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Amethyst – Layout 5

I’ll let you in on a little secret if you haven’t discovered it already. The color scheme in today’s steal, the Teresa Collins Every Day Moments collection is superb. If you are looking for a delightfully mellow and refreshing palate to scrapbook your everyday moments, then today’s steal is for you. And do you want to know another little secret? I love this combination of yellows and blues, greys and teals, that I am wholeheartedly considering re-painting my entire house in this scheme. How’s that for being inspired by everyday moments.

Now I don’t know about you but sometimes it’s nice to create a scrapbook page without having to put too much thought into it. AKA, a journaling free layout. **gasp** Did I just say that it was sometimes nice to do a layout without journaling? Eeek! I guess I did. Sometimes it’s just nice to let the creative process flow without stressing about what to say for posterity’s sake.

As I was thinking about what to scrapbook for this week’s sketch with these beautiful papers, I looked on my desk and saw the cutest little smile looking up at me. How could I resist the opportunity to scrap one of my leftover project photos of  baby Taylee, who is the new little addition to Jenni, one of my awesome co-workers. (is baby Taylee not the cutest thing ever?!) After a very, very busy week or two it was so therapeutic to simply scrap for the joy of it. No worries at all, other than hoping that Jenni likes it.

So this week, against the the passion of my entire being, you have a free pass on journaling. Enjoy scrapping just for the fun of it!

Now the time you’ve all been waiting for, to see who is the winner of the Amethyst 4 sketch. Well this week our incredibly talented winner is Cathryn Hanson. Cathryn is always such a wealth of inspiration. She truly has a gift and a knack for putting a scrapbook page together. Cathryn’s immaculate inking in combination with her eye for embellishments makes a winning layout every time!

Congrats girl! Be sure to send an email to customerservice@stealnetwork.com and let them know that you are this week’s lucky winner and we will be sending off a little scrappy loot to keep enabling your creations. :)

If you would like to be eligible for this week’s random drawing, be sure to have your layout created and posted somewhere online, as well as linked to this blog posting by Monday, March  26th at 11:59 MST.

If you have any other questions regarding our Mid Week Mojo series, you can find all of the fantastic details here. Also, as we continue week to week, bookmark this page for your quick reference to Mid Week Mojo links.

Have a great day and always remember to scrap happy!

~ Kristy

Coloring Stamped Images with Marker | How To’sday

This week we are treated to yet another awesome tutorial by Erica Bass. For those of you that love looking at stamping, want to know more about stamping, or are finally ready to take the full on plunge with stamping, Erica’s tutorial will definitely get you pointed in the right direction with coloring your stamped images with marker. Erica, take it away!

• • • • •

This is for all you stampers out there that love to color in images or for the newbies that want to learn how to do that. I hope this tutorial helps you get the look that you’ve always wished you could create!


  • water-based markers in various shades
  • blender pen
  • watercolor paper

Step 1: Print or stamp out lined image on watercolor paper. I find that you can get away with this technique with heavy cardstock but
the watercolor paper helps blend the colors better and the paper doesn’t peel when you color over the same spot over and over.

Step 2:  I chose three shades of pink and red for the coat. Start with your lightest shade and color the whole area that is that color.

Step 3: Determine the angle the light is coming from and that is where you will leave a little of the lightest shade showing. Color over about 2/3 of the area with the next darkest color.

Step 4: Add touches of your darkest shade in the shadow areas of your picture. Sometimes stamps will give you hints as to the shadows by having extra lines.

Step 5: After you color in the different shades go over that whole area with the lightest color to blend it all together.

Step 6: In this image I had some trim of the girl’s coat that I wanted to be white. Even white has shadows so picked up some light blue with my blender pen and colored in just the spots I
wanted the shadows to be.

Step 7: To finish off your image go around the outside of the image with a pale color I picked up light blue with a blender pen and traced the image and then added a couple of shadows.

Finished card


another card using this technique

• • • • •

As always, what a spectacular treat to be given a tutorial by the stampy diva, Erica Bass! Thank you Erica for sharing your talents with the ScrapbookSteals community.

If you have an idea that you would like to see featured as a How To’sday tutorial, we’d be happy to feature you. Simply send along text instructions and photos to Kristy@stealnetwork.com and I will add you to the line up.

Have a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow for a little Mid Week Mojo!

We R Memory Keepers Sew Ribbon | Monday Card Madness #76

You know you have it — that exorbitant ribbon stash and you’re just not quite sure what to do with it. Obviously you won’t part with it as ribbon is practically a girl’s best friend! While you’re at it, you may as well add to that stash because with today’s steal, the Sew Ribbon by We R Memory Keepers, your ribbon will have a whole new meaning of love. And if the Sew Ribbon weren’t enough to have your heart palpitating with excitement, today’s guest blogger, the infinitely talented and highly published Roree Rumph, will have you weak in the knees with her amazing creations.

