Mini Albums—Half Pint Style

Mini Albums—Half Pint Style

Mini albums—that spectacular creation for either a heartfelt gift or a low time commitment project. I love them! I particularly love today’s steal, the Half Pint Albums by We R Memory Keepers, because they are just like working with a full scale album—but smaller. And let’s face it, small =’s cute! I love the freedom of creating my own pages then slipping them in a page protector. It truly results in unlimited creative freedom.

If you’ve never created a mini album the ideas are endless. Here are a few to get your creative ideas flowing.

  • Baby shower or bridal shower gift
  • Wedding gift
  • Wedding reception registry book
  • 12 month overview of your child
  • 1st day of school overview (create a spread for grades K – 12)
  • A “happy thoughts” book
  • Recipe holder
  • Vacation album
  • Teacher gift (have all of the kids in the class draw a picture then drop them in the page protectors)

For today’s blog post I decided to create two different albums.

First off I decided to make a recipe book for “My Sugar Girls.” My two sweet teenage daughters have started their own baking business in an effort to raise all of their fees for marching band. I’m continually finding the recipes spread around the kitchen and slopped with baking ingredients. I thought it would be nice and helpful for them (as well as a sanity saver for me), to have all of their favorite recipes in one convenient album. It will be nice for them for quick reference and will also make a great keepsake down the road when they have families of their own to bake for.

For my second album I couldn’t resist creating an album to document all of the wonderful ScrapbookSteals sisters that I have had the pleasure of meeting since being a part of the ScrapbookSteals family. So many of you have touched my life so greatly and I can’t wait to add more to my album (including photos with those of you that I have met but don’t have photos of). I’m so excited that I will actually have the opportunity for a little girly time this Sunday when I will get to meet up with six more of these wonderful women after my 1/2 marathon! Just wish you could all be there.

I hope you have a great weekend. I know I will! :)

See you Monday!

Happy Birthday BabySteals Surprise Steal!


Craft the invitations, di-cut the cupcake toppers, and cover the favor bags in glitter because our sister site, is turning three! Without our big sister who started it all, we wouldn’t be here to bring you all the scrappy steals for your crafting and scrapbooking needs. It’s almost time to blow out the candles, but what would a party be without a little surprise?

Let’s celebrate! Surpriseit’s steal time!

~ Fancy Pants Designs Surprise Steal! ~
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I’m Sapphire!

I’m Sapphire!

Hooray for being part of our Sapphire Club!

Please enter the names and links (if you have them) to all of your Sapphire Club sketches (#’s 31- 40). If you are unable to leave a comment on a closed blog posting then please email your links to I will be verifying all entries of the lucky winner!  :)  Also, if you are also a member of the Diamond, Emerald, and Ruby Clubs then be sure to leave separate comments with the names and links (if you have them) of your previous “club” sketches so that you will have additional chances to win our incredible Sapphire Club prize.  (In short, if you are a member of all four clubs, make sure you leave four separate comments).

Martha Stewart Storage | Mid Week Mojo #40

Martha Stewart Storage | Mid Week Mojo #40

Wow! Can you believe it — forty weeks of inspiration with our Mid Week Mojos? It’s time to add another gem to our list of Mojo clubs. With sketch #40 comes the potential to be a part of our Sapphire Club.

I am so excited about today’s sketch. Some time ago one of our fans, Joanna Alcock approached me asking if we could do something to help celebrate her dear sister, Nicole Radawetz’s birthday. Nicole has been such an important part of Joanna’s life, for many reasons amongst turning her to the passion of scrapbooking. These girls are both such a wonderful part of ScrapbookSteals so I was thrilled to help Joanna prepare a sketch to hold photos from their childhood.

I had a great time using today’s steal, the Martha Stewart Filled Storage Box to create this week’s Mojo. Even though the patterned papers in the collection were Halloween-themed, I thought they worked perfectly with these photos of my son sleeping.

I love how today’s steal comes such a delicious array of solid cardstock. It worked perfectly for printing out journaling strips and for cutting out flourishes for my layout.

And now for Nicole’s birthday surprise!

“In order to show my sister how much she means to me, how much I appreciate that she got me into scrapbooking, and how glad I am that she is my best friend, I recruited Kristy to help with a most special birthday surprise for her.  Happy Birthday Nicole!” ~ Jo

We had another great week filled of inspiration. Our lucky random winner for sketch #39 is Nancy Roth!

Thank you Nancy for sharing such an important part of your mommyhood with us. Please send us an email to and we will get your prize sent out!

