Say it with Stickers! KI Memories Gel Candy Epoxy Stickers. (MCM #18)

Say it with Stickers!  KI Memories Gel Candy Epoxy Stickers. (MCM #18)

I love today’s steal.  You know, I feel like I say that just about every day, but I do!  I’m like a kid in a candy shop whenever Melodee brings me new product to shoot for the page, and today’s steal, the KI Memories, Gel Candy Epoxy Stickers is of no exception!

They truly take me back to my childhood, to a time when I was pretty in love with collecting stickers.  Smurf stickers, Holly Hobbie, Scratch and Sniff, and of course,  I  always loved when I was able to add an epoxy sticker to my collection.   (Yes…they were few and far between wayyyyyyyyyyyy back then!)

For this weeks Monday Card Madness, I decided to not to have a set sketch but more of a challenge.  Your challenge is to use stickers. (Although by all means, feel free to use my cards to copy!)

I had so much fun putting to use some of the stickers in the Gel Candy collections as well as the Love Elsie collections.  I love the fresh colors as well as the slight demension that an epoxy sticker gives to a project.

The first two cards that I made each have a sticker from the Love Elsie collections.  I’ve always loved Elsie Flannagans whimsical, doodling style.

On the second card I wanted to keep the soft feel of the design of the cards and used my corner rounder on the sticker to take away the sharp edges.

I was honestly a little stumped as to which Gel Candy stickers to use for my other cards, because there are SO many to choose from.  KI Memories named their product well, as it truly is like being in a candy shop trying to decide what to use.  :)

I loved the pink stickers, so I used an assortment of them to create the design of this card.

I also loved the round circle from all of the sets and started using a bunch of them, but settled on one from the pink set for this card.  I added some rubons on top and was able to create a unique sentiment.

So how have you done on sending out joy?  I hope that we are starting to see cards surfacing all over the continent, to brighten someones day!

We will have the first Monday Card Madness drawing of the year next Monday.  You have until Sunday night to get your cards posted to our Facebook Fan Page with a link to the blog in order to be eligible for the drawing.  The winner will receive something great from our prize closet that will help in the creating of MORE cards!  :)

Be sure to check in tomorrow as we have another fantastic How To’sday, in the works!  One you will not want to miss.

Have a great day!  As always.  Scrap happy!  :)

Alphabet Soup? Please Pass Some To Me!

Alphabet Soup?  Please Pass Some To Me!

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I about flipped when I saw how unbelievably cute Today’s Steal, Alphabet Soup by My Minds Eye is.  After I got over my moment of shock, cleaned up the drool and took photos of the product, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to make with the ‘Playing Cards.’  I figured that I may use one or two cards on layouts and then I’d have a ton left so I wanted to put them all to use, because they are SO cute!

I’ve so often seen these great ‘quiet books’ made out of file folders that moms have made for their kids to keep them busy during church or while waiting in a doctors office.  I wanted to make an Alphabet Match Game using the same concept as I’ve seen others do.

It was truly worth the effort.  This is the face that greeted me when I showed my little guy what I’d made for him.  No joke!

Here’s how I did it.

1 – I found a couple of old file folders kicking around.  I would like to think that I’m organized in my regular life…but using file folders this way is SO much more fun!

2 – Next I covered the front and backsides of the file folders.  I used regular tabs for this part, but I would highly recommend using photo tape.  There were a few spots on my files, after laminating that came opened…even though I was assured that the laminate I chose was able to be cut right to the edges.  Using photo tape will ensure that the papers don’t lift up and will help the laminate to stay in place.

3 – Next I laid out the first set of cards across the two file folders.  When I found the spacing I liked I adhered them to the paper.  Using photo tape to secure isn’t as important for this step as the cards are entirely covered by laminating.

4 – I then decorated the front of the first folder.

5 – The next day I hit the office supply store for laminating.  Be sure that no precipitation reaches your project!  (Mine was snowed on as I entered the store).  It can cause the laminating to bubble and separate.  Also when trimming, I think it’s best to leave a small margin of plastic.

6 – After my file folders were laminated, I used photo tape to stick the first folder to the second folder so that it turned into a ‘book’ format.

7 – Originally I had planned on using Velcro to stick the ‘match’ cards to the file folders, but I found these Reusable tabs made by Scotch at the office supply store.  I *really* like how these work.  Some may find them a little frustrating as the tab either sticks to the card or the folder but not both.  At first they are SUPER sticky but with a few ‘removals’ from the folder they are just about right to the point where my son can work them himself.   I also really like that they are see through.  It’s just a little more visually pleasing.  Plus I have seen some of the file folder games made with velcro and over time the velcro tends to peel off of the project.  If these tabs lose their stick, a simple run under hot water will return the sticky power!

