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How To’sday | Paper Pumpkins

I love today’s tutorial on making paper pumpkins by Amber Sheaves. What a fun project to do with your kiddos or at a school class party. Not to mention, these are the perfect decorative touch for your holiday table.

• • • • •

I know Halloween is over but pumpkins stay up in my house until the very last day in November! I love pumpkins. So think of these as last-minute Thanksgiving decorations or file it away for next year! But, if you are just itching to get started on Christmas, there is a variation for you too. Just read on.

To make these pumpkins you will need:

  • 1″x12″ strips of paper – 24 for the pumpkin, 1 for the stem
  • 2 medium-sized brads
  • 1 leaf, if desired
  • several skinny strips for the tendrils (1/8″ – 1/4″ wide x 12″ long)
  • hole punch
  • adhesive

Step 1: Punch a hole through both ends of paper strips (make sure hole is smaller than brad head). A Crop-a-dile works great for this. A regular hole punch will work too, but you will just need to do it in batches instead of all at once. Secure all strips at one end together with a brad.

Step 2: Fan out all strips so they look like a sun. Bring the strips up and around to form a round pumpkin shape and secure with the other brad. I found the best way to do this was to start at the topmost strip and work your way down to the bottom strip (like in the ornament pic). Doing it by grabbing the opposite strip (like in the pumpkin pic) kinda left it a little weird and not quite evenly spaced. Now quick, close the brad before the strips fall down!

Step 3: Roll up the strip for the stem. Glue it together (I like hot glue because it dries so quickly) and then glue it to the pumpkin. Glue on your leaf if desired. To make the tendrils, wrap a strip tightly around a pencil and then release and glue to the pumpkin as well.

Now I also used this method to make a few Christmas ornaments. The only difference is the size and quantity of the strips. I only used 6-inch-long strips and only needed 12 of them. That’s half a sheet of 12×12 or 2 sheets of 6×6 paper. This is a great way to use up those 6×6 pads that you’re not sure what to do with. I just eliminated the stem, leaf, and tendrils, of course, and tied on some twine to hang it. I’m thinking of adding a gray or silver “stem” and and hook to make it look like a real ornament but haven’t had time to play with that idea yet. These are so easy that the kids can make them. Put them to work decorating for you! “Easy peasy” as my son would say.

• • • • •

Amber, thank so much! I’m so excited to do these with my kids and let them make ornaments for their little tree.

If you have an idea that you would like to see star on a How To’sday then please send it along to me. Photos and directions can be sent to

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow for our next Mid Week Mojo…with eleven photos. :)

American Crafts HollyDay | Monday Card Madness #58

Can you believe that Christmas is only one month and eleven days away! That means if you are going to make handmade holiday cards and haven’t yet started then today’s steal, the HollyDay collection by American Crafts is the perfect one to help that happen.

HollyDay is chock-full of traditional reds and greens with a splash of modern silver. There are patterns that sparkle and will entice Holiday wonder in the youngsters as well as bring a smile to your neighbors face. (Oh and this collection is so big that you’ll have oodles of left over to scrap your holiday memories as well!)

I decided to make the tags that are included in today’s steal the main focus of this weeks card sketch.  I also split the design of the front of the card, mixing two different patterns since there are really so many different choices that I wanted to show them all! (Or a few of them anyway. ;) )

The card postings that we’ve been seeing on our Facebook fan page are fantastic. If you’d like to be eligible for the November random drawing for Monday Card Madness, all you need to do is complete any (or all!) of the Monday Card Madness sketches, post your creation to our fan page or your own personal blog, then leave a link on this blog to that creation no later than 11:59 PM MST on Friday, December 2nd, 2011.

For those of you that participated in the Holiday card swap, your cards are AMAZING! They will be heading back out to you this week.

I hope you have a great Monday!

Boulder Innovations Magnet Boards

If you loved the collection of 5×7 magnet boards when we offered them before, then you will be absolutely beside yourself with giddiness over today’s steal of Magnet Boards by Boulder Innovations.

Not only does today’s steal come with your favorite 5×7 boards (two of them), but you get a large square magnet board and a darling photo frame. Can you say handmade Christmas gifts? Grandma will be thrilled to have a custom created photo frame of her favorite little grandkidlets!

During the ScrapbookSteals retreat, I asked some of our attendees if they would be willing to alter one of the magnet boards for today’s blog posting. I think you’ll agree that they did a fantastic job! I know I was pretty excited with what they created.

Heather Conklin took on the big board! I love how she turned it into a “notes” board and dressed up the magnets with flowers.

Jana Paddington took the plunge with the photo frame. Can you say crazy cute? She almost makes me think that the impending winter is okay. Maybe. Just a little.

Venetia Holbrook, Erin Schultz, Minousha Bari, and Melissa Dehne decked out examples of what you can do with the two, 5×7 boards.

