Echo Park Little Boy | Mid Week Mojo

Opal Club — Layout 4

Whether you have an adventurous little boy or a darling little girl in your life, you will be completely smitten with today’s steal, Little Boy or Little Girl by Echo Park. I have to say that I was smitten when I saw the photos of the new addition to one of our ScrapbookSteals fans, family. I asked Peggy Spencer if she’d mind if I used photos of her sweet new baby to create a layout for her for this week’s Mid Week Mojo.

I love how the Little Boy collection not only works for boys of all ages, but for babies straight from heaven!

Peggy was funny. When I asked her if she would send journaling for the layout she replied that journaling was not her strong point and gave me a few brief sentences with the statistics of little Jeremiah. Then she proceeded to tell me a little about how things were going and how happy she was to be given a second chance at being a mommy. The words written directly to me were so heartfelt and touched me deeply. I took her words and changed it into journaling written to her son, because if Peggy could tell those things to me, a friend via internet, then those words most definitely hold true to her son. Peggy, don’t underestimate your journaling abilities girl. You have it from the heart!

The stickers in today’s collection made for a snappy title and a little extra embellishment to the page.

Thank you so much Peggy for allowing me to share your sweet lil’ man with everyone for this week’s Mid Week Mojo.

It’s kind of exciting. was definitely shining on some beginners luck this week! Congrats are in order for Deb Routledge, our lucky winner of this week’s Mid Week Mojo. I was fortunate to get to meet Deb at the recent ScrapbookSteals retreat where we got her hooked on creating Mid Week Mojo! (Or at least I hope she’s hooked!) 😉

Deb if you would be so kind as to send an email with your address to, letting them know that you are this week’s winner we will be happy to get a prize sent out to you!

Don’t forget that this sketch will need to be posted and linked to this blog posting by 11:59PM MST on Monday, October 31st. Also if you are new to our Mid Week Mojo challenge or have any particular questions, you can find all of the details here. As we continue week to week, bookmark this page for your quick reference to Mid Week Mojo links.

I hope you all have a lovely day. <3

How To’sday | Custom Glass Etching

Hello! Can you believe it How To’sday once again. I’m pretty thrilled at how long we’ve been treated each week to a new technique or crafting idea from one of you. Today our tutorial on glass etching comes to us from Melanie Carey.

• • • • •

How to etch glass.

Materials Needed:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Etching Crème
  • Squeegee
  • Hook to remove cut pieces from the vinyl in order to create your stencil
  • Glass piece to be etched (such as picture frame, wine glass, glass plate, candle holder, etc). I’d recommend buying a second piece as a backup
  • Glass cleanser
  • Adhesive backed vinyl
  • Transfer paper
  • Cutting machine to create the stencil


Step 1: Create your design in your preferred die cutting system software. This tutorial demonstrates the Silhouette SD.

Helpful Hint: Perform a test run to ensure that your design is the right size for your glass piece by using the sketch feature or cutting your design onto a test paper. If you are going to sketch a wine glass and/or something round this step is very helpful. You’ll want to make sure that you can lay the paper flat against the glass without any creasing. The more intricate the design the more chance you will have problems adhering the stencil to the glass. Any bubbles and/or creases in the vinyl immediately around the cutout pieces will cause the etching crème to bleed.

Here are the images and their measurements that I used:

  • Flourish: Silhouette image name – Flourish, Height: 0.505in Width: 2.060in
  • Name: Font: Monotype Cursive, size: 60 pt
  • Grapes: Silhouette image name: Grapes by Sarah Bailey, Height: 1.865in
  • Width: 1.1in

Step 2: Load the adhesive-backed vinyl into your machine. Your machine may or may not require a carrier sheet, but I would recommend using one because I have found it holds the vinyl in place and makes a cleaner cut.

For Silhouette machine users, if you decide to load the vinyl without the carrier sheet, make sure that “load media” is displayed in the window on the machine.  To do this, turn on the Silhouette and select the arrow pointing to the right till you see “load media.” Then load the adhesive-backed vinyl into the Silhouette without the carrier sheet.

Step 3: In the Silhouette Studio, select the cut settings, then “Silhouette vinyl” as your media type. Depending on the condition of your blade you may need to increase the cut thickness. I’ve had to increase mine to 10 or 11 depending on the sharpness of my blade. You may want to do a test cut first with a small piece of vinyl just to ensure you have the right thickness. Also, if you have a really intricate designs you may want to reduce the speed as well.

Step 4: Using the blue cap cut your design.

Step 5: Next, you need to remove the pieces that will be etched (you are creating a stencil from the negative space).

Helpful Hint: Do this step slowly especially around little pieces of vinyl that need to remain (i.e. the little triangle part of the A and the oval part of the letter e). If you go too fast you will lift those pieces off and then you’ll have to reposition them yourself. Also, if you are using a tool that has a point, be careful not to prick the vinyl that is remaining as you may get an etched dot there. A hook tool is also helpful to hold down the little pieces of vinyl which are needed to remain.