8 – Of course I can’t help but make things just a little more ‘scrappy’.  This step is absolutely unnecessary.  I just figured that it would make it cute (for my benefit! :) ), and it wouldn’t hurt to have a way to keep it closed when not in use.

9 – Enjoy the finished project!  :)


I can’t wait to hear who makes their own Alphabet Match Games and how your kiddos enjoy it!

Have a happy and safe weekend!  We’ve got LOTS of great things in store for next week.

Scrap Happy!

Cheers for 13,000 Fans!

Cheers for 13,000 Fans!

We are SO excited that we’ve reached another great milestone with our community on our Facebook Fan page.  13,000 fans!  It seems like only yesterday that we were so excited we reached 5,000 fans!  Who do we have to thank for that?  YOU!  YOU are what makes our community the best on the planet.  YOU bring to the table such fantastic inspiration.  YOU are there to offer advice or a pick me up when someone is needing a little help.  YOU, simply put, are THE BEST and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of our lives!

We feel like it’s cause to celebrate  and in true ScrapbookSteals style we are going to have a random drawing for a scrappy goodness giveaway!  Truth be told, I’m not 100% sure what that give away will be as Melodee is off to the lands of CHA, where she is going to try and work her Rock Star magic for some sort of fantastic prize!

So what do you have to do to qualify?  Simply leave a comment on this blog posting.  Tell us what you love about our happy Scrapbook Steals family.  (Yes.  You are all family! :) )  You have until Monday, January 31, 2011 at midnight MST to leave your comment.  Winner will be announced on the blog next Thursday.

Keep sharing with your friends…keep inviting others to join our family!  We welcome one and all.  See that seat right next to me?  That one is being saved….just for you!  <3

MWM #27 with a little We R Memory Keepers Stitched Cardstock

MWM #27 with a little We R Memory Keepers Stitched Cardstock

Every once in awhile Melodee asks me what she thinks would be a good steal to offer.  I begged her for weeks, politely suggested that today’s steal, the Stitched Sardstock from We R Memory Keepers would be a fantastic steal.  Not only is cardstock a necessity for us scrappers, but the fact that it comes in delightful colors and is pre-stitched, simply put, rocks my world.  I LOVE the look of machine stitching on a layout, and yes, I’ve been known to do it, in fact bought a sewing machine just FOR scrapbooking, but wow…this is so much easier.

I wanted to keep the sketch simple this week so as to let the design of the cardstock shine.

I honestly drew this sketch out in about 45 seconds while I was waiting to pick my daughter up from school.  I knew I wanted to have a splash of different patterned papers and then let my embellishments take the stage along with the cardstock.

The problem was I didn’t know which photo to scrap.  So I looked to my ’emergency’ stash and found this cute photo of our wonderful Facebook friend, Nicole Radawetz’s daughter.

This layout came together in less than an hour.  It must be a RECORD for me!  :)  I cut circles in various sizes, inked the edges and was done!  I did have a bit of a hiccup with the journaling however, because I had more that I wanted to say than the sketch allows, so I moved it to the upper left hand corner where it seemed to flow better.

I LOVE how well this papers works for combining all sorts of different embellishments.

I decided to create another layout following the horizontal photo format so that everyone can see the different ways that the sketch can be adapted.  I did this layout of my hunny.  It came together equally as quickly.

Again, I had a blast mixing up embellishments from different manufacturers to compliment the layout.

We can’t wait to see what you create with this weeks sketch!  Remember we are a few short weeks away from our next big drawing, which I must say is absolutely spectacular.  It hasn’t even hit the streets yet!

And now for this weeks lucky winner!  Random.Org, selected the 1st layout posted to last weeks blog post…Sheryl Kloke

Thank you Sheryl for being such an amazing part of our community.  Your enthusiasm for getting right to it and getting those mojos done paid off for you this week!  Cheryl, will you please send me your address to, and we will get a prize sent out to you!

Don’t forget to post your MWM #27 layouts to our Facebook Fan Page or personal blog and link them to this blog posting for your chance to win next weeks drawing.

Now get to it!  Scrap happy!  :)

How To’sDay – Altered Paint Cans by Julie Koets

How To’sDay – Altered Paint Cans by Julie Koets

I’m so excited about How To’s Day!  I love all of the creative ideas that we can share if we put our heads together collectively.  I’m sure you will love today’s How To just as much as I do!  Thank you Julie Koets for providing us with such an amazing, step by step project!

