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How To’sday | DIY Mother’s Day Flowers

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we have created a short How To-sday tutorial on how to make your Mom the best flowers she will ever receive!


Craft Supplies:
Paper (we used 2 sheets of 12×12 scrap paper)
Pipe cleaners (or a straightened wire hanger)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks (low temp)
Wire cutters (if using a hanger as stem)


Step 1: Gather your materials. If you are using thicker paper (like cardstock) make sure it is still flexible enough to curl with your fingers. Be sure you are using low temp hot glue because you’ll be able to feel it through the paper as you work – don’t want to burn yourself!

Step 2: Cutting. You will need quite a few petals of each of 5 different sizes, ranging from about ½ inch to 3 inches wide. For each flower you will need at least 4 petals of each size. So that each petal is unique and organic feeling, cut them out by hand and avoid using templates. Make them different: some can be pointy, others can be rounded. Make more than you need.


Step 3: Shape your petals. Roll the edges of each petal back, and pinch the middle of the base slightly. Don’t worry if they don’t all come out the same. This will just add character to your flower.


Step 4: Make the center of your flower. For this you will need one piece of your paper about 2½ inches long, with a rounded tip. To shape this piece, roll it into a tube. Unroll it and put hot glue along the inside. Then re-roll it around your pipe cleaner (or coat hanger). Add one more dot of glue to secure it in place.


Step 5: Attach your petals. Beginning with the smallest petals, apply hot glue at the bottom of the petal to attach it to the stem. Your second petal should over lap your first. Continue adding petals to your flower, moving to larger sizes of petals.


And voila! You have the perfect flower for your perfect mother!



My Mind’s Eye Lost & Found Record It | Monday Craft Madness #17

So Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Every year I try to think of something new  to get her and I cant. She loves a certain kind of chocolates and that is what I always buy.  This year I wanted to hide what she was getting so today for Monday Craft Madness I used My Mind’s Eye Lost & Found Record It to make a gift bag to camouflage the chocolates….. So today’s theme is:


Create something for your mother, as a tribute to your mother, for a friend that is like a mother or for yourself as a mother. (I think I may do something for myself too) Here’s what I created:

I used three sheets of 12×12 patterned papers, one for each side and a different design for the front and back.

Because of the awesome double-sided designs, the inside of the bag looks almost as good as the outside of the bag.

I created somewhat of a scrapbook layout to decorate the front of the bag and used one of the 3×4 pockets included in the kit to hold my ‘card’. I wrote a note on the tag for my mom instead of purchasing a card from the store.

The layered stickers, regular stickers, enamel dots and alphabet stickers are perfect to decorate and add dimension to the gift bag.

See how the 3×4 pocket holds the little tag I made? I and kind of in love with these pockets.

Normally I am not a super fan of glitter, but with this collection there is just the right amount.  I love a little bit of sparkle without going overboard.

Here’s a Happy Mother’s Day to every mother out there.

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For this round of our monthly Monday Craft Madness, you have until Friday May 30th to play along.

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Now for the winner from our last month’s Monday Craft Madness. Congrats to: Susan Townsend Fitzpatrik!

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