Now I know you’ve all been anticipating what the next big prize for Sapphire Club will be. No need to wait any longer to find out. Melodee worked her magic and came up with this amazing card kit by Creating Keepsakes.

If you are interested in being the proud owner of this amazing card collection, then here is what you have to do.

  • After you complete MWM #40, enter your comment on this blog post with a link to your layout from our Facebook fan page or your own personal blog. The regular weekly winner will be selected from this posting.
  • If you are a Sapphire Club member (meaning that you have completed sketches #31-40),  please make a comment on the “I’m Sapphire” blog posting listing the titles and/or links of all ten of your layouts. Note: if you are catching up on Mid Week Mojos prior to the past three weeks and are unable to leave a comment with a link on a former blog posting, simply send me an email to with the links.
  • If you are a Diamond, Emerald Ruby and Sapphire Club member, you have four chances to win.  You will need to make separate comments on the “I’m Sapphire!” blog post listing each of your “Club” creations.  You will need to list the names of your Diamond Club layouts (#’s 1 -1 0) in one comment, the names of your Emerald Club layouts (#’s 11 – 20) in second comment, the names of your Ruby Club layouts (#21 – 30) in a third comment, and finally your Sapphire Club layouts (#’s 31 – 40) in yet another separate comment.  If your layouts are all listed in the same comment it will only be counted as one entry.

Also, for those of you wishing to catch up, here is an easy reference link to the sketches for the  Diamond Club Layouts, the Emerald Club Layouts , the Ruby Club Layouts, and the Sapphire Club Layouts.

Now are you ready for one more exciting thing? Our wonderful graphic designer has worked her magic and has created some blog blinkies for each of the clubs. Now you can dress up your blog and strut your Scrapbook Steals stuff — you deserve it! If you are a member of any of the four existing clubs then you click here to find your Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Club blinkies.  Simply scroll down to find the size and type of blinky that you are after!

Good luck girls!

How To’sday | Washer Pendant Necklace by Brittany Perry

How To’sday | Washer Pendant Necklace by Brittany Perry

We all have them — that staggering supply of paper scraps. Let Brittany Perry show you a fun way to not only dress up some of those overwhelming scraps, but dress up yourself!


We all love our scrapbooking paper and we are certain to have scraps left over after doing a layout. One thing I like do with some of my favorite scraps is turn them into a necklace.

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

  • Patterned paper
  • Large metal washer
  • Mod podge
  • sponge/brush
  • Pourable acrylic resin with a high gloss finish (found at most big craft stores)

Step 1: Trace the washer onto the back side of your paper, then cut the circle and it’s center out using small scissors.

Step 2: Apply mod podge to the washer and the back side of your cut out circle and adhere it to the washer. Then apply mod podge to the front of the paper. This helps seal the paper so that the next step doesn’t turn the paper transparent. Let the mod podge dry completely before moving on (15-20 minutes).

Step 3: Prepare the acrylic resin according to the manufacturer’s directions. Mine says to mix equal parts of the resin and hardener. You also want to make sure it is mixed well, otherwise it won’t set up correctly, and it will always remain sticky/tacky. To prepare it, mix it in a plastic cup and use a plastic spoon so that your can just throw them away when you’re done. This stuff doesn’t come off most surfaces easily, and it’s a pain to try to clean. Also, don’t mix it until right when you are going to use it, or else it could begin to harden before you are ready for it!

Step 4: After your acrylic resin is mixed well (it will probably be a little bubbly), use the plastic spoon and drizzle it over the paper/washer. I use the spoon to sort of nudge and guide it to the edges of my surface. If you put too much, it will spill over the edges, but once it dries and hardens, you should be able to remove it by sanding it down. You’ll want to do this step on an old pie tin or a cookie sheet. I cover mine with tin foil, again, so that I can just throw it away when I’m finished & I don’t have to worry about ruining any table tops or anything.

Step 5: Let the washer dry completely. It can take up to 12 hours. If it is still sticky after this amount of time, it probably means that it wasn’t well mixed enough, and in this case, it won’t ever set up! Once it is dried, it gives a hard, glass-looking, shiny finish!

Attach the pendant to a necklace/chain! You can find lots of options at most craft stores.


Amazing tutorial Brittany! Thank you so much. I for one can’t wait to hit the craft store to pick up some supplies so I can get started on making some pendant necklaces for me and my girls. Be sure to check in next How To’sday for another amazing tutorial, this time from Melissa Dehne.

If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, please send it to We want to keep your ideas coming.

Be sure to check in tomorrow morning for Mid Week Mojo.