Misty Buck, one of our favorite stamping queens has done it again. This week for How To’sday, Misty has created an amazing tutorial showing us how to do a faux batik embossing technique.


Oh, it’s so good to be back and creating. Five weeks of vacation with no crafty goodness is just too long. I love this particular technique that I’ll be sharing with you today. It really doesn’t take but a few minutes and the results are so eye catching.

To begin with you’ll need to gather a few tools. You will need:

  • Mulberry paper or something similar like rice paper or high-quality tissue paper
  • an iron
  • Versamark watermark ink
  • clear embossing powder
  • an embossing gun
  • at least two colors of stamping ink
  • bold stamps with lots of surface area
  • a sheet of copy paper
  • a paper towel
  • white cardstock

Begin by stamping a few images around on your mulberry paper with your Versamark ink. Sprinkle the clear embossing powder over the images.

Next heat emboss the powder with your gun

Now grab your inks and begin liberally sponging your complimentary colors directly onto your mulberry paper until you get the desired look.

Now you are ready to iron. My iron only sees the light of day when I’m ready to craft. It may not even know what a shirt is at this point.

Lay your paper towel down on your ironing board, place your inked up mulberry paper on top of it and then finish the sandwich with a piece of copy paper.

Iron the copy paper until you see the embossed images show through onto it. Essentially, you have just ironed out all of the embossing powder on your paper.

Take your paper out and notice the vibrancy of your stamped images and how they pop against a white sheet of cardstock. You can mount your mulberry paper onto other colors of cardstock but the effect will be muted.

Note: I use my ATG tape runner to mount my mulberry to cardstock but you can also use spray glue for a more even coverage.

Cut out a piece of your beautiful faux batik paper and use it on a project.

I hope you all enjoyed this stamping tutorial — any new converts to the stampy side of life yet?


Misty, thank you so much for yet another amazing stamping tutorial. If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, don’t hesitate to send them our way! You can email your idea with images and instructions to kristy@stealnetwork.com.

We have several great tutorials in the line up! Be sure to check in next week as well as tomorrow for our 52nd Mid Week Mojo! We have a guest sketcher to celebrate one year and she will knock your socks off!

Have a great How To’sday!