Stunned.  There really isn’t a better word to describe what I thought when I saw Today’s Steal, the Zinnia Collection by Little Yellow Bicycle.

I was honestly floored when I saw everything that came in the kit.  Endless is a pretty good word to describe all that it contains!  :)  I grabbed my phone and called up Melodee and kind of kept gushing about how great the kit was….and that’s when the challenge was issued!

Melodee thought it would be fun for me to create just as many things as possible using nothing but the kit and cardstock as needed.  The challenge was ON!

Not only did I complete 3 cards, 9 layouts and a mini album….but ended up with no more time and LOTS of left overs!

I decided I would have a little fun with this challenge and create everything I made for someone else!  I set out asking a few of our Facebook Fans as well as some of our Steal Network employees for photos of their little ladies to get creative with.  Now typically I’m a bit of a sluggish scrapper, over analyzing and over thinking everything, but I’m here to tell you…either having an amazing array of photos to work with or the fact that this kit is so inspiring with its abundance of embellishments and delightful papers in such gorgeous colors, made these projects come together in a snap!

So without further delay, here are the projects that I created!

Layout #1:  This layout features the beautiful face of the StealNetwork…Jane.  Daughter of the amazing Jana Francis.  I about passed out when Janes grandma emailed me this photo as it works so well with the papers!

Layout #2: This layout features the daughter of our CFO, Melanie.  Love little Ellis and her big bear!  I left Melanie a little journaling block so that she can add a thought about the day after she receives the layout.

Layout #3: I couldn’t resist this photo of the daughter of ‘EmJ’, the ‘Partner in Crime’ for the Baby Steals team. I tell ya…I had my girls about 10 years too early as none of these super cute clothes were in existence back then!  This layout also allows a small journaling area for Emily to record her thoughts.

Layout #4: Oddly enough I felt that this particular layout was better without Journaling.  This photo of London, the daughter of Jessica, another StealNetwork employee, basically speaks for itself.  I can truly imagine this layout framed and hanging on the wall.

Layout #5:  I wanted to do a few layouts for some of our local ‘stealers’.  I haven’t had a chance to meet these fine ladies in person, and hope that one day I will!  This layout features the daughter of Brittany Perry.  I laughed when I saw the photos of her daughters hair, only because we had an all too similar experience when my now almost 16 year old was the exact same age.  (Shhhhhhhhh…I did have one little cheat and added a Thickers ‘?’ to finish off my title.)

Layout #6: This layout was done for Staci Jones.  I had such a hard time choosing from the amazing photos that she sent, but loved the innocence of this particular photo.

I also did a few layouts for some of our distant ‘Stealers’.  I had such a hard time narrowing down who I would ask for photos to scrap, so decided to randomly wander through the ‘Fan Photos’ on our Facebook page, to find friends with girls.  I was delighted and honored that the following three moms would let me create for them!   (And truly…if anyone ever has a photo they’d be kind enough to allow me to play with I’m always up for creating for others!  It’s so satisfying!)

Layout #7:  This layout was done for Lisa Zubritsky.  There is nothing quite as precious as a sleeping baby and loved being able to scrap this layout of her little “KK”.

Layout #8 was made for our fan Mary Margaret.  Her daughters remind me so much of my 3 oldest, which are all girls, and makes me wonder if her girls are as great of friends as mine are.  Judging by the photo I’m likely to think so!

Layout #9:  Last but not least this layout is for our fan Stephanie Umpleby.  I love her precious little lady having fun on the farm at Grandma and Grandpa’s house!

Now I will be honest.  I’m not much of a mini-album girl as I feel like I never do a great job with them, but I am SOOOOOO excited to surprise Jana with this sweet little memory book of her darlin’ Jane.  Jana, enjoy!  (And thank you Janet, for providing me with these absolutely delightful photos to work with!)

After making so many layouts I had a lot of scraps.  What better use for scraps than to make cards?  Actually my cute Sister In Law Jana made the two cards on the white bases.  Aren’t they darling?

Now would you believe even AFTER creating all of those projects, I still have all of this product left over!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that had time of allowed, I could have created at least a dozen more cards and a layout or two.

Yup.  I have to tell you.  This project / kit / steal = Love!