• • • • •

Hey everyone!  Roree here, and today I have some cards to share with you that I created with the We R Memory Keepers Sew Ribbon.  This is a really fun and easy tool to use and it is perfect for cards (which I love to make.)

First off are a couple of cards I made using the Sew Ribbon Weave.

I created a stem for the flower using the Sew Ribbon Green Ribbon. I added a few brads in the spaces between the ribbon, looped a piece of ribbon, and tucked it behind the laced ribbon for a leaf.

Using the same Sew Ribbon Weave, I made a quick and easy card with a rainbow of ribbon-stitched lines.

This card ‘pops’ with all of the rows of colorful ribbon.

For the next card, I used the Sew Ribbon Shoelace.

WRMK Sew Ribbon WRMK Sew Ribbon

I made a frame around my card with the orange ribbon. To create the frame, I place the Sew Ribbon along the top and bottom of the card and punched. For the sides, I flipped the paper over to punch. It kept the ribbon slanting in the same direction.

For the next two cards I used the Sew Ribbon Leaf.  This one was my favorite!

For the first card, I created a patterned background with the aqua ribbon. I punched two rows together, and I added some large brads to the center of each pair.

I really love how this one turned out!

Here is my last card:

Instead of starting and stopping the threading at the edges, I started threading the ribbon at the inside from the front, reached it around the back, and finished threading it on the other side. This allowed me to finish by tying the ends together in a bow.

It seems like the options are endless with these fun tools, and I can’t wait to try it out on more projects.  Thanks so much for letting me share my cards with you today.  Have a great day!
~ Roree

• • • • •

Wow. Now that I’ve finished picking up my jaw off of the keyboard I’d like to thank you so much Roree for being our guest blogger today. Your cards are outstanding and you truly make me want to put everything aside, toss the boy a box of Cheerios and get my crafty on. :)

Don’t forget to be sharing your Monday Card Madness creations for a chance to win a monthly drawing for a little scrappy goodness. This week’s “sketch” is to base a card creation off of any one of Roree’s cards, and include ribbon. Be sure to have any of the March card sketches created and posted somewhere on line then linked to one of the March Monday Card Madness blog postings by Friday, March 30th at 11:59 PM MST for your chance to win.

If you want another chance to cash in on our weekly prizes here at ScrapbookSteals.com, then be sure to join us in our Mid Week Mojo! Every Wednesday. :)

Check in tomorrow for yet another great crafty tutorial on How To’sday!

Studio Calico Mr. Huey’s Color Mists

You think getting all sorts of artsy crafty with paint is just for your 5-year-old? Well think again. Today’s steal, Mr. Huey’s Color Mists by Studio Calico, will give you the perfect excuse for getting back to the basics and bonding with your inner artist self.

And boy are you in for a super, spectacular treat today, so grab your coffee (or that would be Diet Dr. Pepper for me) and your reading glasses because you deserve this “me” time for sure. If you are on the fence about stealing today, I recommend you take a quick pause and make that purchase because after seeing what you can do with the Mr. Huey’s, you wont want to miss out!

In the line up today we have projects and how tos from the over the top talented, Heather Leopard and stunning creations from the Studio Calico Design Team.

• • • • •

Hi, Heather here. I am excited to be blogging here today, to showcase my love of Mr. Huey mists. I really enjoy getting dirty with paint and mists and such, but it doesn’t always have to be hard or make a mess. I am going to share a couple of layouts and tips with you to show you just how fun adding mists to your projects can be. I’ve been playing with mists for years but I fell in love with Mr. Huey mists last year after attending Kelly Purkey’s misting techniques class at CKC Houston.

Check out these two layouts I made this past weekend using Mr. Huey mists and then I’ll share the reasons why I love my Mr. Hueys.

I like to work in groups of threes when I’m designing a page. For this first page, I laid out all of my papers, photos and elements to figure out where I wanted everything arranged and then I took a visual picture in my head, removed everything from the page and spray misted with brown in the 3 spots you see above. I then pulled the nozzle out of the bottle and flicked blue mist onto the page over the brown to give it a splattered look.

I’m also a fan of making things pop on the page so I used foam squares to lift different elements off the page.  Some but not all of the hexagons, word banners and embellishments are popped.

For my second page, I chose to scale back a little with the mist but it’s still an important part of the story.

These are Instagram photos with a filter to make them look vintagy so the splatter effect was called for again here.  Usually I will do the splatter on my foundation piece before I start layering everything but since I was going for an aged look, I adhered all the papers first and then misted, hoping a few splatters would land on the different papers.  I then added the photos.

I knew I wanted to add clouds to the top right corner of the layout so I flicked a little blue mist over there before I stitched the clouds to the paper. Also, the blue cloud was much brighter than I wanted, so I toned down the color by spraying blue mist over it. Then I placed it so that the mist splatter would look like rain coming from it. It was a gorgeous fall day but I liked the rain effect.

