Teresa Collins Cut n Boss | Monday Craft Madness #25

We are thrilled for today’s Monday Craft Madness  We get to have the fantastic Teresa Collins show us how to use her new Cut N Boss Electric Die Cutting & Embossing Machine  and some of her projects….. So today’s theme is:


Here’s some projects Teresa created:

The wood grain embossing folder is so cool.  (So is that camera one!)

As triangles are all the rage these days, Teresa (as usual) knows how to do it right.

This machine cuts out dies with easy, here are a couple of projects Teresa created using her gold dies:

Normally that would be enough inspiration to last a whole day, but wait there is more. Teresa recently went on a trip and left some thank you presents with flowers & bows created with the Cut n’ Boss.

And these photo frames along with this paper necklace she also created with the Cut n’ Boss. Saying the possibilities are endless seems not good enough of a description.

Check out the how to video as well, I need to get me one of these!

• • • • •

For this round of our monthly Monday Craft Madness, you have until Friday August 1st to play along. Here are the links to the previous themes:

Monday Craft Madness #24-Inspiration

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How To-sday | Pain-Free Fussy Cutting

Today we have another How To-sday from our design team member Sara Case Strickland. I love fussy cutting, but it always seems to take me forever. These tips from Sara are awesome!

I have a confession to make: I love fussy cutting!

I love the depth, texture, and visual interest it gives a project. And I actually love the process of cutting little things out – I find it soothing. Really!

For those of you who are now shaking your heads and wondering about my mental health – it’s ok. I’ll win you over! Once you learn a couple of tips and tricks, including one foolproof method that makes you look like a pro, you’ll love it too. Well, at least you’ll be able to tolerate it better!

My first tip: move your paper, not the scissors. What this means is that while you’re cutting, turn your paper around the stamped outline and let your scissors just do the slicing through. Obviously, you will turn your scissors a little but the paper will do most of the work and you’ll get a smoother outline. In the photo below, I just started cutting:

And in the next photo, I’m going around the snowman. You can see I’ve turned the paper a full 90° but my scissors have only turned a little:

My second tip is heat embossing. Even with detailed stamps, if you heat emboss the image you have a thicker outline than you get with ink alone. Because of the raised powder, you also have a guide for your scissors to travel along. If you accidentally cut slightly into the image, you’ll still be on the outline and no one will notice your small slip! The snowman I cut out is not perfect, but it looks like it:

Finally, the most important trick: get a black brush tip marker. More often than not, we stamp images in black. Because of this, it’s super easy to make your pieces look perfect. Simply cut out your image as you normally would and take a careful look. See the raw white edges?

It’s easier to see in person but it’s still visible in the photo. To make it look crisp, sharp, and perfect I just took a brush tip black marker and ran it along the edges:

Suddenly the piece looks like you cut on the lines like a pro!

Now, just add your detailed images to a layout or background, like the ones we made a few weeks ago, and you’re done – an instant pop of interest!

Now, that wasn’t so bad after all, was it? 😉

• • • • •

Thanks Sara! Come back tomorrow for the next installment of our Lotrite Mid Week Mojo!

American Crafts Zing Embossing Powder Tips and Tricks

American Crafts Zing! Embossing Powder is perfect for adding color and dimension to your projects.  Zing! isn’t ordinary embossing powder, it is the most even, opaque and vivid embossing powder available.  Now, I am the first to admit I don’t stamp and emboss nearly enough in my projects.  I love the effect, but am sometimes scared to use it!  I’ve gathered some tips and tricks (most of them from the awesome Kristy Lee’s ScrapbookSteals projects)  to embossing and hopefully we will all use it more often. 😉

Products Needed:

  • Heat Embossing Powders (like today’s steal)
  • Stamps
  • Versamark ink pad (or other pigment ink pad)
  • Heating Tool

Embossing Supplies


Embossing is actually a pretty simple, three-step process:

  1. Stamp your image using Versamark Ink or another pigment ink product.  tip: if using a pigment ink, make sure to use one in the same color family as your embossing powder
  2. Dump the embossing powder onto the inked image and tap off excess.  Make sure to get rid of all excess embossing powder so you don’t have any stray melted powder on your project.  tip: rub a used dryer sheet over your project to help reduce static
  3. Hold the heating tool 6-7″ away from your project heat powder until it  begins to melt.  Once your powder melts, move the heat away quickly to avoid warping.  tip: allow heat tool to warm up prior to melting the powder.  This helps reduce over-melting and burning paper

That’s it!

Today’s embossing powder is perfect for projects on black or dark papers.

zing embossing powder projects

I have challenged myself to use embossing more often.  The process can seem daunting, but is actually really simple!  Good luck to all of us.

Make sure to check back on Monday for our Monday Craft Madness #22!

Lifestyle Crafts Embossing Folders | Monday Craft Madness #13

The Lifestyle Crafts Embossing Folders are super easy to use, and with endless possibilities you can never have too many! Whether you are embossing a card, a layout, using it as a frame or tag, there is something for everyone in today’s steal. Here is this week’s Monday Craft Madness inspiration and theme:

White + 1

Use white plus one other color only on your project! I have used white+pink and white+blue for my projects.

I decided to make a traditional embossed background card for my first project.

DIY handmade embossed baby boy card

I wanted to highlight the embossing as much as I could and so used a sponge with my inks to gently rub over the embossing. I love the way it highlights the edges of the embossing – giving so much more dimension to the background.

DIY handmade embossed baby boy card

I added stitching and a button to the title card for a little more interest and to emphasize the white+1 theme.

DIY handmade embossed baby boy card

Next up, I wanted to show you how easily the embossing folder could be used as a frame. I’m not sure why I ended up with another baby themed project – it just happened! I was looking for another white+1 and just happened upon pink!

DIY handmade baby gift

I embossed some plain white card stock and fussy cut the frame.


I put this onto a plain pail and used vellum behind the frame to give it a little more interest. The pink and white flowers were added along with the pearl bling and the word ‘cherish.’ It makes a great gift – baby or other!


I hope I have inspired you to start work on your ‘white+1′ projects this week. Remember, they can be any project you like – there are so many possibilities. Just remember to have fun! :)

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