Let’s hear it for our first full year of Mid Week Mojo!

Now for a little recap regarding our 52 week giveaway of a $52.00 credit to the ScrapbookSteals store. Here’s what needs to happen.

  • To be eligible you need to have created, posted and linked all 52 of the Mid Week Mojo’s either to our Facebook fan page or to your own personal blog.
  • If you have already provided links to the first 50 layouts, on our recent “I’m Gold” posting, I have record, so no need to send them again. Just be sure to post in this blog posting that you are members of all 5 clubs plus links to Mid Week Mojo #51 and Mid Week Mojo #52.
  • If you are still catching up, please provide links to whichever layouts/clubs you have not provided yet, in a single posting.
  • You will have until Monday,  July 25th at 11:59 PM MST to post your comment on this blog posting in order to be eligible.  No exceptions!
  • Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!