Who wants to give another gift in a boring old gift bag? One way to guarantee that an exciting (or ordinary, or even a boring) gift is well received is to wow the recipient with a super cute personalized gift can, made with scrapbooking supplies! Here’s a look at the finished product, with step by step details to follow:

Just get a clean, unused gallon paint can and some of your favorite scrapbooking papers, trims, and mod-podge! I’ve found the cans in hardware stores (at the major home improvement chains, and my local neighborhood hardware store for about half the price!) You’ll also need approximately two 12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper and a 5-6 inch circle of paper for the lid.

I measured my can and cut my paper to fit. You’ll need two strips approximately 4″ x 10.25″ to go around the bottom of the can, and two strips 3.5″ x 10.25″ for the top of the can. Working around the handle is the tricky part. After lots of trial and error, I found that it’s easiest to use a 1″ circle punch to make a cut out for the handle (approximately 1.5″ from the top of the strip. Before I had a circle punch, I actually traced my half circles using the lid of a water bottle and cut them by hand.

Next cut a circle approximately 5.25″ in diameter to fit the lid. I recommend doing all of the cutting before you start adhering pieces, and do a “dry fit” to make sure they’re right before you bust out the mod-podge. Using a foam brush, coat one section of the can with a thin layer of mod-podge (the kind with matte finish, not glossy) making sure not to goop too much on (or you’ll wind up with bubbles under your paper)

Coat the backside of your paper with a thin layer of mod-podge and stick it on the can, lining up the paper with the bottom of the can, smoothing out air bubbles as you go and using a towel to wipe off any mod-podge that oozes around the edges.

Do the same thing for the top half of the can, fitting your half circle cuts around the handle. Keep smoothing out air bubbles as the papers dry, and wipe away mod-podge that oozes at the seams. Hint: Those sneaky little air bubbles are less noticeable when you use a patterned paper and less likely if you use cardstock than with regular weight paper. (Also, don’t fret if you do have a few bubbles initially, as they tend to deflate as the ModPodge dries.)

Glue the paper to the can lid the same way, smooth away the bubbles, and embellish the lid anyway you like. This is a great place to add personalization, die cuts, etc.

Break out your favorite trims to hide the seams around the middle of the can. You can use just about anything for this step. I’ve used ric-rac, ribbon, or just another strip of patterned paper. If your trim is a heavy one (like my sequined fabric) it’s best to use a hot glue gun or super sticky adhesive.

If your trim doesn’t quite go all the way around your can, you can add another embellishment in the center to hide gaps or seams.

Start tying ribbon onto the handle, using as little or as much as you want. You can skip the ribbon all together if you’re doing a masculine can, or try wrapping the handle with rope, leather, or anything. Some cans have handles that can be removed, making it possible to slide beads on the handle instead.

Don’t forget to ask for a “paint can key” when you purchase your can. I’ve been able to get them for free most of the time. Tie some ribbon to the key and tie it to the handle of the can so it can be used to open the gift.

You can also use leftover paper to make a gift tag to tie to the other side of the can.

Now your project is complete and ready to be stuffed with just about anything and given away (or kept for yourself to organize your crafty space)! By the time the recipient gets done oohing and aaahhhing over the can, they really won’t care what’s even inside. And this is one gift bag that won’t be thrown away or “regifted”.

The possibilities are truly endless with a project like this. The cans can be themed for kids, sports, hobbies (fishing, golf, gardening), baby, teachers, etc. and used for all sorts of things. How fun to fill with homemade baked goods, teacher supplies, scrapbook goodies, kitchen gadgets or mixes! They are even good for a bachlorette party or wedding gifts and can be used later to store keepsakes and momentos from the big day.

Julie, THANK YOU for sharing your amazing paint can with us.  You definitely got my mind spinning and I thought how fun it would be to make them and fill them with Valentine sugar cookies and go doorbell ditching the neighbors and leave them not only a wonderful treat, but a fun decoration for the home!

If you’d like to check out more of Julie’s amazing creations, be sure to check out her blog, where you can find all sorts of fun and crafty projects.

Also if you have a fun ‘how to’ which can truly be anything your heart desires, don’t be shy to email it to me at  We would truly LOVE to give you a day in the spotlight and also help share those great ideas with others.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for Mid Week Mojo!

Scrap happy!  :)