How To’sday | DIY Acrylic Color Spray

Good morning! It’s another beautiful How To’sday and today the tutorial is brought to you by the amazingly-clever, Van Nguyen. This time we are treated to a DIY for making your own acrylic color spray. Or, buy color mists at a STEAL here!

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Do It Yourself Acrylic Color Spray/ Mist Tutorial

I will admit.  Ever since the birth of color sprays on the market, I have been obsessed. Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of glimmer mists. I probably have more than I will ever need.  But I’m far from being a “bling” kind of girl and the idea of spraying paint without all the sparkle seems a bit more my style. Unfortunately, those darn sprays never seem to go on sale and I was determined to create my own acrylic spray some how.

Thanks to the genius of Google and YouTube, I realized that the basic “recipe” for DIY acrylic color spray was some combination of water and acrylic paint. Some people suggested adding rubbing alcohol while others added modge podge. Ultimately, for me to tell you how much of this and that is needed to make a spray is like telling someone how much cream or sugar to put (or not put) in their coffee. But I can tell you how I take my morning coffee – with lots of cream and sugar…

Step 1.  Find acrylic paint.  I’m sure any type of acrylic paint will work.  I bought a cheap variety pack from WalMart for about $6.

Step 2.  Find a mini spray bottle.  I bought this one in a pack of three for $1 at the local dollar store.  I generally see them sold for around $1 a bottle at Target or WalMart.

Step 3.  Fill mini spray bottle about 1/4 full of water.

Step 4.  Add rubbing alcohol to the mini spray bottle so that the mini spray bottle is about 1/2 full of liquid.

Step 5.  Add acrylic paint to the mini spray bottle. This is where you need to decide how dark you want your color mist. I personally like a bold and bright color so I added the entire tube of acrylic paint (which in this case was about 0.4 US fl. oz). But remember, just like when you add sugar to your coffee, it’s much easier to add more as needed than to dilute after the fact.

Step 6. Vigorously shake your bottle to evenly mix the paint into the liquid.  Then…VOILA! You have a bottle of homemade acrylic color mist for a fraction of the price of the name brand stuff.

So here is a photo of the homemade acrylic color spray compared to the October Afternoon Sprinklers.

There are some key differences which I think are worth pointing out.

First, the spray coverage on the homemade acrylic color spray is not as even as the OA Sprinklers. Some websites and tutorials attribute this to the type of spray bottle you use. Specifically, I’ve seen suggestions that using using a mini mister (like the one made by Ranger) might provide a more even coverage. I don’t have any mini misters so I can’t comment on whether that would solve the problem.

Second (and this is pure speculation based on absolutely zero science), but I suspect that the weight of the acrylic paint might impact the spray coverage. DIY glimmer mist tutorials use stamp reinkers in lieu of acrylic paint. Again, I don’t have any reinkers to make the comparison but I think that would certainly be worth a try. However, here is a photo of some purple acrylic color spray I made using a lot less acrylic paint and more water and I think it does provide a bit more coverage (albeit a less vibrant color).

And finally, the OA Sprinklers provide a very matte finish that doesn’t warp the paper (which I adore). Because the homemade acrylic color spray is water based, you do have some warping effects, much like when you use glimmer mist.

I won’t lie. If they ever show up on SS or if I can find them on sale somewhere, I would probably snatch up a few more commercially made sprays. But, when you’re in a pinch and have supplies to use at home, I think these homemade color sprays are pretty fun to make. If you have other suggestions or ideas, please do share them here on the ScrapbookSteals blog or over on the Facebook page!

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Van, thank you so much for your tutorial. Like Van mentioned, if you have a great idea for a How To’sday, be it big or small, send it our way to

Stop by tomorrow for our Opal 3 Mid Week Mojo sketch. It’s a fun one.

Have a great day!

Echo Park Playground | Monday Card Madness #54

Echo Park Playground | Monday Card Madness #54

Wow! wow! W-O-W! What an amazing weekend we had with the first ever ScrapbookSteals retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the crop we had lots of fun, giggles, food and lots of creative time. In fact, I thought it would be fun to ask some of the girls at the crop to help me out with using today’s steal, the Echo Park Playground collection to create cards for today. Instead of a sketch, I turned them all lose to create however they please, and these 14 amazing cards are the final result.

Thank you so much to all of you lovely ladies that helped create these beautiful cards. If you want to know who made which card, simply hover over the image and their name will show.

If you would like to participate in this week’s Monday Card Madness, you may choose any of the amazing cards to use as the base for your inspiration.

Don’t forget in order to be eligible to be the random winner of our October Monday Card Madness drawing all you need to do is have your card creation posted somewhere on line and linked to one of the Monday Card Madness blog posts by November 4th at 11:59PM MS

Here is this week’s reminder on our current card swap. Some of the girls at the crop created and turned in their cards and let me just say they are amazing!

  • This particular swap is a holiday-themed swap.
  • Create 10 cards following a Christmas, holiday or winter theme. (*Please leave me a note if you have a preference of Christmas or holiday cards and I will do my best to sort accordingly).
  • All cards must include envelopes.
  • Cards must be received at the Scrapbook Steals warehouse by November 7, 2011. (Scrapbook Steals, Attn: Card Swap, 2181 California Ave., #400, SLC, UT  84045)
  • Once your cards have gone postal, be sure to send an email to letting me know they are on their way.
  • Lastly wait patiently for 10 amazing creations by different artists to find their way back to your door!

Have a great day and be sure to check in tomorrow for our next How To’sday tutorial!  :)

ScrapbookSteals Retreat – Teresa Collins

What an absolutely incredible treat it’s been to have Teresa Collins teach our final class of the day. She is absolutely amazing and incredibly passionate about what she does. In fact her story of how she came to be in the scrapbook industry literally brought tears to my eyes! (Shhhhhhh…hope I’m not the only one!)

Embrace your creativity girls. Embrace your handwriting and tell the story!

ScrapbookSteals Retreat – Hanging with Authentique

The fun just keeps rolling on. Right now we are being treated to an amazing paper bag mini album class by Authentique. Oh and a little side note, the album was designed by our favorite former ScrapbookSteals buyer, Melodee Cloud! <3

ScrapbookSteals Retreat – Fancy Pants Class

Hi there! We are having the best of time at our first ScrapbookSteals retreat, and genuinely wish that all of you were here with us.

We just wanted to show you a peek of the fun going on during our Fancy Pants class happening right now.