We hopped on the ombre bandwagon for this How To’sday with Tim Holtz Distress Glitter.


1) Create 5 different shades of glitter: the two pure hues, the darker hue mixed with a little of the lighter shade, a 50/50 blend, and the lighter hue mixed with a litter dark.

2) Apply regular old glue.

3) Swipe the glue onto cardstock using a thick business card for a flat application.

4) Sprinkle the glitter starting with the ends and make your way toward the middle.

5) Shake off excess glitter and keep it as a “middle” base for your next ombre project. Just add a little light or dark to it.

This is a very simple idea that can be used on anything from crafts to cards. Get creative and go wild with it — use complementary or contrasting colors! In the future, I think I’m going to make ombre glittered tea lights using this method.