So, those are my projects for today. As you can probably see, I really do love my Mr. Huey mists because:

  1. They are not water-based so when you spray them on your page, the paper doesn’t warp. I don’t know about you but I’ve had to deal with some really warped paper before and it’s not fun to have it look all lumpy, especially when you are trying to photograph it.
  2. It’s fast drying, like almost immediately! That said, it didn’t dry as fast on the cloud, because of the shiny, finished layer over the chipboard.
  3. I like that they give a fairly even mist when you spray it so I pretty much know what I’m going to get each time. I’ve had mists that are so unpredictable that it freaks me out when I think about using them because I don’t want to ruin the paper or project.
  4. They are a great size – not too small or too big. I use mine quite a bit and they just keep going and going.
  5. Lastly, I love the colors. I especially like the Calico white because it dries white and pops really great on a dark background.

Before I go, I thought I’d share a few tips to keep in mind when using your mists:

  • I use an old 13x13x5″-ish box handy for all my misting projects. I just put the paper or item in the box and mist away. This protects everything around me from getting mist on it. It’s fun to look at your box each time because you can see traces of all your projects in there.
  • Use a stencil, die-cut or negative image from a die-cut to create a mask for misting.
  • Use a stencil or die-cut and instead of using it as a mask, mist it up and press it over your project like you would a stamp. Lift to see your image.
  • Mist your stamps for a really cool effect
  • Heat emboss an image and then mist over it
  • Alter the color of twine, ribbon, canvas, alphas, anything that will take color, including paper
  • The possibilities are endless. You will learn by experimenting. Of course you’ll want to use practice paper if you are new to the world of misting.
  • Last tip is to have fun!

Thanks for stopping by today. If my pages and tips inspired you, please visit my blog. You’ll find new projects, tips, tutorials, sketches and more posted regularly over there!



• • • • •

Now if that wasn’t enough to thoroughly convince you of the neeeeeeeed of owning Mr. Huey’s, then take a quick peek at what some of the amazingly talented girls of the Studio Calico Design Team have created and be sure to click on their names to check out their own personal blogs for oodles of extra inspiration!

Lisa Truesdell

Kinsey Wilson

Kelly Noel

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! We have a HUGE treat for Monday in the form of a crazy talented guest blogger that rocks the card making world. As for me? I’ll be spritzing it up with my Mr. Huey’s.


We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile and Eyelet Collections

Home improvement projects always leave me feeling a little left out. Why should the guys just get to play with tools? The good news is that you can add a little umph to your tool collection with today’s steal, the We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile and Eyelets. This tool is so amazing that if you’re not careful you may find it working it’s way into your husband’s tool stash. Good thing it has a pink handle so that it may help thwart any missing appearances!

If you love eyelets and have not had the pleasure of owning a Crop A Dile then you are in for an absolute treat! No more hammers and waking the kiddos at 3am because that’s when creativity strikes and an eyelet must. be. set. The Crop A Dile is as quiet as a whisper and works lickety split with the gentle squeeze of the handle.

If you haven’t had the chance to use one yet, here’s the jist of how it works. Note: You aren’t seeing things. My Crop A Dile happens to be green!

Step 1: Select which size hole you’d like to punch. You can set an eyelet that is either 1/8″ or 3/16″ in size. Gently squeeze handle and the cutting mechanism will pop out of the head. Pretty neat!

Step 2: Insert project into correct side of tool to allow for a large or small eyelet. Punch hole where desired. Note that there is a moveable measuring guide, that you can lock into place. This comes in handy when setting multiple eyelets in a row a specific distance from the edge of your paper. Perfect placement every time!

Step 3: Squeeze handle and punch a hole. Easy peasy!

Step 4: Insert your eyelet into the perfectly punched hole.

Step 5: Twist the head of the Crop A Dile until the coordinating sides match up. An easy rule to remember is that 1 goes with A (3/16″ eyelets) and 3 goes with C (1/8″ eyelets). The other cube combinations allow for the perfect setting of snaps, grommets and other decorative eyelets.

Once you have the correct setting, insert the eyelet and paper into the setting part of the tool and give it a squeeze!

Step 6: With very little effort and best of all no noise your eyelet is set!

If you’d like to see further direction on how to use the We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile and some cute project ideas, you can check out this video found on the We R Memory Keepers website.

I love that with almost no effort at all the Crop A Dile can chomp through paper, chipboard, acrylic, leather and metal! My husband is the incredible shrinking man, so he’s found a use for it a time or two to create new holes on his belt.

I even had some fun decorating this bucket. I think this will be headed to my mommy who is simply the best. I think I’ll fill it up with some chocolate and give it to her as a thank you for altering the “perfect” dress for my daughter’s Junior Prom this weekend. Because you really can’t go wrong with chocolate, can you?

Believe me when I say, YOU. NEED. A. CROPADILE. Oh and the rainbow of eyelets aren’t too shabby either.

Have a great day and check in tomorrow for some fantastic Friday fun!