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How To’sday | DIY Ombre Glitter

We hopped on the ombre bandwagon for this How To’sday with Tim Holtz Distress Glitter.


1) Create 5 different shades of glitter: the two pure hues, the darker hue mixed with a little of the lighter shade, a 50/50 blend, and the lighter hue mixed with a litter dark.

2) Apply regular old glue.

3) Swipe the glue onto cardstock using a thick business card for a flat application.

4) Sprinkle the glitter starting with the ends and make your way toward the middle.

5) Shake off excess glitter and keep it as a “middle” base for your next ombre project. Just add a little light or dark to it.

This is a very simple idea that can be used on anything from crafts to cards. Get creative and go wild with it — use complementary or contrasting colors! In the future, I think I’m going to make ombre glittered tea lights using this method.


Dyan Reaveley Dylusions Mists

Today we have a special Tuesday post from our design team member Sara Case Strickland.To continue our Design Team Picks week, Sara chose Dylusions Sprays from Dyan Reaveley. Check out how she uses them on her projects.

• • • • •

It’s always fun when you get to play with some of your favourite products. And when you’re asked to play and then share your love for said product, it’s even better!

My love for Ranger Industries knows no bounds – if they sell it, I will buy. I say that without hesitation because I know what they make will always be top of the line in terms of quality and value. One of my favourite lines from them has to be Dylusions, by Signature Designer Dyan Reaveley.

Her Ink Sprays are, in my opinion, a must have tool. Not only do they spray mist, but they splat, paint, stamp, react with water, and are super bright and fun. What’s not to like? When paired with her amazing stencil designs, they really are the mist to own.

I had a blast simply playing in my Art Journal for this first project:

I misted through a stencil with white, and then flipped the stencil to stamp with the leftover ink:

I also used one of my favourite techniques, based on the water reactivity of these sprays, and did a bleach-out effect on the leaves:

After playing mixed media style, I went back to basics with a LO where I simplely misted through one of the new Dylusions stencils:

I love how the colours mix and blend! And because of the way the stencil is shaped, I got some fabulous overspray:

I went back to a bit more mixed media on the final layout and smeared white gesso over another new stencil. Once that dried I misted Ink Spray over my craft sheet, misted that with water to blend the colours and then pressed my paper into the ink puddles:

The best part about using the gesso is that you get the intense ink colours on the raw paper; muted, more pastel shades over the gesso; and then little bubbles and splats of ink from pressing the paper into the mist:

I love getting all that texture and dimension with no work – awesome!

All those different looks and I still haven’t come close to all the different things that Dylusions Ink Sprays can do. I guess that means it’s time to go play and experiment some more! Who wants to join me? Go grab some new colours and let’s see what you make with all those fun sprays!

• • • • •

Thanks Sara, great pick! Come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Rose Mid Week Mojo!