Here is Venetia’s darling hanging board board.

Here is what Erin created. *Sigh.  I miss these girls!*

Here is Minousha’s take for a fun grocery shopping list holder.

And lastly here is an example by Melissa of a hanging board with the 5×7. Oh and I’ll be right over for some shopping! I wish.

Thank you girls for helping out today! I love what you created and you make me want to get my crafty on with some of the Boulder Innovation boards myself!

Be sure to check out these ladies’ blogs by clicking on their names for further inspirational ideas.

Have a great day!

3 Bugs in a Rug, Dawson | Mid Week Mojo

Opal Club — Layout 6

Hello Wednesday! What do you have in store for us today? Well, that would be a little Mid Week Mojo featuring today’s steal, the Dawson collection by 3 Bugs in a Rug. While we’re a little past the “little boy” stage in our family, today’s collection proved itself as being very versatile not only for baby boy type creations but for big boy creations. Oh, and there is absolutely no reason I couldn’t have used these exact papers on a layout of my biggest 40 year old boy too!

I was thrilled when I realized how perfectly the color scheme of the Dawson collection worked with some recent photos which I took of my son a couple of weekends ago on a trip to Southern Utah.

The collection came with some fun stickers and die cut embellishments which made some fun additions to my layout.

I also love how perfectly these colors worked with some embellishments that I already had on hand! Nothing beats a collection that works well with your stash.

So there you have it, Opal #6. (Phew! It’s always a pretty tough week to follow guest designing amazingness. ;) )

Now my favorite part of the blog post, announcing who our lucky random winner is. Congrats are in order for Karly Auvinen.

Karly, if you would please send an email to our service department with your address we will be happy to get a prize sent out to you. That email address is

If you would like a chance to win this week’s random drawing, you will need to have your sketch posted and linked to this blog posting by 11:59PM MST on Monday, November 14th. Also, if you are new to our Mid Week Mojo challenge or have any particular questions, you can find all of the details here. As we continue week to week, bookmark this page for your quick reference to Mid Week Mojo links.

Have a great day!

How To’sday | Accordion Flowers

Tuesdays, tutorials, flowers. Does it get any better than that? I’m so excited about today’s tutorial by Brettany Quinton. The accordion flowers are so hot right now and make such a perfect addition to a project. I’m even more excited that I can now make them for myself. :)

• • • • •

Materials you will need:

  • 2 strips of paper — Mine were 12″x1″, but you can make them bigger or smaller, depending on how big you want your flower to be.
  • Scoring board & bone folder — (optional, you can fold it by hand if you would like)
  • Circle of matching paper — Mine is 1 inch, but if you change the size of your paper strips, you will need to adjust your circle accordingly.
  • Hot glue gun (I have used Aileen’s Tacky Glue also, but it takes a lot longer and is a little more tricky)
  • Adhesive tape
  • Ink pad (optional)
  • Button or similar object for the middle of the flower

Step 1: Score your first paper strip every 1 inch, then turn the paper over and score again on all the half inch lines. You should have a scored line every half inch, but the lines will alternate, which direction they are scored. Repeat with second strip of paper. **Note: if you are doing a smaller flower, or want it to be thinner to fit in an album, etc, score your lines closer together (every 1/4″) and the flower will not stick up as much when it is finished.**

Step 2: Fold the strips on the scored lines like an accordion. The “proper” way to fold on a scored line is to fold towards the raised line, so it ends up inside of the fold.

Step 3: Place a small strip of adhesive on one end of each strip, as shown. Adhere the two strips together, making sure they overlap one section. You should have a circle.

Step 4: Start gathering the folds together to form your flower. Pinch the center between your index finger and thumb, and gather the whole circle in. The thicker your paper is, the more tricky this step will be.

Step 5: While holding the flower in one hand, place a good sized glob of hot glue on your paper circle. Press the center of the flower into the glue, and hold it until it dries. Glue will probably come up through the center of the flower, so make sure it doesn’t burn your fingers! The middle of the flower will want to spring up, so make sure to keep pressure on it until it stays on it’s own. (If you are using liquid glue, it will take quite a while to dry. I like to place a heavy object like a paper punch on the flower to hold it while it dries).

Step 6: If you would like to ink your flower, grab your ink pad and ink all the raised & outer edges. Glue the button in the center of the flower using hot glue.

I have also made these flowers using decorative scissors to cut one edge of the paper strip before it is folded to give the flower a little more detail. Make sure it is the outer edge of your flower when you start gathering it into a circle.   The smaller flower was made using two 10″x3/4″ strips.

Have fun!

• • • • •

Thank you so much Brettany for taking the time to share your tutorial with us. I know I’m excited to try it out and I’m sure you’ll be seeing these flowers on some upcoming blog projects.

If you have an idea that you would like to see featured on a How To’sday tutorial, please send your photos and text to

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for our next Mid Week Mojo. Have a great day!