Get Facebook Notifications For Our Steals!

Facebook recently rolled out a way to get notifications for our Facebook posts. This means you never have to miss out on the fun — everything from our 9am and 9pm steals to surprise steals and even giveaways. On our Facebook page, simply hover over the “like” button and select “get notifications” to turn them on.

If you aren’t interested in receiving notifications but want to see us in your newsfeed, check out some tips here!

See Your Favorite Brand Pages in Your Newsfeed

Want to make sure you see updates from some of your favorite Facebook brand pages? Facebook has made some changes to brand pages with Promoted Posts, which means you only see us in your newsfeed if you regularly interact with our page and we have to pay to share with to the rest of our current fans. If you still want to see unpaid from us, there are a few things you should do to make it more likely we’ll appear in your newsfeed.

Select “Show in Newsfeed”

When you “like” a page, this should automatically select, but just to be sure, head over to our pages, hover over the “liked” button, and make sure “show in newsfeed” is selected.

Interact with Our Page

The more you comment and like posts on our page, the more likely you are to see our posts. The higher your interaction, the more Facebook’s algorithm knows our page is a place you like to hear from. Upload photos, add your own posts to our wall, comment on others and just join in the fun!

Add Us to an Interest List

Add pages you want to view to an interests list. You can organize brand pages into lists similar to Twitter and Pinterest so you can view updates from those brands you want to see easily from your sidebar. This doesn’t necessarily mean all our posts will come into your newsfeed, but you can ensure you don’t miss a post from us by narrowing brands into categories you check as lists.

  1. Visit our page and click the arrow on the side, and select “+ add to interest list.”
  2. It will then prompt you to either add this to a list (if you’ve already created one) or to create a new list.
  3. Select the pages you’d like to add and name your list. Here we created a list for all the Steal Sites to view at a glance.
  4. Now from the left side of your newsfeed you can click on your list to view all the posts from the pages you added.
Hopefully that helps you see the posts you’re looking for! We know it’s frustrating to not see all the posts from brand pages you choose to “like” but we hope this will help make a difference in seeing what you want to from us.

Imaginisce iRock Tool and Gems

If your Tuesday doesn’t rock then don’t despair as today we are delighted to be bringing uber talent from the Imaginisce Design Team as they show us lots of different ways that today’s steal the handy dandy, iRock Tool and Gems can be used.  Due to the outstanding talent found in today’s blog post you have permission to hurry and steal, get the kids happily occupied, grab a fresh cup of coffee, then enjoy. A quick word of warning however. After reading this post you may find yourself wanting to bling up just about everything in sight! I know I do.

From paper shoes to perfect cards, monogram letters to springy home decor, enjoy these amazing creations from eight talented designers, and be sure to click on their names to visit their blogs for lots more inspiration! Also be sure to stop by the Imaginisce Facebook Page and give them a little shout out and tell these girls thanks for being the guests today at ScrapbookSteals.com.

• • • • •

Rebecca Keppel

Shellye McDaniel

Rô Philippsen

Regina Mangum

Rhonda Van Ginkel

Guiseppa Gubler

Ilene Tell

Adora Concepcion

• • • • •

Thank you so much ladies for sharing your talents with us. If you need me I’ll be blinging something up! My son had better watch out. 😉

I’ll see you tomorrow for the final installment in the Amethyst Mid Week Mojo series, and for those of you wanting a heads up on photos, it’s 1-4×6. I thought I’d make it easy on ya since once you see the prize being offered you will want to catch up if you’re behind at all.

Have a great day!

How To View ScrapbookSteals in Your Newsfeed

Having trouble seeing updates from some of your favorite Facebook brand pages? Facebook has been making some changes lately that has made it harder for you to see everything you want to see in your newsfeed. If you’ve missing out on some of our posts, here are three easy tips for getting our updates back in your feed.

Comment on Our Page

The more you comment and interact on our page, the more likely you are to see our posts. Some come on over and join the conversation! Upload photos, chat with other moms or discuss products on our wall.

Highlight a Story

Highlighting a story of ours can help our updates show more in your feed. From your newsfeed just click on the downward arrow button and hit “Highlight this Story.” If you aren’t seeing any posts in your news feed, you won’t be able to highlight a story, but if you happen to see one, this is an easy way to do it.

Add Us to a List

Add pages you want to view to a favorites list. This is the best way to ensure you see our posts since you can check your list’s feed as well as view them in your newsfeed.

  1. Go to your lists on the left hand column of your Facebook newsfeed.
  2. Click on “+ Create a list” in the top right hand corner. Then choose a name and then click “Create.”
  3. Click on “Manage List” and then choose “Add/Remove Friends.”
  4. Click the dropdown to select pages and click the pages you want to ensure you see. Then click “Done.”
  5. Once you’ve created your list, find the list navigation back on the left and hover over it to click the pencil. Then click “Add to favorites.” That’s it!