start on another mini album for my father-in-law’s Father’s Day gift. (Eeek! I hope this doesn’t ruin the surprise, since he actually does peek at the blog!)

I decided to make an album featuring a photo and small sentiment from each of the kids, their spouses and grandkids. It’s a good thing I still have time to get this completed!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! May the crafty vibes be with you. See you Monday!

Love Elsie Collection Kit | Mid Week Mojo #39

It’s true. I squealed when Melodee showed me today’s steal, the KI Memories—Love Elsie—Cody and Zoe collections. I squealed yet again when I knew I’d be working with these collections for this weeks Mid Week Mojo. I honestly couldn’t decide if I wanted to do a “boy” or a “girl” layout so I compromised and did a boy layout using the girl papers.  :)

I positively love how perfectly the Zoe collection worked for the photos that I took of my little guy coloring Easter eggs. The artsy and whimsical feel of Elsie Flannigans style is a favorite of mine and paired perfectly my three-year-old’s artistic way of dyeing eggs.

I included several photos but wanted to keep it one page, so I re-sized the photos in Photoshop so that they would work with the design of the sketch.

Today’s collections both come with some amazing embellishments. I used the alpha rub-ons from the Zoe collection to create my title.

Then I used some of the chipboard and rubber embellishments to finish off the page.

Now for the most exciting part of Mid Week Mojo, our weekly winner! Congrats to Kelly Marks.

Kelly, will you please email your address to and we will be happy to send you out a little scrappy goodness.

We are now nearing the end of another amazing 10 weeks of Mid Week Mojo sketches. Don’t forget to be eligible for our Sapphire Club prize that you must complete all 10 of the Sapphire Club sketches (#31-40), and have them posted somewhere online such as our Facebook Fan page or your personal blog. Mid Week Mojo #39 must be posted no later than Monday, April 25th at 11:59 pm MST.

Have a great day and scrap happy!

How To’sday | Picassa Photo Collage by Stephanie Umpleby

How To’sday | Picassa Photo Collage by Stephanie Umpleby

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to re-size your photos so that you can create a layout featuring more than your basic size prints, then today’s tutorial by Stephanie Umpleby will be right up your alley!


Do you ever have many pictures from the same event that you want to include but don’t want to create multiple scrapbook pages to include them? Smaller pictures are the answer!  But, if you don’t have your own printer, how do you do it? One answer is Picasa.

With Picasa, you can make collages of pictures. You can set the collage size to standard printing sizes (4×6, 5×7, 8×10, etc) print a bunch of small photos inexpensively.  Here is how you do it!

First, download Picasa if you don’t have it. It is a free photo editing program from the Google guys, it works pretty well, and is Mac and PC compatible. Next add your photo folders to Picasa. This is very easy to do, and as long as always save to the same location on your computer, it is a one-time thing. Go to File, and then Add Folder to Picasa. I have mine set to “scan always” our picture hard drive, so each time I open the program it is up to date.

If you have a big folder of photos and only want to use some of them, you need to sort out the ones you want to use. There are two options. First, you can “star” the photos, which will put them in the Starred Photos folder. To “star” a photo, all you have to do is click on the star icon near the bottom center of the screen. You can “unstar” the same way. Starred photos will have a little star appearing in the bottom right corner of the screen for easy reviewing. You can also make a new folder and copy the images there too. Normally I start with the starring process, and if I want to keep the folder for later, I then export the starred photos to a new folder.

Now that you have your photos, you have some decisions to make. The first is what kind of collage you want to make.

  • A picture pile allows you to move the pictures around and alter the size and angle of the pictures. The “default” pile is normally not very appealing, but with some maneuvering, you can end up with some cute results.
  • A mosaic creates a square/rectangle grid of pictures, trying to fit all of the images as best as possible. You can have it shuffle the pictures and drag them around, but it doesn’t give you 100% control over where the pictures are located.
  • Frame mosaic puts one picture in the middle and the others around the outside as a frame.
  • Grid gives you equal-sized rectangles of all of the images you choose. There are two other options, but I don’t think they are very useful for scrapbooking (contact sheet and multiple exposure).

I like the picture pile and mosaic for my kids’ monthly update photos because I can include all of the “good” pictures from the month into one picture that I then email to friends and family (and later scrap as one photo).  For vacation pictures, I love the grid collage because I print out several photos at once and then decide how to scrap them later. If I did a picture pile or mosaic, I would have less freedom in scrapping because it is harder to break those collages up.

Here are some tricks to the grid collage.

  • First, sort your pictures by direction (landscape vs. portrait).
  • Select the perfect number. I prefer to select a perfect square (4, 9, 16, …). Doing these two things will keep the aspect ratio of your photos almost unchanged, which means the program won’t crop the picture much. You could crop all of the images to begin with, but otherwise Picasa does the cropping “automatically” and the results aren’t always desirable.  Also, if you chose a non-square number, check to see if there are duplicates included in the collage. Picasa does this if it thinks the best layout would be met by including one or two more photos.

Here are the actual steps to making the collage.

1. Select your photos. All of the photos you select should appear in the selection box at the bottom left of the screen. I normally use Ctrl, Click or Shift, Click for this.

2.    Click on Collage (at the bottom center of the screen).

3.    Change any settings you want on the collage.

  • The top setting is for the type of collage.
  • Grid spacing adjusts the border around each photo.
  • Background color is the color of the border/grid lines and the background of a picture pile.
  • Page format allows you to choose the print size (including a custom option so you can do any size you want) and direction.

4. Shuffle or drag the pictures around if you need to.
5. Create the collage

Here is a page done using only 4×6 collages from Picasa. I kept one as a whole 4×6, then I cut many of the others in half. I used the last print as two square pieces and as individual pictures at the bottom.


Thank you Stephanie for the great tutorial! I’m excited to incorporate a little more of the unique photo sizing with Mid Week Mojo sketches and will be able to point everyone in the direction of this tutorial to help them create those unique-sized photos for layouts. Speaking of, the sketch for tomorrow does incorporate some smaller photos. :)

If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, please send it to We want to keep your ideas coming. Next week we have a great tutorial by Brittany Perry which you will simply not want to miss!

Be sure to check in tomorrow morning for Mid Week Mojo. For those of you that want to get started with smaller photos, the sketch includes one 4×6 vertical and four 2.5 x 1.75 photos.

Have a great day and scrap happy!