Step 6: Next you need to apply the transfer paper to the top of the Vinyl stencil which will hold all the little pieces of Vinyl (i.e. the triangle piece in the A and the oval piece of the e) in place while you apply the vinyl to your glass.

Step 7: Wash your glass piece with soap and water then use a glass cleaner to ensure that there are no finger prints, water marks, pieces of lint, etc.

Step 8: Cut your vinyl stencil so it will fit onto your glass piece. Make sure that you have enough vinyl around the negative space to ensure that you don’t have any etching crème touch the glass where you don’t want it.  In my case, I had 4 stencils that I was creating (Anne, Grapes x2, Keith). So I cut my large stencil into four pieces. Turn your Vinyl Stencil over and peel off the adhesive.

Step 9: Apply your vinyl stencil to your glass piece. Use a squeegee to remove any bubbles or wrinkles in the stencil. Make sure that absolutely no bubbles or wrinkles are anywhere near the cutouts.

Helpful Hint: If you are using a rounded piece of glass, begin by adhering the center of the stencil to the flattest part of the glass. Next drag the squeeguee to the top of the stencil.  Repeat in a concentric pattern. Make sure that there are NO air bubbles or tiny folds in the stencil around the cut out pieces, as the etching creme will etch undesired areas that are exposed.  If you are etching a flat piece of glass you can lay the stencil on the table with the adhesive side up then place the glass piece directly on top of it.

Because I was working with a round glass I placed the glass on an old folded towel to prevent it from rolling.

Step 10: Next peel off the transfer paper.

Step 11: WEARING GLOVES and Goggles pour a generous amount of the etching crème onto the glass. Make sure it’s evenly distributed.

Step 12: Wait 15 minutes (these instructions should be on the etching crème container).

Step 13: Using a plastic squeegee, gently scrape off most of the etching crème. Take care not to lift up the stencil during this process. Most etching crèmes are reusable so you can scrape the crème back into the container.

Step 14: Using a folded paper towel wipe off the remaining crème and throw the paper towel away. Do not moisten or wet the paper towel prior to wiping the crème off.  If you use a wet paper towel the stencil will lose its adhesion and the crème will bleed under the stencil.

Step 15: Next rinse the glass piece under running water.

Step 16: After you have rinsed the glass, fill the sink with water so that you can peel the stencil off while your glass remains totally submersed.

Viola! You are now done!!

Other projects:

Heart Silhouette Shape: Heart Nesting with Swirls by Samantha Walker, Height:2.135in Width:1.685in

• • • • •

Melanie, thank you so much for your tutorial. It’s perfect timing with the holidays right around the corner. Just think of the darling neighbor gifts that you could make with glass etching.

If you have an idea that you would like to share for a How To’sday tutorial we would love to see! You can send your idea with photos and directions to

Be sure to check in tomorrow for our next Opal club series, Mid Week Mojo.

Have a fantastical day!

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Imaginisce Happy Harvest | Monday Card Madness #55

I don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but finally Utah is having a lovely fall season! Today’s steal, the Happy Harvest collection by Imaginisce, couldn’t compliment my love of fall, changing leaves, crisp air and beloved pecan pie any better! I had a blissful time creating cards for today’s Monday Card Madness using the papers from this collection.

I had fun scraplifting myself and based this week’s sketch off of one of the Halloween cards that I created for last Friday’s blog post. Simple and boasts a bounty of different colors and patterns. Plus, this is an excellent card sketch to use to use up those tiny scraps left over from a layout, which you may not want to throw away.

• • • • •

I then put a twist on the sketch and created basically the same thing in a vertical format.

I couldn’t resist just creating two more cards on the whim!

Don’t forget in order to be eligible to be the random winner of our October Monday Card Madness drawing all you need to do is have your card creation posted somewhere on line and linked to one of the Monday Card Madness blog posts by November 4th at 11:59PM MS

Here is this week’s reminder on our current card swap.

  • This particular swap is a holiday-themed swap.
  • Create 10 cards following a Christmas, holiday or winter theme. (*Please leave me a note if you have a preference of Christmas or holiday cards and I will do my best to sort accordingly).
  • All cards must include envelopes.
  • Cards must be received at the Scrapbook Steals warehouse by November 7, 2011. (Scrapbook Steals, Attn: Card Swap, 2181 California Ave., #400, SLC, UT  84045)
  • Once your cards have gone postal, be sure to send an email to letting me know they are on their way.
  • Lastly wait patiently for 10 amazing creations by different artists to find their way back to your door!

Have a great day and be sure to check in tomorrow for our next How To’sday tutorial!  :)